Her Sweet Revenge.

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Chapter Five.

"Hey, stop. You are leaning into me too much." I whispered harshly at Alec, who scowled at me, and ushered for me to shut up. We were currently hiding behind a wall (professional, I know), spying on Genisis' new born army. We wanted to make sure we knew the exact number of the army and how strong the army was before we barged in and killed everyone.

Alec protested violently at the idea of him hiding from a bunch of nooby new born vampires, as he argued that we were the Volturi and we could take them down within minutes, but I shot him down with a come back telling him to just shut up for once and do what I said, since Aro appointed me to handle the task, and Alec was just here for mere assistance.

After much grumbling, Alec reluctantly slumped against the wall beside me.

I peered around the wall slightly, and thanks to my awesome vampiric eyesight, I managed to see the new borns even though they all stood at the far end of the dark alley way. Alec and I had been bickering about the smallest things all the way from Volterra to London, and trust me when I say was honestly surprised that we had not ripped each other's head off yet.

"About thirty." I mumbled to Alec who nodded. Thirty wasn't that bad, I guess. They were all unskilled, but still, thirty to two was not a very fair fight.

"Look out for the red headed vampire." I felt Alec's hot breath against my ear as he whispered to me, and I could not help myself from shivering slightly at his closeness. Yes, kill me now, I still have not gotten over my crush on him.

I hit him slightly on the arm, signaling to him that I knew what I was doing, and that he should stop talking so much. We wouldn't want the crazy vampire Genisis and her gang of even crazier new born vampires to hear us.

I peered slightly again, and noticed that the new borns have not noticed us yet even though Alec and I have been hiding behind this damn wall for the past hour, observing their every move.

From what I have seen from the way the new borns were sparring and training with each other, none of them seemed like they would be too hard for me (and Alec) to take down. I was, however, still trying to spot their leader, red headed Genesis, but to no avail yet. Perhaps she would come later, and until then, Alec and I are stuck to hiding behind this old and crumbly wall.

It was finally nightfall, and after about six hours of observing the new born vampires train in this deserted alley way off the streets of busy London, I was getting agitated and wanted to just get this over with and get home, to Volterra. Just as I signaled for Alec for us to make a move, a swift motion that swept just past our well hidden hiding spot made me stop.

"Tonight, we shall attack the London Coven, and overtake them." A high pitched voice commanded, making me want to gag. Really? She sounded 12.

There were cheers of agreements, and I decided now was the best time for us to intervene. I nodded to Alec, who simply grumbled on how we should have just killed them all six hours ago, but tailed after me nonetheless.

I stepped out of our hiding place elegantly, and the sound of the night wind announcing our appearance. Thirty pairs of alert eyes snapped to me – and Alec, as the two of us, cloaked in Volturi cloaks, randomly popped out of thin air. (like ninjas!)

"What is this?" Genesis, growled as she turned to us.

"Are you sure this is not an immortal child?" I whispered to Alec mockingly, who for the first time in like forever, grinned in amusement. He actually grinned!

"Wouldn't be surprised." Alec mumbled back, as we both took in the appearance of our supposed opponent. She had shoulder length bright red hair, round blood red eyes, was shorter than Jane (impossible much?), and honestly looked like she was 12.

"We are the Volturi. This, my dear, is your death." I smirked, and took off the hood of my cloak, and mockingly sliced my finger across my neck for effect, making Genesis' eyes even more wild with anger.

"I will not tolerate this disturbance for my brilliant plans!" Genesis raged, as her whole tiny body shook. The other 30 new borns just looked like they were ready for their leader's commands to attack.

"Yeah, can we just skip the boring talk?" I replied flatly, and Alec simply smirked in amusement, his (gorgeous) blood red eyes scanning the crowd of new borns behind Genesis wearily.

"How dare you speak to me like this?" Genesis rambled on in her English accent, making me daintily face palm.

"Well darling, those who dare to fail miserably will achieve greatly. Hence, I will take my chances." My voice smoothly replied the shaking vampires, as her eyes narrowed at me.

"What? Are my words too hard for you to understand? My apologies, I didn't realize you were this dense." I mocked, loving the feeling of riling her up.

"Enough." She seethed, and turned towards her pathetic army.

"Attack!" She exclaimed, and everything happened in a blur.

About six new borns fell to the ground instantly in fear, while I physically shielded myself and Alec from the attacks of the new borns, and ripped their heads off their bodies in a systematic order.

Alec emitted some smoke towards his victims, causing them to instantly fall to the floor, while we professionally continued the mass ripping of heads. I loved the thrill of it, I hadn't been ripping heads off Vampires ever since I left the Romanian coven.

Within five minutes, poor little Genesis's army was on the cold hard ground in ruins.

Alec and I stood back at our original place, him crossing his arms, while a small smirk played on my face as I watched Genesis's look of pure shock and hatred.

"You…you!" She screamed in agony, and that was when I felt her power. Apparently, her power was heat? As I felt immense heat creeping up my skin.

"Take a chill pill." I joked, and she trembled on with anger.

After a while, it just got annoying. I looked to Alec, who simply nodded.

Soon, Genesis's own head was rolling on the ground, and the temperature of the air went back to normal.

After setting the whole alley way on fire, and leaving ofcourse, I just could not resist, I high fived the stoned faced vampire who just look at me in shock.

"What?" Alec asked, as he looked as though he could not comprehend what i had just done.

"A high five? Ever heard of one?" I raised an eyebrow. Was this guy serious? Was he that ancient that he did not know what a high five was?

"Nope, no idea." Alec shrugged, and i sighed, not wanting to argue with him further, as we both trailed down the deserted London streets side by side in comfortable silence, away from the burnt alley way, and away from London.

When we went back to Volterra and told Aro of the good news, Aro simply nodded in satisfaction, and after a whole session of hearing his praise about how efficient we were, he dismissed us.

"So, Alec, what do you do for fun?" I asked the brunette Vampire curiously, who shrugged.

"I dont really do much." He replied, and i gaped at him.

"Wow, you really dont have a life." I mocked him and he glared at me. "Hey, i do okay? I like to read -"

"What? History books?" I teased him again, making him roll his eyes.

"Tell you what, let's ditch this place and go outside for fun. That's a brilliant idea." I grinned, and he frowned. "No way, i only leave the castle for tasks." He replied, as we both continued our journey down the vast Volturi hallway towards our rooms, that was conveniently rather near each others.

"Thats why i said you have no life." I sung, and he sighed heavily. "Just go with me, please?" I batted my eyelashes at him, and Alec finally caved.

"Fine, but if anything happens, it is your fault." Alec grumbled, and i smiled triumphantly, as we detoured towards the front door of the castle.

"Trust me, you will be having the time of your life."

"What is that?" Alec asked as he pointed to a stand selling hot dogs. He was pointing towards the huge picture of a hot dog, to be more specific. We were currently at the Volterra Spring Festival, where there were many carnival rides and stalls. I literally had to drag the stubborn Alec all the way here to accompany me. I found mortal festivals rather fascinating, and this one was no different.

"You mean you haven't even heard of a hotdog?" I scoffed, and he rolled his eyes.

"Why would i interest myself in mortal food?" He snapped back, crossing his arms.

"Well, they do taste pretty good." I shrugged, and pulled him by the sleeves of his robe towards the hot dog stand. Yes, we were still wearing our robes, and were attracting quite a lot of attention, since it was pretty strange for two people to be wearing such warm clothes in Spring, but whatever. Also, i made Alec put on some contacts before we stepped out of the castle to hide our red eyes and so that we could blend in more easily.

"Two hotdogs please." I politely asked the store vendor, who scurried to prepare the hot dogs that i had ordered. Alec watched in wonder as the store vendor cooked the sausages and later on squeeze the sauces on the hotdog skillfully. I wanted to laugh at his expression really, it seemed like he had never seen anyone cook mortal food before.

"Here you go." The store vendor passed me the two hotdogs which i paid for, and as Alec and i were walking away from there, i handed him one. Alec scowled as i dropped the mortal food into his palm, but did not complain otherwise.

I took a big bite into my hot dog, loving the taste of it, and even though it was strange for a vampire to enjoy the taste of human food, i still did, as i guess it reminded me of my time in humanity. "Try it, it's good." I urged Alec while chewing, which let me tell you is not the most graceful thing you could do.

"Fine. But if it is to my distaste i shall get the chance to numb you." He smirked, still holding the hot dog.

"What is with you and wanting to cause me misery?" I demanded, exasperated, but Alec simply shrugged. "It's in our nature."

"Fine fine, but if you do like it, you have to be my slave for the day." I reasoned, and Alec confidently nodded his head. "Sure, we all know how gross and revolting mortal food is."

Alec took in a deep breath (which i rolled my eyes at), and took a big bite into his hotdog. His eyes widened for a split second, and i grinned in triumph.

"I won! I knew you would like it." I danced around, not caring that we were in the middle of the Fair and there were people moving around us.

"Please. This is revolting." Alec was quick to come back, after finishing his bite of the hot dog, and that made me glare at him.

"Why you little cheater -" But i was cut of when Alec suddenly reached his hand out to my face, making me freeze in shock and nervousness. He leaned in slowly, and i could literally feel my unbeating heart start to beat a million times, as we both leaned in, me holding my breath, and my eyes fluttered close. It was a picture perfect moment.

Everything was like in slow motion. I forgot everything around me, i for once did not care that we were in public, and for once forgot the heart ache Vladimir had caused me. It was like Alec was the only thing that mattered to me now, it was like he was the only thing i ever wanted and needed. It was like -

"You have mustard on your chin." Alec whispered, and i snapped my eyes open in realisation to what he just said. Alec used his thumb to wipe away the mustard from my chin, leaned away, and started walking away, taking another bite off his hotdog,

"You coming?" I could see his smirk, and my heart sunk, as i simply muttered a 'coming' and scurried after him.

If i swore that i would never let myself fall ever again, why does my stubborn heart say otherwise?