Owning Temple Run? Everyone wishes ...

Karma is wary.

As much as she tries convincing herself otherwise, she has been so. She just can`t seem to shake it off. But if there is one thing Karma knows.

That jade mask is trouble.

Ever since Scarlett 'liberated' it, Karma has noticed her escapist friend acting a bit 'off'.

And it isn`t the kind of 'off' risks that buffoon Dangerous takes sometimes.

No. It is so much more than that.

As Karma leans back against a tree, propping up a knee, she watches as Fawn tries swiping at Montana`s hat, but the older man dances away deft from her prying reach whilst the others laugh. The crackle of the log fire adds the atmosphere an almost blissful glow, their worries all seemingly long forgotten.

Perhaps, Karma briefly wonders, if it is just only her and her paranoia.

However Scarlett becomes quiet and inconspicuous as of late.

Where Scarlett shares jokes and exaggerated tales of her daring great escapes, she now sits quite away from the others where she does not seem to share the nightly amusements. She eyes everyone around while patting her bulgy satchel, where the jade mask is entirely tucked in.

Yet that does not end there.

Karma also spies Scarlett`s discreet glances towards Dangerous, nay, the golden idol half-hidden in his satchel.

She also detects the crazed trance in her friend`s eyes.

They gleam an emerald greed as bright as the mask itself.

At this, Karma narrows her eyes to slits.

Something more than strange was going on here.

Inspired from the Jade Monster Mask artifact in Temple Run 2:

For the jealous explorer eying a friend`s treasure.

Author`s notes:

Even though I have been quite around, this one-shot is my first. Though short it may be, I would like to know your thoughts.

Perhaps, I may have this continued further ...