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Story Start! - Prolouge Chapter!


Naruto sat with crossed legs as he, his twin sister Koneko Toujou, and Xenovia all fell from the portal that closed behind them. They had learned that the portal sometimes liked to be a dick and shoot people from the sky. Now if they had the ability to fly then Koneko and and Xenovia might not have been screaming. With the barrier between worlds turning Koneko into a full Nekoshou again she no longer had wings to fly with, and with Xenovia being 100 percent pure human she only had her powerful sword, the Durandal, to count on for defence.

Naruto couldn't fly either, but you didn't here him screaming. He was just sitting on the air while falling as he waited for his sister and Xenovia to shut the hell up. He closed his eyes for a moment and tried to pull in natural energy to sense if any of their other comrades had landed anywhere nearby. Naruto sighed in annoyance when he realized that none of them were anywhere within sensing range, and that pulling in Natures energy here was different. He would pnder this later, or maybe not at all.

"Why aren't you panicking?!" Xenovia shouted over sound of rushing air, and Naruto held his hand up and summoned a grey bubble. The bubble expanded and flew under them, where they landed on it safely and started to float in the air on top of the bubble. Xenovia and Koneko sighed in relief, before they looked down at the ground bellow... only to see no lands, only ocean.

"What do you know about this world?" Koneko asked the person that created it, and Naruto smirked lightly. He knew absolutely... very little about this world. The only thing he remembered about it was that he wanted it to be a world of adventure, and when he had craftd it he had picked pirates as the theme. He didn't know why he did it, but a childhood desire of his was once to become a pirate. As he drifted off into his own mind, both Xenovia and Koneko stared at him in shock when they saw his long black hair shrink and turn snow white like Koneko's. The only difference being that Naruto's hair was a spiky mess.

"Your hair..." Xenovia said as she pointed at Naruto with a shaking finger, and he fingered his now white locks with an unsurprised look. He had been expecting this to happen when he went through the portal. Even he faced side effects, because while he was the creater of this world he had travelled through dimensions to get here. The bubble landed on top of the water, and Naruto pointed at the water and concetrated on summoning one of his friends... sadly it would appear that they were unable to use teleportation circles anymore.

"Looks like we are going to have to find everyone the old fashioned way." Naruto said with a light grin on his face when he saw a medium sized boat in the distance. Oh yeah, he was not about to miss the chance to become a pirate. Directing his bubble to move towards the ship, he lifted his red blade over his shoulder before pointing it at the ship. Koneko looked to where he was pointing, before shaking her head with a small giggle. Moving over she situated herself so that she was sitting on Naruto's lap.

"What is the old fashioned way?" Xenovia asked with a raised eyebrow, and Naruto ran his hand over Koneko's stomach and under her shirt to get a feel of her smooth skin. The tight little body she had was much more his type than the more busty girls.

"First we go over to that boat, kill the entire pirate crew, and then we go from land to land and search for everyone we are missing. The portal is an asshole, so they each most likely ended up in the most ironic places for them to be. We entered together, and because Koneko and I are cats we appeared over water... poor Kuroka." Naruto said with a grin when he realized that Kuroka no doubt landed in water, but most likely in a place that was surrounded by dogs. That would be most likely the funniest thing he had ever seen in a long time, next to Banana Butter. That shit was better than anything else.

"... Did you just get hard?" Koneko asked with a raised eyebrow when she felt something hard and large press against her butt. Xenovia looked at the scene in amusement, despite herself, and shook her head. Naruto scratched his head, and then looked at his sister with a light grin.

"I heard Issei and Yuuto talking about what they would call this situation... DO you have an awkward boner right now?" Xenovia asked without much common sense, and Naruto almost busted a gut laughing at her statement. The fact that she had no sense of common sense to know when not to say something was hilarious!

"Trust me Xenovia, I don't get awkward boners. I flaunt them around proudly." Naruto said jokingly, and Koneko tapped her on the forehead with a displeased look. She still wasn't a fan of crude humor, but besides the jokes she was enjoying her spot greatly. She knew her brother well enough to know that he didn't care that Xenovia was watching them. If he was going to have sex with now, then he would have done it. No wait, he would prefer to have her watch. Issei was a breast pervert, Yuuto was a closet pervert, and Naruto was an kinky pervert.

"So who are we going to look for first?" Xenovia asked, and Naruto thought about it for a moment.

"Hmm, it doesn't really matter who we look for first because if we have no clues and are searching for multiple people we have to depend on luck. With my luck, the first person we look for will be the last person we find." Naruto said with a deep sigh. He was more annoyed because with his luck he would run into Akeno or Rias first, the two that he would have prefered to run into last. He was still fond of Akeno in a way, and he knew that he could leave Rias alone. She was carrying his child for goodness sake, so he wouldn't be a douche and take away the kid's father from him or her just because he was not happy with Rias.

"With your luck you are going to find Rias first." Koneko commented dryly, and Naruto pushed her off him in a moment of childish annoyance. She landed of the bubble, and in the water where she floated while glaring up at him.

"Okay, I got you." Naruto said as he made a gray bubble around her and lifted her out of the water and back onto their bubble. Once she was with them again, Naruto created a few red bubbles and positioned them around her to use their heat for the sole purpose of drying them off.

"... No sex for you." Koenko said after a moment, before she was pushed off the bubble and into the water again with a splash. Xenovia looked at Naruto with a raised eyebrow, and she could tell that he didn't do it when she saw his surprised look.

"A fish just jumped out of the water... and smacked my sister in the face. That is fucking hilarious." Naruto said with a grin as he helped Koneko back onto the bubble, before she pushed him off of the bubble and into the water. Landing on his feet he stood on top of the water much to her annoyance. "Now that that is out of the way, onward to the new horizons!" Naruto shouted as he pointed at the ship they were floating towards, and Koneko raised an eyebrow at his new attitude.

Of course, this was a world without devils and angels, so of course he was going to be in a good mood.

This must be a paradise for him... that he made.

Oh the annoyance that Naruto was going to feel when he learned about the special fruits this world had.

Chapter End.
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