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Story Start!

Naruto sat on the skull decoration at the front of his black ship with a grin on his face, because in the far distance his sight was finally able to see the first bit of land they had seen in awhile. Training on a ship was nearly impossible when he could destroy stuff by sneezing, sometimes being an overpowered idiot was a bad thing. He was the least affected by the portal afterall, so it could be said that his already super high power was hardly diminished by coming to the knew world. Koneko had lost a good portion of her Rook strength, she still had it, but she wouldn't be picking up trees and using them as bats anytime soon without some serious Chakra Training.

Xenovia had lost almost 100 percent of her Rook features, with her strength only 10 times higher than the average human, and only 5 times as naturally durable as them. Of course her former training as a human meant that she was still able to pick up and swing around her Durandal like it was nothing, and not to mention the girl naturally had a high level of speed. She may be fully human now, but she had been a pretty strong human before being turned into a Nekoshou/Human hybrid. Now though as a full human her power was only twice as strong as what she had when she was human the first time.

He had only truily lost the ability to create Sub-Dimensions because of the Lock he had placed on this world. Until he found the Key he would no longer be able to create new Dimensions on a whim, but since he never really used that as his battle ability it was safe to say that he was barely affected power-wise. He was more concerned by the fact his hair had went from black to white, even more so when his hair started at the color blond/yellow. It was like his hair didn't want to make up it's mind.

"Are you sure you want me using the Durandal for this?" Xenovia asked as she held her sword up, and Naruto nodded. Right now he was having Xenovia trim his hair back to his older hairstyle, but she was going to be using one of the Four Great Holy swords to do it. How many people got to say that they used a Holy Sword with near ultimate power to cut his hair? Naruto would use his Red Scissor Blade to do it, but it wasn't as exciting since he could shrink that blade down to the size of a normal scissor half. That was nowhere near as cool as having a sword bigger than the one holding it cut his hair.

"I want to look sharp as I introduce my title as the Captain of the Twin Tail Pirates... or maybe the Twin Tailed Crew, but then again it might sound better as the Twin Tailed Pirates?" Naruto thought out loud, while Xenovia sighed and started to trim his hair for him in the back. He was going to keep the two side bangs the length the were, since he liked them passed his chin. Yet he also wanted to keep it cool looking so that when the wind dramatically blew his hair he would look that much cooler.

He totally needed to get a whole knew style of dressing, because his right now he wasn't fond of what he had on. Of course, that might be because he had gotten it from his old world. He had good muscles, so maybe no shirt this world. He might be small, but he was compact. He wasn't even five feet, yet he was more lean muscle than anyone he knew. He totally needed to wear something that showed his body off, made him that more intimidating.

"Twin Tailed Crew sounds nice to me." Koneko said from her spot close by, now that they had finally found land... after half a month... she didn't feel the need to stay in the crows nest today. Her sharp eyes didn't need to be put to use when even Xenovia could see the island in the distance. It would be a few more hours at most before they finally got to the island, and their food was almost gone. They would have had to catch fish soon, and while she would enjoy eating the fish, she didn't want to get wet.

"Done." Xenovia said with a nod, before Naruto stood up and looked over the edge of the boat to feel how the wind made his hair move. Finding himself satisfied that it moved around in an epic way he was now going to go see if he could find anything cool to wear in the place of a shirt. The two girls looked at each other for a moment as they saw Naruto run towards the door that would lead down into the captians room. The room he had take for his own, which it was his technically. He was the Captain after all.

"Brother likes to look as cool as possible when going new places..." Koneko explained after a moment, and Xenovia sweat dropped lightly at the odd quirk Naruto had. It seemed that all strong people had extremely strange quirks, or was it that only quirky people could become strong? If that was the case she should get her own quirk that was unique to her, but she would have to think this out. Quirks were something you couldn't just take lightly, and must first start out as a habit.

"I see..." Xenovia said lightly, before the door was forcefully opened and Naruto walked out to reveal his new outfit. The two blushed very lightly at how he was dressed, or rather how good he looked. It made Koneko slightly horny, but then she cursed herself for getting this way. You see, in the time on this boat they had learned that Koneko would suffer from a very strange nausea whenever they tried to go at it. The extra movement made her sea sickness act up, and it wasn't fun to fuck while you felt like you were about to throw up on your partner. Not to mention Naruto was Kuroka there to witness their enternal bonding for the first time. It was like marraige, for Nekoshou it was normally the mother that oversaw the marraige ceremony... but their mother was dead, but Kuroka was more than able to take over her role. She had raised the two until she had abandoned them.

"How do I look?" Naruto asked as he held his arms out in a more epic pose, and Xenovia's eyes trailed down his body.

Naruto was correct that wearing no shirt would look good on him, because Xenovia and Koneko were clearly enjoying the view of his abs. They did raise an eyebrow at how his stomach had bandages around it, but they could ask about that later. Naruto was wearing tight black pants... with part of the bottom ripped off so that Naruto's feet actually went through the holes. The ripped looked did him well though, and now he also had bandages around his wrists and forearms.

"You need red sunglasses..." Koneko commented when she noticed how much Naruto reminded her of Kamina from Gurren Lagann with the pants and bandages. Naruto blinked a few times before a small grin came to his face when he realized what she was talking about. With an Ex-King like Rias both of them were very in the know about certain anime. Even more so one of Rias' favorites like Gurren Lagann, and the manly spirit like Kamina. The man among men in the anime world.

"Heh, I guess I do." Naruto said before he quickly waved his hands in front of his face and a pair of red long sunglasses appeared in front of his eyes. He laughed for a second before he made the illusion of sunglasses vanish from his face, in all honesty he was just tired of replacing his shirts after every battle now. His own power would completely shred any clothes not made from the most powerful of materials. At this point his awesome was to much for his shirts to take, so why the hell would he need to wear them.

Xenovia looked at her own revealing and skin tight clothes, before she shrugged. These clothes were durable enough to take a slash from a lesser Holy Sword without even so much as a scratch, so she was good on clothes.

That didn't mean that she wasn't going to find some clothes on the quickly aproaching island.

A few Hours Later

"Land, I love you!" Naruto shouted in joy as he kissed the ground for the first time in awhile, and he now knew that he was going to have to find a navigator first so that they didn't get lost at sea again. They learned quickly that none of them currently knew how to navigate with the stars in a place that was so different. It was embarrassing for him more so since he was this worlds God... literally, he created this entire dimension so he was the God of this dimension.

"Sorry about out Captain, it has been awhile since we have seen land." Xenovia said with a short bow towards all the people that were looking at the pirates with a strange look. Being Naruto's First Mate it was her job to make sure he didn't ruin his reputation, and as the First Mate of the ship that put her above the others. Even Koneko was jealous that Naruto picked Xenovia for the part, but lets be serious. If he had picked Koneko people wouldn't take them very seriously. Right now Koneko was smelling the fresh island air that was tinted with the smell of earth and grass, a wonderful smell to her right now.

"You three are pirates then?" An older man came forward and pointed his cane at the group, while Naruto stood up with a grin on his face.

"Yeah old man, we are the Twin-Tailed Crew." Naruto said as he leaked out large amounts of killing intent as his ears popped out of his head, which his two cat tails coming from the base of his spine. The old man took a step back from the strange boy, before he coughed into his hand.

"Never heard of you." The male said, and Naruto huffed lightly. Now that was just unneeded for this guy to say, even more so when he was pretty sure that this guy was just a normal man. Talking back to pirates wasn't very smart when Naruto could sense that this guy was even weaker than a normal person. He just shrugged though and moved passed the man.

"Xenovia, Koneko, lets stock up and see if we can find anyone we know." Naruto said with a grin still present as the trio walked off away from the dock and on their way they passed by a teenager wearing a straw hat and grinning at the ocean as he got on a small boat of his own. Naruto ignored the teen that was going sailing in favor of going towards the slightly familiar but still changed power of one of the people from his old world, not his older old world, but the one he just left.

"Understood Naruto-sama." Xenovia stated with a nod when she followed after her ex-King, he might now be her king anymore, but he would forever be her master. That was all she needed to follow the God of this world, and become the right hand that carried out his will. She might not know it, but she had just found her quirk. Xenovia was one of the girls that took her devotion to a whole new level.

"I'm game." Koneko spoke quietly as they moved through the growing crowd of people, while ignoring the stares they were getting. Naruto smirked very lightly when he saw people start to force themselves to look away when their natural powerful auras took over. Two of them were LITERALLY types of demonic beings, of course normal people wouldn't be able to stare at them to long before being overcome by their aura.

"So who do you ladies think is in this town?" Naruto asked when he saw Koneko perk up, before her eyes became slightly deadpan towards this.

"Who is the person you don't want to see?" Koneko asked Naruto, and he stopped walking for a moment when he realized that the one person he didn't want to see right now was going to be the first person they ran into on this pirates life. Naruto was proving right in his supicions not four and a half seconds later when he saw red hair fly trhough the crowd.

Of COURSE Rias Gremory would be the first person he found.

He would say God hated him, but in this world he was the God.

... Fuck.

Chapter End.
Koneko is still strong, but at the moment she can't rip huge trees from the ground and swing them like a bat. Yes, the first person is Rias, but NOT because she is pregnant. I could care less about that kind of reason for her to be the first person. She actually has a useful skill that could help them out.
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Naruto - Captain
Xenovia - First Mate
Koneko - Second Mate
Rias - Navigator
Issei - Cabin Boy
Akeno - Cook
Asia - Doctor
Kuroka - Spy
Gabriel - Engineer
Ophis - Resident (Mascot) Hobo
Serafall - Also Engineer
Raynare - Second Sharp Shooter
Kiba - Swordsman
Ryuko - Cabin Girl
Lilith - Doctor
Raidy - Resident Giant
Fu - Sensor
Gasper - Trap
Karlamine - Swordswoman
Isabela - Musician
Yasaka - Metal Worker (flames)
Kunou - Mascot