A/N: Here's the beginning of my promised Sess/Kag story for all those who wants to read. : )


Kagome chewed gum while leaning against the counter. She worked as a cashier in a small store. Few more hours! She thought, staring at the clock. She couldn't wait until the end of her shift.

Just then, she heard the chime of bells. She straightened herself, knowing a customer just entered. She spied a white head walking through the isles in the store. Few minutes later, he came up to her.

She was stunned. The man was tall and extremely handsome. He wore a black shirt that was unbuttoned at the top. She spied his muscles underneath. She could tell that he was a demon from the rare markings on his face. His hair was long, silver and strangely she was tempted to touch it.

"Can I help you?" She asked, hoping she didn't look like how she felt… a complete mess.

The man raised his hand and pointed at the item behind her. "A box of condoms."

Instantly, Kagome's face began to heat up. Normally her customers buying condoms wouldn't really bother her, but for some reason, this stranger had that effect on her.

She turned her back on him, hoping he didn't see her turn into a complete tomato.

She grabbed the small key from her pocket to open the glass door on the cabinet hanging. "What size?" She felt as if somebody shoved a flaming barbecue grill on her face.

"The largest one you have."

Kami. She struggled to keep a straight face as she grabbed the box. She exhaled and turned towards her hot customer.

"All of this?"

"Yes." He placed his payment on the counter.

As the girl rang him up on the cash register, he couldn't help but notice that the girl had turned fifty shades of red. It was quite hilarious. It was his first time buying these out for himself, since he usually have others do the errands for him.

Kagome put the box of condoms in a paper bag and handed it to him. "Enjoy."

Realizing what she said, her eyes got wider. "I mean… er… have a nice night!" She squeaked.

That was worse! OH NO! There was nothing… nothing she could say that was appropriate!

Her customer chuckled. He leaned forward, his golden eyes seductive. "I will… Kagome." He said, reading her name tag. She was quite a flustered beauty.

Kagome laughed nervously. Christ.

When the handsome demon left, she released the breath she didn't even know she was holding.

"Gosh that was embarrassing! I hope I don't meet him ever again!" She muttered to herself.

AN: I don't really quite know how to proceed with this story, but this scene is stuck in my head for a while already. Lol.