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Bonnie closes the door and gestures toward the couch indicating that she wants him to sit. She sits carefully as the guilt flares up in her body. She may not love him anymore, but she still hates that her confession will hurt him.

"So what did you want to talk to me about?" Jeremy asks the moment he sits down on the couch with her. He made up his mind to finally put what happened with Claudia behind him and put is all into his relationship with Bonnie, but now he's worried she may have figured out that something was going on in the first place. It really doesn't help that instead of working at the restaurant last night like he told her, he'd been in a hotel room with Claudia. He had been unable to resist one more night with her. But what if Bonnie talked to Matt and he mentioned that Jeremy bailed on his shift? She would know that he lied to her and it wouldn't be a huge leap to assume another woman had been involved. His thoughts are interrupted when Bonnie begins to speak.

"I don't know an easy way to say this… I've been seeing someone else for the last couple of months." She makes sure to maintain eye contact with him, knowing it's what he deserves.

"You found out about me and Claudia didn't you?" Jeremy asks after an awkward beat of silence. "That's why you're spewing this nonsense about cheating and why it just so happens to coincide with the first time I slept with her." It's the only thing that makes sense because there's no way that Bonnie has gotten involved with someone other than him.

"It's not nonsense." Bonnie snaps back, slightly annoyed by his disbelieving tone. Does he really think no one else would want her? That she would never get sick of being neglected?

Her annoyance flees however, when the rest of his response finally registers. "Wait, back up." Bonnie's mouth opens in shock. "You and Damon's ex? Seriously?" Pause. "Well that explains why you've been breaking so many dates." It also explains the slight hostility she's sensed from the woman. It had been there from the moment they met and Bonnie hadn't been able to figure out the reason for it until now.

"You mean you didn't know…" Jeremy flinches when he looks into her eyes and realizes that Bonnie had actually been unaware of his hookups with Claudia.

"No, I didn't." Bonnie confirms with a shake of her head. Interestingly enough Bonnie finds that she isn't at all upset about his bombshell. Solidifying the fact that she's fallen in love with Stefan and her relationship with Jeremy has run its course.

"So, you've really been seeing someone else?"

"Yeah." She nods.

"How the fuck could you do this to me?" He erupts in anger, leaping up from the couch. "We made a promise that we would do things differently this time!"

"Are you seriously trying to lecture me about cheating when you've been doing the same thing?" Bonnie interrupts his angry tirade and stands up as well, her own irritation getting the better of her.

"You're supposed to be the loyal one in the group." He justifies. Throughout the entire course of their relationship, Bonnie has always been the one person that could be counted on to do the right thing. So to find that is no longer the case, is upsetting for him. "Who is he? Who made you lose yourself this way?"

"Does it really matter who he is?" Bonnie evades the question, still unsure if she wants to throw Stefan under the bus like this. She knows that Stefan be okay with it, he said as much before she left. But she wonders if it's the right time.

"Who's the guy, Bonnie? I think I deserve to know who the bastard was that defiled my girlfriend." He glares at her, not blinking. He definitely wants to have some words with the asshole.

"It's Stefan." She admits after a brief stare down. "He's the guy I've been seeing." Bonnie finds that finally being able to say it out loud is a relief. Her relief however is short lived the moment Jeremy responds to her confession.

"Okay now I know you're making things up." He begins laughing hysterically, his body filled with relief. "Do you want to know how I know?"

"Not really," Bonnie rolls her eyes. "But I know you're going to tell me anyway."

"I think you actually did find out about me and Claudia and because you didn't want to be the girl that was cheated on after bringing her boyfriend back to life, you're making up this affair with Stefan to save face."

"I'm pretty sure being the guy that cheats on his girlfriend a second time after she brought you back to life is a lot worse than being the girl that was cheated on." Bonnie points out. "And why the hell are you so sure that he couldn't be the guy? You're acting like it's impossible for another guy to want me."

"Any guy would be lucky to have you, but we all know Stefan is still into Elena and always will be. As mad as Stefan is about her relationship with Damon, even he wouldn't jeopardize a reunion between them because of you. Neither would you." He adds when he thinks about how loyal Bonnie is to Elena. "So I'm just not buying you two hooking up."

"Do you want me to describe the times we've been together?" Bonnie asks sardonically. "In my house… in his house… other places. Because I can...in very vivid detail." Her mind instantly goes to the night before when she spent the night in Stefan's bed. She feels the heat roll through her body until she manages to check herself. Getting hot for another guy while she's breaking up with her soon to be ex-boyfriend is not the wisest thing to do.

Jeremy frowns when he sees Bonnie tremble with obvious pleasure as she goes over the details in her mind. It's at that moment that he knows that Bonnie's telling the truth. That like him she's been going to someone else to fulfill her needs. He'll admit that it stings to know that Stefan has apparently gotten to sleep with her more than he has. Still, he loves Bonnie and he wants to work things out with her. At least it means she can't be too upset about his screw-up.

"So we both cheated, I'd be lying if I said it didn't hurt that you betrayed me this way" Jeremy continues speaking despite Bonnie's snort. "But… I think we can work on our issues, now that we're aware there is a problem. We can figure out what went wrong between us."

"I think it's obvious that's not even an option." Bonnie looks at him in disbelief. Even if she hadn't fallen for Stefan, there's no way she could still be with him after all of this.

"Why not?" His gaze snaps to hers in surprise. He'd been under the assumption that she would be in agreement of them working on their relationship.

"Because things haven't been right between us for a while and this is the second time you've cheated on me. Clearly the two of us being together is a terrible idea."

"But I want to work things out. I really need this to work out." He begins to get desperate. He'd been so sure that she would be receptive to his advances

"I don't really care about what you want. That's the point. For once I'm thinking about what I want. And I realized that we never should have gotten back together in the first place."

"Bonnie, we can work this out. We can wipe the slate clean and be together. The way we talked about before." Jeremy steps closer to her and tries to grab her hand.

"No we can't." She snatches her hand away and takes a step backward. "I think we need to be honest with ourselves. If we really wanted to be together we would have been. We wouldn't have sought out other people to get what we really wanted."

"Give me one good reason why you would let a fling stop us from working things out." He demands. There's no way he's giving her up without a fight.

"I'm in love with him." Bonnie accidentally blurts out. She is horrified for a second, but realizes that she doesn't want to take back the words. It's about time she admitted them out loud, even if it's not the person that needs to hear them the most.

"Of course you are." He says with a sneer. Not for the first time he wonders how the guy does it. Not only has Stefan gotten his sister to fall in love with him, but he has Katherine and Rebekah chasing after him. Caroline had had a crush on him when they first met and that hadn't changed until she'd fallen for Tyler. He'd thought Bonnie was the exception to the rule, but now it seems even she has fallen under the vampire's spell. "What does he have that I don't have?"

"He was there for me when I needed him. I feel like I can talk to him about anything. He makes me happy." Bonnie lists just a few of the things she loves about Stefan.

"You have to know that even if he decides he wants you, he'll go back to Elena the moment she tells him she's still in love with him."

"I don't know that that's going to happen." Bonnie denies despite the slight fear that flares up. While she doesn't believe Stefan would intentionally use her that way, she can't help but worry that she may be a stop gap before he reunites with Elena.

"Come on, Bonnie. Think about all the things he's done for her. We're talking about a guy that broke a compulsion because of his love for her, a guy that would have and has done almost anything in her name." Jeremy presses when he sees the brief flash of doubt in her eyes. If he can get her to realize going after Stefan is futile, he may have chance at getting her back. "Why would you want to take a risk like that? Why would you want to be with someone that you already know is into someone else?

"You could be right and I could end up all alone, but I would rather be alone than in a relationship where I'm unhappy." Bonnie meets his gaze head on, hoping he sees the truth in her eyes. "And I'm not happy with you."

"What about the anchor thing?" Jeremy tries a different approach since bringing up Elena didn't do the trick. "Even if Stefan does want to be with you, how long do you think he'll be able to handle seeing you in pain? I know Stefan is the king of pain, but even he has his limits. How long do you think it will be before he seeks out something lighter?"

"Because that's what you did? You got sick of dealing with my pain so now you think Stefan will do the same thing?" She decides not to tell him that being the anchor no longer causes her pain.

"I thought that you no longer being a witch would make things easier between us, but it hasn't it. You're still dealing with something I will never be able to understand or protect you from. She made me feel needed and I could actually protect her when there was trouble. I really liked that."

"Jeremy, do you have feelings for her?" She asks when she notices the brief flash of emotion in his eyes.

"I do have feelings for her, but I'm in love with you and I want to work things out with you."

"That sounds like something Elena would say." Bonnie points out with a laugh. "I guess the two of you have more in common than you thought."

"That's not fair." He frowns, not the least bit amused. "I can't help how I feel." He never sought out to fall for more than one person, but he does know he wants to be with Bonnie, even if the thought of Claudia sets his body and other parts of him on fire.

"No you can't," She agrees. "But I can help how I feel and I'm telling you not in love with you anymore. I don't want to be with you and I'm not going to pretend otherwise."

"You're going to regret this." He glares at her angrily before turning on his heel and walking through the door, slamming it behind him.

The moment he's gone Bonnie exhales in relief, happy that she finally had to strength to end things between them. Now she just has to admit her feelings to Stefan.


Damon knocks on Stefan's bedroom door several times, waiting for his brother to respond before he decides to open it. Though he senses his brother's presence, he doesn't see him anywhere in the room, leading him to believe he's in the bathroom. When he glances down at the armchair he spies several items of women's clothing piled in it. A brief look at the pile and he sees a sweater, a blouse with the buttons ripped off it, a black lacy bra, and a jacket. There is something very familiar about those clothes. For a brief second he worries that it's left over from Stefan's time with Elena, but that quickly goes out the window. Mystified, Damon glances at the pile again and that's when it clicks in his mind.


He's seen every single one of those things on Bonnie. Well almost everything, he amends when he remembers the bra. Still since the other three items belong to her, it's only logical to assume that the bra does as well. That means Stefan has been fucking her. The same Bonnie who is currently dating Jeremy Gilbert and the same Bonnie that Damon always assumed was too tightly wound to ever truly let loose.

Despite his shock, it actually sort of makes sense. It explains why they had been so late for the meeting last night and why he smelled sex rolling off the two them once the meeting began. At the time he had been pissed because he thought Stefan was lusting after Elena, but the lust apparently had been for Bonnie.

He looks up when the bathroom door opens and Stefan comes out shirtless in a pair of jeans. He has a towel draped over his shoulders and his hair slightly damp, making it clear he recently took a shower.

"Why are you in my room?" Stefan asks the moment he spots Damon standing in the middle of his room.

"I needed to talk to you, but first I think we should talk about this." He points toward the pile of clothes in his arm chair. "So you and Bonnie?" His gaze remains on his younger brother.

"Me and Bonnie" Stefan confirms with a nod. He doesn't even attempt to deny it. He meant it when he told Bonnie earlier that he didn't care who found out about their relationship.

"And I take it Bonnie was the company you had over last night and this morning?"

Stefan only grins smugly.

"You give me crap for being with Elena and you're fucking someone else's girlfriend? How the hell did that happen?" Damon asks with little bit admiration in voice. He definitely wants to know how his brother got Bonnie Bennett of all people to loosen up.

"We bonded over our miserable situations one night two months ago and one thing led to another. Things took off from there."

"Wait… what about that thing with Katherine? That wasn't that long ago." Damon suddenly remembers the fallout from his brother sleeping with the former vampire. No one had been happy about that. "Are you determined to run through every woman in the group?"

"What I have with Bonnie is different. Me and Katherine only happened because Bonnie was avoiding me and I was angry. I was hoping being with other women would help me forget about her. Obviously it didn't work."

"You don't seem to feel bad about sleeping with another guy's girl." Damon points out when he sees the relaxed look on his brother's face.

"That's because I don't feel bad. Bonnie has been going through hell for the last few months because of the sacrifices she made for him and he's barely spent any time with her. Do you have any idea how hard it's been for her? The pain that she goes through whenever someone dies?"

"I didn't realize it was that bad." Damon is genuinely surprised that Bonnie would keep something like this a secret, yet when he thinks about the way Bonnie kept her death a secret it only makes sense that she would do the same thing now. "But that still doesn't mean you have to screw another guy's girlfriend."

"He volunteered to help your ex when he should have been with Bonnie." Stefan moves to his closet and slips on one of his plaid shirts. "No one else around here seems worries about hurting anyone else so why should we?"

Damon flinches at the obvious dig at him pursuing Elena.

"Besides," Stefan continues as he buttons his shirt. "It's not like his behavior is new, he pulled this crap the first time they were together. So no I don't feel bad about seeing her."

"You have a point, but I still can't believe she went to you." Damon frowns slightly miffed. He always figured if Bonnie ever went to bed with a vampire that it would be with him because of the banter they usually have. He can admit to having fantasies about her from time to time, they usually happened when they would have an argument. Yet he never pursued anything for real because he had he assumed it was a long shot and because of his feelings for Elena.

"Like I said, we understood what the other was going through. I was in just bad of a place and she actually noticed. It felt great to be able to talk to someone who understood. It still feels great." Stefan adds quietly, his voice warm with affection.

Damon notices the warmth immediately and wonders just how serious this thing with Bonnie really is. Is a way for him to get over Elena like he assumed? Or is here something more meaningful going on between them? He is broken out of his silent pondering when Stefan begins speaking again.

"If you're trying to gauge whether or not I'm still into Elena you can stop." I'm not using Bonnie to get over anyone; I'm in love with Bonnie. I want to be with Bonnie. Not Elena. I actually I wish you the best with her."


"Really." He nods.

"Are you forgetting that she's currently dating Jeremy?"

"Considering she's breaking up with him as we speak, that won't be a problem anymore."

"You sure she feels the same way?" Despite their issues, he would hate to see his brother get hurt again.

"I don't know for sure, but I plan to find out."

"Well I guess I should thank you for clearing the way to Elena for good. Definitely makes things easier for me." Damon grins cockily.

"You're welcome." Stefan chuckles before turning serious. "How are things between you two by the way?"

"She's made it clear she wants to get back together, but I've been resisting. Maybe it's time for me to stop resisting and go talk to her." Damon begins walking to the door.

"Maybe." Stefan agrees, though his gaze briefly moves to study the pile of Bonnie's clothing.

"Oh and Stefan?" Damon waits for Stefan's eyes to meet his. "Good luck with Witchy."

"Thanks," Stefan smiles.

Damon gives him a slight salute before he struts out of the room.


Claudia fastens her red bikini top and picks up a towel before closing the door behind her. She sighs as she thinks of the night she had with Jeremy. After a week of torturous sexual tension, he called her out of the blue and asked to meet with her at a hotel he rented. She found out when she arrived that he'd broken a date with Bonnie and this was going to be the last time they were together before he put his all into the relationship.

She'd hadn't been at all surprised that they spent a few hours fucking, but she had been surprised when he cut it short, showered, and put on the uniform he wears for his job at the restaurant. He didn't want Bonnie to think something was up if she happened to be at the boardinghouse when he came back.

It was then that she realized he wouldn't be telling Bonnie the truth anytime soon.

It's been twenty four hours since then and her body is still humming with need. Jeremy is lost cause right now so she needs to find someone else to burn energy off. If she can't have Jeremy at the moment then she can at least find someone else to fuck until he realizes what he is missing.

She's on her way downstairs to use the hot tub when she sees Damon's brother coming out of his room. He would be a good choice. He's really hot, he's a vampire with a lot of stamina, and most importantly he would definitely make Jeremy jealous. Plus if Damon's sexual prowess is inherited, the sex should be amazing.

Grinning wickedly, she shifts her body into a sexy pose and sways toward him.

"Hi Stefan," Her voice is sultry in a way that draws most men to her. She expects Stefan will be no different.

"Claudia." Stefan politely returns the greeting, but says nothing else. There's something about the woman that he dislikes which is why he has made a point of avoiding her. He already knows from the look in her eyes that she is up to no good.

"So I was on my way to the hot tub to relax and I could use some company. Would you like to join me?" She sidles up to him and latches on to his arm.

"No thanks." He pulls his arm away and tries to move past her, but she blocks his exit.

"Are you sure? I was hoping we could talk and get to know each other." She trails her hand down her chest.

"I'm sure." Stefan rolls his eyes at her attempt to seduce him.

Claudia sighs impatiently. "Obviously you're missing my signals so I'll just say it… I want you to fuck me."

"I didn't miss your signals, I'm just not interested."

"I heard about Damon dating your ex and sleeping with me would be a good way of getting back at him. What do you say?"

"I told you I'm not interested. Now get out of my way."Stefan continues to stare stonily at her.

"How could you not want me?" Her voice is indignant. "Look at me." She glances down at her body.

"Several reasons actually, but I'll give you the top three. "First of all I don't like you. Second I'm not looking to have my brother's leftovers and most importantly I already have someone that fulfills my every want and desire."

"This woman is worth giving up a sure thing?"

"Yes she is." He says simply before he pushes past her and rushes the stairs.


Damon is surprised when he walks into his bedroom and finds Elena waiting for him, naked. His cock instantly hardens. Elena had been making it obvious the entire week that she wanted him in her bed, but he resisted because he had been afraid of Stefan stealing her away. Now that he knows Stefan is no longer interested, all bets are off.

He quickly slips his shirt off, tossing it to the floor before moving to unzip his pants. He grins smugly when Elena realizes he hadn't been wearing underwear. Before she can utter one word he's between her legs and thrusting his erection inside of her.


Bonnie is just finishing tidying up the living room, when the door bell rings. Assuming its Jeremy, she slowly opens the door prepared to tell him to leave her alone.

"Stefan, what are you doing here?" Bonnie asks her mouth and eyes opening wide with shock when instead of Jeremy she sees Stefan standing on her porch. She allows him in, shuddering in pleasure when he purposely brushes against her. She closes the door and folds her arm across her chest as she waits for him to speak.

"I told you this morning that I was going after what I want and I'm going to start by telling you something I should have told you a while ago." He takes in her appearance. She's dressed casually in jeans and a t shirt, but she looks as beautiful as she always does.

Bonnie is unable to look away from his intense gaze.

"I love you." The moment he says he feels rush of relief and happiness flow through him. Being able to finally admit how he feels to Bonnie is amazing and part of him wishes he'd done it sooner. "I love you." He says it again this time taking a step closer to her. "I've never been happier than I am when I'm with you."

"I love you too." She smiles happily, her words rushing out with ease. "I wanted to tell you so many times."

"Why didn't you?"

"Because I wasn't sure you felt the same way and then there's Elena…"

He presses a finger to her lips shushing her. "Screw Elena and screw Jeremy. Let's focus on us, on the way we make each other feel. That's all that matters. Okay?"

"Okay." She nods her head.

He smiles and cups her cheeks before pulling her mouth to his. The moment their lips meet, Stefan feels a burst of warmth explode throughout his body and he desperately he moves his mouth against hers. She responds by wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her body closer to his. They both moan when he slips his tongue inside her mouth and it immediately tangles with hers.

They kiss frantically until it becomes obvious Bonnie needs air. Reluctantly, he pulls his mouth away and presses his forehead against hers. Their eyes meet again and they share a warm smile.

2 Hours Later

Bonnie moans as she lifts herself up and down on Stefan's lap while Stefan's hands grip her hips, encouraging her to move faster. A gasp spills from her lips when he pulls back slightly to take one of her nipples between his lips and when he starts to nip at the pointed brown tip, she pulls his head closer.

Her legs tighten around his waist and her nails dig into his back, drawing blood. When he takes in the scent of his own blood, his erection hardens and he starts to pump into her at a faster pace, hitting all the right spots inside of her.

Her walls clench around him and he lifts his head from her chest to look at his girlfriend. She's beautiful; her eyes are closed and her mouth's wide open as various sounds of pleasure spill out. He can smell her distinctive scent throughout air, mixed with his own. Suddenly he needs her closer, so he presses her against him, their chests mashed together.

He captures her lips and their tongues immediately come out to play, their passion heightening as Bonnie feels the beginnings of her climax pour through her body. Stefan begins to move faster, his thrusts becoming more frenzied. The heat continues to rise and soon he has to pull away from her mouth so he can release a growl. He slams into her one more time before they explode at the same time, gasps and groans spilling from their mouths.

For a minute the only sounds that register are their harsh breaths as they attempt to come down from their highs. Slowly their eyes open and immediately their gazes meet, green clashing with grayish green. He lifts one of his hands to her face pushing her sweat dampened hair from her forehead before allowing it to slide to her cheek.

She strokes his back in response, her hands gliding over the scratches she left there from one of their many rounds of sex. If she thought she'd been insatiable before, things were even hotter now that she and Stefan had made their relationship official.

Stefan's mouth moves to her neck as he becomes slightly transfixed the scent of her blood. His fangs elongate, but he doesn't bite her, instead he revels in finally being with the woman he loves. After while his fangs recede and he begins to lick at her pulse until he coaxes another moan from her lips.

That moan is the catalyst for his erection hardening inside of her once again. He is just getting ready to flip her onto her back and work her into another frenzy when she pushes at her chest. "What's wrong?" Stefan's brow furrows in confusion. Based on the way her walls are squeezing him, he knows she's definitely ready for another round.

"We don't have time for this; the delivery guy will be here any minute." She reminds him of the food that she ordered about forty-five minutes ago when they'd taken a break. Of course that break ended when Stefan distracted her and though she hadn't been the least bit upset, she really doesn't want to start up again only to be interrupted.

"I have to say I'm a little offended your mind is on food right now."

"I'm hungry." She shrugs unapologetically. "Besides we can't all be vampires that sustain on blood, some of us need food to build up our energy."

As she says this Stefan shifts upward, pushing himself deeper inside of her, causing a breathy gasp to spill from her lips. Stefan lifts his hand underneath her chin and pulls her mouth to his. She kisses him back desperately, making him slightly breathless. Just as things begin to heat up the door bell rings, interrupting their sexual haze.

"See, I told you." She attempts to climb out of Stefan's lap, but he grabs her thighs halting her exit.

"No, no, I'll go. You stay here in this bed. Just like that." His eyes feast on Bonnie's naked body before painstakingly slipping out of her. Both groan at the move.

"I'll stay in this bed but I'm still covering up. I'm not about to eat my food like this."

"You sure? I could make it fun." He grins wickedly at her and wriggles his eyebrows suggestively.

"Not gonna happen." She laughs off his suggestion, though that does make her think of the bottle of chocolate syrup she has downstairs. She definitely wouldn't mind using that later on.

"You can't blame a guy for trying." He shrugs before pressing a kiss to her lips. The doorbell rings again and he growls in annoyance. "I'll be right back." He steals another kiss before he lifts her off his lap and climbs out of bed.

Once she's back in bed, Bonnie enjoys the view, watching as he bends down to pick up his boxers and rushes out of the room.

Claudia sighs impatiently as she rings the doorbell for the fifth time. After Stefan turned her down she was angry, but then decided that if she wants a chance of getting Jeremy permanently, should go through Bonnie.

She knows Jeremy will more than likely be angry, but she wants him and maybe she'll be able to convince Bonnie to let him go if she gets to her before he gets the courage to confess his transgression. Her plan is to play on the other woman's forgiving nature and say she didn't mean for it to happen. Jeremy will look even worse in comparison and maybe she'll dump him for the time being. Then while Bonnie works up the courage to forgive him, she'll have a chance of being with him.

She can only gape when the door opens and she sees Stefan standing in the threshold in only his boxers, holding a wad of money in his hand. It's obvious from his mussed hair and the scratch marks on his shoulders and chest what he had just been doing. Well this is something she hadn't been expecting. She can't believe the bitch would do this to Jeremy. Especially after he was so supportive of her after she was brought back to life.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Stefan glares at her annoyed at the intrusion and the woman's presence in general.

"If I'd known you had a thing for dull girls, I would have played the part for you." She is unable to stop herself from perusing his body. She takes in his chiseled face, dazzling gray eyes, rock hard torso, and finally the large bulge in his boxers. She briefly mourns the fact that she won't get the chance to experience him in bed before she starts things back up with Jeremy.

"Is there a reason you're here? Because as you can see I'm in the middle of something and I'm very eager to get back to it." Stefan ignores the flirtatious baiting, his irritation only rising.

He honestly doesn't understand what Jeremy was thinking. He hadn't been all that shocked when Bonnie told him that her ex had been cheating, but he still questions his taste. The boy had Bonnie and he fucked it up for this? Sure she's attractive, but from the little interaction he's had with Claudia, he's not fan of at all. Stefan had thought the boy was an idiot the first time he cheated and now that he's been Bonnie intimately and fallen in love with her, he definitely thinks the idiot should have his head examined.

"Hey, I thought you'd be back by now, what's taking you so long?" They both turn towards the staircase where they see Bonnie stomping down the stairs wearing the same shirt Stefan had been wearing earlier. Like Stefan her hair is mussed. In short, she looks like she was thoroughly fucked.

"What's she doing here?" She directs the question to Stefan when she realizes that the woman Jeremy has been sleeping with is at the door and not the delivery person she'd been expecting. She knows that whatever it is it can't be good.

"Not sure, she hasn't said much of anything." Stefan shrugs as his gaze lingers on her wearing his shirt. She has the sleeves pushed up some, but with the exception of her legs it covers the rest of her body. He'd always thought it was weird when other guys would mention getting aroused when their girlfriends would wear their clothing, but now he gets it. Their eyes meet and all he wants to do is pick up her up, press her against the wall and…

"Aren't you going to invite me in?" Claudia interrupts them, irritated that she's being ignored.

"Now why would I want to do that?" Bonnie steps in front of Stefan, resting a hand on the door to keep the other woman from coming in. "Whatever it is you have to say can be said without me inviting you inside."

"Wow maybe you aren't so boring after all." She has to admit she's surprised by the bite in Bonnie's words. From what Jeremy mentioned about her she assumed otherwise. "Normally I would find that interesting, but today it only makes what I have to tell you even more satisfying."

"Let me guess, you came here to tell me about you and Jeremy hooking up, right?" Bonnie correctly deduces.

"You know about that?" Claudia blinks in shock.

"He confessed, sort of." She shrugs thinking of her ex's accidental confession. "So your work here is done, you can leave. We both know you were only planning on 'confessing' because you were hoping that I would feel so betrayed that I would dump him. Then you would swoop in."

"So what this is some kind of revenge scheme?" Claudia gestures toward Bonnie and Stefan. It's the only thing that makes sense at this point. "Pissed that I've been pleasuring him in way you couldn't so to get back at him you hop on the first dick that's willing." Claudia quips when she spies the love bite on Bonnie's neck. "Too bad for you because I'm going to break this hold you have over Jeremy. I can't believe he would accept you sleeping someone else like this. You better enjoy being with Stefan while you can. Because once he moves on, Jeremy will be occupied in my bed and you'll be all alone."

Behind her, Bonnie can sense Stefan's growing anger and she knows he's getting ready to say something. She reaches back to squeeze his hand letting him know that she can handle the situation. He let's go of her hand, but not before trailing his fingers across her wrist.

"Now I see why the two of you were drawn to each other, you're both delusional," Bonnie rolls her eyes and laughs. "I'll tell you what I told him, I don't want him. You can have him. Feel free to fuck him or whatever it is you plan on doing with him." She pauses and her eyes to darken, allowing the magic she usually holds back to appear. "Just get the hell off my porch."

"Fine." Claudia backs up and turns on her heel, suddenly nervous before rushing to her car. She will never admit out loud, but something in the other woman's eyes scared her.

The moment she drives off Bonnie closes the door and turns to face Stefan. She looks at him strangely when she sees the arousal his eyes. "Seriously?"

"Seeing you scare the hell out of people is really hot." He shrugs and leans in to kiss her when the door bell tings.

Bonnie spins around and opens the door, happy to see it's the delivery guy. "You're just in time."

"Sorry I'm late. It's been really busy tonight." He smiles politely at the beautiful half dressed woman. So far this delivery is shaping up to the highlight of his night.

"That'll be $26.79." He starts a little when a tall half naked man appears next to the woman and hands him a stack of money. It becomes obvious that he's the reason the woman looks so relaxed.

"Keep the change." He stops the man from pulling out his change.

"Seriously?" He asks cautiously excited. He could really use the money. "But there's over a hundred dollars here." He looks back and forth between Stefan and Bonnie, his gaze lingering on the latter.

"Yeah I'm in a good mood… but if you keep ogling my girlfriend like that I'll change my mind."

"Sorry," The delivery guy is contrite as he hands Stefan the bag of takeout.

"No problem. You have a good night." He closes the door before the other man can other another word. "Let's get you fed." He starts to walk toward the kitchen when, Bonnie stops him. He starts to ask her what's wrong when he sees the heated look in her eyes.

"I thought you were hungry."

"I am, but first…" She takes the bag from him, carefully places it on the floor and pulls him into a fiery kiss.

Stefan returns the kiss just as desperately before picking her up and pressing her against the door.


Damon grins as Elena snuggles into his body, finally exhausted after her several hours of sex. In between rounds they talked about where they wanted their relationship to go. They agreed that they aren't ready for anything serious at the moment and that they would take things slow. Part of him worries that they'll never get to point they were before, but for now he'll enjoy having a Petrova in his bed.

As he falls asleep he hears a door slam before he hears someone stomp of the stairs. For a second he wonders what it is, but his tired body gets the better of him and he decides to ignore it and go sleep.


The last person Claudia expects to see in her room when she steps in is Jeremy, shirtless on her bed. He looks amazing, his muscles rippling, his hair falling over his face.

Jeremy doesn't know whether to frown or exhale in relief that she's finally here. He'd come home after leaving Bonnie's place and immediately came to her room only to realize she wasn't there.

"Where have you been?" His voice is slightly angry and she wonders if he thinks she was with another man.

"I went to see Bonnie."

"You did what?" He stands up, slightly angry before it fades away. "Why would you do that?"

"I'm sorry," She apologizes despite not actually being sorry. "But I wanted to be with you and I couldn't think of another way for that to happen. I think you deserve better."

"It's okay." He reassures her. "I guess it doesn't matter since she claims she's in love with Stefan."

"Yeah I know… he was there when I went to see her."

"Well it sure didn't take her long to jump in bed with him." He snorts angrily.

"So why are you here?" She asks pointedly, knowing exactly why he came to her room.

"I think you know." He stands up and unzips his pants, his cock jolting out. "Now I want you on your knees on the bed." He's still angry about Bonnie and this is just the way to release some of that tension.

Turned on by his forceful tone, Claudia does as he asks. She gasps when he lifts her dress, pushing the fabric up over her knees and thighs. He licks his lips when he realizes she isn't wearing underwear and quickly plunges inside of her, groaning when the moment he gets to the hilt.

Claudia moans as he fills her, happy that everything is going according to plan. He may not be in love with her now, hell she's not in love with him just yet, but he'll get there.


The scent of fried noodles fills the living room as Bonnie eats her meal in Stefan's lap. Stefan tightens his arm around her waist, while he uses his other hand to glide up her thighs. Every so often, Bonnie playfully swats him whenever he goes a little too high. After their quickie against the door, Bonnie didn't even bother getting a plate; instead she opted to eat it right out of the carton and took a seat on the couch.

The television is on, but the neither one of them is actually paying it any attention. For the last ten minutes he's been more interested in the enjoyment on Bonnie's face whenever she takes a bite or the way she feels cuddled in his lap. Bonnie for her part is distracted by both the food and Stefan's roaming hands.

"So now that there is food in your stomach, we should talk about what we're going to everyone." He begins when she's between bites. "I don't want to get keep this a secret from anyone." He grabs her chin between his thumb and index finger.

"I don't want to keep us a secret either." She presses a kiss to his lips before pulling away to take another bite. "Now it's just a matter of telling them. "Well we know Caroline and Tyler know so that's taken care of and…" she goes over their list of friends in her head. "…the only people who don't know are Damon and Elena."

"Actually… Damon knows." He continues when she looks at him surprise. "he figured it out this morning, but I doubt he'll say anything to Elena though"

"Well we can't say the same for Jeremy. He'll definitely tell her the minute he has a chance."

"Do you think she'll be upset on Jeremy's behalf?"

"Maybe a little until she found out he was cheating as well. I think the fact that the guy I've been seeing is you will be more of a problem."

"Are you afraid of her being upset about us?"

"If she is upset I'll just have to deal with it."

Stefan looks at her in surprise; he'd been expecting her to feel more torn up about the possibility of losing Elena's friendship.

"You were right before when you said I've been sacrificing so much for her without getting much in return. I love her, but I have start living for me. I love you and I'm going to be with you, even if that means we can no longer be friends."

"You'd really sacrifice your friendship with her to be with me?" He gushes with happiness, touched by her words.

"Yeah I would." She caresses his cheek.

Stefan responds by pulling her lips to his, feeling complete contentment for the first time in a long time.