Paradise By Natalie Elizabeth

Chapter 20

It had been nearly 2 days since Spike had asked angel. He knew he should have gone straight home and asked Buffy but to tell you the truth, he was scared. Scared she would reject him. That it would be over. That he would never be able to touch her again. Buffy was getting ready. She wanted to take Spike out to see L.A by foot. They hadn't done much site seeing while they were there and this was a holiday after all. Spike knew that he had to do it tonight as they would be leaving tomorrow.

Buffy finished getting ready and they swiftly left. They had been walking for an hour now and Buffy was busy talking about things they were walking past but Spike wasn't paying attention, he was planing the proposal. Spike saw a bench up ahead and quickly dragged Buffy to it. He encouraged Buffy to sit down and when she did Spike got down on one knee. Buffys eyes grew wide.

"Spike what are you doing?" she asked

Spike grabbed her hand. "Buffy will you marry me?"

"What?" she asked shocked.

Spike took the ring box out of his pocket and handed it to Buffy. "Will you marry me?"

"You can't be serious," she said taking the box. She then opened it. "You are serious"

Spike nodded.

"Spike we cant get married"

Spikes face grew sullen. "Why not"

"Cause it's not possible"

"Anything's possible lady"

Buffy and Spike turned to see that a group of people had stopped to watch.

"But I thought this is what you wanted" he said.

"So your only proposing because its what you think I would want'

Spike shook his head. "No I am doing this because I want to marry you"

"Hey if you don't want him ill have him," some one from the crowed yelled.

Buffy smiled meekly at the crowd before turning back to Spike.

"I thought you wanted to get married some day," he said now pleading with her.

"I do just."

"Not to me right"

"No Spike that's not it"

"Then what is it?" he said standing up. "I love you and I thought you loved me"

"I do its just..."

"Just what" he yelled angrily.

Buffy looked at the now growing crowed. "Were from two different worlds, it's not possible for us to get married literally, no one will understand"

Spike sighed. "Buffy don't worry about the shitty little details. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you if you want to spend it with me then say yes"

"What have you got to loose" some one from the crowed yelled. "Except for a hunk like that"

Buffy smiled a little. Spike and the crowd were finally getting to her.

"You really wanna spend the rest of your life with me"

Spike nodded as a smiled twitched to his lips.

"And you really don't care what anyone thinks, especially the people in your world"

"I want you Buffy"

"I want you to Spike" she said flinging herself into his arms.

Spike held her tight then pulled back. "Is that a yes then"

Buffy nodded and Spike pulled her back into a hug before picking her up and swinging her around. The crowd started clapping then slowly started back on their was now seeing that the couple was going to be ok. Spike stopped spinning and put Buffy back on the ground. Buffy wobbled for a second the regained her footing.

"I have to go call Dawn," she said excitably before taring down the street back to the hotel.

Spike raced after Buffy. If was quite a bit of a walk back to the hotel but both were running at top speed, well Spike a little slower. Buffy got back to the hotel first and raced in. Spike raced in after her then stopped when he saw a few clerks looking at him.

"Umm she said yes, were going to renew our vows"

The clerk nodded at Spike understanding. Spike then raced after Buffy and to their room. Spike got in the room just as Dawn picked up.

"Hey Dawnie guess what"

"You said yes" she screamed

"What?" Buffy asked.

Dawn became nervous. "He did ask you right please say he asked you, hes going to kill me if you hasn't asked you yet"

Buffy laughed "yes Dawn he asked me"

Buffy then turned to Spike. "Dawn knows," she asked.

Spike nodded. "Had to get permission"

Buffy smiled then got back to Dawn who was talking or rather rambling.

"Oh my god this is so cool, this is so great, this is so cool"

"Can I cut in Dawn" she said

"Oh sorry Buffy I am just so excited this is so great when's the wedding, your getting a ceremony like Will and Tara right"

"Umm I guess so, umm I am not sure when the wedding will be" Buffy looked over at a smiling Spike.

"Hey if I had my way luv we would be married tomorrow" Spike smirked well not tomorrow the day after he thought.

Buffy smiled "Well Spikey wants to get married straight away"

Spikes face dropped did that mean she didn't.

"But that's not possible"

Spike turned around as tears threatened to fall.

"But I am guessing as soon as we can organise one we will right Spike"

Spikes heart lifted and he turned around and walked over to Buffy giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"I think spike wants to talk to you know" Buffy said handing over the telephone.

"OH MY GOD SPIKE" Dawn screamed.

"Hey quite down niblet"

"Oh right" she whispered. "You probably want to talk about plans right"

"Uh huh" he said trying to keep his talking to a minimal so Buffy wouldn't figure anything out.

"So everything still ok then start planning"


"So when are you leaving"

"Umm I was thinking Friday afternoon"

Buffy turned around and gave Spike a confused looked. Spike took his ear away from the telephone.

"Umm the bit wanted to know when we were going to be home. I figured you probably wanted to spend Saturday with the Red and all them. So if we leave tomorrow arvo then you could"

"Oh ok cool thanks, why did Dawn want to know"

Spike thought for second. "Umm she wanted to send flowers, she wanted to make sure we got them"

"Oh ok"

"Nice save Spike" Dawn said.

Spike put his ear back to the telephone.

"So I am guessing you talked to angel then"


"Ye coming"


"Want me to call Xander for you"


"Can you say anything else"


"Oh why do I bother its like arguing with myself, alright umm, Lucas and I will leave about 5 then on Saturday that should give us plenty of time to get there and help set up. Ill tell Xander to get their early ok"

"Ok thanks bit"

"Hey that's what I am here for bye love you guys"

Spike hanged up the phone and ran over to Buffy and hugged her.

"So now you want to get married" he said smiling.

Buffy nodded. "I am sorry I was hesitant, I was just worried you know, so did you talk to my sister about proposing"

Spike nodded


"Umm the day we left her house I think"

"So the day we officially started dating"

"Guess so"

"Not wasting time then are you" she said smiling


"So what did she say when you told her"

Spike looked up meekly. "I didn't exactly telll her, she kinda told me"

"What?" Buffy asked confused and hurt.

"Well I told her that I loved you and wanted to be with you forever" he said trying to lie about what really happened.

"Ok" she said still unsure.

"See as vampires we usually claim our mate, you know a whole bitey thing but I didn't think you would be up for that I don't think I could anyway"

"So Dawn suggested marriage"

"well yeah, don't get me wrong, I had thought about it but just in a vampire way"

"Claiming" Buffy clarified.

"Yeah, I wanted to get married when I was human, but never really thought about once I was turned. Did think it was possible till Dawn told me to ring red"

"So Willow knows then"

"Yep, I had to ask her about the ceremony, if we could have one. Its about the only way we can get married it will be a marriage in the demon world. But if you don't want that I guess we could do our own thing, you know have one of the scoobies perform it. Although it wont be legit, but I know some people who could get us a fake marriage certificate"

Buffy shook her head. "Nope I don't need a piece of paper, Will and Tara ceremony was beautiful, I want one like that"

"Good" fantastic he thought, everything was turning out perfect.

"Well I better call Willow to tell her I said yes and to ask more about the ceremony"

"Ok well tell her I said hi and thanks for helping me out"

"Ok I will"


Authors Note: well ok that is three. There will probably be more. I am going to spend a beautiful Saturday after noon of 30 degree heat (C, not F, from Australia) inside just so I can write this story and get it to you as soon as possible. so it might end today because unlike with hearts Desire I do know how this is going to end.

Authors Note 2: ok so as you can see this one will wrap up soon as with heart desire, no sequels are planned for either yet. Those who loved This Isn't Me and who wouldn't, there was Riley bashing, the long awaited sequel (well like a month or two) will be coming out before chirstmas. So if you have any ideas or thoughts on what you want to happen then feel free to email me. I am writing the sequel by popular demand so you wanted it now what do you want in it. Its going to be set xmas, new years with the gang getting together with all mushy scoobie stuff. So if you have ideas, scenarios, presents Characters can give to other Characters ,then let me know really appreciate it thanks. You never know who I will dedicate my Stories too.

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