Paradise By Natalie Elizabeth

Chapter 28

"I Buffy" she stammered again.

A smiled graced Buffys lips

"I Buffy" she said confidently. "Promise to love, honor and obey, with in reason, this MAN and understand his need to protect me"

The deadpanned expression on Spikes face soon turned to one of a large grin when Buffy finally got her vows out. Buffy turned around to Dawn and got the ring receiving a glare from the little sis. Buffy then placed the ring on Spikes finger.

"The union between the two is now sealed, Spike you can kiss her now"

Spike looked at J then turned to Buffy and began to remove her veil. Buffys eyes began to widen when she saw he had his cocky, I'm evil grin of his face. Spike grabbed Buffy and dipped her before giving her a very inappropriate kiss that lasted way longer then it should have. Spike soon returned Buffy to her upright position while Buffy gasped trying to work out exactly what happened. Buffy turned to the guests who where now standing, clapping and a few wolf whistles. But Buffy was sure that was just Xander. Spike then shocked Buffy again by picking her up and spinning her around. This time Buffy began to laugh. When Spike put her down Buffy looked at him and smiled.

"I love you" she gasped.

Spike smiled. "Unless you want me to pick you up again I would keep the "I love yous" to a minimum tonight"

Buffy smiled then leaned up and kissed him. The pair was tugged apart when Dawn came up to congratulate them. She first hugged Buffy, then Spike, then pulled them both into a hug.

"Umm your killing us here bit" Spike said trying to break her grip.

Dawn let go and smiled at them. "Well I get the right, you two have been killing me over the last how many years before you finally got together. Now come on dance"

"Dance, where" Buffy asked.

Dawn steeped back to re veal that the guest had now taken their chairs and placed them on the sides of the garden providing a large dance area. Spike took Buffys hand and led her to the middle of it. Buffy was soon in his arms swaying to the music.

"You nearly killed me luv you know that" Spike said holding what was finally his close to him.

Buffy rested her head on his shoulder. "Hows that"

Spike snickered. "I Buffy, I Buffy, I Buffy, I swear I was about to kill Buffy"

Buffy smiled then looked up at him. "Well, I was thinking, I wasn't exactly going to say this umm Spike, now was i. And you got to change the vows. Some times obey, I don't think so" she said with a smile on her face.

"Well yeah but hey J made you say obey with in reason, what was that all about "

Buffy returned her head to his shoulder. "It's woman thing"

"Oh" spike said then rested his head lightly on hers.

The couple stayed that way for hours not noticing the other guest around them

"Umm guys" Dawn said interrupting them. "I thinks its about time you guys took it to the bedroom"

Both Buffy and Spike looked at Dawn shocked; they hadn't been doing anything wrong. Looking around at the guests they realized it was getting late into the night.

"Umm I guess I better throw the bouquet" Buffy said then looked around. "Which is where"

Dawn handed it to. "You gave it to me when you got the ring, or rather I snatched it off of you"

Buffy took it then went and stood next to the arch.

"Umm people hello bride speaking here"

The guest tuned and looked at Buffy.

"Umm hi, sorry for ignoring you guys all night, umm I guess we were kinda lost in the moment. We would like to thank you all for coming, I am going to kill a few of you for keeping it a secret thought. Umm its time to throw the bouquet so if you wanna come closer ill throw it.

Buffy turned around then lightly tossed it over her shoulder. She tossed it lightly, as she was afraid she would get it on the roof. Buffy turned around when she heard a squeal of delight. She saw Jessica holding it. She promptly went up to the nearest man and asked him to marry her. Buffy laughed, the little girl was already taking after her mother.

"Well I think its time I took my little women away from you all" Spike said taking Buffys hand.

Buffy smiled at Spike. She would stake him later. Buffy was led out of the garden and into her house. Spike stopped at the stairs gave her another evil grin before picking her up and carrying her up the stairs.

"You better not drop me," Buffy warned

Spike walked up the rest of the stairs then took Buffy by surprise when he headed to his room and not her. Spike was about to open the door when he remembered the candles weren't lit

"Go in" he heard and turned Buffy and himself towards the stairs.

Dawn, Cordelia, Willow, Tara and Anya were watching the couple from the stairs. They all nodded at him so he turned back and opened the door. Buffy gasped when she saw the room lighted up with candles and the fact that bed was no longer covered in a beige cover.

"You like" he asked

"Its beautiful Spike thank you"

Spike turned his head and gave he ladies a wink before walking in and closing the door with his foot.

The End.

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