I hadn't always been cold and spiteful; I was actually very loving when I was a child, before I was made to live with my father. I'm the half-sister of a fallen-turned-guardian-turned-fallen-again Angel, named Patch, Patch Cipriano. Our mother was one of the Archangels, but my father, he was bad. Very bad.

"So how long have you known this bird?" I mumbled around bites of apple as Patch dragged the wardrobe up the last few steps of the front porch.

"Her name is Nora!" He leant against the door and dragged his hand down his face in a sign of exhaustion, probably from keep going over the same topic with me. He crossed one foot over the other, bending his head back slightly. His black T-shirt was hugging his torso and his jeans hanging low.

"Bro, what's up?" I chucked the apple onto the lawn in front of the farmhouse and hopped off of the rails heading down to the truck to retrieve a couple more boxes of Patch's stuff. After he and Nora had 'gotten married', Angels and Nephilim aren't actually allowed to marry each other so it was more of a civil partnership; they'd decided to move into Nora's farmhouse together. As I was in town I decided to help out while he moved his stuff in.

"Yeah Kat, I'm…ok." Pulling his baseball cap on straight he opened the front door and began to move the wardrobe into the house. "You said you heard from your father?"

"Yeah I was in Las Vegas, minding my own business I hasten to add, when a few of his guys showed up." I was carrying 2 boxes, doesn't sound like a lot, but full of Path's old Encyclopaedia's, they were heavy. I dropped them just inside the den, looking around the place, there were a lot of pictures of, who I'm assuming was Nora with a women in her late 40's, mother I guess. "Dad?"

Patch immediately tensed and spun around from lining the wardrobe up with the stairs, preparing to move it. "What?" His eyes went dark and he bared his teeth slightly, tense and ready for a fight, as always.

"No, I mean, where's her dad, Nora's dad?" I lifted a picture from a shelf and gestured around with it, "I don't see any pictures of him."

His shoulders dropped and he looked as if he'd been holding his breath and suddenly let it go. "Rixon happened."

"Rixon?" I couldn't help m confusion.

"Yeah, 4 years ago he hunted him down and shot him. Point blank." His voice thick with guilt he went on, "Nora saw it all..."

"Rixon…" I was still so confused. Rixon had been patch's best friend for along as I could remember and I was just a year younger than him. Rixon had never done anything wrong, he couldn't, yes he was a Fallen Angel but so was Patch and he'd always remained good, well as close to good as possible. He wasn't perfect, but who was in this world.

"Yes." He snapped, "Rixon killed Harrison Grey, in cold blood."

Patch was not in the mood to be argued with, he'd said that s callously, with such disgust in his voice but I couldn't tell if the disgust was with himself or Rixon. He didn't want to have any questions asked, which I can understand. His best friend killing is soul mates father.

"How long have you known Nora?" I repeated my earlier question.

"Around 3 years." He walked past me, heading towards the front door and back to the porch. I followed him out, still not finished.

"So Rixon killed her dad before you knew her?" I said it with such venom; I felt guilty but that stopped when Patch answered.

"Yeah he did, and I sent him to hell." It was barely audible, but I heard.

"You what?" I was standing in front of him, squaring up to him, daring him to say it again.

"Kat, please…" his eyes sliced into mine, "I know what I done was wrong bu-"

I cut him off, "No Patch! You sent your best friend of how long, to hell because of some girl! That is the worst kind of betrayal." I was totally mortified. Patch and Rixon were a team, they always had been and I thought they always would be.

"You weren't there so don't start." He tried to turn away from me and head back into the house but I was quicker this time.

"You're losing your touch, bro." I quipped. My mood had suddenly plummeted from casual and reasonably happy to pissed, "No, Patch I wasn't here. So explain it for me. I've got time." I held my stance and crossed my arms over my chest, implying I wasn't going to budge.

"Kat." his voice was low and deep. He was warning me, usually I'd back off. Not this time.

"He tried to kill her. What was I supposed to do, let him?" I was a rhetorical question.

I just stared at him blankly.

"Why are you so touchy about this anyway?" He snapped, like I didn't have the right to be upset about someone I'd known almost my whole life being sent to hell by my own brother. Rixon was special to me, not only had he been Patch's friend but he was my friend too.

"What part of hell?" I worked out when I was young, the quieter I said something the more likely I was to get answers.

"What?" Patch moved away slightly clearly baffled.

"Where in hell did you send him Patch?" I raised my voice this time, wanting to get through his thick skull.

"The seventh circle." He bowed his head clearly uneasy by the choice he made.

"You've sentenced him to an eternity of violence." I want totally familiar with Dante's Inferno but I knew a few circles out of the nine and number seven was Violence.

A white Cabriolet pulled up onto the drive alongside the truck. Nora? I asked Patch's mind. All I got in return was a trivial nod. I brushed past Patch, my brother, made sure he had to step back as I knocked his arm with my shoulder. I didn't even bother to make eye contact with Nora as I waked to my Audi S3, for if I did I knew it wouldn't just be his best friend he'd send o hell for this girl.