Loyalty, the Final Chapter

I was suddenly flung onto my back, I felt hard, hot gravel pressing against my bare arms. I rolled over to get my bearings when I felt a blistering heat sear across the side of my face. I lay there a few moments longer distracted by the far away screams, hollow and never-ending.

Where was I? Had Patch thrown me out of the farmhouse? Why was it so hot?

These questions swum around in my head but I couldn't mentally grasp at the questions to work any answers out.

Another scream ripped through me, so deep and so gut wrenching I bolted up, the baby, I thought. It wasn't until I'd sat up I realised where I was...in hell, no Patch couldn't have sent me here. He just couldn't...it wasn't until I heard a low, sadistic laugh that my vision came into play and I saw him. Hanging from the walls. Shackles at his feet, at his arms and around his neck. Old blood crusted at the sides of his face, and along his arms, but the old blood was covered with fresh blood. Layers upon layers of blood. Bruises covered his neck and his torso, his jeans were ripped to shreds. His muscles were still excellently defined, but he was looking straggly, in pain and...angry.

I brought myself to standing and dusted myself off, taking a step back. What had I just seen? Were my powers of premonition advancing to seeing that far, or had it just been an hallucination?

I stepped back from the Irish fallen angel, shocked to my very core at what I'd just seen. Rixon, Patch, Nora...and the baby. Rixon taking a blade to the baby, for what? Revenge? A joke? I had no idea but I was scared. There was a voice in my head telling me to run, leave him here and get out. I ignored the voice.

Rixon's mouth curled up into a wicked and evil grin. He was fully aware at what I'd just seen, he knew that I knew he knew too.

"Patch was right, you truly are evil..." I whispered, not wanting to believe it, yet having to as my powers had never failed me.

He was still grinning, a devious and evil grin that made my skin crawl, yet ache at the same time. "How...how could you?" I asked, taking an involuntary step forward, raising my hand to his blood stained chest. He was so hard, so warm and bad.

"You know one thing I know that you don't?" He whispered, as if telling me a secret.

I didn't reply verbally, but I looked up at him expectantly, wanting to know.

"They were going to call him, Harrison-Scott Gray..." Darkness had taken over his eyes and his features. But there was something else, irony? Humour? Lust!

I ripped the shackles from his wrists, and threw them to the floor; letting them clatter loudly. Echoing into the depths of hell. I moved to his feet and as I'd wrenched the last one off he took me into his arms and kissed me. Hard and viscously, I knew it would leave bruises, I didn't care though. The kiss was filled with hunger and aggression. I could still feel him smiling against my lips. I pushed at his chest and stepped back, catching my breath I mumbled, "You're evil, Rixon."

He reached his hand up into my hair and pulled my head back, as he stared down at me. I was mesmerised by him. "Yes, Kat, I'm evil but, baby, I'm your evil."