Harry Potter and his Three Wives Plus

By: Sheltie

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Chapter 1

"No way!"

"Harry, it's the only way."

"No Daph, I'm not going to do it."

Harry Potter folded his arms across his chest to show he wasn't going to budge from his stand. Daphne Greengrass sighed as she tucked a piece of stray blond hair behind her ear.

"Harry, it's the only way to keep the lines separate. If you don't, then you'll forfeit them and all the monies and properties go to the Ministry" Daphne said.

Harry frowned. Daphne just hit a nerve. He still didn't like the Ministry even after they came out and realized the truth that Voldemort was back. Daphne had a small smile on her face. She knew she was close to winning.

"Besides, I never said that it had to be girls you didn't like" she said.

Harry sighed, which indicated that Daphne had won.

It is the summer after Harry's fifth year and many things have changed. Harry's godfather, Sirius Black, was found and sentenced to a Dementor's kiss before he even had a chance to speak and be declared innocent. Harry's best friend, Ron Weasley, turned his back on him because the redhead like the most of his family thought he was becoming mentally unstable. Dumbledore had erected a barrier between them after dropping the bombshell of the prophecy on Harry's shoulders.

Now after hearing Sirius' will Harry finds out that he has to marry not just one girl, but three. Since the will made Harry an adult he was able to take control of the Potter wealth, but there was one little glitch. He has to be married to take control of the Potter wealth. But he couldn't marry anyone, it had to be a muggle-born. On top of that Harry was named sole heir in Sirius' will, which made him the new head of the Black family. But to take control of that one he had to marry a pureblood. And finally Harry was found to be sole heir to another line, the Peverell line, which was said to be extinct. To take control of this line he just had to marry.

The Black family was easy to take care of since Harry and Daphne had been secretly seeing each other since fourth year. They kept it a secret since if the whole school found out that a Gryffindor was dating a Slytherin there would be bedlam. The two met when Harry was trying to find a place to practice for the tournament. Daphne turned out to be Harry's secret confidante. Though he had Hermione for that it was nice to have another person's opinion on the same issue. He became a lot more savvier and more in tune with how the wizarding world actually worked. Daphne brought Harry's inner Slytherin out. Or so he told her.

The Potter and Peverell lines were the tricky ones. That's when Daphne proposed the idea of asking Harry's other best friend, Hermione Granger, to take the role of Lady Potter, since Hermione is a muggle-born, and find another girl to take the Pervell role. Harry was adamant that he didn't want to marry anyone else except for Daphne. This warmed the girl's heart, but knew that to win this war you had to have money, a lot of money and the Potters and Blacks have a lot of money. The Peverell line didn't have much money, but it had other things that could be useful later on.

"Come on Harry, you don't even know what she is going to say" Daphne said returning to the argument at hand.

"I know exactly what's she's going to say. She going to tell me that she likes me, but as a friend and that she loves Ron. That is why she hasn't contacted me at all this summer. She's with Ron" Harry said fuming.

Daphne sighed, her soon to be husband was jumping to conclusions again, which she has tried hard to curb.

"Lets go and see her" Daphne suggested.

Harry was about to say no, but Daphne pulled him into a searing kiss, which always worked to change Harry's mind.

"Okay" Harry said with glazed eyes.

Harry and Daphne took the Knight Bus to Hermione's house. Daphne questioned him about this since she thought that she would be at the Weasleys. But Harry just had a feeling that his best friend was at her house. Daphne didn't argue. When they got there Daphne looked around, she had never been in a muggle neighborhood before.

"Which house is it?" Daphne asked.

"That one" Harry said pointing at a very nice two story with a well-groomed lawn.

"How do you know, you said you've never been here before?" Daphne asked.

"Just a feeling" Harry said with a shrug.

Daphne didn't say a thing, she knew by now to trust Harry's instincts. The two walked up the drive and Harry rang the bell.


When the door opened there stood Hermione Granger wearing an emerald green bikini that showed more skin than it covered.


"Harry!" Hermione squealed as she pulled him in.

"Hermione, I can't breath," Harry said gasping.

Hermione, who had a python hold on Harry loosened somewhat.

"What are you doing here Harry, I thought the Order was guarding you?" Hermione asked quickly.

"Hermione, I'm a legal adult in the wizarding world, I don't need a guard unless I want one" Harry said.

"Oh" Hermione said with some confusion in her voice.

Hermione, though was named in the will as a beneficiary wasn't present during the reading.

"Why weren't you at the will reading?" Harry asked getting to the important question off the bat.

"I never got a letter," Hermione said.

Harry's eyes widen then he looked at Daphne, who nodded as she pulled out her wand.

"What's going on Harry, and why is Daphne Greengrass here?" Hermione asked curiously.

"I'll explain later, but right now I think that there are some wards around your house to divert mail," Harry said.

"What, but why?" Hermione asked shocked.

"Don't know that, but we'll find out soon" Harry said.

Daphne came back with a frown on her face.

"There are wards around the house that divert mail. Strong ones that I can tell" the Slytherin said.

"Dumbledore" Harry muttered.

"Why would the headmaster do that?" Hermione asked perplexed.

"Later, first what are your feelings for the red idiot?" Daphne asked waving Hermione's question aside.

Hermione blinked, unsure how to answer.

"She means do you have any feelings towards Ron" Harry said clarifying Daphne's question.

"Oh, no I don't, I mean he did try to, but I turned him down since I couldn't see myself with someone like him" Hermione said.

Daphne smiled big at the answer.

"What, what's going on Harry?" Hermione asked now freaked out by Daphne's smile since she'd never seen the ice queen of Slytherin ever smile before.

Harry sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

"We have a lot to talk about Hermione, but I don't think here is safe anymore. When do your parents get home?" Harry asked.

"They're at a dental conference for most of the summer" Hermione answered.

"Good" Harry said. He then grabbed a coaster from the end table and tap his wand, "hold on to this please."

Hermione did as she was told since she trusted Harry without question. She felt the familiar feeling of a hook in the navel and soon she was in the entrance hall of a lovely home.

"Where are we Harry?" Hermione asked looking around.

"Black manor" Daphne answered.

"But I thought that Grimmauld Place was Black manor?" Hermione asked.

"Hermione, the Blacks were purebloods who hated muggle-borns and muggles. Why would they ever set up their main house in London where they'd be surrounded by what they hated the most?" Harry asked.

Hermione pinkened at this.

"I guess you're right" she said.

"Come on, lets get her to the parlor and you can tell her her fate" Daphne said.

Hermione looked at Harry with a questioning glance, but Harry ducked his head down to avoid the look. Once in the parlor and Hermione in a robe since she realized that she was still wearing her bikini she got comfortable and Harry told her what happened in the will reading including what she had received, which was the entire contents of the Black library not to mention 50,000 galleons to do what ever she wanted.

The Gryffindor bookworm was shocked that Harry had to marry three times and asked if that was even legal. Daphne pointed out that is wasn't really, but only under special circumstances. The first was Harry's situation. If you are heir to more than one family than you'll need more than one wife to keep the lines separate. The second was is if you had a certain amount of money than you could conceivably have more than one wife, but not many know of that one.

"So let me get this straight. Daphne is marrying you and will be Lady Black, which will fulfill the requirement of marrying a pureblood to continue the Black line," Harry and Daphne nodded, "you must marry a muggle-born to come into the Potter fortune," another two nods, "and for the last line there's no specifics in who you marry" Hermione finished.

"Yeah, well, there's one thing I forgot to mention" Daphne said with a bit of hesitation.

"Oh great" Harry groaned.

"It's nothing bad Harry, it just that the girl you marry to come into the Peverell fortune has to be magical," Daphne said.

"Well that's not too bad" Hermione said.

"Hermione, I have to marry three girls, I've never had a serious girlfriend before. How can I do this?" Harry asked now standing up and pacing.

"Harry, you can do this. With me by your side you will get through this" Hermione said looking Harry in the eye.

Harry stopped and looked at Hermione and could see that she had that determined look in her eye, which meant that nothing, not even Merlin himself could be able to stop her.

"Hermione I-"

"Harry, I know that you don't love me like that, but I think that it is because you never thought of me like that that and the way you were raised by those horrible people. You wouldn't know what love is. It was luck that you knew that you are in love with Daphne and know it" Hermione said.

Daphne watched this with interest and her curiosity peaked at the mention of Harry's relatives. She didn't know anything about them really, but the way Hermione mentioned them it meant that she might want to pay them a nice visit.

"I still can't ask you to do this Hermione" Harry said desperately.

"I'm not asking you to, I'm volunteering myself for the position. Besides, who else do you know well enough that is a muggle-born?" Hermione asked.

"She has you there Harry" Daphne said smirking.

Harry shot a glare at the soon to be Lady Black.

"Fine, but you two will have to figure out who will be Lady Pervell, but that will be after I marry the two of you" Harry said.

"Fine" both girls said.

/Scene Break/

Harry's wedding to Daphne was simple. It took place at Greengrass manor under the watchful eye of Adrian Greengrass. The head of the Greengrass family was pleased by this union, but still cautious. He was happy that his eldest daughter found someone that she loved and that he wasn't forced to put her in a marriage contract to someone that wouldn't treat his girl right. Plus she was also marrying Lord Black, which meant big political pull. He knew Harry had not only the Black vote, but the Potter and also the Pervell. The Pervell line was one of the oldest and the Potter line was the second oldest line in comparison. His only worry is that Daphne would now have a big target on her back being that she would be married to the Boy-Who-Lived. Everyone knew that the dark lord had his sights on the boy and wanted to kill him.

Hermione's wedding to Harry was quite basic. Neville & Augusta Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, and Daphne were the witnesses in this wedding as they had a wizarding priest perform the wedding after taking a vow to keep this union a secret. Neville stood as Harry's best man since Ron was no longer speaking to Harry. Not to mention Harry trusted Neville immensely, that and the Longbottoms and Potters have been allies for centuries. Luna was Hermione's maid of honor since Hermione knew the quirky blond longer than Daphne. Before the ceremony Luna asked to be put under the Potter protection since her father had died from a Death Eater attack just minutes before the wedding. Harry agreed and Neville gave Luna the protection of the Longbottoms too for extra measure.

/Scene Break/

After the weddings Harry and his two wives had a nice honeymoon checking out the other Black and Potter properties. They also trained during this time in different magic from wherever they were. Soon it was August and Harry, Hermione, and Daphne got their Hogwarts letters. Neville and Luna were with them when they got them. Luna has been staying with Neville since her home was destroyed.

"Congratulations Luna" Harry said.

Luna held out a prefect badge that had dropped from her letter.

"Thank you Harry" Luna said looking at the badge like it could be infested with something.

"Harry, I think you should write to McGonagall. She needs to know about our new status" Daphne said.

Harry blinked.

"She means Harry that since we're all married that means we'll have a room to ourselves," Hermione said.

"What?" Harry said looking at both of his wives with confusion.

Hermione rolled her eyes.

"It's in Hogwarts, A History Harry" Hermione said with sigh.

"It is Harry" Daphne said nodding in agreement with Hermione.

"You read that book too?" Harry asked shocked.

"Of course I did" Daphne said like it should've been obvious.

Harry sighed and Neville chuckled.

"I feel for you mate, you have two scary, but brilliant witches by your side and to think that you have to marry once more" the once pudgy Gryffindor said.

"Thanks for reminding me" Harry grumbled.

/Scene Break/

Soon it was time for them to board the Hogwarts Express to head back to Hogwarts. Harry did send off letter to McGonagall letting her know about him being Lord Potter and also Lord Black. McGonagall, herself came to discuss what was going to be done. The mistress of transfiguration left very shaky and a bit drunk since she had a few glasses of scotch to try to calm herself. Never in her life has she had so many shocks in one afternoon.

First, her favorite student, Hermione, was married and that she was moving into a marriage quarters with her husband and his other wife. Second, her other favorite student that is in Slytherin was married to the same lad and be living in said quarters. Third and last, the boy that she thought of as one of her own was a lord and had two wives. She knew one thing though when she left and that this upcoming year would be probably the most exciting one in all of her life as a teacher.

/Scene Break/

On September First Harry, Hermione and Daphne settled in a compartment with Neville and Luna. They were early so they could avoid all the possible media attention.

"Harry, Luna and I need to go to the prefect meeting" Hermione said as she tied her hair back.

"Alright, but be careful the both of you" Harry said.

The two girls nodded and left leaving Harry to settle in and rest next to his first wife.

"Tired Harry?" Neville asked.

"Very" Harry said with his eyes closed.

Neville smirked.

"Get your head out of the gutter" Harry said noticing Neville's expression.

"I don't know what you're talking about mate," Neville said with a straight face.

"I haven't done that with either Daphne or Hermione" Harry said.

"Why?" Neville asked curiously.

Harry could sense that Neville was just asking for curiosity sake and not for some malicious reason.

"They want to wait til their of age and they both think that being pregnant during the war would be problematic. Besides they think they need to keep an eye on me" Harry said.

Neville just chuckled as he shook his head. He knew Harry's two wives were right. Keeping an eye on Harry Potter was a two person job with his trouble attracting magnet he has.

"So, how are you and Luna doing?" Harry asked changing the subject.

Neville blushed beet red at this question.

"You noticed?" he asked.

"Kind of hard not to mate, you've been very protective of her," Harry said smirking.

Daphne was reading during this whole conversation ignoring what her husband and his friend were talking about. That was until the door to the compartment opened.

"How was the meeting?" the Slytherin asked looking up.

"Oh the same, preaching house unity and all that jazz," Hermione said sitting down on the other side of Harry and resting her head on his shoulder.

Neville looked a bit confused.

"She means same old, same old," Harry said.

Neville nodded understanding now.

The group chatted and Daphne went back to reading her book until their compartment door slid open revealing Malfoy and his two troll looking bodyguards.

"Well if it isn't Potty" Malfoy sneered.

What do you want ferret?" Daphne asked coolly looking up from her book.

"Greengrass, what are you doing here with that?" Malfoy asked.

"I'm longer a Greengrass, Malfoy. You have to call me Lady Black" Daphne said with airs.

"What tripe are talking about blood traitor?" Malfoy sneered.

Harry was up in a flash with his wand pointed between Malfoy's eyes.

"Shut your vile tongue Malfoy and show some respect to Lady Black or I'll toss your mother out of the family," Lord Black said.

"You have no power-"

"He does Malfoy, your father must've skip over the lesson dealing with how Ancient and Noble families work" Hermione said.

"Oh, and what do you know about Mudblood" Malfoy sneered.

"That'd be Lady Potter, you pond scum" Hermione said with the same airs that Daphne used.

Hermione got a couple lessons over the summer from Daphne on how to act more superior to others since not many purebloods will be very happy with a Lady of Ancient and Noble house who is a muggle-born.

Malfoy gulped now as he realized that he now had two glowing wands pointed at him. He sneered at them once more then left.

"Bloody git, I'll put him in his place" Harry said as he sat down.

"I'll help, since I turned sixteen I now have some control over the Longbottom wealth. I may not be able to control as much as you Harry, but that doesn't mean I have to take his shit anymore," Neville said.

"Neville, language" Hermione and Luna said simultaneously.

This caused the others to laugh.

/Scene Break/

The rest of the trip was uneventful and soon they were traveling in a carriage that Harry magically expanded so they all could fit in. Once up to the castle they were met by Snape.

"Potter, I heard you threaten a student that will detention," the greasy potion master said.

"I don't think so Snape, I'm head of the Potter and Black and what with Malfoy is a personal matter. So it doesn't concern you" Harry said and then walked past Snape.

This infuriated the greasy one and he threw a hex at Harry's back. Harry blocked it and then send several hexes that he learned over the summer at Snape. Soon Snape was on the ground barely recognizable.

"Go get madam Pomfrey, it seems that the hospital wing has its first patient and the term hasn't even started yet" Harry said ordering another student.

Harry, his two wives and his two friends made it to the Great Hall only to be stopped by Dumbledore.

"Harry, I must reprimand you for what you did" the old wizard said.

"The greasy bastard fired a lethal hex at my back, I just defended myself" Harry said firmly.

"Harry, Harry, you must learn to forgive" Dumbledore said shaking his head.

Harry's eyes light up and there was fire in them.

"Sir, what happened was a matter that doesn't concern you. It was personal matter," Harry said sternly.


"Sir, Snape tried to hex my husband, and he got what was coming to him" Hermione said piping up.

This shocked the old wizard along with the crowd that was there. Harry and Hermione, married? How? When? These were the questions buzzing around.

"Miss Granger-"

"It's actually Lady Potter and you'll address me as so headmaster" Hermione said.

Dumbledore stumbled back slightly, he had plans in setting Ginny Weasley up with Harry and claiming the Potter fortune. He had no idea about the laws of the Potter family. Now all of it was for nothing, but that didn't stop the old man from plotting. There had to be a way to break their marriage.

"Come darlings, we need to be seated" Harry said.

This when Dumbledore noticed Harry had an arm around not only Hermione, but Daphne also.

"Miss Greengrass?"

"Actually sir, it is Lady Black and like Lady Potter and you are to refer to me only as that" Daphne said.

Dumbledore was left reeling, how was he going to get control of the boy now with these two girls surrounding him. He knew that Hermione was probably the brightest witch ever to grace Hogwarts since probably Lily Potter and Daphne was no slouch either. The ice queen of Slytherin was probably the second smartest witch in the school right after Hermione. He needed to seriously rework his plans.

After the sorting the meal began though it was unusual since there was a Slytherin sitting at the Gryffindor table, but Harry gave his whole house a look that told them that this wasn't up for discussion. But sadly Ron had to say something leaving him bound and on the floor. You could hear him whimpering from time to time since he was missing out on the food.

After the feast Dumbledore rose and stepped to the podium.

"Welcome back all returning students and I welcome all new students here. I have a few announcements to make before I let you go. First, I'd like to introduce your new potion teacher Horace Slughorn. Now professor Slughorn was the potions teacher before. With that I'd like to introduce your DADA professor, our very own professor Snape."

Not many applauded this since they knew with Snape teaching DADA it would go horribly. After that Dumbledore made the usual announcements of the Forbidden Forest is forbidden and that no magic is to be used in the corridors even though no student followed that rule. Once Dumbledore was done he sat down cuing that it was time to get to bed.

"Mr., I mean Lord Potter-Black, please follow me to your new quarters" McGonagall said.

Harry nodded and with his wives on either side of him they left.

Once in their new quarters they found a nice cozy common room with three rooms for each person. McGonagall did warn them that they would still have to follow decorum, which meant she didn't want to know anything about their personal lives at all. After she left the trio flopped onto the couch.

"This is going to be a crazy year," Harry said with a sigh.

"It's going to be our craziest" Hermione said in full agreement.

"Well for me it's going to interesting" Daphne said smiling.

Daphne wasn't used to this craziness that is Harry's life and that meant she thought it was just interesting for now. They decided they needed their rest so they all went to bed. Hermione and Daphne changed in the bathroom and Harry changed in the bedroom. Once they were in their nightclothes they got into bed. They had become accustom to sleeping in the same bed. It helped Harry control his nightmares. With Hermione on one side and Daphne on the other the two girls spooned Harry making the young lord sleep in peace.

/Scene Break/

In the morning Harry and his girls awoke and did their usual morning routine and soon the three were heading down to the Great Hall for breakfast. Once there Harry and his girls sat down and began serving one another breakfast. Soon Neville came with Luna on his arm.

"Morning you two, is there something that we need to know about?" Harry asked quirking an eyebrow.

Neville blushed and busied himself with piling food onto his plate. Luna however just smiled.

"Neville here just proposed to me last night when he walked me back to Ravenclaw tower" the blond said.

"Congrats mate" Harry said smiling.

"Thanks Harry" Neville said smiling nervously.

"See Neville, I told you there was nothing to worry about" Luna chirped.

"What's she talking about Neville?" Daphne asked curiously.

"Oh, Neville here was worried that Harry might react badly to this since he knows that Harry is very protective of me" Luna said.

Hermione and Daphne looked at Harry.

"What, I am very protective of Luna. She's like a sister to me. But I trust Neville and I know that he would never hurt Luna in any way" Harry said.

"And I'm very happy to think of you as a brother to me" Luna said smiling.

Harry smiled right back.

Soon schedules were handed out and though it was unusual Flitwick gave Luna her schedule at the Gryffindor table. Snape wasn't there to give Daphne her schedule since he was still in the hospital wing so McGonagall did his job.

"You're going to have to be careful Daph, I don't have a good feeling about what going to happen" Harry said.

"Don't worry Harry, Snape can do very little to me. I'm Lady Daphne Victoria Black. Anything he does to me would be an attack on the house of Black and could get him in big trouble" Daphne said confidently.

"Alright, but still be on your guard" Harry cautioned.

Daphne nodded.

"You too Hermione" Harry said turning to his other wife.

Hermione nodded, "don't worry Harry, we learned a lot over the summer. I think we can take care of what's to come."

Harry nodded, but that didn't make him feel any less worried.

/Scene Break/

It seemed that many Slytherins got the message after what had happened to their head of house that told them not to mess with Hermione and Daphne, which in turn gave both girls a wide berth. It also seemed like the other houses did the same.

"This is kind of fun" Daphne commented with a smile.

"Just you wait for the backlash," Hermione said sitting next Daphne.

The two girl were in Arithmancy while Harry was in Divination.

"Come on Hermione, I was just in the library and a couple Ravenclaws gave up their seats to me" Daphne said smiling.

"Daph, you're going to learn that being associated with Harry has its upsides as well as its downsides. This is a perk for sure, but soon we're going to be seeing the bad side of being by Harry's side" Hermione said.

Daphne frowned and nodded. She knew she had to listen to Hermione's advice on this since Hermione had first-hand experience with being close to Harry and all that came with it. The good and the bad.

/Scene Break/

Harry meanwhile was having a hard time in Divination since Neville was the only on sitting by him in class. Everyone else was keeping his or her distance with Ron glaring at Harry every few minutes. It was when class ended things changed. Ron confronted his former best mate.

"How could you marry that slimy snake?" the redhead bellowed.

"What I do in my personal life is none of your business Mr. Weasley" Harry said.

Ron's face went red and was about to say something when Harry held up his hand.

"Lavender" he called.

The busty blond looked at Harry.

"Spread the word that I want every Gryffindor in the common room tonight. We're going to have a house meeting" Harry said in a commanding tone.

Lavender just nodded and rushed off with Parvati to tell other Gryffindors.

"What right do you have to do that Potter?" Ron shouted.

"I have every right Mr. Weasley" Harry said then spun on his heel and left.

/Scene Break/

That night after dinner the entire Gryffindor house was in the common room waiting for Harry. He had went to tell McGonagall what was happening since she is the head of Gryffindor house. She gave her permission and allowed Harry to have his meeting. Now all the Gryffindors had to do was wait for Harry to show.

"Potter's probably with that slimy snake" Ron bellowed out.

"I'd hold your tongue Mr. Weasley since I am right here" Harry said.

He was accompanied by Hermione and Daphne with Hermione on Harry's right and Daphne on his left. McGonagall was bring up the rear since as the head of the lion den she needed to be there in case things got out of hand.

"What's that snake doing here?" Ron shouted.

"Daphne is my wife Mr. Weasley and I'd hold your tongue since I can challenge you to a duel for slandering her name" Harry growled.

The entire house felt Harry's magic roll of him and they all stepped back. The meeting was quite tense and Neville had to silence and bind Ron after he opened his mouth once again. The rest of the house though slowly understood Harry's reasons behind marrying Daphne and the ones who knew Harry accepted Daphne. Those were Katie Bell and Harry's year minus Ron, who was still bound and silenced.

The rest of the school weren't told of this. The only thing they knew was that a Gryffindor house meeting had been called. Every Gryffindor including Lavender kept silent when asked about what happened since it was an inner house matter. Even Ron wasn't even able to say a thing thanks to some ancient spells.

/Scene Break/

Dumbledore was at his wits end. He had no idea what to do now. He had no contingency plan for this. He needed Harry under his control, but with Harry holding not only the Potter title, but also the Black title too that was harder to do. Harry was considered an adult now with his new status and that meant he could do almost anything now. Heck, Harry didn't have to be back at Hogwarts, but decided to do so since he had friends here he wouldn't abandon.

That left another problem. He had no way to get his hooks into these friends since they were totally loyal to Harry. Ron Weasley was out since he had distanced himself from Harry then was a big voice with his displeasure at marrying miss Greengrass. There was no way for Dumbledore to get the young redhead to ingratiate himself back in Harry's good graces with miss Granger and miss Greengrass advising him.

/Scene Break/

Harry, his wives and his close friends trained harder and learned spells that weren't in the Hogwarts curriculum. Daphne and Hermione worked in tandem to cram as much stuff in their husband's head as they could. Daphne drilled him in politics and ancient and noble family customs. Hermione took the school end of things and made sure Harry was on top of his homework. Soon they were working on finding a way to take down Voldemort for good. They first needed to find out how he survived that night on Halloween all those years ago.

Hermione and Daphne poured over many books looking for the answer. The Black library helped immensely with this project as the two girls couldn't get into the Restricted Section of the library.

Harry meanwhile trained not only magically, but physically as well. Neville joined him as well as the girls.

Many of students watched this with interest. Though some purebloods snorted at the work that was going on. Since purebloods never did a physical day of labor in their life.

/Scene Break/

Many other things were going on outside of Hogwarts. Amelia Bones had an attempt on her life, but was saved by Harry Potter who drove off the Death Eaters. This helped boost Amelia's position and made her a very strong candidate for Minister. Harry supported her, which helped the head of the DMLE a lot.

Harry however got chewed out by both of his wives for doing something so foolish.

The Order was in disarray with Harry taking away their headquarters. Remus Lupin resigned since Dumbledore seemed to be working against Harry rather than against Voldemort. The werewolf sided with Harry since he is his best friend's son. Tonks was another who resigned, she did so following Remus since she fancied him something rotten. McGonagall was another to resign from the Order. This made other members second-guess what they were doing.

Dumbledore's most boisterous defender was Molly Weasley. She was very angry that Harry wasn't only married, but married to two girls. None that were her daughter. Her plan was to get Ginny close to Harry and slip him a love potion then have her daughter marry Harry thus getting ahold of the Potter fortune. She of course didn't know of the Potter bylaws that the Lady Potter had to be a muggle-born.

/Scene Break/

It wasn't very long that supporters of Harry Potter were being gathered. Neville and his fiancée Luna sounded out their fellow students to see where their allegiance laid. Susan Bones was fully on Harry's side since he saved his aunt, along with Hannah Abbott. In Ravenclaw Padma Patil led the group with Terry Boot, who was Padma's boyfriend. In Gryffindor Parvati joined her sister along with most of their house with the two Weasleys not being included. In Slytherin Tracey Davis along with Blaise headed up the group.

Malfoy's tight hold of Slytherin had loosen with Daphne's taking ahold of more and more control. Snape was still in the hospital wing leaving Malfoy without a strong arm to back him. Though there was a rumor that the greasy potion master had to be transferred to St. Mungo's since the spell damage he had was too severe for Pomfrey to handle.

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Dumbledore was doing his best to try and talk to Harry forgetting his whole put a barrier between him and Harry. He needed to get the boy to see reason. But whenever Harry came to his office he was accompanied by his two wives. The old wizard wasn't happy with this since he knew he couldn't manipulated Harry with his wives by his side. But Harry refused to go anywhere with the headmaster without his wives coming with him.

This really annoyed the old wizard and with Snape still unable to help him he was at a loss at what to do. Even his deputy headmistress was against him.

/Scene Break/

It was late on Sunday when Hermione found what she was looking for.

"I've found it" Hermione exclaimed.

"What did you find Mione?" Harry asked.

"I think I know Voldemort survived" Hermione said in a giddy tone.

"What is it?" Daphne asked.

"A Horcrux" Hermione said.

"A Horcrux?" Harry asked.

"A Horcrux" Hermione said with a nod.

"A Horcrux" Harry said.

"Yes, a Horcrux" Hermione said.

This went on for a bit until Daphne got fed up.

"What is a Horcrux?" Daphne shouted.

Hermione then explained what Horcrux was and both Harry and Daphne were quite pale at the end of it. Basically the maker had to kill someone in cold blood and then tear a part of their soul away and place it in an item they'd prepared beforehand. It was probably one of the most darkest rituals out there to try and possess immortality.

"He made that to try and avoid death" Daphne said.

"Yes, but knowing him I think he made more than one" Hermione said.

Harry nodded.

"You're right, he wouldn't satisfied with just one and cheating death. He'd want to thumb his nose at death so that he made more than one" he said.

"But how many are we talking about here?" Daphne asked.

This began a discussion on how many Horcruxes Voldemort made.

/Scene Break/

Dumbledore needed to get Potter back, but he had no idea how. Harry surrounded himself with people who would rather kill themselves before betraying Harry. He hated such loyalty. He liked when he could bend and manipulate people the way he wanted any way he wanted. That and Amelia Bones surviving an attack he knew about didn't help him at all. He thought the death of the head of the DMLE was for the greater good. Now with the Ministry was working towards kicking Fudge out that meant he had to spend more time away from the castle and lose what precious time he needed to get Harry back.

/Scene Break/

As for Harry and his wives, well, Daphne, was pushing Harry to get more into the political ring, but Harry was reluctant since he didn't care for the butt kissing that sometimes had to be done. That and he thought some of the slimiest beings were politicians. Hermione agreed with Harry on this, but could see where Daphne was going with this and subtly urged Harry forward.

/Scene Break/

Snape finally came back and was sour as ever. He had an axe to grind and he didn't care what either of his masters wanted. He was going to kill Potter.

"Where's that piece of filth?" Snape spat as he entered the Great Hall.

Snape stormed in and his eyes caught Harry who was eating with his two wives. He pulled out his wand and shouted out a dark curse. Gasps were heard and the staff made their way to stop their colleague, but the curse never made it to Harry. It bounced off an invisible barrier and hit the ceiling.

"Really Snape, a curse to the back, how low can you get?" Harry asked turning to see the fuming potion master.

"You're dead Potter" Snape spat.

Harry got up calmly and looked Snape in the eye.

"Auror Tonks" he said.

Soon a person appeared out of the wall though she was actually wearing an invisibility cloak.

"What can I do for you Lord Potter-Black?" Tonks asked.

"Arrest Severus Snape for attacking a lord of two Ancient and Noble houses" Harry said.

Tonks nodded and headed towards Snape with her wand out. Snape was furious was going to attack when he was stunned by Flitwick. Tonks thanked the professor for his help and then cuffed the potion master and took him away. After that talk was heard throughout the hall at what they had just witnessed.

/Scene Break/

Dumbledore was at a loss at what to do. He could try and save Snape, but that was risky since the Wizengamot would not let someone who attacked a lord of two ancient and noble houses go. That and he had very little power to exert over this situation, which unsettled him even more. He needed to talk to Harry about letting Snape off with a warning and not press charges.

/Scene Break/

Harry sat in the headmaster's office looking quite upset. Dumbledore had pulled him away while Daphne was congratulating him on a great score on his Transfiguration test. Beside him was an equally upset Daphne and on the other side of him was Hermione, who looked annoyed at being pulled away from her research on the Horcruxes.

"What do you want Dumbledore?" Harry asked in annoyed tone.

"I've called you here Harry in hopes that you can see what you're doing is only harming the war effort" Dumbledore said with his eyes twinkling.

"What do you mean?" Daphne asked snappishly.

"When you arrested Severus you cut off our only link to knowing what Voldemort is up to" Dumbledore said.

"I see, so you want me to drop the charges on your little pet so he can continue doing his job shitting in a pot" Harry said.

"Harry, language" Hermione scolded.

"Now Harry, I know you and Severus don't see eye to eye, but he was quite valuable during the last war" Dumbledore said sagely.

"Oh, then all the successful attacks Voldemort got away with was part of your brilliant plan to do nothing" Daphne mocked.

She was really upset that her Harry time was interrupted.

"No Miss Greengrass" Dumbledore said.

"It's Lady Black, headmaster" Daphne said firmly.

Dumbledore sighed and nodded.

"Harry, I must ask you to consider this" the old wizard pleaded.

Harry tilted his head back in thought with his two wives looking at him wondering what he'd decided.

Dumbledore leaned forward in anticipation.

"No" Harry said.

"Now Harry, I urge you not to be so rash" Dumbledore said.

"Headmaster, he came into the hall with the intention to kill me, no doubt. He fired a dark curse at me and probably would've done more if I wasn't protected. So you tell me what I should've done" Harry said.

"Forgive Harry, you must forgive. It's the only way" Dumbledore said.

Daphne snorted.

Dumbledore shot her a look.

"Sorry headmaster, but you can only forgive so many times until you are a doormat" Daphne said.

Dumbledore furrowed his brow. He had no idea what Daphne was talking about.

Hermione sighed and explained it to the headmaster, who nodded though not convinced.

"I will not be a push-over headmaster. I want it to be shown that those who attack me will be punished. And with a just Minister on our side I know justice will be served" Harry said.

Dumbledore slumped in his seat. He had no idea what to do.

This was the sign for the three to leave and they did.

End of Chapter