Harry Potter and his Three Wives Plus

By: Sheltie

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Chapter 17

Lemon scene

Katie awoke with the biggest 'I just got the best fuck in my whole entire life' grin on her face. She turned to find Harry still asleep with his own shit-eating grin on his face. She then knew she wanted to thank Harry for the great pleasure she had last night. She got under the covers and found Harry's limp organ. Her hot breath caressed the flesh causing it to stir. She then grasped it and began awakening the mighty beast. Once fully awake Katie took it into her mouth and began worshipping the phallus.

Harry groaned awoke to finding a bulge in the blankets. He grinned and laid back feeling Katie's talented tongue work him. He closed his eyes reveling in the pleasure he was getting then he felt Katie's hand cup his balls, massaging them, coaxing his load to be release.

"Oh fuck" Harry muttered as he spewed out.

Katie drank all of Harry's seed and thought it tasted better than last night. She then cleaned up Harry's organ and revealed herself to Harry.

"Damn, all of you girls sure know how to wake me up just right" Harry said as he wrapped his arms around Katie's waist.

"Of course Harry, we want to wake you up with a smile. You'll never awake grumpy ever again" Katie said.

"That I won't" Harry said.

The two laid in bed for a while just enjoying feel their hot skin touch one another.

"Harry, I want to try the shower now" Katie said breaking the peaceful silence.

Damn, that shower is getting as much action as this bed Harry thought.

"As you wish" he said.

He then picked Katie up and carried her bridal style to the bathroom. He knew for a fact that Katie loved very hot showers since it helped sooth tired muscles after a hard Quidditch match or practice. This still held true even now. So as soon as the water was so hot that the bathroom was a mini sauna the two got in.

"Mmm, just the way I like it" Katie commented on the water temp.

Harry grinned and began to lather up and started to wash Katie's still fit and toned body. She kept herself in top condition and this made Harry make a note to have Katie start an exercise program for his wives. It's not because they were pudgy or overweight or anything like that. But he liked how Katie kept her body trim and wanted that for the rest of his wives. Plus, it would help them in the long run too.

"Harry, you have magic hands" Katie moaned.

Harry chuckled since he wasn't even touching her breasts or pussy at all. He wanted to get Katie clean before they had their fun.

"Harry, quit teasing me. I want it now" Katie pleaded as she panted.

Harry chuckled again as he ignored Katie's pleas and kept on cleaning her without touch any of her sensitive areas. Katie was whining and begging for Harry to take her by the time he rinsed her off. He then pushed her against the tile wall and thrust his cock inside her.

"Oh god" Katie moaned as she was penetrated.

Harry began pumping in and out of Katie as she thrashed about.

"Yes Harry, yes. Fuck me, oh god I love your cock in me" she mewled.

"Never knew you were such a slut Katie" Harry grunted.

"I am not, I just love your cock, that's all" Katie said pouting.

Harry smirked as he moved a hand down and began rubbing her clit.

"OH FUCK!" Katie screamed.

End lemon scene

/Scene Break/

In the common room the rest of the girls heard this exclamation.

"Sounds like Katie's getting the royal treatment" Susan said with a giggle.

"Yes, that shower is divine"Harry Ha Fleur said nodding.

"Is it the shower or the person in the shower with you?" Daphne asked with a smirk.

"A bit of both" Penny said with a giggle.

The other girls agreed with this statement with giggles of their own.

"Though I wish the shower was more like the one back at my home" Hermione said wistfully.

"Oh, what's different?" Padma asked.

"Well, for one thing the showerhead detaches and you can move the nozzle wherever you want" Hermione said with a smirk.

The other girls didn't need to really think hard on this and they all shivered with pleasure.

"Shit, I think I had a tiny orgasm" Susan mumbled.

"What else?" Fleur asked wanting to hear more.

Hermione was happy to tell her fellow sisters about the amazing shower she had back home. Oh, and she could wait to show them the jacuzzi too. She knew they'd absolutely love it.

/Scene Break/

Neville groaned as he looked at what is now his harem. Beside him was Luna and she looked as pleased as Neville looked green. In front of him were Tracey, Hannah, Parvati and Lisa. All four had agreed and signed a contract Luna had written up so they could join the House Longbottom harem. He thought Harry had a good talking to with Luna, but it seemed that failed and he had nowhere else to go.

"Welcome to the Longbottom harem" Luna said cheerfully.

Each girl looked over the contract that Luna had presented them and found nothing was wrong with it. There was no hidden message or agenda. Luna wanted it all to be fair since she knew her Neville wouldn't want it any other way. So she wrote the most iron clad contract she could looking up several ancient law texts as well as some current ones to make sure every single loop-hole was covered. There would be nothing to block it. The girls signed it using a blood quill. Once done the contract glowed gold to signify that it went through.

/Scene Break/

Ginny stood waiting she didn't have to wait long as Harry's wives and consorts. Katie, Fleur and Penny decided to call themselves consorts since mistresses didn't have a nice ring to it. Harry's wives had no qualms with it since they were sort of like Harry's other wives with the way he treated them all, which was equally.

"Weasley, it's time for your next punishment" Daphne said coldly.

Ginny just glared back at Daphne.

"It took us some time, but we've decided on what your next punishment should be" Padma said.

"We're going to take away something you cherish most" Susan said.

Ginny was afraid of what it would be.

Hermione dragged in a chair and gestured for Ginny to sit in it. Ginny hesitated, but with a shove from Katie she was in the chair. Once sitting down she couldn't move.

"Now lets begin" Fleur said.

They all converged on Ginny and what Ginny saw horrified her. Her red locks were being clipped away. Tears ran down her eyes as she loved her long red hair and that was being taken from her. The wives and consorts took their time even though they could easily remove Ginny's hair with magic. But they wanted to draw her agony as much as possible. When they were done Ginny's head was bare of hair, she looked like a newborn.

"There, we've placed a charm on your head so no hair will grow til we remove the charm" Hermione said.

Ginny was bawling her eyes out as she saw all of her hair around her. She could feel the cool breeze on the top of her head and shivered.

/Scene Break/

Malfoy still had heard no word from anyone and was worried. He had finally figured out a plan, but he didn't know what was going on with the Dark Lord. He was anxious since he didn't know if the attack was called off or not. He was unsure what to do.

/Scene Break/

Voldemort was seething as he checked on another of his Horcrux hiding places and found that it had been destroyed. He knew he couldn't make a new one since his soul was so divided up as it was that he only about a shred of it left if that. That meant he had to put all of his galleons into one pot and hope for the best. This just made him angrier and wanting to put an end to the little annoyance that had been plaguing him. Yes, he'll enjoy taking Potter's life.

/Scene Break/

Padma was excited. Today was finally the day that she'd be married to Harry. It took so long with the plan getting off track by several things, but now here it was. She was just getting the finishing touches with her sister beside her fussing over her like their mother. Their own mother was sitting back with amusement watching her own daughter doing her job for her.

"Parv, I swear quit acting like mom" Padma said.

"Sorry sis, but I can't help it" Parvati said a she kept fussing over her sister.

Padma sighed. She had no idea where this motherly nature came from with her sister. Parvati never showed this ever before. Mrs. Patil let out a chuckle as she watched the scene.

"Hey, how are you two doing?" Neville asked poking his head in.

"We're fine Neville dear" Parvati said smiling brightly.

"Uh, that's good" Neville said.

He was still getting used to his harem and all the loving they were showering him with. None of them had yet to go all the way with him, but the heavy petting and groping was quite ordinary for the group. Neville never felt up or seen some much female flesh in his life and he was getting it by the bucket loads. He was overwhelmed as well as living every guy's dream.

Soon it was time and Padma was walking down the aisle with her father. She saw Harry smiling right at her and that calmed most of the butterflies she had fluttering around in her stomach. Once she got to the altar Amelia was the one to perform the ceremony. Padma chose her sister as her maid of honor while her sister wives were her bridesmaids. For Harry, he had Neville as his best man.

Once the vows were said and the kiss sealed it there was a grand party with everyone having fun. It was a nice bright moment for everyone to forget the world.

/Scene Break/

A few days later Harry was relaxing when his wives came in.

"And how my lovely ladies doing today?" he asked smiling.

"We want ceremonies too Harry" Katie said.

Harry nearly fell out of his chair when he heard this.

"What?!" he exclaimed.

"Well, you had weddings for Hermione, Daphne, Susan and Padma and Fleur and I kind of want something like that" Penny said.

"Um, I really didn't get a wedding at a since we were rushed into the contract to stop the one I had with Nott. So I want one too" Susan said.

Harry groaned. He had totally forgot about Susan and her not getting her day since they were more worried at keeping her safe from Nott. But now he had to deal with that plus three more ceremonies.

"Is it really that important?" Harry asked.

What he got were looks that pretty much said 'you are joking, right?' Harry sighed and turned to Hermione for some help, but got none.

"Harry, these girls deserve their day too" she said.

Harry sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

Neville has it easy he thought.

/Scene Break/

Speaking of Neville. He was in a giant female sandwich. With him as the filling. Hannah was cuddling up to him on his right while Parvati was doing the same on his left. Luna was right behind Hannah spooning the Puff while Tracey was doing the same to the Lion Patil. Luna organized these 'cuddle piles' so they'd all get used to one another on a more intimate level. They'd all trade places on a schedule that Luna had come up with. So they'd all get a chance to molest Neville.

Luna proposed the use of the Room of Requirement since it could change into whatever their needs were and that way they'd have a neutral meeting spot. The magical room got more use than it probably ever got since possibly the age of the Founders. Though the Founders never thought the room would be used like this.

Neville was red as ever as he touched and caressed Hannah and Parvati's semi nude bodies. The girls were pretty much naked aside from their very skimpy underwear. Luna thought this was the only proper way to be intimate with Neville without going all the way just yet. The other girls seemed to agree with this.

Harry has it easy he thought.

/Scene Break/

Molly was enraged as she heard of the wedding of Padma and Harry. This only made her work harder on the poisoned food she was working on. It also gave her an 'excuse' to send it. She'd post it and say it was a gift of congratulation for the newly married couple. She let out cackles at her own genius cunning.

/Scene Break/

Finally. Draco received word from his aunt about plans and he was giddy. He was so giddy he was giggling like a schoolgirl. This was somewhat creepy for those who were in the Snake pit hearing Malfoy giggling like that. It was quite disturbing.

/Scene Break/

Dumbledore frowned as he read about the wedding of Harry and Padma. The boy should be readying himself for death. Not celebrating life. But that would all change with the masterful plan he had concocted. Soon the world will know the greatness of Albus Dumbledore once again and they'd be clamoring for him to lead them once again.

The old goat began giggling himself, but unlike the giggling blond snake there was no one around him to look at him oddly. He was alone with no one by his side at all.

/Scene Break/

Harry blinked as he saw the package in front of him. He the frowned.

"What is it Harry?" Padma asked.

Harry and his wives and consorts were eating breakfast in their common room which the took up since it gave them all the privacy they carved in the morning. Just them, no one else.

"It's a package from Mrs. Weasley" Harry said.

"Give it here Harry" Daphne said.

Harry was to hand it over when Susan stopped him and used her wand to levitate it over to Daphne. Daphne then unwrapped it magically. Inside was various cakes, pies and other kinds of desserts. Daphne was quite suspicious.

"We need to get these checked, who knows what she did to them" Lady Black said.

"I'll get Tonks" Susan said as she rushed off to find the auror.

Tonks arrived and cast the spells to detect poisons.

"You're smart to get me. All of these things are laced with deadly poisons. I am not sure how bad they are, but I'll get it to the potion masters we have to get them checked" the pink haired auror said.

"Thanks Tonks, let us know the results and then we can plan a course of action" Harry said.

Tonks nodded and left after she sealed the package away.

/Scene Break/

Molly was grinning as thought what was happening. A knock on the front door snapped her out her thoughts. She got up with wand in hand. You can never be too careful at times like these.

"Who's there?" she asked.

"Aurors ma'am. Open up" a voice called.

Molly opened the door and she was overtaken by aurors.

"Molly Weasley, you are arrested for sending food poisoned with potions" an auror said as he placed the magic restricted cuff.

Another auror took her wand.

Molly was stunned and shocked. So much so that she didn't say a word as she was hauled off.

/Scene Break/

It didn't take long and Molly was sentenced for trying to poison Harry. Since he was lord Potter that held a heavy punishment and Harry's wives weren't going to let Molly off the hook at all. So Molly was given the max penalty. Five years in Azkaban and a heavy fine. Arthur was quite upset with this and threw Molly out of the Weasley house. He had to, to save his sons.

/Scene Break/

Dumbledore read the paper, one of the very few connections he had to the outside world. He scowled at how they treated a light sided family like the Weasleys. Molly was just doing what was for the greater good. That's what he thought in his addled mind. But all things would change when he made his dramatic reappearance after Harry failed. He come striding in, the savior of the wizarding world and he'd be on top once again. The talk of the magical world. His legend will once again awe children and adults alike. He smiled at his grand delusions as he settled down with a sack of lemon drops and a cup of tea.

End of Chapter

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