With a warning knock to the door in front of him, Prowl finished his hack on the lock and waited for the slab of metal to move aside for him to enter. It was a good thing that the Special Operations Division was rather deserted at that time as no one would take well to him doing this otherwise, no matter that Jazz had announced that Prowl was welcome there in any situation. After all, the information that the saboteur had given in relation to the reason he was allowed had nothing to do with him also being an operative so it would leave those in Jazz's team suspicious of him.

His greeting was a blaster pointed at his chest plates, something that never fazed him when it came to the mech he was confronting. "Come now, Jazz. You know that I am safe, that I will not attack you. I also know that I never would have made it into your office if you were not aware of whom I was."

The other black and white sighed deeply, exhausted after his last mission and the toll it had taken on his entire team physically. He himself was confined to desk duty until the brace on his leg and arm came off after new parts finished integrating. Then would come physical therapy and minute adjustments needed to make the limbs fully functional. His frame slumped as he relaxed and the blaster was laid down on his desk to signal his welcome to the tactician.

"Yeah, Prowler. Ya know meh pretteh well." A small, rather pathetic smile crossed his features before his helm dropped into his free hand and his visor retracted into his helm. "Ya come 'ere ta take meh ta Ratch?"

"No. I came here to take you back to your quarters," he stated as he crossed the room and crouched beside the chair the saboteur was seated in. It could not be comfortable with his braces because of the small degree of padding and the arms that restricted his movement, prompting Prowl to make a note to replace it with something more appropriate for the time being. "Would you like to go to berth with me?"

Red optics fixed on gold for a long moment before a tired grin crossed his lips. "Seems a little backward, don't it?" He reached out and caressed Prowl's face plates with soft strokes. "Ah'm gonna need some 'elp gettin' there."

"If you can stand, I can definitely get you there, sweet beat," he replied with a light grin.

As Jazz obeyed what he had requested, he watched with well-masked concern the stiff movements from a normally quite flexible mech. It was almost painful to see even though he knew that Jazz would be back to his normal self within a decaorn. Once the saboteur was standing, the tactician picked him up, supporting him at the knee joint and across his back. The move pulled a smile and short laugh from the other mech before he pressed a light kiss to neck cables.

"Just lock the door behind us so that I can get us to your room without having to worry about coming back, hm?"

"Sure thing, kitten!"