Stupid Thing

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I'm one step away from crashing to my knees,
One step away from spilling my guts to you.
-- Stupid Thing by Nickel

Stupid Thing (1/1)
by Samantha McCullah

She wasn't hard to pick out in the crowd.

All Slayers tend to have a special scent, makes it easier for us to hunt them. So I just followed the smell, and there she was, sitting with the redhead doing her homework. Trying to act like she's not the Chosen One.

Her male friend, who'd been dancing like an idiot before, ran up to them and obstructed my view. When he finally moved, the Slayer was pulling Red out onto the dance floor as new song started.

I wonder if her friends know her little secret. I wonder if they know the danger they're in whenever they're around her. I decide then that when the Slayer's dead, I'll give her friends to Dru, and let her have a little big-game hunt. That should be a party. Maybe I'll turn the Slayer and let her hunt her friends. Even better.

She's prettier than the last Slayer, no denying that. She gives of an air of confidence that's almost sickening, and she shares it. Makes me wonder if her friends would be so brave if she wasn't around. She moves with an gracefulness that reminiscent of a panther on the hunt. Sleek and beautiful, more at home in the dark than in direct light.

My thoughts start to wander as I watch her move with the music. I can almost feel her body against mine, feel her heat against my natural cold body. Warming it. I could see myself kissing her, running my hands over her body. Feeling her doing the same to me. Just before she rams the stake into my heart.

Yeah, she's the type to seduce you, then kill you. A black widow of sorts. I could really grow to like her. Pity I have to kill her.

I walk over to the wanker the Annoying One had assigned to be my little helper. "Go get something to eat," I tell him. I turn back to watch the Slayer and her friends.

Oh, this is going to be fun.