i don't own tori or jade or beck or any of the other characters for victorious just the plot line of this story

jade's pov

the real reason I wanted to follow Vega and beck is because after beck and I break up I came to a realisation I am in love with Vega i wasn't stunted at all infact i had a feeling that would happen becouse everytime i was around her mini jade wanted to come out of my pussy witch only made me want her more and she will be mine. I told beck this and he smiled and said "its cool" i guess he's just being the same old friendly beck calling vega using my cat voice. i pulled up te where they said they would be and they where not that. damn i cursed under my breash. i was so close but by the end of the night vega will be in my bed. jade cat said maybe we should stop. NO i yelled i mean no cat not yet