hay stake I am glad you aregging to be my beta reader for my jori story

jade's POV

"after the day I had I so so tired." "that I couldn't stay awake so when vega and the others got here I was passed out." "of curse after everything that has happened its a wonder I have gotten any sleep at all lately." "things have been really wreid this week to start off with I am dating my enime turned friendenime turned friend turned girlfriend." "thing have for sure gotten strange. After things sttled down and my mom had the house was built we bought stuff for all our rooms. i noticed some thing odd about my Vega." ok a few thinks odd frist there was two of her. and second the clone looked like she was a mix of me and her. she had her hair my face and my skin tone. trd she had striped us both down and and then chained me to a wall. I woke up form that nightmare to find I had fallen asleep I don't know what that dream was about but it worried me.

Tori's POV

the dream jade was having looked like it pained her. I hate seeing her in pain. as long as I have know Jade West she has always been tuff as nails. seeing her like this even the few times that it has happened. proves that even jade has her bad days. That she has a soul. Dark twisted bitter soul but still one never the less. the lost look in her eyes really worried me. She sat up and put on a small smile. So you heard huh? yeah I heard. Is everything ok.

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