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Prom Nightmare

Part 1:

"Michiru, you've got to go to the prom with us!" pleaded a blonde girl with a white cat on her shoulder

"Hai! It wont be the same without you!" joined in by another girl whose hairstyle resembles a meatball.

"A prom is not important. Besides, I do not have anyone to go with on that day anyway. Its only for you guys who have the 3 lights for their dates." I reasoned.

Somehow I just envy these girls, they got the best people in the world who are in perfect sync with them. Just look at Usagi, she was with this nice guy named Mamoru for years, but then when Seiya came, she realized that he was the one she really loved and they're already together while Minako & Yaten and Ami & Taiki just seems so perfect. These girls are the best friends you could wish for, but somehow you just cannot help but feel left out or out of place. Look, I did not have a decent date with anybody for almost two years now, not that I can't get anybody, it's just that they're not my type. If I wanted to, I could have any man I wanted since they are all lining up for my gorgeous looks that nobody could deny. Maybe you would think Im conceited, however, Im just stating a fact. Nevertheless, I did not so now I don't have a date.

"Stop your nonsense already! You know that you want to go to the prom"

"I don't."

"If you didn't, then why do you always look at that dress longingly? Minako pressed on.

"Why don't you try it? That wont hurt"


I do not why I agreed, was it because Ami spoke? On the other hand, is it just I?

"Michiru! If you're not coming out of there, were going to eat our way in there!" leave it to Usagi to think up such a remark. I stepped out of the fitting room and...

"Why you look so gorgeous," mina praised me while the other two were beaming.

"I guess I do...thanks"

"My, my, my, who do we have here? The little rich brat and is she wearing what I think it is?" Damn. Of all the people I could have seen in this mall, why Rei and her gigantic sidekick Makoto (I don't have any particular hatred for the two, I just thought that they would fit as the bad guys here.)! Rei and Makoto were known all over the campus for their meanness and many times she tried to put shame on Usagi and Minako and luckily I was there to stop it, and ever since, there was a cold war formed between us.

"Yes. Its a prom dress, for your information", I answered back haughtily.

"So who's your date? Your cousin or a servant of yours perhaps" I was really trying hard to keep my temper down and not slap Makoto and Rei right into their faces.

"Im afraid you're wrong. My date is right over..." I quickly scanned the area for anyone I like "there" I said pointing over to a tall guy with blonde hairs accompanied by a little girl about 10 or 11 years of age with dark shoulder length hair who were just about to leave the boutique.

"Bye" I waived at the guy just to show that I am not fooling around (though I am!).

"*ummh* bye?" he looked at me weirdly but the shrugged off. Then I turned to Rei and said "you see he just dropped by to see me in my prom dress".

"I see. So I guess we would just see you AND your date around. That is if he doesn't change his mind."

"Absolutely. He's so psyched about the prom and he couldn't wait."

When they left Ami approached me and said "you really know what you got yourself into don't you?"

"Maybe" and I inwardly groaned.

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