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"Michiru", I didn't expect to see her there standing in front of me. Quickly, I tried to brush the remnants of my tears aside and faced her.

"I'm so sorry."she said advancing towards me, while I was unable to move.

"Why are you here? Haven't you made my life miserable enough! "

"Haruka, I didn't mean to! Believe me, I was just surprised."

"You were so surprised to see that you asked a fucking lesbian to go with you to the prom is that it!" Haruka turned around to leave but Michiru grabbed her by the arm and kissed her.

Haruka pulled away and stared asking at Michiru.

"Finally I was able to find a way to make you shut up and listen to me. You were right, I was surprised but I was gladdened. Who would have thought that among the hundreds of people I could have pointed to that day, I chose you and found out that you were just like me?"

"Nani?" 'are my ears deceiving me' Haruka asked herself, 'she cant be a.'

"I like girls too Haruka, needless to say, I like you."

"Michiru, I don't know what to say."

"Then just kiss me" Haruka gladly fulfilled that request.

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