This is a continuation of my series and while Sherlock is involved, but it mainly about Linda and her journey. For those who haven't read the other stories, I kindly suggest that you go to my profile, start with I won't send roses, and work your way over here. I've added numbers to the series if you're unsure about the order. As always, I own nobody except for Tammy, Linda, Sherlock Jr., Alexander, Scott, John, and William. I also own all of Linda's suitor's.

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Chapter one: The suspicious father

"Where is she?" Sherlock asked me impatiently. "Do you think she's forgotten that you've made dinner at this exact time for the exact twenty years of her life?"

"Sherlock, eat." I say as I pick up my biscuit. "Just eat."

Sherlock scowls at me. "She's been late three times this week. And it's not because of the library either! She's seeing someone!"

I look at him and roll my eyes. "And the reason she'd be seeing someone behind your back, is because of you."

He sets down his fork and studies me. "Do you know if she's seeing someone?"

"No, I don't know. She probably met a friend at the library and forgot the time. Honestly Sherlock, she's not ten anymore. She can have some fun."

"I don't want to see her hurt."

"Sherlock, she's a black belt and a dead shot with a knife and gun. She's fine! What could happen to her?"

"Someone could get her from behind." Alexander says from his science book that he's speed reading. He's the scientist of the family, and the fact that he's the only boy in the house to wear glasses, proves it. Unlike most boys, he wasn't upset that he had to wear glasses, he loved his glasses. Sure, he looked like a cross between Sherlock and Clark Kent, but he loved the look. "Linda's always walking around with headphones in her ears."

"Not to mention, the female mind," Sherlock Jr. comments around his mashed potatoes. "isn't always at its sharpest when the heart is occupied."

I frown at him. "Thanks."

"No offense to you mom." He says quickly, his eyes diagnosing me. He is the spitting image of his father, with my hair color and eyes. His mind is like his father's, sharp and alert. However, he's got my silver tongue, making him very popular around Scotland Yard and on crime scenes. He's WAY more polite than Sherlock, but he still misses a few details now and then. "You're a strong woman; Linda's a very emotional girl."

Sherlock nods in his son's direction. "You see?"

I glower at him. "He's just sucking up to you." Scott is the quiet one. He takes after Mycroft in a looks somewhat, the same smirk and eyes, but set in my face. He's the mathematician and accountant. He's not into detective work, but more interested in the wine company. Occasionally, I let him take my place at the few meetings I had to attend and I hate to admit that he had a better head for business than I. "Are you going to put in your input?"

He shakes his head. "Nope. But, I'm on your side mom."

All the men glower at him and Sherlock demands. "Why?"

"Because in case you've failed to notice, mom's a woman." Scott concentrates on cutting his chicken. "She knows what goes on in Linda's mind better than anyone else."

"Momma's boy!" John teases and William join in. John is 15 and William is 17. I was so worried that John was going to be a set of twins and I was glad that I wasn't bearing twins. After that incident with Moriarty, Sherlock and I had tried to be careful, but I wound up getting pregnant both times anyway. Their talents aren't as blaringly obvious as the others, but they haven't matured yet.

"Enough now…children." I say, causing their faces to wilt. "You're jealous because Scott's the smart one this time."

Things were never going to be normal in this house. It's been eighteen years of madness and I've loved almost every minute of it, except for the surprising ones. Such as the boys coming home with bloody noses or broken arms and Linda with a black eye. Sherlock coming home shot in the shoulder and refusing to go to the hospital until after dinner.

I did have a miscarriage, I'd been kidnapped from Baker's Street and thankfully, the kids had been gone. Sherlock tracked me down within two hours, but it was too late. The man had thrown me about too much, not caring for the life inside me. I'd lost my three month baby girl, Elise and I was also informed that I'd also never be able to bear children again. That had crushed me deeply and I was inconsolable for weeks. Sherlock was there for me, but I hadn't wanted him anywhere near me. Whenever he tried to make love to me, I'd push him away, citing that there wasn't a reason for that anymore. At that point, he put the children in Mycroft's care and posted on his website that he was going to be gone for a month. Next thing I knew, I kidnapped and woke up to find myself on our honeymoon cruise, down in the Bahamas, at one of Mycroft's many houses around the world. We remarried again for the third and hopefully the final time.

Sherlock, he was wonderful, I loved him so much and he never failed to surprise me. Except now, I was irritated with him because he was being a father. Sherlock, he was the worst father any child could ask for. He could tell when the children were cheating on their school. He had a conniption when Sherlock Jr. and Scott came home drunk once. Alexander, wisely had stayed sober, but Sherlock had deduced that he'd been smoking and all three were grounded! Now, it's hard to ground a teenager, but Sherlock did ground them.

But Linda, his only daughter, his precious little princess. He never had the heart to spank her, so I always had to be the bad guy. None of the boys really minded that he favored her above the others, for they understood a father's connection to his only daughter. They themselves were very protective of her. They actually would bring Sherlock files of all the boys in her classes and had him deduce them! They chased off every guy Sherlock said wasn't acceptable, which was basically everyone. Now, she was twenty, a woman, but Sherlock couldn't see that yet. Linda, loved and respected him, but she was getting a little tired of his hovering over her.

The door opened and Linda dashed into the room, brushing her coat off. "Hello everyone!" she hurriedly dropped her books on the counter as she came into the kitchen. "I met Sherry at the library. Dinner smells delicious mother." Linda is being too cheerful, so I know something's wrong. Her eyes are slightly puffy, like she's been crying. She hurries up to Sherlock and kisses his forehead. "Hello daddy, how was work today?"

"Terrible. Don't butter me up." He glowers at her. "And who did Sherry attempt to introduce you to this time?"

Linda pauses as she pulls her dark, curly, shoulder-length hair back from her eyes. "Let me guess, it was the aftershave you smelled on me?"

"Right." He glowers at her. "And what was he? A sci-fi geek?"

"Sci-fi writer."

"Close enough."

"Will the two of you save this for a later hour?" I ask. "Sherlock, Linda needs to eat."

"He started it." Linda says tightly, her body language is telling me that she's at the end of her rope. She is too much like her father, except she has my explosive temper. She's got a brilliant mind and a beautiful soprano voice. "I didn't do anything."

Sherlock, however, isn't willing to drop the subject. "I expected you to go to the library, not meet up with some guy!"

His tone is not kind and Linda is still upset about Sherlock arresting her boyfriend, Chris, on her first and only date. They hadn't even gotten past ordering the drinks before Sherlock and Greg arrested him. Linda had taken it well, but she was still hurting. But like her father, she tried hiding it, but the hurt was still there.

Linda whips around, her eyes flashing angrily. "I'd never meet some guy behind your back!" Everyone's mouth drops open in surprise at Linda's outburst. She sweeps her books off the counter. "Why do you always have to spoil everything? Can't I do anything without being accused of something?"

Sherlock jumps up out of his chair, knocking it down behind him. I jump up as well, taking control of this situation. "Sherlock. Linda. Calm down! Now!"

"He does!" Linda's eyes fill with tears. "Here I am, going on twenty and I've never had a boyfriend! I'm the only girl who didn't go to prom because her psychopath of a father scared off every single guy in school! I can't go out with anyone because they're afraid they'll get arrested or worse!"

"I didn't-

Linda suddenly shouts. "I hate you!" The words are a verbal smack to everyone. I look at Sherlock, his face is a sick grey and he just freezes in place. Linda's face goes white in an instance. Tears fill her eyes and she begins crying. "Daddy, I-I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean it, I-I just-

She can't speak. She spins around and runs out of the flat to her room upstairs. I hear her slam the door. I walk up to Sherlock, his mind is reeling, and his eyes are looking all over the room. "Sherlock? Hey? Look at me." I touch his face and he looks down at me, his eyes are lost. "She didn't mean it. She's still hurt from you breaking up her first romance."

"She meant it Tammy."

"No," I said firmly. "she didn't. If she did, she would have said it to you the moment Greg arrested Chris. She's your daughter, your equal in every way, and your daughter to a 'T' unfortunately. But fortunately for you, you married me and I understand you two better than you realize." I kiss him on the mouth before drawing back. "Now, sit down, eat. I'm going to go talk to her. There are other things bothering her." I look to the boys. "Make sure he eats and Scott, fill them in on how the female mind works. I'll have her down here in fifteen minutes."

"Thirty." Sherlock mutters. "You never talk to her for fifteen minutes."

"This is a fifteen minute talk." I smirk as I lean forward and whisper in his ear. "And if I'm wrong, I'll let you photograph me naked tonight."

Sherlock's eyes widen in disbelief. I flush and grin mischievously. Sherlock shakes his head in surprise. "I can't believe, you just said that."

"Sherlock, that's my line. Now, all of you eat, Linda and I will be back down within fifteen minutes. All of you time it, your father and I have a private bet and I intend to win."