Chapter 1: The Story of Pixie Hollow

I sighed softly as I cleaned up the dishes from dinner. I was babysitting for my neighbor and I was tired. The little boy Harry, who was only 4, was a total sweetheart and well behaved. I wish I could say the same for his older sister Daisy. Daisy was 6 and to be blunt, a total brat. She threw a fit at everything I did or whatever she decided wasn't going her way. Thankfully she was upstairs getting ready for bed. I hoped that a story would put her to sleep quickly so I could spend the rest of the night in peace while waiting for my neighbors to come home.

"Clara! I'm in my Pjs!" A voice piped up behind me.

I turned with a smile and spotted Harry behind me smiling happily. Hew was a real cute kid. Little cherubic face with gold curls, big blue eyes and a dimpled smile. He had the sweet personality to match. He looked adorable in his Peter Pan pajamas.

"Great Harry! Come on. Let's go upstairs and I'll tell you a story. It's a very special story." I said as I dried my hands before picking him up and holding him on my hip as we walked upstairs to his sister's room.

Daisy looked like her brother but her eyes weren't playful. Instead they were cool and bored. She didn't even look at me when I came in the door with Harry on my hip.

"Hi Daisy. Ready for a story? It's a special story. I think you'll like it." I said as I sat in the rocking chair in her room.

"Whatever. It's probably stupid." Daisy snapped as she stared up at her ceiling rolling her eyes.

I sighed but decided not to let her get to me. She was just at that age I suppose.

"Clara! I wanna hear the story!" Harry said happily as he made himself comfortable on my lap.

I smiled as I ruffled his hair fondly. Harry always loved my stories and was an eager listener to whatever tale I had to tell.

"Alright Harry. What do you know of fairies?" I asked tapping his nose making him giggle.

"Peter Pan has a fairy named Tinkerbell and you need faith, trust and Pixie dust to fly and you need to think happy thoughts! And whoosh! Off you fly!" He said spreading his arms to prove his point.

I laughed at his excitement. "That's right but have you ever wondered how nature get's it's glow? Who gives it light and color as seasons come and go? The secret is it is all the work of fairies. When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about. That was the beginning of fairies. Now every time a baby laughs for the first time the laugh travels on the wind towards the second star to the right that shines in the night for us all. The laugh then travels past Neverland to the hidden home of the fairies known as Pixie Hollow where it is blown to the Pixie Dust tree. The Pixie dust tree is the source of the fairies' Pixie dust and gives them the ability to fly. There they are given life and a new fairy is born. Then Queen Clarion helps the fairy fly for the first time and then helps them find their talent. They can-"

"Get real! This is stupid! Fairies aren't real!" Daisy snapped from her bed looking irritated.

"They are too! I believe in fairies! Clara does too! Don't you Clara?" Harry asked as he tilted his head back to look at me, anxious to know my answer.

"Of course I do! I always have. But a child must never say they don't believe in fairies. For if they do a fairy drops down dead somewhere." I told him sternly.

Harry gasped and clasped his hands over his mouth in shock as he shook his head.

"I don't believe in them! And I don't believe in Queen Clarion! She doesn't sound like a real queen!" Daisy yelled as she said as she sat up in her bed glaring at me and her brother. "Your story is stupid! And Harry is stupid for believing fairies!"

Harry burst into tears as I gasped. I stood up and carried Harry out of the room. "Goodnight Daisy. I'll be speaking with your parents." I said as I turned her light off and closed the door.

I carried Harry to his room and sat on the bed with him rocking him as I rubbed his back and shushed him. "It's ok Harry. Daisy didn't mean it." I cooed even though I knew very well that she did. Daisy could be very spiteful when her parents weren't around.

"I'm not crying because of that! A fairy is gonna die!" Harry sobbed into my shoulder, most likely getting snot on my shirt but I didn't care. I was more focused on making him feel better.

"No. Sweetheart a fairy isn't going to die. As long as you believe they'll live." I soothed as I pulled out a tissue. "Here. Blow your nose." Harry did so and I wiped his nose. "Now. I want you settle in and dream happy dreams. As long as you believe in them, fairies will always be alive. Just have faith and trust." I said as I tucked him into bed.

"Yes Clara. Goodnight Clara." Harry yawned as he curled up under his sheets and falling fast asleep.

I envied his childlike innocence but was happy that he still had his imagination at this age. It was quickly dying out but as long as there were kids like Harry, then there was hope. I left his door open a crack, letting in the light from the hallway so he'd have a nightlight. I peeked in on Daisy and saw she was asleep so I closed her door and wandered downstairs and out into the garden. It was a peaceful place, well taken care of with many flowers and a small pond with a willow tree shading it. The moon was full and all was quiet except for the sound of crickets. I breathed in the cool night air, relishing in the feeling of the damp grass between my toes. I debated about pulling my I-pod but decided against it. I sat beneath the willow tree and listened to natures music. I leaned against the trunk of the tree and watched the branches above sway in the gentle breeze. My eyes felt heavy and I felt myself nodding. I was worn out from watching the kids and I needed the rest.

"It won't hurt to close my eyes for a few minutes." I mumbled to myself as I leaned my head back. I closed my eyes and let Mother Nature's lullaby lull me to sleep. If I had stayed awake I would have seen a golden light come towards me and enter my chest….

Pixie Hollow

It was a bright and beautiful day in Pixie Hollow. But there was no happiness in the Hollow that day. The birds didn't sing and no fairies worked or laughed. A thick veil of sadness hovered over the Hollow. Fairies and Sparrowmen alike mourned alone and in groups. But one mourned more than the others.

Lord Milori stood alone in a room in the Pixie Dust tree. He gazed with deep sorrow and heartbreak at the still figure on the bed before him. Tears filled his eyes as he held a cold hand in his. Her last words echoed in his head as tears slipped down his cheeks. "I promise you Clarion. I will honor your wishes"

His beloved, Clarion, Queen of Pixie Hollow, was dead.