Kalos, Reunion and Amour!

Character Bios

Ash Ketchum's age: 7

Serena's age: 7

Gary's age: 8

Welcome to my first chapter of my new story and this will be an Amourshipping fanfic and I decided to post this chapter a little early just so I can get writing on the second chapter for this story and another chapter for a different story that I'm currently writing with this story too and I hope everyone enjoy this chapter as enjoy writing this. Also I do not own Pokémon, all rights go to Nintendo, Shopro, Game Freak and Tokyo TV and now let the story begin!

Chapter One: Farewell Pallet!

Everyone has a dream that fills their heart, a journey they must take, a destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place where wonderful creatures with incredible powers to help make dreams come true, it's the world of Pokémon!

Pokémon swim through vast oceans, some race across land and others soar across the skies. People can capture Pokémon for more than just being pets, human trainers and Pokémon compete with others to show their skills and strategies as they want to be the very best as they can but a seven year old boy name Ash Ketchum cannot wait for the day that he turns ten to obtain his very first Pokémon as a new trainer with his close friend Serena traveling together.

Now the story between these two will be begin as the world Pokémon they are about to enter someday will be their greatest goal of their future lives.

Pallet Town (Ten years before the main story)

A young boy named Ash Ketchum is playing hide and seek with his best friend Serena, a girl who has a secret crush on the young boy for helping her out while they were attending Professor Oak's Pokémon Camp.

As Ash is looking for Serena who is hiding somewhere in the woods, he hears giggling around him. Serena tries to keep quiet and Ash manages to find the young honey blonde girl.

"I found yah, hehe!" said the young raven hair boy.

"You have to catch me first" yelled the honey blonde.

"Oh no you don't Serena, I'm going to get you" said Ash.

As Ash is trying to keep up with Serena; not knowing there was a Pokémon's tail sticking out of a bush near a tree. He accidentally steps on it and gets shock by the Pokémon.

"AWWWWWH!" scream the raven hair boy.

Serena turns back at Ash and she sees Ash getting shock by a wild Pikachu.

"Ash are you okay?" Serena said curiously.

"I think… think so." Said Ash.

"That's a Pikachu and it's so cute" said Serena.

"A Pikachu?" questioned Ash.

The wild Pikachu doesn't seem nice and it tries to attack the two kids with a Thundershock but a Pokéball came out of nowhere and caught the wild Pikachu.

"I hope you kids are okay" said the Pokémon Professor Samuel Oak.

"Professor Oak!" said both the young kids.

"I told you gramps that these two always get lost here and up to no good" said Professor Oak's grandson, Gary Oak.

"Now, now Gary; there's no need to be rude with them. I'm sure they were just playing in the woods" said Professor Oak.

"Yeah, me and Ash were just playing hide and seek" said Serena.

"Till I accidentally step on that Pikachu's tail, the one you have caught" said Ash.

"Typical Ashy-boy always getting into trouble with Pokémon. When we are all ten, I'll be the first to choose our starter Pokémon.

Both Professor Oak and Gary left while Serena tells Ash that they should get back to their homes.

"Why that no good Gary, always think that he's special" Ash said angrily.

"Don't let Gary get to you like that Ash" said Serena.

"I know, I just don't know why he always thinks that he is better than any other kid in Pallet" said Ash.

"Maybe he acts like that because his grandfather is Professor Oak" said Serena.

"Yeah that is most likely it" said Ash.

Ash walks Serena back to her home.

"Well here's my home and thanks for walking with me Ash" said Serena in a thankful tone.

"You're welcome and I'll see you tomorrow and goodnight" said Ash

"Goodnight to you too Ash" said Serena.

Both kids wave each other goodbye and Ash goes home and finds his mother cook him a nice dinner meal.

"How was your date with Serena" said Delia while laughing a little.

"Mom! Me and Serena are just friends, there is nothing between us" said Ash while blushing a little.

"I know, I know, I was just teasing you and now dig in honey" said Delia.

"Thanks mom" Ash thanked his mom for the meal.

As the night comes in, Ash is peacefully sleeping in his house while at Serena's house. Serena began to tear up.

"But why do we have to move mommy?" questioned Serena while sobbing.

"I'm sorry dear, but you are going to love living at Vaniville Town and you might make new friends and there are many Pokémon that can't be seen here in Pallet Town. I hope you understand dear, now I think you should pack up tomorrow morning and say goodbye to Ash" said Serena's mother, Grace.

Sniffing "I will mommy" said Serena while crying.

Serena heads to bed and tries not to cry overnight.

As morning came to Pallet Town, Ash is waiting for Serena at the top of the hill which is overlooking most of Pallet Town.

Serena came up the hill and greets Ash.

"Hey you're here Serena" said Ash.

"Hey" said Serena in a depressing tone.

"Anything wrong Serena?" said Ash.

"I don't know how to explain it to you" said Serena.

"You can tell me Serena" said Ash.

"You know how we plan to start our own journey together once we turn ten?" question Serena.

"Yeah and you are going to pick Bulbasaur while I pick a Charmander, then we go challenge other Pokémon trainers and we become a strong team together" Ash said excitedly.

"I'm afraid that won't happen" said Serena.

Serena begins to cries and Ash tries to comfort her.

"Wait what do you mean it won't happen?" question Ash.

"Me and my mom are moving away from Pallet Town" said Serena.

"No, but you can't go Serena" said Ash.

"I wish I can stay but I must go" said Serena while standing up and wiping her tears and then tries to run.

Ash gets ahold of Serena's wrist and they both look at each other and Ash begins to cry. They both hug each other to feel each other's sorrow and Ash hands his blue and white handkerchief to Serena.

"I want you to keep this so that you can remember me and I promise that one day we will meet again as Pokémon Trainers and travel together. You want to promise me too that we will meet again?" questioned Ash.

"I promise we will meet again and here is something you might remember me by" said Serena while leaning forward and kiss Ash on the cheek.

The young raven hair boy blush and Serena runs back towards her mother who is in the car and leaves. Ash touches his cheek and feels the warm feeling of Serena's kiss and he will always promise to meet Serena again.

Three years later at Pallet Town

Ash Ketchum is now ten years old and now he is able to receive his first Pokémon as a new beginning trainer of Pallet Town.

"Now that I'm ten, I can now pick Charmander as my starter Pokémon and become a Pokémon Master!" yelled Ash.

"ASH! It's ten o'clock already and you should be in bed by now" scolded by his mother, Delia.

"Sorry mom, I was too excited to start my Pokémon journey tomorrow. I'll be going to bed now mom, goodnight" said Ash.

"Night dear" said Delia.

Ash goes to sleep and dreams of picking Charmander as his starter Pokémon. He later dreams of it evolving into Charmeleon and then into a Charizard.

While he is sleeping, Ash threw a Pokéball in his dream but it reality he threw his alarm clock which is a Voltorb alarm clock.

Morning (11:38 a.m.)

"AWWWWH what time is it?" screamed Ash.

Ash looks around his room and finds his alarm clock broken and he rushes outside with his PJs on while heading to Professor Oak's laboratory. Upon on arriving, Ash sees a crowd of people cheering for Gary who has already obtain his first Pokémon.

"Thank you everyone for being here today as I am now officially a Pokémon Trainer and I will put Pallet Town on the map of Kanto by competing in the Indigo League. Wish me luck everyone!" said Gary as he leaves in a red sports car with cheerleaders.

"That Gary" angrily said Ash.

"Ahhh there you are Ash, I was wondering if you were going to show up today" said Professor Oak.

"Ohh Professor Oak where's my Pokémon?" questioned the excited Ash.

"Your Pokémon?" said Professor Oak.

"Yes I'm ready" said Ash.

"You sure look like ready for bed, not Pokémon training. I hope you don't think you are going to train in your pajamas" said the Pokémon Professor.

"Oh no Professor, I just got messed up in the morning and I was a little late. But believe me I'm ready for my first Pokémon.

Professor Oak takes Ash inside his laboratory to obtain his first Pokémon.

"Here are the Pokémon in their Pokéballs" said Professor Oak.

"I thought a lotabout it and that I would choose Charmander as my starter Pokémon, so I pick Charmander" said Ash.

Ash opens Charmander's Pokéball and it's empty.

"Ohhhh" said Ash in disappointment.

"Already taken by someone who was on time" said the Professor.

"I wish I haven't overslept. But now I choose as my first Pokémon Squirtle!" said Ash.

As soon he opens the Pokéball, it was also empty as well.

"That one was also been taken by a trainer who wasn't late" said Oak.

"Ohh man, well that's no problem but now I'll be taking Bulbasaur as my starter Pokémon" said Ash

Ash opens Bulbasaur's Pokéball and it is also empty too.

"The early bird gets the worm or in this case the Pokémon: said Professor Oak.

"Does that mean all of the Pokémon are gone?" questioned Ash.

"Well there is still one left but umm" said Professor Oak as he gets interrupted by Ash.

"Professor I'll take!" said Ash.

"I think I should warn you that there is a problem with this Pokémon here in this Pokéball" said the Professor.

"I must have a Pokémon" said Ash.

"Well in that case here" said the Professor as he handed the Pokéball to Ash.

The Pokéball opens and yellow electricity is flowing out of the Pokéball and forming into an adorable yellow mouse Pokémon.

"Pikachu" said the yellow mouse Pokémon.

"Its name is Pikachu" said Professor Oak.

"It's so cute that it's the best of all" said Ash.

"You'll see" said Professor Oak.

"Ohh hi Pikachu" said Ash as he proceeds to hug Pikachu.

"Pika" said Pikachu in an angry tone while sparks are flowing from his red cheeks.

Pikachu shocks Ash with a Thundershock and feels the pain from the electric attack.

"It's also the electric mouse Pokemon. It's usually shy but sometimes it has an electrifying personality" quoted the Professor.

"I see what you mean" said Ash.

"Shocking isn't it? Now take these, your Pokédex and Pokéballs" said Professor Oak.

"Thank YOOOOOUU!" Screamed Ash while being shock by Pikachu.

"YOU'RE WEELCCOMCOME!" screamed the Professor.

Ash goes outside the Professor's laboratory with Pikachu and Professor Oak and Ash is greeted by his mother and the nearby neighbors of Pallet Town.

"Mom" said Ash.

"Congratulations dear, we're all here to say goodbye to you on your first journey and Serena would have been proud of you if she was here today. Also take your backpack with you and it have everything you might need on your journey Ash" said Delia.

"Thanks Mom" said Ash.

"Is that your Pokémon?" questioned Ash's mother.

"Yeah this is Pikachu" said Ash.

"It looks a little weird" said Delia.

"Weird?" said Ash.

Pikachu gets a little mad and shocks everyone.

"Ash" yelled out the Professor.

"WHAAAAT" scream Ash in pain from being shock.

"If you have rubber gloves on you, it will come in handy"


As Ash and Pikachu now set off their journey together through the region of Kanto, they meet new friends Misty, Brock, Tracey, May, Max, Dawn, Iris and Cilan throughout their journeys for seven years. Now that Ash is done with his Unova journey, he is about to set on another journey to the Kalos region. What more exciting adventures will they encounter as their next journey begins.

I hope everyone enjoyed my new story and this chapter was just a prologue of this story. The actual story begins next chapter so stay tuned and make sure to favorite or follow to keep updated with this story.