Kalos, Reunion and Romance!

Character Bios

Ash Ketchum's age: 17

Serena's age: 17

Brock: 22

Misty: 19

Tracey: 19

Chapter Two: Goodbye Pallet Town once again, Hello Kalos Region!

Seven years has passed since Ash embarked on his first journey with Pikachu. At first they didn't got along through Route One but ever since Ash showed his courage to Pikachu by protecting the Mouse Pokémon, Pikachu become fond of Ash and they became best friends since then. Along the way Ash and Pikachu met Misty, a Water Pokémon Trainer and the gym leader of the Cerulean Gym. They later meet Brock, the gym leader of Pewter City and now a Pokémon Doctor in training. Tracey, a Pokémon Watcher who sketches Pokémon and now he is an assistant for Professor Oak. May, a trainer who is wanting become a Pokémon Coordinator and her younger brother Max. Later they met Dawn who just became a new Pokémon Trainer with Piplup as her starter Pokémon. Then a year ago Ash and Pikachu met Iris, a trainer that wants to become a Dragon Master and Cilan, a top Pokémon Connoisseur. Both of the Unova natives are now through Johto when they arrived to Kanto with Ash. Now Ash and Pikachu are now home in Pallet Town and their new friend Alexa tells them about a faraway region known as the Kalos region and she recommends them to travel to the faraway region.

Pallet Town (6:37 p.m.)

Upon on arriving home, Delia kindly welcome Alexa to dinner with Professor Oak at the Ketchum's residence.

"Your cooking is always the best mom" said Ash.

"Why thank you dear and you can ask for more when you're finished with your plate dear" said Delia.

"So Ash have you decided to come to the Kalos region tomorrow morning?" said Alexa

"I thought about it and my answer is yes. After seeing your Pokémon theirs is no way I can turn down an opportunity to see all the new Pokémon that are native to the Kalos region" said Ash.

"If you're going to the Kalos region, you might going to need this with you" said Professor Oak.

"Wow a brand new Pokédex; thanks Professor!" Ash thanked the Professor.

"You're welcome and I also can't wait to see the new kinds of Pokémon that you'll be catching at the Kalos region" said Oak.

"Ash I got a surprise for you that you are going to like, just let me go get it dear" said Delia to her son.

"Okay mom" said Ash.

Delia went to go get the thing that she talk about and brought it to the dining room.

"Tada!" said Delia in excitement.

"Wow new clothes! Thanks mom" said Ash.

Delia gave Ash new clothes which are a blue jacket with white lines around it, a black shirt to wear under the jacket, a red hat with half a white Pokéball on it, black jeans and red and black shoes.

"It's for you to wear on your next journey to Kalos" said Delia.

Ash puts on his new hat.

"Chaaaa" said the Electric Mouse Pokémon.

"You like it Pikachu?" question Ash.

"Pika Pika!" Pikachu agreed to Ash.

After dinner was over; Ash and Pikachu heads to their bedroom and sleep through the entire night. Meanwhile just a mile away from Pallet Town, a group of three in a Meowth balloon are flying away from the small town and flying east of Pallet.

Morning in Pallet Town

Ash and Pikachu are wide awake and they get a surprise visit by Brock, Misty and Tracey.

"Hey it's Brock, Misty and Tracey" said Ash.

"Pika Pika!" said Pikachu

"Good morning Ash" said Brock.

"It's been so long since I last saw you two" said Ash.

"We heard that you and Pikachu are heading to another region and we came here to wish you good luck on your next journey" said Misty.

"We wish the best of luck in your journey through the Kalos region" said Brock.

"Here I got something that I drew for you Ash" said Tracey while giving a sketchto Ash.

"Thanks everyone" said Ash.

Ash takes a look at the sketch that Tracey drew and it's a sketch of Ash with all his Pokémon back at Professor Oak's lab.

"Wow this is amazing" said Ash.

"Pika Pika!" said Pikachu.

"Thanks" said Tracey.

A vehicle's horn is heard from outside of Ash's house.

"Oh that must be Professor Oak's van outside, let's all get going everyone!" said Delia.

Everyone including Alexa all boarded Professor Oak's van and drove to the airport to the Kalos region.

After an hour drive on the van, they finally arrived to the airport between Pallet Town and Viridian City.

"Well Pikachu, our new journey begins once we step out of this plane in a few hours"

"Pika!" said Pikachu.

"Well everyone thanks for being here for me and I'll do my best to finally become a Pokémon Master" said Ash

"You know dear, once you arrived to Kalos. There might be a chance that you might run into you know who?" said Delia.

"Who?" questioned Ash.

"You'll find out soon" said Delia.

"We should get boarding on the plane Ash and Pikachu" said Alexa.

"Right, well goodbye everyone and I'll be back in a year" said Ash while waving at his mother and friends.

Everyone waved goodbye to Ash and Pikachu and they boarded the plane with Alexa to the Kalos region.

Vaniville Town (8:59 p.m.)

Meanwhile at the Kalos region when it's night time there.

A young seventeen year old girl is hanging out with her friend Shauna at her house.

"Tomorrow is the big day that we can pick our very own Pokémon, I'm so excited and what about you Serena?" said Shauna.

"I'm excited too, what Pokémon you are going to pick once we're at Lumiose City?" question the honey-blonde, Serena.

"I decided to choose Froakie as my first Pokémon and what about you?" said Shauna.

"I'm going with Fennekin" said Serena.

Someone is knocked on Serena's bedroom door and entered.

"Shauna, your mother is calling for you" said Serena's mother, Grace.

"Okay, well I'll see you tomorrow morning Serena. Goodnight!" said Shauna.

"Goodnight" said Serena.

Shauna went on home which she lives around the corner on the same street as Serena.

"So are you ready for tomorrow Serena?" question Grace.

"I am and I'm really excited too" said Serena.

"That's great and also once you have received your Pokémon. I need you to meet Alexa at the Lumiose Airport, you remember her right?" said Grace.

"Is she the one that interview you like two years ago, the woman with the Helioptile?" said Serena.

"That's right and she'll be excepting you at the airport" said Grace.

"Okay I'll get over to the airport once I get my Pokémon" said Serena.

"Okay dear and goodnight" said Grace.

"Night Mom" said Serena while heading to bed and goes to sleep.

When Serena falls to sleep, she dreams of going on her first Pokémon journey through the Kanto region with Ash. She feels really happy to be with him.

"So where should we go next for my next gym battle Serena?" said Ash in her dream.

"I think Celadon City is a perfect place to challenge the gym there" said Serena.

"Alright let's get going" said Ash.

Ash runs off towards west from Saffron City to Celadon City and Serena begins to hallucinate. She sees Ash is going too far without her.

"Ash wait, wait don't leave me!" said the terrified Serena.

The dark clouds begin to cover the purple sky and Serena begins to cry and suddenly she wakes up from her nightmare.

"ASH!" screamed Serena in fear.

She's breathing really heavy from the nightmare and grabs Ash's handkerchief. She begins to calm down a bit and opens her bedroom window.

"Good morning Rhyhorn!" said Serena.

"Rhhyyh!" cry out Rhyhorn.

"Man that was an awful dream. Ash, when will I see you again?" said Serena while trying not to cry.

"Serena! It's morning, get up or else I'll get Fletchling to wake you up" said Grace.

"I'm already up Mom" said Serena.

Serena begins to get ready to go to Lumiose City with Shauna while someone in a plane almost to Lumiose City is waking up.

"Huh, Serena?" said Ash when waking up.

"What was that?" question Alexa.

"Oh it's nothing, I just had a dream" said Ash.

"I see, well we're almost to Lumiose City. Just a few more hours to go" said Alexa

"Awesome, I can't to take my first step in the Kalos region" said Ash.

"Pika Pika" said Pikachu.

"You're exciting aren't you Pikachu?" said Ash.

"Pikachu" said Pikachu.

Meanwhile on Route Four of the Kalos region. Serena and Shauna are just about to arrive to Lumiose City after a four hour walk from Vaniville Town to Lumiose City.

"We're here Serena" said Shauna.

"Let's go find the professor's lab then" said Serena.

Serena notices that Shauna has already gotten a head start to the professor's lab.

"Hey wait for me!" said Serena.

Serena runs to catch up to Shauna and she finds her already at front the Professor Sycamore's laboratory.

"HERE IT IS SERENA! LET'S GO IN!" said the excited Shauna.

They enter the lab and Professor Sycamore welcomes them to his lab.

"Ahhh so you two finally show up, my name is Professor Sycamore and I'll be the one giving you two your very first Pokémon" said Professor Sycamore.

"It's nice to meet you Professor, I'm Serena and this is Shauna" said Serena.

"It's a pleasure to meet you two and now let me introduce you two the starter Pokémon, Sophie!" said Professor Sycamore.

Sophie, Sycamore's lab assistant brought the three starter Pokémon.

"They're so cute" said Shauna.

"Here and take this Pokédex Serena" said Sycamore.

"Thank you Professor" said Serena.

"Now if you may please, point the Pokédex at the Pokémon and it will automatically search the Pokémon and it will give you the information about the Pokémon that you are pointing at" said Professor Sycamore.

Serena pointed the Pokédex at Fennekin.

Fennekin's Pokédex entry - Fennekin, the Fox Pokémon. Fennekin expels hot air that can reach nearly 400 degrees and likes to snack on twigs.

Serena then pointed the Pokédex to Chespin.

Chespin's Pokédex entry - Chespin, the Spiny Nut Pokémon. Chespin can flex the soft spikes on its head, making them so stiff and sharp that it can even pierce through stone.

And lastly Serena pointed the Pokédex to Froakie.

Froakie's Pokédex entry - Froakie, the Bubble Frog Pokémon. From its chest and back, Froakie creates bubbles called Frubbles, which act as a cushion and soften the blow of an opponent's attack.

"Very useful isn't it?" said the Professor.

"It is Professor and thanks for the Pokédex" said Serena.

"Now who are going to choose as your first Pokémon?" question the Professor to Serena.

"I'll go with Fennekin" said Serena.

"And I'll pick Froakie" said Shauna.

"Well then here's your Pokédex for you Shauna and for both of you, here is a coupon to get five free Pokéballs from any Pokémon Center in Lumiose City. Now I wish the best of luck for both of you.

"Thank you Professor Sycamore" said Serena.

"Thank you too" said Shauna.

The two girls left the Professor's lab with their Pokémon.

"Hey how about we have a Pokémon battle since we already have Pokémon" said Shauna.

"I could but I have to deliver an envelope to Alexa, a reporter that interview my mom some time ago" said Serena.

"Oh okay, may I come with you?" said Shauna.

"Sure thing, I'm going to meet her at the Lumiose Airport" said Serena.

"Then let's go to the airport!" said Shauna.

"Okay" said Serena.

The two girls begin to walk to the Lumiose Airport while the plane that Ash is in is about to arrive at the Lumiose Airport.

The doors open when the escalator is now attached to the main doors of the plane and Ash exited out the plane with Pikachu and Alexa.

"Wow we're finally here Pikachu" said Ash in excitement.

"Pikachu" said Pikachu.

"I'm glad that you are excited to finally be here in the Kalos region, now we should be heading to the terminal" said Alexa.

"I'll meet you inside, I'm going to look around just for a bit" said Ash.

"Okay I'll see you inside then" said Alexa.

While Ash is looking around with Pikachu on his shoulder, little did the two know is that they are being stalk by Team Rocket on the roof of the terminal.

"So the twerp did actually show up after all" said James.

"And his Pikachu too" said Meowth.

"Let's get around the city so we have a better chance to swipe that Pikachu easy" said Jessie.

The Team Rocket trio left the area and when Ash is looking at the new Pokémon flying that he has never seen before, he sees a shadow of a Pokémon on top of the control tower.

"What is that?" question Ash.

The Pokémon jumps off the tower and lands behinds Ash and right when Ash and Pikachu turn around, the Pokémon just disappeared into thin air.

"That was SO COOL!" said Ash in excitement.

"PIKA PIKA!" said Pikachu.

Serena and Shauna arrived in the airport and they meet up with Alexa.

"Excuse me but you are Alexa, the reporter of Lumiose City correct?" question Serena.

"Why yes and are you Grace's daughter by the way" said Alexa.

"Why yes I am, my name is Serena and my mother wanted me to give you this envelope right after I gotten my Pokémon" said Serena.

"Why thank you very much Serena and tell your mother that I said thanks to her' said Alexa.

"I'll will and goodbye" said Serena.

Both the teenage girls wave goodbye to Alexa and left the airport and continue their way to the nearest Pokémon Center.

Meanwhile Ash and Pikachu meet up with Alexa inside the terminal.

"There you are Ash, so how are you liking the Kalos region?" question Alexa.

"It's great, me and Pikachu saw this Pokémon that jump really fast" said Ash.

"I see, well I bet you'll meet all sorts of new Pokémon here in the Kalos region" said Alexa.

"Oh by the way you know where is the nearest gym I can challenge here in the Kalos region?" question Ash.

"There is a gym at the center of Lumiose City called the Lumiose Gym inside the Prism Tower, it's not hard to miss" said Alexa.

"Oh I see, well Pikachu ready for our first gym battle in the Kalos region?" said Ash.

"Pika Pika!" said Pikachu in agreement.

"Well this is where we part ways for now, are you going to be alright by yourself with Pikachu?" said Alexa.

"Yeah and thanks for everything you have done, you have been a big help" said Ash.

"No thank you, if it wasn't for you I would have interview Professor Oak" said Alexa.

"It's no problem, well thanks and goodbye" said Ash.

Ash waved goodbye to Alexa and Helioptile.

Ash enters the city and sees a tower to the west of the city.

"I think I see the Prism Tower over there Pikachu" said Ash.

"Pikachu" said Pikachu.

Ash begin to run west with Pikachu and inside the Pokémon Center near Ash. Serena and Shauna exited the Pokémon Center and Serena notices a boy with a Pikachu on his shoulder and hears him shouting.

"That boy, no it couldn't be" said Serena.

"What boy?" question Shauna.

"I ummm, actually I'll see you around the city Shauna. I got to do some stuff alone if you understand" said Serena in a rush.

"I understand and I'll see you around too" said Shauna.

Serena tries to follow the boy with the Pikachu so that she can identify the boy clearly that she think she recognize.

Ash and Pikachu arrived at front of the Prism Tower.

"There it is Pikachu, Prism Tower. Our first gym challenge awaits us" said Ash.

Now that Ash has finally arrived to the Kalos region, will Ash be able to win his first gym match at the Lumiose Gym?

"Could it be him? Could it be Ash, my Ash?" said Serena from behind Ash.

Stay tuned.

Now I hope that everyone enjoyed this chapter and I'll be posting sometime next week or the week after next week. Till next time everyone.