Kalos, Reunion and Amour!

Chapter Forty Two: Chronicles Part 2! (Blake)

Couriway Town (4:35 p.m.)

"Chesnaught and Salamence, let's finish this off with Woodhammer and Flamethrower!" Blake commanded as his Pokémon both knock out the opponent's Pokémon. "Return Scizor and Marstomp!" the trainer recalls his Pokémon back to their Pokéballs. "Bummer we lost, well me and my Pokémon did enjoy our battle. May I ask for your name?" The trainer asks politely. "My name is Blake and I did enjoy our battle too, that battle sure help me and my Pokémon out on gaining on some experience to take on some of the Pokémon gyms here in Kalos." Blake said. "Hmm... have you challenge the Anistar Gym yet? I've heard the gym leader there uses Psychic type Pokémon and she is pretty strong due to the fact that she is really psychic." The trainer asks Blake. "No I haven't, but I guess the Anistar gym is now my next location. Thanks for the recommendation, maybe we'll see each other at the Pokémon League." Blake said back to the trainer he just battle and waved goodbye as he is now on his way to Anistar City. As Blake is traveling to Anistar City, he remembers the days of his childhood when he first met Serena.

Ten years ago

Blake is on his way to school in Vaniville Town, as he arrives to the school grounds. The three students that Blake knows are talking to the new girl. Upon seeing the new girl, he just instantly falls in love at first sight. Blake quickly snaps out of it and walks up to both Shauna, Tierno and Trevor to greet them. "Hey everyone, I see you're the new student. I'm Blake, nice to meet you!" Blake extends his right arm as Serena does the same and introduces herself. "Nice to meet you, I'm Serena and I just recently moved here from Kanto with my mother." Serena smiled. "We just met her it happens that her mom is heir to this kingdom's throne." Shauna explained to Blake. "Oh I see, well I hope we can become good friends Serena." Blake stated.

End of flashback

"I've got to find a way to surpass Ash, I can't believe his took out Chesnaught with a Frogadier who happens to be at a huge disadvantage against Chesnaught." Blake looks at Chesnaught's Pokéball. "I hope I will be able to master Mega Evolution with this Salamencite for Salamence. A trainer suddenly appears out of no where and tells Blake something. "You there with the mega stone, I see that you're a Mega Evolution user by the look of that mega stone and key stone on your wrist." Blake is a little surprise from the trainer's sudden appearance. "Well to be honest I haven't really master Mega Evolution just yet." Blake said. "Hmmm... maybe I can help you with that in a battle." The trainer pulls out a Pokéball and throws it upwards to call out his Sableye. "Oh by the way, the name is Tama and I won't go easy on you." Blake gets excited and calls out his Salamence "My name is Blake and and this is my partner, Salamence. Okay Salamence, let's try to mega evolve for the third time. Let's trust each other that this will actually work." Blake and Salamence both nod their heads at each other. "Okay key stone, connect our hearts as one. Let Mega Evolution be our guide to power and trust. Salamence, mega evovle!" Blake raises his left arm as both his key stone and Salamence's mega stone are now connecting together for the first time. Salamence is now finally changing forms as its wings become a crescent shape wing and its belly and head changing shape. Mega Salamence give out a huge roar after it had finally mega evolved for the time. "Well you look at that, you two have finally achieved Mega Evolution. I wonder if it was your excitement for battle that draw out the power withing Salamence that made it mega evolve. Usually when you try to mega evolve with a doubtful or unsure mind, mega evolution won't likely happen unless if you're confident enough." Tama explained to Blake as he looks down to his key stone. "So it was me being doubtful of me not believing?" Blake snaps out of it and is now ready for the battle. Tama activated his keystone and mega evolves his Sableye to Mega Sableye.

Blake vs Tama (1 on 1 Battle)

"Salamence, let's start off with you using Flamethrower at Sableye!" Blake starts off the battle first with a range attack.

"Use Detect, Sableye!" Tama commanded as Sableye counters Salamence's Flamethrower. "Great, not attack with Power Gem!" Tama quickly commanded another attack.

"Salamence, dodge it!" Blake shouted as Salamence is unable to dodge most of the rocks being hurled at it.

"Good job Sableye, now go up close with Shadow Claw!" Tama is putting both Blake and Salamence under pressure. Sableye quickly closes into Salamence, but the Dragon Pokémon counters the attack with Dragon Claw.

Blake smiles as he planned to pretend that Salamence is being overwhelmed. "Now Salamence, use Flamethrower right now!" Blake shouts as Salamence engulfs Sableye into flames.

Sableye has finally taken damage as Blake isn't about to go easy on Tama and Sableye anymore. "Quick Sableye, use Power Gem at Salamence!" Tama shouted.

"Salamence, fly up into the air and use Flamethrower at the gems and smash them with Dragon Claw!" Blake quickly reacted and gave two commands to Salamence.

"What's the point of using Flamethrower?" Tama wondered in his mind till he realizes it could be using Flamethrower as a decoy. "Quick Sableye, get out of there!" Tama quickly saw his Pokémon getting hit by Salamence's Dragon Claw right after it flew through its own Flamethrower to prevent both Tama and Sableye seeing Salamence going in for a close quarter attack.

Sableye is defeated as it now reverts back to its normal form along with Salamence chaning back.

"Great work Salamence!" Blake pet the Dragon Pokémon as Tama recalls his Sableye back to its Pokéball. "Thank you for the great battle Blake and congrats on your successful mega evolution!" Tama said as he extends his right arm out. "Thanks and I hope I'll be able to draw out the power of Mega Evolution again." Blake shakes Tama's hand and both trainers went their separate ways as Blake is now on his way to Anistar City. "I wonder if I'll run into Serena? If I do, then I'm going to show her how much I have gotten stronger and win her over from Ash once I beat him in a battle of course."

A green blob like Pokémon with a red hexagon in its body is mildly injured and sees Blake walking up the path towards Anistar City. It quickly jumps into Blake's backpack to escape its pursuers. "Now where did Z1 go to?" Mable question herself as her and some grunts continue to looking for the green little creature known as Z1.

Blake is quite excited to see Serena once again which reminds him of reuniting with her again at Lumiose when he didn't recognize her at first due to her new haircut and outfit. "Hmm... looks like it's getting dark soon. I may as well set up camp here and put up a campfire." Blake suggested as he calls out his Chesnaught to assist him with fire wood and Blake sets up the tent.

Moments later, Blake calls out the rest of his Pokémon which consist of Salamence, Magnezone, Chandelure, Crawdaunt and Gallade. The Pokémon all go to sleep with Blake thinking more of his childhood past of him and Serena.

7 years ago

Everyone in Blake's classroom are now at the age of ten and some of them are ready to get their first Pokémon except for Serena. "Hey Serena, aren't you getting a Pokémon since you now qualify to become a trainer?" Blake ask the ten year old Serena. "I could, but I don't think I am ready to travel through Kalos just yet, maybe in a few years." Serena seems to be quite upset over something.

During lunchbreak, Blake meets up with Serena and asks her what's wrong. Serena didn't really feel comfortable of talking about, just she insist on telling Blake. "Well three years ago before I moved here, I've made a promise with a friend who means so much to me and that promise never happen because of me and my mother had to move to Kalos after my father passed away. Sometimes I wonder if he's doing okay and I wonder if what Pokémon he has chosen? He may have gotten a Charmander or perhaps a Squirtle or Bulbasaur." Serena smiled which made Blake blushed a little. "Umm.. oh I see." Blake is quite jealous of Serena's friend who she made had feelings for and she may still does have feelings right now.

6 ½ Years later

"So Serena, ready to go onto a journey with me to Lumiose City to get our first Pokémon?" Shauna anxiously asked Serena. "Well I really don't know just yet." Serena is unsure if she wants to get her first Pokémon as both her and Shauna are walking towards their home. "Hey you two, you mind if I tagged along?" Blake ask the girls as they were surprise to see him again after he was absent for a week or two. "I finally got my first Pokémon from Professor Sycamore and I got myself a Chespin. Are you girls are planning to get yours too?" Blake asks them. "I am, but Serena isn't quite sure yet." Shauna said as Blake is thinking that Serena still doesn't want to travel because of her promise to the boy she mention to him years ago. "Well this is my place. I'll see you tomorrow in class!" Shauna waved goodbye to the two as they continue to walking to their own homes. "I guess you're still thinking about him, aren't you?" Blake said with his face looking downwards. Serena nodded as Blake quickly snap out of it "Serena! I like you!" Blake confess to Serena as she was speechless with mixed emotions. "I'm sorry, but I have to reject you for now. I'm going home now and think this through." Serena quickly walked away as Blake is a little upset about the situation. Blake got to his knees and screams "WHAT HAVE I DOOOONE!" A friend of Blake suddenly passes by him as he asks "Hey are you alright Blake?" Blake notice his friend Haru and feels a little embarrassed. Moments later right after Blake explain the situation to Haru, he slightly chuckled "I'm sorry, but this sort of reminds me of a clique from a manga when the boy confesses to the girl he likes and gets regretted as she runs off blushing." Blake found it funny to and laughs with Haru.

End of flashback

Anistar City (11:35 p.m.)

The next morning Blake has finally arrive at Anistar City and goes to the Anistar Gym to challenge the gym leader there.

"Excuse me, I'm Blake of Vaniville Town and I'm here to request a battle from the gym leader!" Blake introduces himself to receptionist named Charlene. "Olympia has foreseen your arrival Blake, I may escort you to the battlefield where she is now waiting for your challenge." Blake follows the receptionist to the battlefield only awed at the surroundings of the battlefield as it was like an astronomy lab. "Welcome to the Anistar Gym, I'm Olympia and I shall be your opponent. Show us your determination along with your Pokémon!" Olympia stated as she calls out her Alakazam. Blake grabs his first Pokéball "Come on out Chandelure!"

"This will be a two on two battle between our gym leader, Olympia" Charlene pointed towards Olympia. "And Blake from Vaniville Town! Only the challenger may switch out Pokémon during battle. Now let the battle begin!"

Olympia vs Blake

"You may go first trainer!" Olympia offered to let Blake attack first. "Chandelure, use Shadow Ball!" Blake give out the first command. Olympia issued an order for Alakazam to use Protect and later uses Disable to prevent Chandelure of using Shadow Ball. "Use Will-O-Wisp!" Blake gave out another order which leaves Alakazam with the Burn status. "Alakazam, use Shadow Ball!" Olympia shouted as she raise both her arms upwards. "Dodge it Chandelure!" Blake quickl responded to the situation but the Shadow Ball from Alakazam hits Chandelure with a critical hit. "Alright you alright Chandelure?" Blake asked if it was in good condition and he received a nod back from Chandelure."Okay, let's go and win this! Use Hex on Alakazam!" Chandelure began to blow blue as its attack is now critically hurting Alakazam thanks to the burn status it left on. "Alakazam, use Shadow Ball!" Olympia issued an order as Alakazam launch a Shadow Ball while it's being hurt from Hex. "Get out of there Chandelure!" Blake shouted. Chandelure is hit from the Shadow Ball and it falls onto the floor.

"Both Alakazam and Chandelure are unable to battle which leaves both the gym leader and the challengerwith one Pokémon remaining!" Charlene announced. Both Olympia and Blake recall their Pokémon back into their Pokéballs. Blake quickly grabs a Pokéball from his pocket in his jacket and tosses it out to call out his Crawdaunt. Olympia calls out her Sigilyph into battle. "Let the battle resume!" Charlene lower her arms as the battle resumes. Blake starts off wit the first command of the second round "Crawdaunt, use Sword Dance!" Crawdaunt raises its Attack by two stages. "Use Air Slash!" Sigilyph ascends in the air and releases a barrage of razor sharp discs towards Crawdaunt. "Quick Crawdaunt, counter it with Crabhammer!" Blake quickly reacted. "He felt for it." Olympia said in her mind as Sigilyph quickly launches a Solar Beam attack directly at Crawdaunt. "Crawdaunt!" Blake shouted in a worried tone. Crawdaunt has taken some serious damage from the Solar Beam attack and it might get knock out of battle if it were to get hit by another attack like that. Blake greeted his teeth and shouts an attack "Use Night Slash!" Crawdaunt quickly leap towards Sigilyph and landed the super effective attack on the Avianoid Pokémon. "Now use Sword Dance once more and attack Sigilyph with Night Slash once more!" Blake commanded. Sigilyph takes heavy damage again from the super effective attack as Olympia orders Sigilyph to use Gravity which lifts Crawdaunt from the ground and unable to move the way it's used to on the ground. "Quick Crawdaunt, let's finish this with Night Slash!" Crawdaunt quickly tries to attack Sigilhpy, but the low gravity makes it hard for it to move and Sigilyph move freely around the battlefield. "Sigilyph, finish this now with Solar Beam!" Olympia issued an order. "Not so fast, Crawdaunt, attack it with Guillotine!" Blake shouts out as his Crawdaunt is punching through Sigilyph's Solar Beam attack. Olympia is quite surprise that the Solar Beam isn't taking out Crawdaunt as plan, but she now realizes that her defeat. "Just as I predicted, the future of Kalos is will be determine base on the actions of this boy and the one with the Frogadier." Olympia smiled as her Sigilyph is hit by the Guillotine attack from Crawdaunt. "Sigilyph is unable to battle which means that Blake and his Crawdaunt are the victors of this battle!" Charlene announces the results. "Very well done Blake, I can now trust you with this Psychic badge." Olympia handed over the Psychic badge in which Blake added to his badge case. "Thank you for the battle." Blake bowed. "I have faith in you along with some trainers you may know who I will trust with the future of Kalos, no the future of this world now lies on your and the others. You will play a role along with them and I hope you bare with it." Olympia said as Blake is a bit clueless.

Moments later, Blake walks outside of the Anistar Gym with him reading directions to the city's Pokémon Center. But little does he know is the green blob Pokémon jumps out of his backpack and wanders off somewhere in the city. Just what future lies upon Blake?

Find out next time as the journey continues...

Blake's Current Team:

Chesnaught (Grass and Fighting type)

Salamence (Dragon and Flying type)

Magnezone (Electric and Steel type)

Chandelure (Ghost and Fire type)

Crawdaunt (Water and Dark type)

Gallade (Psychic and Fighting type)