"I told you, no."

Connor Daniels, a man with a brown fedora, green sweater vest with a light blue long sleeved undershirt, beige trousers, and black dress shoes stood in a somewhat empty mall, looking at his phone. He was yet again ditched by his friend. He had asked him to give him a ride, as he hates walking home in the dark. Well, what if someone jumps me? I don't wanna get stabbed, shot or die, he thought. Maybe he'd just take a taxi. Yeah, a taxi. He walked through the automatically sliding glass doors. It was in the middle of December, and the day was the 15th. The temperature was cold, as it was 15 degrees. Why the hell didn't I bring a jacket? He had thought to himself. He walked a bit more, until he heard a sharp snap behind him. He quickly turned around to see absolutely nothing. I'm just being paranoid, he told himself. I'm fine. As soon as he saw a taxi, he quickly stopped it, and got inside.

"Where to?" The cabbie said.

"16 Dunnen Street." He replied.

"Alright, buckle up."

On the ride home, he looked outside the window. Instead of a bright, living city, all he saw was a dark, barren landscape. I need some sleep... A lot of it.

Home, finally. He locked the door, and the daily routine, and got to his room. He threw his fedora on his desk, and just fell directly on the bed, almost instantaneously falling asleep. His dream, or nightmare, as it were, was less than pleasant.

He was on an island. Stranded, along with two others, one in a white suit, the other in a black tank top, with a necklace with an Axis logo on it. They were all starving, and it was no secret. The sun's heat and night's cold didn't help much either. He spent the entire day gathering firewood for the campfire tonight. Maybe rescue will come soon, Connor thought to himself. It seemed that there was nothing else to be done, so he laid on the sand, resting upon the soft sand and propping his head against a palm tree, using his brown fedora as a pillow. He slightly awoke a few seconds later (due to dreams not portraying time correctly most of the time), to a slight sound of shifting sand. He barely opened his eyes, realizing he was not on the ground anymore. He also heard footsteps. He was being carried. He slightly lifted his head up and saw he was being carried somewhere near the beach. He was getting a little paranoid. His paranoia was confirmed as he slowly set on the water's surface, face forward, and feeling a pressure on his shoulders, he knew what would happen. He was going to be drowned. He quickly turned his head upwards to see his attacker's face. It was the black tank topped man with the Axis logo necklace, along with his blond, slicked back hair and slightly pale blue eyes. His head was quickly dunked under, everything turning a distorted blue, and he thought he saw the man's lips move, mouthing the word "sorry". Soon, everything went black...