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While waiting for the next morning, Connor decided to change his look. Hm... He took off his fedora, messing with his hair so it appeared neat yet wild. He replaced his sweatervest with a short-sleeved white suit shirt, and a black tie. He left everything unchanged. He looked into the mirror and smiled. Man, this new look is great. He set on his office chair, happy that the deed was in fact done. He started typing on the computer, wasting away his time.

It was finally 6:00 AM when Alfred knocked on his door. He got up and answered.

"Hey, Connor!" Alfred cheerily said. Connor greeted him back.

"Wow, I love the new look!"

"Well, thanks!"

"Anyways, it's a Wednesday, so we have these meetings called World Meetings."

They began walking down the stairs as Alfred explained.

"So, every nation meets together in one place?"

"Yep!" Alfred said.

Damn it! When they find out England's not there...

They walked down the street until they ran into a colusseum-like building.

"Is every building here made after some sort of culture?" Connor asked.

"Well, yeah! This is modelled after Rome and the nation Holy Roman Empire!"

Connor decided not to question the fact that the Roman empire didn't even exist anymore. They walked inside, only a few countries were there. All of the Axis Powers followed by France and Russia. A few others were there he couldn't place. They took their spots, chatted a little bit, and waited until everyone else got there.

It was about 7:30 AM when everyone arrived. Damn, they're going to-

Connor's thought was interrupted by Germany.

"Where is England?"


Everyone began chatting until Germany, Italy, and France came to the conclusion that they should search for them. "I'll come too." Connor said to the group.

"Why?" Germany asked.

"You only have three people. The teams are unbalanced, you need two to search one half and two to search the other half."

"Ve, he makes a fair point." Italy said.

"Alright, ve're going to search for England!" Germany announced to the group, and they were off.

They reached the HQ of the Allied Powers and went inside. Germany divided the teams into Connor with France and him with Italy. They set out until Connor made a suggestion to France.

"Why don't you search the rooms on the left and I'll search the ones on the right?"

"Très bien!"

They went their seperate ways when Connor quickly retreated into his room. Dammit, dammit, dammit!

"Why did I kill him? Why did I kill England?" He said softly.

"Y- You killed England!?" A startled voice said followed by the sound of a closing door.

Connor quickly turned around to see Canada without his pet polar bear.

"... Yes... " He said, also staring up angrily at the newcomer.

"... But now you know. You'll have to take this secret to the grave." Connor added, while Canada shuddered and tried opening the door when Connor's hand stopped his. Canada used his other hand to punch Connor in the side of the head. Stumbling him. He quickly recovered from the blow and punched Canada in the face, stumbling him onto the bed. Connor then undid his tie and wrapped it around Canada's neck, asphyxiating him.

"Just... Stay... Still!" Connor said when Canada's body stopped flailing and went limp. Connor kept choking the corpse just to make sure he wasn't faking. He then unwrapped his tie from the corpse's neck and put it back on, when he heard footsteps approaching his door.