Ch. 10

The demon screams that reverberated across the house sent a chill down Skye's spine. The sisters, assisted by May and Coulson, were interrogating the caged demon in the living room while the remaining S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were getting ready for bed. Ever the gentleman, Ward had offered that the boys take the living room while the girls sleep in the guest room. Skye had rolled her eyes and Fitz had begun to complain before Ward shut him up with a glare. It had been surreal for Skye, brushing preparing for bed in a bathroom clearly decorated for children while listening to an evil supernatural being being tortured a few rooms over. Now, Skye found herself laying in a strange bed trying to wrap her mind around all that had happened in the past 24 hours. Little did she know that Simmons was having similar thoughts from her side of the queen bed. The tense, heavy silence endured until the screams died down, when Jemma could no longer contain her emotions.

"This doesn't even seem real." she blurted, her brow furrowing. In the darkened, Skye shook her head, forgetting that her teammate couldn't hear her.

"I know. I'm kinda afraid this is all some kind of crazy coma dream." Alarmed, Jemma's arm shot out and grabbed Skye buy the wrist. Again, the two girls' minds had been along the same lines, and the scientist felt that she needed a solid anchor to her friend as to ensure that she wasn't imagining the whole thing.

"Me too." Then Jemma did something unexpected: she burst out laughing. "I mean really, magic? Witches, warlocks, powers, demons, and WWII veterans coming back to life? I knew I was getting into something mad when I joined S.H.I.E.L.D., but really?!" This pushed Skye over the edge. She began to giggle, which grew into a full-blown chortle. Soon the two young ladies were laying in the dark and laughing uncontrollable, like pre-teens at a sleepover. After several minutes, their laughter died down and the mood was serious once again. Skye was the first to breach the silence.

"I might be one of them, you know." Jemma frowned and shifted as to face her friend, attempting to make out her expression in the darkness.

"What do you mean?" Skye exhaled, letting all of her thoughts come to the surface.

"I could be one of them. Something… supernatural." The hacker paused for a beat, gathering her thoughts. "I mean I have no idea where I come from. I-" Skye blinked hard, holding back the tears that had built up over time. She'd never had anyone who she could really talk to, and now that she'd found that in Jemma, she decided to just let it all out. "I'm an 084 Simmons. An object of unknown origin. This whole thing scares me so much and I… I felt something. When Paige cast her spell, I felt something. Like … some kind of power. I- I think I may be like them."

If the revelation had shocked Simmons at all she hid it well. She pulled Skye in for a tight hug as the hacker cried into her shoulder. When she had calmed down a bit, Skye pulled away and attempted to distance herself from the scientist. During her childhood in the foster system she had learned not to get attached to anybody or anything. Sensing her friend's intentions, Simmons gripped Skye by the shoulder and attempted to get the hacker to look her in the eye.

"Look at me. We are a team. No matter what happens from here, we will stand beside you. It's what we do." Skye took the message to heart and let it sink in for a moment. Maybe, just maybe, everything would stay together this time. Then, Skye was struck with a thought and her face split into a shit-eating grin.

"Stick by me huh? Like when Fitz refused to leave your side for even a second when you were infected by the floating corpse?" Skye was rewarded for her quip with a pillow being smacked into her face. The girls had another session of uncontrollable laughter before rolling over, saying their goodnights, and slipping into some well-needed sleep.

Meanwhile, in the living room, the interrogators were not getting very far. So far the demon had said nothing of value, using his respites from the crystal cage's energy to curse the witched standing before him. Fitz and Ward had been sent off with Leo to find blankets and other necessities the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents would need during their stay at Halliwell Manor.

The boys had been about to complain about their assignment but were quickly silenced by one glare from May. Now, the two remaining agents stood back as they watched the three women before them attempt to torture information out of a demon.

If he had been told two days ago about the situation he was in now, Coulson would have told his informant that they were insane. Yet, here he was in San Francisco working with witches to try and bring down the Clairvoyant, who at best had some sway in the supernatural world and at worst was a Demon himself. Yes, Coulson had been around many interesting and powerful people. Hell, he'd helped to assemble the Avengers! But no one he'd met so far could hold a candle to this family of witches. Powers of healing, teleportation, levitation, combustion, freezing time: one of their husbands had even come back from the dead! He'd only known them for a few hours, but Coulson could tell that this was only the beginning of what the Halliwells could do.

With Thor the "magic" had all been explained by advanced alien technology. Aliens Coulson could handle. With aliens, Coulson's world view could renin in tact: he just needed to allow for the fact that there were other worlds with different rules. Now, with witches and demons apparently existing right under humanity's noses for millennia, Coulson had to rethink everything. The wall between the possible and the impossible had been shattered: ANYTHING was fair game. There were threats out there that S.H.I.E.L.D. didn't know about and couldn't handle in their wildest dreams even if they did. It was humbling really, and not in a good way. Coulson felt more exposed than he could ever remember feeling in his entire life. What good were decades of training, the best technology and weapons, bullet and had proof security and prisons if a demon could materialize out of nowhere, kill you with a flick of the wrist and a fireball, and disappear withal leaving a trace or even a body behind?

Meanwhile, May was having some thoughts of her own. She had always been good at reading people: it was the reason she herself was so unreadable. The women before her baffled her. On the surface, they appeared to be nothing special, just your average, run-of-the-mill middle-aged wives and mothers, devoted to their family and their work. But their ruthlessness in battle proved otherwise. They were a battle tested team, working together almost seamlessly. If May had heard correctly, they had been at this for over a decade. May had also seen the shadow that fell across one of the women's faces as she spoke of the past. It was obvious that with a life like this, these women would be witness to tragedy, and from that look May could tell that some of it had been personal. In a way she envied these women, these fierce warriors who were also lovers and mothers. May shook her head. They may be warriors, but they clearly had never seen nor done anything of the caliber or scale that she had done to earn and live up to her nickname 'The Cavalry'. By no means did May trust these women yet, and she kept her guard up, wary of what might happen next. But what May did know was that the Halliwell sisters had been through a lot, and they deserved the chance to prove themselves trustworthy, especially if they were going to be working together to bring down the Clairvoyant.

The two agents were jolted out of their thoughts by a bright flash of light.

"Last chance buddy. The second I unfreeze you you'll be vanquished. Any final words? Say something good and we might reverse the potion and let you go…" That had been Piper her hands extended toward the demon, whose body was like a snapshot, being consumed by still flames. The demon growled in response.

"It doesn't matter. Even if S.H.I.E.L.D. is working with the Charmed Ones, they still won't be able to stop the Clairvoyant's plans!"

Piper smirked and unfroze the demon, who screamed in agony before disappearing in a final puff of flames. "See, that's always the problem with demons. They always underestimate us."