The battle isn't going well.

            Buu, this Buu, makes up for where the power lacks with animalistic drive and intelligence greater than Gohan was counting on.

            A pair of chi blasts at the descending Gohan were only a feint, to cause him to swerve enough out of the way for Buu to land dozens of blows before he could react…

            And now, the pink monster has the demisaiyan on his knees, his head-tendril wrapped around Gohan's throat, slowly choking him while the monster growls and spits…

            And a pencil-thick beam of green severs the tendril, making Buu scream as Gohan speeds back, tossing away the rest of the tentacle.

            "Busy?" Green Lantern asks, landing next to Gohan.


            "Good.  So's he.  He didn't see the rock."

            "What rock?" Gohan asks…when the ground underneath them begins to glow red…

            And a meteor strikes Buu.

            A starship flies through the streaking mists of hyperspace, a small, streamlined craft with three wings and a blue bulb covering the front of the ship and serving as a viewport for the bridge.

            As robots of her design run the ship for her, the captain sits.  A young woman with light blue skin and curly golden red, shoulder length hair, she looks out the viewport with gold rimmed eyes, staring ahead at the blue orb she knows is her final destination.


            And a reunion that she has put off for 11 years…

            Emerald energy slows Buu's advance as Lantern growls, blood pouring from his nose as he slows down the irresistible force that is Majin Buu.

            No one's here to see this, naturally.  Buu recovered from the meteor damn fast and belted Gohan into another time zone, leaving Kyle to, as always, be the only person dealing with a nigh-indestructible nigh-cosmic threat.

            It's a living.

            Let's see…takes about thirty seconds for him to get here when Son can SEE STRAIGHT, but by then, if I don't increase the amount of force…ah, screw it.

            "Say 'Ah'," Kyle growls.

            A small object flies out of the ring and through the beam, as the beam takes the shape of a hammer and smacks Buu on the foot.  The pink demon roars…and the object flies into his mouth.

            "Smile for the birdy," Kyle says, the green energy forming into a sphere around Buu, "And say, 'I just swallowed a thermonuclear bomb!'"

            Buu roars…and explodes, splattering the insides of the sphere.

            "Whoops.  Too slow."

            Feet clacking against the rock floor, Superman lands in the underground cave amidst trophies from crimes solved in the past.

            Although, he's idly wondered what sort of criminal could find a way to get a ten-foot high penny, much less actually use it in a practical crime.

            "Clark," the monotone voice says from the massive supercomputer at the other end of the cave, "Come here."

            Superman walks forward, as the chair turns around and reveals the black clad form of Batman.

            "Did you find something?" Superman asks.

            "A theory.  Buu regenerates, correct?"

            "Yes.  Remarkably fast.  We lay into him with everything we have and he's whole again a second later."

            "According to files, Buu has been destroyed.  But when he has been destroyed, he's split himself into multiple, smaller versions of himself to rejoin.  Do you see a comparison?"

            "Splitting off into other versions when mortally wounded," Superman says, face screwing in thought…and then going into stock shock as he makes the mental connection, "Lobo?"

            "Similar regeneration abilities to a Czarian," Batman says, rising from his chair and bringing up a hypospray, "I have a contingency plan for Lobo.  It should also work on Buu."

            It didn't take Buu terribly long to regenerate.  In fact, he seemed pretty refreshed.

            Oh, and he also seemed stronger.  At least, Kyle thought so, because Buu just broke through an energy shield he had in front of him like break-away glass and is currently holding him by the collar with one hand while gathering energy for a killing blast in the other.

            At least, until Buu began to scream in pain from the translucent green hand now sticking out of his chest.

            "Now that's beautiful," Lantern says, dropping from Buu's grip as the monster continues to writhe, J'onn remaining in position for his phasing attack.

            "Wally," J'onn states, "Now."

            A blue streak begins to approach from the distance.

            Blue? Kyle thinks, Wally's red…oh, right.  He's moving at Lightspeed.

            Kyle sighs, covering his ears as the blue-shifted Flash slams into Buu and sends him flying westward.

            "Well, what're we waiting for?" Kyle asks, standing up as Wally begins heaving, hunched over.

            "Waiting…for…world to stop…spinning," Flash responds.

            Which is when two gold streaks fly by, towards Buu...and joining into one.

            "Huh," Kyle says, scratching his head, "Wonder what that was…"

            Gotenks yells out, bearing down onto Buu with a flurry of superspeed blows and landing them, indentations marking Buu's body as he's sent stumbling back.  Buu roars, energy rising off him…and he stops, sniffing the air…and leaps southward, sensing something.

            "The Hell?" Gotenks asks, reverting from Super Saiyan 3 to Super Saiyan form, "We're supposed to get a rematch, damn it!"

            He takes off in a streak after Buu, the air scorching in his wake…

            Uub looks towards the distance, walking from the house…and at the outskirts of his village, the pink monster slams into the ground.  Slowly, the black eyed demon looks up and at him, grinning darkly.

            A growl moving up into a roar, he lunges at Uub…and is slammed face first into the ground as Gotenks slams feet-first into Buu's head.

            "Ain't gettin' rid of me that easy, Pinky!"

            Gotenks raises his first, resuming the Super Saiyan 3 form…

            And with a burst of light, changes back into Goten and Trunks.

            "I told you we should've waited longer to re-fuse," Goten says.

            Buu rises from the ground, slowly reaching out and grabbing the two demi-saiyans by their shirt collars…and a hypospray presses against his neck.

            Buu turns his head 180 degrees, looking at Superman as the concoction begins to ripple against his skin…

            And dropping the saiyans, he belts the Man of Steel into the air, turning back to Goten and Trunks…and finding them gone.  Buu begins to stagger, as Goku appears in the blur of teleportation in front of him.  Buu swings at Goku…

            And the fist shatters against the saiyan's skin.  Silently, the saiyan grabs Buu by the head tail, a spark of light passed from his hand, as his other hand begins to glow…

            And screaming, Buu leaps from Goku, the tentacle severed, and leaps upon Uub.

            "Oh no," Goku whispers.

            Pink and flesh begin to merge, the village shaking as a tornado of violet energy rises into the sky.  Lightning crackles, the single, deep voice laughing…

            And then, as white flashes, the voice becomes a scream.  A scream of denial, echoing the same works over and over again:

            "So close…so close…so close…"

            And then, the tornado is gone, and the single figure falls onto his knees.

            A dark skinned boy, around ten years old, with long violet hair in a braid down his back and sharp spikes at the top.  The boy rises, clad in the white pants of Buu, pink energy flowing from his fingertips…and he turns to Goku, the white in his eyes glowing for a moment before relaxing.

            "It is done," Uub says, "I am in control.  I am ready to begin my training, Master."

            The very air is thick with tension as Goku walks into his house…and finds that his mentor and his companions are nowhere to be seen.

            "I'm back," he announces, "I saved the world.  Chi Chi?"

            "In the kitchen, Goku!" the voice sing songs.

            A superspeed search confirms that King Kai is not inside the house.  A slightly more extensive superspeed search confirms he's not within the next mile, as does a ki scan.

            Goku ponders this as he walks across the living room and to the kitchen, and finds an oddly contented Chi Chi preparing dinner.

            "Chi Chi," he asks, "Did you kill King Kai?"

            "Nonsense," she responds after taking an uncomfortable moment to ponder the idea, "I…we…simply decided on a far better place for him to live until his planet can be wished back."

            Krillin opens the door to the Kame House, and finds a blue, bulbous midget in a house dress, a monkey, and a floating grasshopper standing outside the doorway.

            "Ha," Krillin chuckles, and then deeply sighs, "Give me a break."

            Eyes closed, Kaioshin meditates above his world, emblazoned in an aura of his energies.  Above where the Z-Sword once rested, he ponders the new path his existence is soon to take…and the significance of his actions today.

            "So," the old voice says, "It's as I thought it would be."

            Kaioshin's eyes open, and he turns to see Old Kai, the Rho Kaioshin, floating next to him.

            "It is," Kaioshin says, "A portion of my essence was attached to Goku.  When Buu and Uub merged, so did a portion of myself…and through that, I will learn as Goku mentors Uub."

            "And so you will secretly learn the techniques of possibly the most powerful fighter in the cosmos," Old Kai says with a chuckle, "And the Mystic training, to.  You're upping your personal ante in this game, Kaioshin.  Aren't you?"

            Kaioshin steps out of his meditative stance, smiling slightly.

            "I am, indeed," he says, "We are the Gods who stand above other Gods.  It is time that we command the respect we once did.  After our mauling at Buu's hands, we became laughing stocks."

            He turns sharply to the elder, face twisted into an angry, flustered grimace.

            "And I am now the Dai Kaioshin, and as such I will not allow us to be mocked anymore!"

            And with that, his white aura flaring about him, Kaioshin flies off towards his home.  Leaving Old Kai alone, sighing, as he takes up a meditative position.

            "Let's just hope it doesn't bite you in the ass, lad," he says, "Let's just hope."

            And so another day ends for Son Gohan, as the young man once more finds himself alone on a weekend night.

            Sighing, he looks out towards the stars, looking out the window of his bedroom…and for a moment, thinks he sees a shooting star.  A spaceship with a familiar ki, of someone from long ago…and shuffling that to the back of his mind, he falls asleep…

            Never knowing what the day will soon entail, or the plans fate has in store for him.

To be Continued…