Chapter 1~

The young blonde woman smirked as she looked at herself in the full length mirror. Her parents were holding another dinner party and she had to make sure she wore the most elegant dress there.

It was an expensive one and when her father saw the price tag his eyes almost popped out the sockets. Even though he was one of the wealthiest men in the country, it still was a lot to be paying for a gown she was most likely only going to wear once.

But alas, he bought it after seeing how beautiful she looked in it. It was a champagne laced dress that flowed down to the floor, hiding her shoes. It had a v-neck, but since her chest was fairly small, it showed nothing, the sides and sleeves were laces making the dress unique from her other dresses.

"Miss Chestnut do you need anymore assistance?" Asked the maid.

The blonde shook her head and smiled. "Don't I look beautiful."

"You always do darling." The maid responded before exiting her room.

Her name was Marron Chestnut, daughter of Krillen Chesnut, the famous doctor who invented insulin, and June Chesnut, a very successful model and movie actress. Marron lived the life of a princess; multiple mansions, vacations to private islands, and all the clothes a sixteen year old can ask for and more.

But being a rich child in Upstate New York had its flaws. She had to look and be perfect at all times. Marron recalled when her mother had spanked her because she had misbehaved during an interview.

Also since her parents were awfully busy she was shipped off to a Catholic School for six years of her life. June wanted to make sure her daughter learnt what she needed to be a proper lady and got a decent amount of education. And that's what the blonde did, she learnt to never interrupt a conversation between men, how to clean properly, and how to cook.

"Marron hurry up the guest will be arriving shortly!"

"Yes mother!"

Marron shuffled over to her make up table, sat down in the chair and began applying her makeup, humming a song as she did so. It wasn't long before she finished and started to comb her shoulder length hair. She longed to get a bob like the other girls, after all, it was the 20's and girls everywhere were sporting the bob. But her father refused to let her cut her hair. The teen pulled her hair into a bun in the back and slipped a head band on. Before getting up she put on her diamond necklace and matching earrings.

"Are you ready sister?"

Marron turned around and met a pair of sky blue eyes, just like hers.

"Yes Preston." She answered as she got up and walked over to him.

The nine-year-old grabbed his sister's hand and together they walked down the hall and made their grand entrance. It was two hours into the party before it was time to eat. Usually at any other dinner party Marron would be sitting at the children's table, listening to her cousins and brother bicker, but her father had insisted she sit next to him.

Marron tried to keep herself from falling asleep, listening to the boring conversation that was being held and classical music made her want to pass out. To keep herself alive she hummed a jazz tune in her head. She was fourteen when jazz was discovered and she instantly fell in love with it once she heard it. The way the instruments played together making the swanky beet made her dance every time.

Sometimes, when her parents weren't home she would turn on the radio and dance to it. One of her dreams was to dance in a club to jazz music, but her parents restricted her from going to parties. They believed it would brainwash her and eventually she'd turn into a flapper. Nevertheless, she still would shake her rump in the privacy of her room.

"Marron do you hear your father speaking to you?" Her mother hissed, yet remained the phony smile in her face.

"Sorry daddy." Marron apologized sheepishly.

"It's alright darling, I wanted to introduce you into one of my interns Idasa. Idasa meet my lovely daughter Marron." Her father introduced.

The young man held out his hand and Marron grabbed ahold of it. "Pleasure to meet ya." He said with his deep southern accent.

Marron flashed him one of her heart warming smiles. "Nice to meet you as well Mr. Idasa."

Idasa chuckled. "I'm only twenty-three darling, just call me Idasa."

About an hour later, Marron turned to her father; "Daddy, I'm getting a bit tired, may I be excused to my room?"

Krillen nodded to his daughter and Marron got up from the table. Marron wasn't tired at all, she just wanted to get out of that boring party, besides, she had other plans that night. She made her way to the stairs as the classical music grew louder. People begun to crowd the dance floor and sway to the soft tune. Marron began to walk the stairs, but was stopped as she felt a cold hand grasp her wrist. She turned around to meet the man she met earlier.

"Idasa." Marron said bowing a bit. "May I help you with anything?"

"I'd like to have one dance with ya Marron." Idasa said. "Would you like to dance?"

Marron sighed, she didn't want to, but she was taught never to turn down an invitation such as this. She nodded politely and accepted his offer. Idasa led her to the dance floor and Marron rested her hand on his shoulder while he rested his hand on her hip. They swayed along to the soft tune in silence.

"Let...Let me g-get another one." Slurred an obviously drunk man, holding his shaking hand out to the bartender.

"You already had enough mac, why dontcha head on back to home before I call the police. "

The drunk man groaned and slipped off the stool. As soon as his feet touched the ground he almost fell over. "Butt me."

The bartender rolled his eyes and sighed, handing the man a cigar.

The man snatched it out of his hand and pushed his lavender locks behind his ear. He pulled out his lighter from his slack's pockets and lit his cigarette. With a scowl he left the bar and walked over to the phone booth.

Once again it was a tiresome day at work, the delivery truck had broken down meaning he had to deliver everything on foot. He was beyond exhausted and wanted to drink until he was out cold.


"Pan s-send Goten to the bar."

The woman on the other end and sighed. "Are you drunk again? Trunks drinking is illegal, if the police catch you, they're going to take you to jail." She said worriedly.

"Ju-just sent Goten here." Trunks said before slamming the phone down. "Damn broad." he mumbled as he leaned against the wall.

Trunks Briefs was well-known in the Bronx. By day, a hard-working man who worked his ass off to pay the bills. By night, the king of the bar. He could turn any dull scene to an exciting, chaotic party. He was also a lady's man, even though he was with Pan, he had his fair shares of one night stands.

"Trunks, Pan his furious."

A raven haired young man walked up to him. He was wearing an outfit similar to Trunks, dirty long sleeve shirt, denim overalls, and boots.

Trunks put the cigar butt to his lips and took a long hit before exhaling the smoke. "Whatever, just take me home."

The black-haired man sighed and walked over to Trunks. He placed his arm around Trunks' waist and place Trunks' arm around his neck. "You have to stop doing this to yourself T."

The purple haired man scowled. "Piss off Goten. "

The two young men arrived at the run down apartment. A majority of the furniture was hand me down and/or stolen from the flea market. Pan had tried her best to make the house look decent, but it was hard when you barely made enough money to put food on the table.

Goten laid his drunk friend on the couch and sighed once again, shaking his head in disappointment.

"Trunks this is getting old!" screeched his girlfriend as she came stalking into the room. "You need to stop all this drinking so you can get a better job! "

Trunks nodded in response as he began to doze .

"He's not listening." Goten pointed out.

Pan wiped a tear that cascaded down her cheeks. "I know." she sighed as she turned around and headed for the kitchen to prepare their meal.

She had known Trunks all her life since he was her older brother's best friend. She developed a crush on him when she was twelve and he was sixteen. But she kept it a secret until she turned nineteen and confessed when they were both drunk off their asses.

A relationship was formed after that night. Pan moved in with the best friends and everything was going perfectly. It wasn't until last year when things started going down hill for the trio, the economy was starting to go bad and Goten and Trunks were laid off their job.

They were out of work for three months and Pan had to practically work all day to bay half the bills. Trunks and Pan would argue nonstop about money during this time. She thought about going back home with her family but she always opt not to, because she believed things would get better for her and Trunks. But it didn't look like it would anytime soon. These times were hard, but they had to make the best of it.

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