Chapter 2~

"Ida have you see my new shoes?!" Marron shouted as she straighten her white neckerchief. After no response, the teen sighed and looked over herself in the mirror. "Must be doing laundry." she told herself. The blonde sported her boring school uniform: black skirt that stopped a little above her ankle, white shirt that hid her arms, and a grey neckerchief.

Marron believed she went to the most strictest Catholic School in the world. The girls there practically had no freedom. There wasn't a day when they were allowed to wear what they pleased. All girls had to wear their hair straight down. Makeup wasn't tolerated. And the school dances shouldn't even be called dances there! It was more like a church service with soda and decorations.

If it weren't for her friends, Marron would have died from boredom.

Marron only associated with four girls at her school, due to her parents. They didn't trust anyone and always thought that kids only wanted to be her friend so they could get what they wanted from her. Her four friends' parents were friends of the Chesnuts.

Lynette, Mora, Nicole, and Varia were their names. Lynette was the eldest and wisest. Her close friends called her Lime, because how sour she would get when she didn't get her way. Lime wasn't as rich as the others but still lived a very fancy lifestyle. Unlike her friends, she had to work for what she got and she had a limit when she went shopping. She hated it, especially when she went to the boutiques with the other girls.

Lime was a beautiful girl. Light brown hair fell to her shoulders, but she preferred to keep it in a bun. She had bright green eyes, which can light up any dark room. For a seventeen year old, she was pretty short, standing around 5'5.

Mora was the youngest, fifteen years old, but acted like a wild twenty-two year old. Mora's nick name was Mo, which she liked better. Mora was too girly for her, and girly was one word you couldn't use to describe her. She was a tomboy, though she never dressed like one. If she could, she'd be walking down the street with her silky black hair in a braid, dressed in overalls, and bare footed. But she couldn't, it was just something that duchesses were forbidden to do.

Yes, she was a royal and filty rich. She was thankful for all the things she had but sometimes the brown eyed girl just wanted to live a normal life.

Nicole was the hot head and would get in arguments all the time at school. Nicole, better known as Nikki. was the same age as Marron. The black-haired teen was wealthy because of her grandparents, they were loaded and her mother ended up being a famous singer.

Nikki was one of the prettiest girls in school, boys would sneak on campus during lunch, and a majority of them would swarm her. Asking her out, trying to buy her soda, even proposing. The other girls envied this, thus, leading to the arguments.

Lastly Varia, she was sixteen with short black hair that's styled in a bob, forest green eyes, and she was very short for her age. Despite her being 5'1 she had a feisty personality. She didn't tolerate being disrespected and would give whoever disrespected her a piece of her mind. Her father thought it was completely unlady like, one of the reasons he enrolled her into private all girl schools.

Her mother died when she was four and her father wanted to make sure she'd become just like her mother. So while she was at boarding school, her father went wife hunting and by the time she was seven he had found a new wife. She was blind and dumb as rocks, yet she was beautiful and charming.

After looking at herself in the mirror, Marron began to hunt for her new shoes she had bought. She swore if she didn't find them, she wasn't going to school that day. The blond tore through her room looking for them before she finally found them under her books.

Marron grinned as she slipped them on. They were two-inch black square heels with little ribbons on them. Krillen had finally agreed to let her wear heels the other night. Marron wasted no time, and bought three pairs the same night.

The sixteen year old grinned as she took a couple of steps. "Perfect, now to go eat breakfast with mother and father." she said happily.

The blonde teen exited her room and walked down the long hallway to her stair case, and quickly skipped down them. Her heels clicked against the tile floor as she held her head up and walked to the kitchen.

"Morning daddy-" she stopped mid sentence once she relieved she was the only one in the kitchen. The table was covered in food, which was oddly strange. Every morning when she would come down for breakfast her parents would already be eating.

Her blonde brow hoisted from her confusion. Maybe they were in the garden? she told herself as she advanced to the back door. "Mama, papa?" she called out, searching for her parents.

"Mornin Miss Marron."

Marron turned to the black woman who was hanging the wet clothes on the line. Ida was the family maid and nanny. Without her, Preston probably wouldn't be alive. Ida was around the age of fifty. She had dark chocolate skin and eyes to match. The maid kept her hair in two braids. Since she was a maid she wore the usually outfit maid sported: black shoes, black shirt, black skirt, and a white apron.

"Ida have you seen my parents?" Marron questioned.

"I reckon not Miss Chestnut. But they did leave ya a note ." The maid informed, continuing her work as she talked. "It's on the table."

"Thank you Ida." Marron responded and walked off back to the kitchen.

As Ida said, the note was sitting on top of the neatly stacked plates. Marron picked it up and read aloud. "Marron darling, your father had a breakfast meeting so I joined him. Sorry darling. Make sure you wake Preston up before leaving for school, also you have a surprise visitor. Love mother and father."

As on que, a knocking of the door echoed through the halls and into the kitchen. The teen, with a confused look on her face, walked to the front door and opened it.

"Mornin Marron." the southern voice happily greeted.

"Hello Idasa." she replied, with a half-smile.

"Ya parents said I could accompany you for breakfast this mornin." The blonde man said.

Marron nodded. "Please come in."

Idasa removed his hat and walked in. He was more nervous than a sinner in church. Marron led him to the kitchen where they sat down across from each other and began to eat. When she wasn't paying attention, Idasa would just stare at her, admiring her beauty.

"So darlin, what do ya like to do for fun?" He asked.

"I enjoy reading, cooking, cleaning, and helping my mother take care of my little brother." Marrin answered. Oh how her teachers would be so pleased with that answer. "What about you?"

"Well I love workin in the hospital. I love saving lives and makin people feel all better." Idasa answered with a grin. "I don't mean to sound rude or anything, but do ya gotta guy friend.

Marron almost choked on her food. "A boyfriend?"


"Well, no, of course not. Woman shouldn't have boyfriends. They should just wait until their father picks the right man out for them. After all, I want to be completely pure for my husband." Marron told him bluntly.

"Wow, it's not everyday you hear an answer from a girl your age." The man replied.

Marron gently dabbed her napkin around her mouth then placed it on her empty plate. "Well, if you would excuse me, I need to wake my brother up."

"Take ya time." Idasa responded.

Marron shuffled out her room and ran back up her stairs. Some thing about Idasa just gave her the goose bumps. He was a nice man, but she had a feeling that something was going on that she wasn't aware of.

Marron walked down a hall leading to her little brother's room. Without knocking she entered, walked over to the king size bed, and climbed in. She pulled the sleeping boy into her arms. "Wake up Preston, you have to prepare yourself for school."

The boy groaned, pulling the sheets over his head. "I don't wanna."

She smirked and snickered. "I'll give you five seconds or I'll drag you out."

The boy giggled in response.

"1...2...3..4..5!" Marron ripped the covers off of him and gripped on to his ankles. With a forceful pull, she got the blonde haired child out the bed.

The boy smiled and laughed. "Morning Marron."

Marron ruffled her brother's hair and chuckled. "Morning Preston. Are you ready to eat."

Preston nodded and jumped out of bed and ran out of his room lightening speed. Marron smirked and followed him.


Marron cursed herself, she had forgotten to tell her brother Idasa was over. Marron ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. She found her brother hiding under the table and Idasa holding his stomach due to him laughing so hard.

"Preston it's just a friend." Marron informed, getting down on her knees.

Preston looked at the man then looked at his sister before crawled from underneath the kitchen table. He turned to Idasa and smiled. "I'm Preston, who are you?"

"I'm Idasa little man, a friend of ya sister's."

"Will you be eating breakfast with us? " Preston asked, a grin glued on his face.

Idasa stuck his hands in his pockets and shock his head. "Sorry little fella, ya sister and I already had pur share."

Preston exhaled heavily as he made his way to a seat.

"Oh lord, I'm going to be late for school!" Marron exclaimed. A panic look appeared on her face and she raced for the coat closet.

"I got my car parked out in front. I wouldn't mind givin ya a ride." Idasa told her.

Marron contemplated the offer: if she declined she would be late and her parents would be crossed with her. If she said yes, she'd arrive on top, yet face the awkwardness of being in a car with Idasa.

"Thank you so much." The blonde replied as she grabbed her coat and book bag.

And as she assumed, the car ride was awkward. One minute they would be chatting and the next it would turn in to an abrupt silence .

As they approached the church, Marron mentally cheered.

"So do you like school?" Idasa asked.

Marron shrugged. "I love my friends but everything there is so boring. Plus there's a lot of home work."

"I can't wait until I get done with my intern year, no more notes, less studying, and more money." Idasa replied as he pulled up into a parking space.

Marron flashed him a smile and slipped an arm through a strap of her book bag. "Thanks again."

Idasa smirked and placed a hand on her thigh, squeezing it a bit.

Marron was wide-eyed. Never ever has a man every had the audacity touch her in an inappropriate area. Marron brought her hand up and slapped him across the cheek. "Pervert!" she shouted before quickly making her way out the car and sped walking to the front of the campus.

The young woman occasionally glanced over her shoulder to see if Idasa was following her. Marron contemplated about telling her father about the incident, but that would only cause trouble.

Marron exhaled and straighten out her neckerchief again as she approached a group of girls. "Morning gals."

"Morning Marron." The girls replied in sync.

"So what are you ladies chatting about?" She questioned.

"Well, we were talking about the sleepover tonight at my house." Mora told her, a smirk rising in her face.

Marron blonde eyebrow arched. "Why are you smirking?"

Lime wrapped her arm around Marron's neck. "Because tonight Mo's parents aren't going to be home and we're going to a club."

"Every club in town knows who we are and who are parents are." Marron stated.

"We're going into the lower class part of town." Nikki told her.

"I don't know, what if we get caught?" Marron responded, biting on her bottom lip.

"Marron, could you be more optimistic?" Varia replied sarcastically. "Come on Marron, it won't be long before our parents make us get married, then we won't have a chance to go have some real fun."

"Once we're married were expect to have kids and look and act proper all the time." Lime said.

"And boring dinner parties and staying at home." Mo added.

"Fine I'll go." Marron caved in. Truthfully, she was nervous and skeptical about going into the poorer parts. They could get caught into something, or even worse: get arrested. "But what are we going to wear. I mean the only thing I own are long skirts and dresses. "

"You can get some of your mom's costumes and I can get some of my mom's costumes." Nikki said.

"Tonight is going to be so fun." Varia giggled.

"Yea, maybe Marron can meet her a poor boy and get married." Nikki teased.

Marron scoffed and held her nose in the air. "Heaven's no, I would never settle down with a street rat. Besides, mother and daddy would have a heart attack if I was ever involved with a street rat."

Mo rolled her eyes. "Love isn't about money. I don't care if he's poor or filthy rich."

Marron, Lime, Nikki, and Varia couldn't help but laugh. Girls like them never settled down with anyone out of their class. Marrying a poor boy meant shaming their family name, saying goodbye to their expensive and elegant clothes, and having to work.

"Oh Mora, you're too young to know how this works out." Lime chuckled.

The brunette knitted her eyebrows together. With a loud scoff, she marched away from the group or girls to the church.

"I should get going too." Varia said.

"Same here, the nuns will have a tantrum if I'm late again." Nikki added.

The two girls said their goodbyes to Marron and Lime and headed to their destinations.

"So Marron, are you going to stand us up or actually come with us?" Lime asked.

Marron smiled. "I'm going, don't doubt me. Anyways, I'm going to class, see you during lunch break." The blonde waved goodbye to her friend as she advanced to the church.

As she walked to her class, Marron couldn't help but think about the topic she was discussing with her friends.

Marrying a poor boy...

It was something that her class didn't do. They married rich to stay rich and they married beauty to make beautiful children. By marrying a street rat you wouldn't expect to be perfect and may actually have a chance of falling in love. But would losing all the glammer and gold be worth it?

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