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Warnings: Vulgar language, very slight fluff, (detailed) smut.

Act XI

The night was quiet, save for the rustling of leaves in a light breeze and bubbles of conversation that drifted over the open space. Trees were sparce, clustered together in small groups, surrounding a collection of ruins. At the center of the ruins upon a dais was a stone bench, cracks dancing in its surface like veins, ivy curling possessively around it. The moon was full and huge in the sky, and it lit up the ruins and the surrounding wood perfectly, giving it an eerie yet beautiful feel. Ciel sat in a folding chair, blanket draped over his shoulders and pulled tight around him as he sipped at a cup of hot chocolate. Though it was only September, the nights had grown colder, and the costumes, while dashing, were shit when it came to braving the weather. I'd probably be better off naked, he thought bitterly, burrowing deeper into the blanket as he glared at a few blades of grass, which glistened with dew.

The Director was gathering the camera and sound crews, giving direction and discussing the perfect angles, or what have you. There weren't many people here for the filming of the last scene, just the ones that were necessary. Leffew was barking orders at the two girls who did makeup, and they scurried over to Ciel, faces tight with anxiety.

"Where the fuck is Sebastian?" Leffew demanded from a stuttering cameraman.

As if he had materialised from the shadows, Sebastian appeared at Ciel's side, sitting down in his own chair. "I'm here, Amelia. There's no need to bite their heads off on my account." He waved a gloved hand at her, as if brushing off her aggressiveness.

"Will you please stay put, Sebastian? That's the fifth fucking time you've wandered off. We're here to film a scene, don't you recall?" Leffew hissed at him vehemently before turning on her heel and heading off to terrorize someone else.

"Someone has her panties in a bunch," Ciel muttered under his breath, leaning back as the makeup artists started applying cosmetics to his face.

"Leffew always gets like this when a very crucial scene needs to be filmed in a small time frame. Don't let her bother you," one of the nameless females that had started doing Sebastian's makeup said.

After that, the four of them fell silent, allowing the makeup artists to do their jobs. Once they had finished they traipsed off to save another person from Leffew's wrath. A comfortable silence fell over the two males, the youth sipping at his lukewarm hot chocolate.

A few seconds passed before Sebastian's face broke out in a condescending smirk. "Are you really that cold? You're shivering."

"Shut up. Not all of us are lumbering giant space heaters." Ciel's lips formed a pout. He set the cup down, no longer interested in the cooling thick liquid.

A tiny squeak left him as his taller counterpart reached over and plucked him from the folding chair, placing him instead in his lap. "If I am a space heater, as you say, then allow me to warm you," Sebastian's murmured against the shell of the youth's ear, his velvet voice wrapping around him in delicious shivers.

"Bastard," he mumbled, no real heat in the word as his cheeks flamed. He pulled the blanket tighter and leaned into the sanguine-eyed male, taking slow, deep breaths to draw in his intoxicating scent.

"Okay!" The Director's sudden shout made them both jump, either out of shock or guilt, it couldn't be said. "Let's see if we can get the last scene filmed in one take, shall we? Places, everyone!" He said with a clap of his hands.

Ciel let out a groan as he slid out of Sebastian's lap and shed the blanket. He allowed the taller male to lift him up and place him on his right arm. The left one slithered out of sight, leaving his sleeve to dangle emptily at his side. He walked over to the starting point, between a thicket of trees, and awaited the Director's order.

"And... action!"

Ciel was perched on the crook of Sebastian's arm, his dainty hand placed gently upon the broad shoulder as Sebastian began walking through the trees. He gracefully strided towards an archway that led into the ruins, walking up the steps to the stone dias.

"Here, Young Master," he said, carefully placing the youth upon the aged bench.

"So this is where it ends?" Ciel asked, his tone soft with the inquiry.

"Yes," the butler stated simply.

The young Earl turned his head, his uncovered eye spotting a raven. "That bird is eyeing me," he announced.

Again, Sebastian merely said, "yes."

Turning back around, Ciel breathed his next words as easily as if he were commenting on the weather. "After you've taken my soul, give it what's left." He let his gaze fall upon the ivy-laden dais.

"You're as kind as ever, Young Master," Sebastian said, but for once he did not sound patronizing.

After a pause, Ciel raised his hand to touch the silk fabric of the eyepatch. "Will it hurt?" He asked, no hesitance in his voice.

"It will, a bit," Sebastian said, his brows turning up in a sympathetic expression as a small smile graced his lips. "I will make it as gentle as I can, though."

"No," the youth said forcefully, tilting his head up so he could meet the eyes of his butler. "Go ahead and be brutal. Etch the pain deep into my soul as proof that I lived."

Sebastian looked slightly taken aback with surprise for a few moments, before a subdued smile replaced it. He sank down on one knee, bowing his head and placing his right hand over his heart. "Yes, my Lord."

Ciel's gaze once again fell, as if he were feeling so very tired. He leaned back against the bench, watching and waiting as Sebastian pulled his glove off of his remaining hand with his teeth. As it dropped to the ground, he closed the distance between them. Bending at the waist, the butler reached his hand out, fingers lightly caressing the porcelain skin of his master's cheek.

Ciel could feel his heart racing in his chest, but kept his outward expression the same. He didn't want to ruin this take and have to start all over again. As the fingertips danced over his lips, Sebastian's thumb grazed his jawline and tilted his head to the side. His digits slipped beneath the eyepatch and Ciel closed his eyes as it was pulled away. Long fingers gently stroked through the kitten-soft blae locks, the knot loosening and coming undone. The silken piece of fabric fell uselessly next to their feet.

As Sebastian began to lean forward, lips curled in the barest hints of a smirk and parted slightly, Ciel closed his eyes. He could feel the closeness of the taller male; his lips were centimeters away drom his own. Each soft exhale of breath fanned over his cheeks, making his skin tingle. It took all of his willpower to keep his own breath from hitching in his throat, to steady his trembling lips. He wanted so badly to lean forward and close the distance. The chemistry between the two and the sexual tension was so thick and heavy, it was surprising that no one but themselves seemed to notice.

"Now then, Young Master," Sebastian breathed out. He barely suppressed the lust in his voice, and he found it very hard to keep himself those few centimeters away for the last few moments of the scene.

"Cut!" The Director yelled merrily. "That was perfect! Amazing job, both of you!"

Sebastian straightened up and took a step back, as Ciel opened his eyes and turned his gaze over to the elder. He had efficiently cut through the heavy atmosphere with his boisterous voice.

"You have tomorrow off; thank you for all your hard work." This came from Leffew, who was dabbing at tears of relief. All her stress had fled her at the conclusion of the perfect last scene.

Cheering broke out amongst the crew, and Ciel let a smile grace his lips. Sebastian reached out a hand to help him stand. Together they walked towards a sleek black Mercedes, which was the older male's car.

"So," Sebastian said amiably.

"So?" Ciel repeated, the question raising his voice an octave.

"Well, since we have tomorrow off, I was wondering..." the sanguine-eyed male hesitated, as if looking for the right words. "There's a carnival that's opening tomorrow, and..."

Ciel smirked, tilting his head back to look at the slightly frazzled expression on his counterpart's face. "Would you like to go to the carnival?"

Sebastian blinked, and then a chuckle rose up from deep in his chest. "Naturally."

Rays of sunlight filtered between the blinds of the living room window, falling across Ciel's closed eyelids. A small whine left his lips and he shifted his weight, turning his face away from the offending light. The reverberating of a chuckle in the chest beneath his ear roused him even more, drawing a sigh from him as he abandoned any thoughts of more sleep. Long fingers lightly trailed down his spine as he opened his eyes. Sebastian's other hand cupped his slim hip, squeezing lightly.

"Good morning, sleeping beauty," he purred, his tone mocking.

"Ugh, fuck you," Ciel moaned, bringing his hand up and covering Sebastian's mouth. A warm tongue darted out and licked the palm of his hand. He yanked it away with a cry. "You're disgusting!" He sat up, straddling the older male's waist as he wiped the saliva off on his favorite pajama pants.

Sebastian chuckled and raised a brow, stretching his arms out behind his head. "Now, you don't mean that."

"I do. I hope your fucking tongue falls out. I can't believe you licked me, ugh," Ciel grumbled, his voice tapering off into incoherent complaints.

This brought more laughter from the giant beneath him, who shook his head in disbelief. "You really aren't a morning person, are you?"

"Nope," Ciel dead-panned before sluggishly sliding out of Sebastian's lap. "Coffee," he breathed, padding into his kitchen and looking groggily around.

Tiny fingers wrapped around the handle of the coffeepot, and he turned on the sink faucet, filling it completely. He slid a stepping stool noisily across the floor before climbing atop it and opening the coffee machine, where he poured the contents of the pot. Ciel spooned out the ground coffee into the filter; once it was filled to his tastes, he closed the lid, replaced the pot, and turned the machine on. Soon the apartment was filled with the scent of fresh coffee, and his mouth practically watered with impatience. The aroma was enough to perk him up slightly, and he dragged the stool over to the cabinet where he kept the mugs. His eyes scanned the contents, searching for his favorite cat mug, and when he found it, a scowl curled his lips. His fingers barely grazed the top shelf, and a frustrated whine pierced the air.

"God damnit, Sebastian!" He growled angrily. "You're a fucking twat!"

Sebastian tried to stifle his laughter as he rose from the couch and followed the enraged snarling into the kitchen. He leaned against the wall, watching in amusement as Ciel struggled to reach his favored mug; his body was trembling from the exertion, and he stood on tip toe. Still, his fingers barely grazed the mugs face, and another pissed off snarl ripped from his throat.

"What seems to be the problem?" Sebastian asked nonchalantly, fighting the smirk that wanted to spread on his face. His lips twitched now and then, but he managed to keep a questioning expression on his face.

"You know damn well- this is my favorite fucking coffee mug, you dick! I know you put it here because we both know that I'm too fucking short to reach this shelf!" His voice grew in octaves as his rage began to boil over. "Why the fuck else would I leave the top shelves completely bare, you fucking asshat!?"

Sebastian could no longer keep his laughter at bay, and he bent forward with the force of his mirth. His sanguine eyes teared up as he sniggered, arm curling around his torso as if trying to hold himself together.

"Stop fucking laughing, dick! You wanted to see me struggle, well, you've seen it!"

After his laughter calmed down, he strode forward, his chest brushing against Ciel's back, causing him to tense up. He reached one arm up and plucked the mug from it's perch, the other snaking around the slim waist and lifting him from the stool.

The youth hissed like a cat and struggled in the iron-like grip, sputtering indignantly. "You unbelievable bastard. I fucking hate you, you giant fucking beast of a man." He continued to protest and curse as Sebastian set the mug on the counter, freeing up his other hand. His long fingers tangled in the kitten soft locks, tugging gently his shorter counterpart's head back. He immediately silenced the youth by bringing his lips down on the parted pink petals. The ensuing kiss was full of fire and passion, and when they broke apart, Ciel was left gasping with flushed cheeks and glazed over eyes.

"So feisty," Sebastian murmured, pleased with himself for placating the little spitfire. Gently releasing his hold on the younger male's hair, he set him down on his dainty feet and opened the fridge, leaning forward to find the heavy whipping cream. "You have such peculiar tastes," he stated, pouring a generous amount of the cream into the waiting mug.

"Don't think I will forgive you so easily by making my coffee," Ciel muttered, his voice lacking heat. "If you make it wrong, I'll have your head."

Chuckling, Sebastian spooned in 3 healthy helpings of sugar before filling the rest of the mug with coffee. After stirring it exactly twelve times, he handed the steaming beverage to Ciel. "If you think that by now I don't know how you take your coffee, you must have very little faith in me."

The blae-haired male mumbled expletives under his breath before taking a sip of the liquid. A contented sigh left his parted lips, and he closed his eyes as he relished in its flavor. Sebastian took out a mug for himself and poured himself a cup of coffee.

Ciel eyes him and the mug in distaste, his nose wrinkling up. "I've no idea how you can stomach drinking it black."

"This is how a man takes his coffee," was the reply he received, but before he could retort, Sebastian whacked him on the ass. "It's already almost noon, kitten. Go get ready for the carnival."

Eyes lighting up in excitement, Ciel practically skipped to his bedroom, taking his creamy coffee with him and leaving a chuckling Sebastian in his wake.

"It's going to be a long day," the sanguine eyed male hummed to himself before making his way to the bathroom.

Ciel was practically bouncing in the passenger seat of the Mercedes. The closer they got to the carnival, the more excited he became. It was endearing to watch the youth stare out the window with wide-eyed wonder; he truly was a child at heart. Sebastian easily pulled his car into a parking spot, turning it off and climbing out in one swift movement. Ciel struggled with his seatbelt in his hurry to get out of the car as soon as possible. Sebastian chuckled as he opened the passenger door, reaching in and unbuckling it for him. It was a testament to his elation at going to the carnival when he didn't bite his taller counterpart's head off for helping him or hissing that he could do it himself and wasn't helpless.

Once he had untangled himself from the seatbelt, Ciel bounded out of the car and began tugging not very gently on Sebastian's arm.

"Patience, kitten," Sebastian purred, shutting the door and locking his car.

He allowed the shorter male to practically drag him up to the ticket counter, where he purchased armbands that allowed them to go on every ride. Ciel hopped from foot to foot as he impatiently waited for the lady behind the counter to secure his armband. Sebastian could see how frustrated she was becoming with Ciel, and he offered her an apologetic smile as he took it upon himself to fasten the bracelet on his counterpart's wrist. As soon as they were given the go-ahead, Ciel was back to tugging on Sebastian, pulling him this way and that as he gawked at all of the games and rides. A bitter rabbit caught his eye and he paused at a Dart Toss booth. He stared at it, head tilted to the side, not really surprised that Black Butler was so popular that a carnival would have merchandise. Ciel had wanted the bitter rabbit like no other, but the Director had told him that it was only a prop, and that he couldn't have it.

The youth worried his bottom lip between his teeth, longing in his royal blue eyes. Sebastian stepped toward the Carnie, clearing his throat. "Excuse me, how do I win that one?" He inquired, pointing at the rabbit. The look of pure want on Ciel's face had urged him forward and made him ask before he could think about it. He momentarily pondered where the strange need to give Ciel everything he desired had come from, but he pushed it away as the Carnie answered his question.

"Ye hafta pop 10 in a row to get that'n," he slurred in a bored tone.

"All right, then," Sebastian said, placing several billets on the counter.

The Carnie gave him a handful of darts, sneer on his face. "G'd luck to ye."

Ciel's attention was finally drawn away from the bitter rabbit when the disgusting ooze of the Carnie's voice washed over him. Shock coursed through him as he watched Sebastian aim dart after dart and successfully pop each balloon.

"What are you..?" his voice trailed off as his taller counterpart gave him a cheeky grin, before focusing back on the task at hand. When the tenth balloon popped, the Carnie scowled, removing the bitter rabbit from it's perch and shoving it into Sebastian's arms.

"Ther's yer prize," he grumbled, turning his gaze away from the tall male while he collected the billets.

Sebastian promptly turned without so much as a thank you, a smile lighting up his face. He gently placed the bitter rabbit in Ciel's arms, who gaped at him like a deer in the headlights.

"You wanted this, right?" Sebastian prompted, and all the youth could do was nod. A bubble of happiness rose in him, and he tried to keep it off his face, but the way his eyes lit up told his counterpart all he needed to know.

Ciel turned on his heel and began walking with a purpose to nowhere in particular. "Let's go on some rides," he called back, a flush coloring his cheeks when he felt Sebastian's arm drape around his waist.

Alois and Claude had spent the entire morning leisurely lounging in the latter's bed, enjoying each other's company as they cuddled close together. The atmosphere was completely peaceful, but there was only so much time one could spend in bed without becoming restless. The blond sat up and stretched, a sigh on his lips.

"Let's go out today, Claude," he said, shifting his body until he was sitting on his knees and facing the plum-haired male.

A slight smile curled his lips as he regarded the manic blond with calculating golden eyes. "What did you have in mind, little dove?"

Alois' face lit up in happiness, a grin splitting his lips. "Well, there's a carnival going on, but before that I thought we could go to lunch, take a walk through a park, or something." His cheeks flushed lightly and he looked down at his hands. His fingers occupied themselves with picking at the comforter.

Claude hummed approvingly, climbed out of bed and headed for his closet. "That sounds lovely." His bipolar counterpart bounded out of the bed and latched onto his back with a squeal. The taller male felt featherlight kisses trailing along his shoulder, and he chuckled, fingers stroking lightly the arms that were wrapped around his waist. "Will you allow me to get dressed so that we can go?" He asked, affection evident in the warm tone.

The blond giggled and released the hold he had on his boyfriend before flitting off to get dressed himself. Once both were fully clothed, they headed out on what was sure to be a fun date.

The day was coming to an end; the sun had begun to set and the carnival was getting ready to close. Ciel had dragged Sebastian onto more rides than he could count, and they had both indulged in elephant ears and various other unhealthy treats. The blae-haired male was positively stuffed, ready to split at the seams, but he wasn't yet ready to retire for the day.

"Attention fair-goers, in 5 minutes the fireworks show is going to be starting. After it has finished, the carnival will close for the day." A voice crackled to life over loud-speakers that were placed throughout the fair.

Sebastian took Ciel's hand and began leading him through the slowly dispersing crowd. "Hey, Sebastian," he yelped, tightening his hold on the bitter rabbit. "Where are we going?"

The only answer he was given was the taller male flashing him a smirk over his shoulder. His question was soon answered when they halted in front of the ferris wheel. They stood at the end of a small line, and were soon let into one of the compartments. Sebastian sat across the way from Ciel, and after a few moments of waiting, the ride began to slowly ascend upwards. Once they were at the top, the ride stopped with a lurch, and a loud bang followed by a bursting of colorful light signified the start of the fireworks.

Ciel started for a second, but soon the fireworks had his full attention. He ooh'ed and ahh'ed in delight with each colorful burst. They couldn't hold his attention for too long though, as the sexual tension began to fill the compartment. It was thick and heavy in the small space, and he found his blue eyes were drawn to the sanguine eyes of his counterpart almost against his will. His breathing became shallow as his eyes lidded, and he worried his bottom lip between his teeth viciously. Sebastian ran his tongue over his lips, practically tasting the electric atmosphere. His skin itched with desire for the younger male, but he stayed in his seat, fingers digging into the cold metal as though to steel his resolve.

Time seemed to stop for a moment, and then Ciel made his decision. He carefully stood, closing the small distance between them and straddling the older male's lap. Sebastian drew in a sharp hiss of a breath, his hands coming up and gripping tightly onto the slim hips. His fingers kneaded the tender flesh, and Ciel had to swallow a keening sound that threatened to rise in his throat. Instead, he pressed his lips roughly against Sebastian's, purring as the other parted his lips invitingly. His tongue trailed along, exploring the moist cavern presented to him. A guttural moan settled deep in his chest as he pressed as close as humanly possible to the object of his desire. Teeth gnashed together in a primal kiss, heat pooling in the pits of stomachs as lust grew to feverish proportions.

Sebastian's hands slid from hips to rump, each massaging the soft mounds they found. Ciel's back arched sharply as he broke the kiss, gasping harshly and digging his nails into the broad shoulders of the elder. One hand released an ass cheek and worked it's way into the tight shorts that encased the youth's ass. A probing finger brushed against the sensitive ring of flesh, causing Ciel to jerk sharply, his fingers squeezing and releasing Sebastian's shoulders in a kneading motion. With a sudden thrust, the finger sheathed itself in the tight and inviting hole, a strangled sound catching in the blae-haired male's throat.

Ciel brushed his lips against the shell of Sebastian's ears, panting gently. "P-please," he whined pitifully, bucking his hips slightly. "Fuck-" his next words were cut off as the ride lurched to life. He hissed in disappointment as the wriggling digit slid out of his entrance, the hand leaving the back of his shorts.

With a sigh, the youth returned to his seat, crossing his arms over his chest with a pout. Sebastian shifted in his seat, discomfort radiating from the throbbing need between his legs.

"Soon," was his murmured promise as their compartment made it back to the ground and the Carnie opened the door to let them out.

Ciel's erection was straining against his pants, and he wasted no time in snagging his bitter rabbit and clutching onto Sebastian's hand. The elder took the lead and swiftly forged a path through the crowd, locating the exit of the carnival and rushing to his car. They both climbed in and fastened their seatbelts before Sebastian peeled out of the parking lot, tires screeching. Ciel would have sworn that his counterpart had broken speeding laws, but he couldn't find it in himself to care at the moment.

As soon as the apartment door was unlocked, they were glued together, bumping into walls and knocking over shelves. Ciel attacked Sebastian's lips as the latter yanked off their clothes without any preamble. His fingers dug into the skin of the youth's hips as he stumbled backwards towards the bedroom, pulling him along. Ciel roughly shoved Sebastian into the dresser, trailing kisses down his neck to his chest. It was all lips and teeth, sharp nips and sucking, leaving vicious love bites behind. The older male flipped them around, pushing Ciel into the wardrobe. Handles dug into his back, a dull pain radiating up his spine, but he didn't care. He gasped shallowly as Sebastian dropped to his knees and took his weeping erection into his mouth in one swift movement. A strangled cry ripped out from the blae-haired male, his fingers tugging harshly on the raven locks of his counterpart.

Sebastian swirled his tongue aroung the head of the dick, catching and savoring every drop of precum. He bobbed his head up and down the length, sucking hard and drawing a guttural whine from the dainty male. His hands held tight onto the slender hips, stopping them from bucking into his mouth.

"Enough," Ciel cried, half a hiss and moan.

The raven-haired male released the cock with a sloppy pop, rising up from the floor. In one fluid movement, he launched Ciel onto the bed, climbing on top of his sprawled out form. The youth hooked his legs around Sebastian's waist, tugging him impatiently closer. His fingers found purchase in the older male's shoulders, nails digging sharply and piercing flesh. The head of Sebastian's dick was lined up with his twitching and needy hole, but the elder paused, his eyes dancing deviously.

"Beg for it," he purred tauntingly.

"Fuck you," Ciel spat, rocking his hips up into the throbbing erection, making his counterpart shiver from the delicious friction.

"As you please," Sebastian growled, fully sheathing himself in the tight hole. The tip of his dick brushed against that sweet bundle of nerves, causing Ciel to mewl and arch his back sharply. The elder began to thrust mercilessly, drawing sweet moans from those soft petal pink lips.

Nails dragged down his broad back, tearing into skin and drawing blood; teeth bit into a plump lip, worrying it red in an attempt to muffle keening moans. With each thrust, the tip would hit the bundle of nerves dead on, and Ciel would toss his head back in unadulterated pleasure. His pupils dilated, getting pushed closer and closer to the edge. The tightening of his hungry hole around his dick let Sebastian know how close Ciel was. His mouth latched onto a pert nipple, nibbling and sucking, rolling it in between his teeth all without his thrusts faltering. Ciel's mouth fell open as a heavy moan ripped from his throat, and he rolled his hips up to meet Sebastian's, the combined stimulation pushing him over the edge into orgasm. His seed spurt out, coating both their chests. With a few more sharp thrusts, the older male came as well, his trembling body collapsing next to his shorter counterpart.

They rode out their orgasms in silence, bodies slick with sweat, electricity dancing over their skin every time they brushed against one another. Sebastian opened his eyes and watched the rise and falls of Ciel's chest even out, though it was hard to see in the dim room. Suddenly, the youth rolled over, arms seeking out Sebastian; they curled around his torso and pulled him closer, a contented purr leaving his lips.

He bit his bottom lip, confusion at the emotional turmoil squeezing his chest. Ciel hid his face in the crook of Sebastian's neck, closing his eyes tightly and trying to shut out the unknown, persistent feelings. He could feel the older male's arms tighten around him, embracing him, and for some reason it calmed the storm thrashing within him. It wasn't long until both of them began drifting to sleep. Ciel could feel his swirling emotions fighting with his exhaustion, and soon enough, his exhaustion won out, and he fell into a dreamless sleep.

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