Chapter nineteen

With help from Severus, Harry got everything he would need for his classroom but also for his office, then they brought some of Harry's personal belongings from the house to he could make his room more personal. When Severus and Minerva showed him his private room at the back of the transfiguration classroom Harry couldn't hide his disappointment which made Minerva snigger. Finally she said that if Harry and Severus wished to share they could, Harry just had to spend some nights in his office so students could see him if they wished, that statement made Harry blush again but he grinned stupidly making Severus and Minerva laugh.

Harry was again sitting at the staff table next to Severus with Hagrid on his other side. They were all discussing Hogwarts and the students returning in a couple of weeks' time. Even though the older students that fought in the battle of Hogwarts had been offered their N.E.W.T.s without sitting for the test, some like Hermione wanted to sit for the actual test. Her argument was that she wouldn't be positive she would pass without doing the test which naturally made Ron and Harry roll their eyes as they laughed. Originally Ron wasn't going to return but since his girlfriend was he knew he would miss her too much so he was returning, but so were a lot of their friends, some weren't, they went straight out and found jobs.

Hermione and Ron stepped into the great hall to see Severus and Harry gazing at each other and they both had the same thought, how would these two men go with students around them. Would they be able to pull in showing their feelings or would all the students get to see just how much Harry and Severus cared for each other.

'Hey, I wasn't expecting you. But you're lucky you turned up today, the enchantments are being done tomorrow,' Harry grinned.

'Yes, you mentioned it was about to be done. Do you think we could talk for a minute?'

Harry instantly tenses hearing the serious tone from Hermione, 'Um, yeah, sure, we can go into my office if you want?'

'If we could mate.'

'There's no danger to Harry is there?' Severus asked as he pulled Harry into his arms.

'No, well, Ginny might decide to hex him, but it's not death eaters or anything like that,' Ron said.

'Okay,' Harry turned to Severus, 'I'm fine, I'll let you know.'

'Professor Snape can come to if you want Harry.'

'No, it's fine, you go with your friends Harry, you can fill me in later,' Severus kissed Harry then waited until he stood, 'I'll be finishing up in my rooms.'

'Okay,' Harry walked slowly off with his two friends until he came to his classroom.

'This isn't the transfiguration classroom, that was on the fourth floor,' Hermione said.

'Minerva changed it for me so I wouldn't need to go up and down so many stairs. I will have to occasionally, but she's even worked it so I can patrol the lower floors and grounds. So what's going on and why would Ginny hex me?'

'It seems someone leaked the information about why you two broke up, that she didn't like your scars, that she kept making excuses about training for try outs whenever you didn't use the glamour charm,' Ron sighed, 'Not one team would give her a try out, one of the managers, Ginny never said which one said that they didn't like team members who were shallow and selfish. When the word shallow was mentioned Ginny knew why no one will give her a go.'

Harry sat on his desk facing his friends, 'Even though I didn't want this to happen, she did bring it on herself so I can't really feel sorry for her. But I know that was her dream and I get why she couldn't look at me, I hate looking at myself, I'm just glad Sev doesn't mind how I look. So maybe I could say something, I don't know.'

'Before you offer just wait until you hear what Hermione overheard.'

'Um, I'm sorry Harry but I was passing her room when I heard her talking. I thought someone was in there, but she was alone. She kept saying that if she got back together with you then the teams would change their mind, this was early this morning, so you might get a visit from her.'

'So she wants to use me to get the teams to give her a try out. Surely she's heard I'm with Sev now?'

'She has, she thinks it's just because she didn't want you so you went with Snape because he was helping you. She doesn't believe you really like him,' Ron said.

'I don't like him I love Sev, more than I thought possible. Well if she turns up she's going to get a shock. Tell your parents I'm sorry if she ends up hurt over this but right now I'm pissed off.'

'Harry,' Severus stepped in and saw his lovers face, 'What's wrong?'

'We'll leave you to professor Snape Harry, we just wanted to warn you. Also it means she'll be back as that's what her parents said, no try out then she finishes school,' Hermione hugged Harry, then Ron did before they left.

'Now tell me what's wrong?'

'Can we go outside, lay on the grass, I need to calm down.'

'Come on,' Severus put his arm around Harry, he took his walking stick in his hand and they walked slowly out of the castle and down to the grass under the large beech tree, Severus conjured a blanket, then helped Harry sit before sitting beside him, Harry lay on his left side, 'Tell me?'

'She can't get a try out because someone leaked the information about why we broke up. Okay, I thought I might help, but Hermione overheard her talking about getting me back so they would give her a try out. I asked if she knew about us, she does but thinks I'm only with you because she wasn't and you helped me,' Harry caressed Severus' face, 'I told them that I'm with you because I love you Sev, with all my heart.'

Severus' eyes flicked up then down to Harry's face, 'I love you too Harry and I want you to marry me, right now before school starts.'

Harry smiled then moved until he was half lying on top of Severus, 'Yes, oh yes Sev, I want to marry you. You mean the world to me my love, you own my heart and soul.'

Severus pulled Harry's head down and kissed him with every bit of love he had in him for this young man. Neither of them realised that they had been overheard.

Ginny stood gaping at what she had been hearing and now seeing, she realised she had lost her dream of playing quidditch and now she had lost Harry, the man she loved just because she could not take the way he looked, so scarred and so limited on what he could do now. She turned feeling defeated, it was the first time in her life that things didn't go her way. Harry now loved someone else, her dream of being Mrs. Potter was gone and it was all her own fault.

Harry and Severus walked with their arms around each other into the castle, stood in front of Minerva and asked her to perform the ceremony right then and there. To say the headmistress of Hogwarts was shocked was an understatement, she sat there with her mouth hanging open making Harry and Severus laugh before they leant over the table and kissed Minerva's cheek. Within twenty minutes Harry and Severus were married and heading to their room to spend their first night with their partner, their married partner, their lifelong partner, ready to spend the rest of their lives together, forever.

The end: