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A Broken Child




"Petunia, wake the boy up. I'm off to work," Vernon grunted tiredly as he struggled to pull on his jumper.

"Yes, dear. I'll make sure he gets all his chores done for the day," Petunia said quietly as she watched her husband waddle out the front door. "Dudley! Come on, we have to be quick. Go get his things and don't forget under the floor boards," She yelled as her son raced up the stairs.

Petunia walked over to the cupboard where Vernon had thrown her nephew and opened it slowly, the sight made her want to vomit. Her nephew, the last piece of her sister, was huddled on a small cot, naked and bruised, his small body covered in semen. She gagged and had to turn away for a moment, taking deep breaths to compose herself. Her nephew need her right now. She would not fail him more than she already had.

Petunia slowly reached out and gently brushed a lock of hair out his face. The small boy flinched awake at the phantom touch and scrambled away from her, hissing in pain as he agitated his injuries. Petunia quickly drew back, not wanting to cause him anymore distress.

"I-I'm sorry, U-Uncle! I didn-t mean t-to oversleep, p-please don't punish m-me," the small raven-haired boy begged, tears welling up in his eyes.

"Shh, child. Vernon is not here. It's alright, you did nothing wrong," Petunia cooed softly.

"A-Aunt Petunia? A-Am I late m-making breakfast? I'll do it right away! Please d-don't get uncle!" He pleaded, watching her fearfully.

"I never thought it was this bad, Harry," she said, remorse welling up inside her.

"Mom, I got the stuff!" Dudley yelled as he thundered down the stairs. Harry winced at the loud noise and pressed himself into a corner, watching his aunt and cousin with wide, terrified eyes. Dudley nearly fell over when he got a look at his cousin for the first time in weeks.

"Mom?" Dudley managed to choke out in horror. He stepped closer and reached a shaking hand into the cupboard to help his smaller cousin.

"P-Plase! Please, n-no. I'll be g-good. Please, don't t-touch me," Harry said through his sobs as he shrank into the corner with his knees pulled up protectively to his chest and his small, frail arms wrapped around them.

"Harry, I am not going to hurt you. We are going to get you out of here. I'll send you to some people who can make things happen just like you." Petunia said to the sobbing child then turned to Dudley. "Dudley, stay here with him. See if you can get him to put some clothes on."

"Okay. Where are you going?" He asked.

"I need to go talk to Mrs. Figg next door. She's magical like Harry and will be able to contact someone who can help him." Petunia hurried out the door, praying that this would work.

"Harry?" Dudley called uncertainly. "Mum says you have to get dresses. Can you do that?" Harry nodded slowly and Dudley stepped away from the cupboard and turned around to give his cousin some privacy. Once Harry was done he knocked on the wall to get Dudley's attention. Harry was dressed in Dudley's old clothes, like always, but now they seemed even bigger on his skeletal frame. At that time Petunia came rushing back inside, a man dressed all in black stalking in behind her. Dudley startled at the sight of the stranger and stepped protectively in front of Harry who shrank back from the intimidating man.

"Here he is, Severus. Can you help him?" Petunia asked, wringing her hands worriedly. The man, Severus, sneered down at Dudley, his onyx eyes glittering coolly.

"Other than being overweight I see no problem with the boy," Severus drawled. Dudley glared up at the man.

"I'm not Harry," He snapped, stepping aside so the man could see his cousin, "he is." Severus gasped sharply and whirled around to face Petunia.

"What did you do?" Severus hissed. "He was placed with you for protection. You were meant to be watching over him, raising him as if he was your own son. How could you do this to Lily's child? Your own nephew?" Venom dripped off of every word that Severus spoke, his body thrumming with rage and horror. He had not missed the amount of blood on the boy, nor had he missed the other fluid covering his battered body from where the overly large shirt slipped down his shoulder.

A loud thump came from the cupboard followed by a soft "ow" from Harry. Severus swept closer and knelt down to peer into the small space. He frowned when he did not immediately see Harry.

"Where did he go?" Petunia asked her son who had been watching Harry the whole time. Dudley pointed under the bed. Severus pulled out his wand and vanished the bed and found no one hiding underneath it. His narrowed eyes focused on a floorboard that was slightly out of place and he reached for it, lifting it completely away. He stared down into the 4 foot deep hole and found the young boy curled up tight, his body shaking in fear as he cried silently. Severus stared at the boy for a moment before sighing.

"I apologize for shouting, I did not mean to frighten you. I was upset with your poor excuse of an aunt. Will you come out?" Severus asked calmly. Harry curled up tighter, shaking his head frantically.

"Severus? He doesn't trust men, or anyone really," Petunia informed the wizard. "He likes animals though, perhaps you could bring a dog?"

"No, I have something better," He murmured. "I shall call a house elf. Dobby!" He said forcefully. A moment later a loud crack sounded and a small ugly creature with large flappy ears appeared.

"Master Snape be calling Dobby? What can Dobby being doing for his Master?" Dobby squeaked, his ears flapping slightly as he spoke.

"There is a child in there and we can't get him out. I want you to try but you must be gentle with him. He has been horribly abused so he doesn't trust anyone," Severus ordered. Dobby nodded and stepped into the cupboard. He peered down the hole at Harry, speaking softly for a few minutes before reaching a hand down. A small, pale hand hesitantly took the house elf's and Dobby carefully pulled the shaking boy out of the hole.

Severus stayed crouching down as Dobby led the boy out of the cupboard, still holding his hand. He walked towards Severus and only stopped when Harry began to whimper in fear.

"Is being okay, young master. Master Snape is not being hurting you. You is not being hurting young master?" Dobby asked, turning to Severus.

"Of course not you daft creature," Severus sighed. He stood and gathered Harry's belongings, shrinking them and putting them into his pocket before turning back to the boy. He studied the child for a moment, frowning when he realized there was no way he would be able to travel with Harry.

"Potter, we will be leaving shortly. You will hold onto to Dobby's hand and you will not let go. Understood?" Severus asked briskly. Harry nodded quickly, pressing closer to Dobby as he held the elf's hand tighter. "Apparate him to Malfoy Manor." Dobby nodded and with another loud crack he disappeared. Severus turned to glare at Petunia.

"Do not think you will not be hearing from us again, Petunia. You will face the consequences of what you have done to Lily's child. I will make sure of it," Severus snarled before he apparated, not waiting to hear Petunia's excuses.