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Penny and Lisa



I was out of breath but pushed myself on, my lungs burning as I ran along the shore.

Seagulls soared above, their cawing along with the thunder of the ocean as it filled the briny air music to my ears.

It was Friday...the beginning of September at Kings Beach, and the first day of the season. The cool morning air held promise of a warm day, and with the temperatures set to soar earlier than usual, we'd be in for a long, hot summer. This beach was my home away from home...the one place I felt a sense of peace after surviving so much trauma.

A clutch of surfers were out to catch the first of the early morning sets while a few people jogged or walked along the shoreline. It was exhilarating being here, away from the family plantation, my winters always spent training in between helping with the harvest. My cheeks puffed with exertion, the sand squeaking as my toes dug into it's grainy softness. As the wet sand gave way to dry, I broke into a sprint and headed for the clubhouse.

The first thing I noticed when I went inside was that it was eerily quiet. Where the hell did those two boneheads take off to? Our shifts were due to start in half an hour.

Shaking my head, I headed for the shower. Spartacus and Crixus worked alongside me as lifeguards, and had every summer since we finished school. When we started, we thought it would be fun and girls would be all over us. Well, not girls for me. I preferred muscles over soft bodies. Oh yeah, and cock. Spartacus and Crixus knew, of course, but it never affected our friendship.

The aroma of something wonderful assaulted my senses, so I finished my shower in a hurry, dried myself, and dressed in the red boardshorts and matching red and yellow singlet bearing the lifeguard name.

After hanging my whistle and trusty pair of binoculars around my neck, I put on my cap and slipped my favourite pair of sunnies over the peak.

I followed my nose to the kitchen, where Spartacus and Crixus were leaning against the counter, eating Macca's hashbrowns and sipping coffee.

"Hey! Where's mine, fuckwits?" I demanded, folding my arms across my chest.

Crixus pointed to the table, where a protein shake and an apple sat, mocking me.

"Fuck my life," I muttered and picked up my breakfast. "You guys suck donkey dick."

They chuckled as I headed out to the balcony to 'eat'.

"Hey!" Spartacus called. "We're not the ones in training, Ironcock!"

"That's Mr. Ironcock to you, smart arse. Now, go unpack the gear before I wield my weapon of mass destruction!" I yelled, my stomach growling in protest as I took a big bite of the apple and flopped into one of the white plastic chairs.

I'd been in training for the Coolangatta Gold, the toughest and most prestigious Ironman event in Australia. Over forty kilometers of surf-skiing, swimming, boardriding and running was torture for even the fittest competitor. I'd entered each year for the past three, but had never placed higher than tenth. To be honest, I'd never really taken the competition seriously until this year...it was just a way to keep fit. At the age of twenty six, this would be my last time competing, so I wanted to go out with a bang.

Aside from the accolades a victory brings as well as extra sponsorship dollars for myself and for the club, the twenty five grand prize money would go a long way toward helping the family out after last year's cyclone wiped out half of our banana crop.

Downing the shake in several long gulps, my hunger was finally satisfied. I crushed the cup in my hand and tossed it in the bin before picking up my binoculars and slowly looking across the beach. I saw nothing out of the ordinary, but it was still early.

I glanced down and watched as Spartacus picked up the red and yellow flags and set them about a hundred metres north of the clubhouse. He then rejoined Crixus as he busied himself bringing out the first aid kit and rescue board before opening the door to where the ATV was kept. Two girls that looked like they were about sixteen approached, giggling as they watched Crixus lift the rescue board up and tie it to the top of the four-wheeled vehicle, while Spartacus began to load the supplies on the back.

The tropical nor-easterly was picking up, and where the waves were relatively calm just an hour before, they were now beginning to churn. According to the weather reports, a southerly change followed by a storm was coming late in the afternoon, so I had no doubt we'd get to go home early.

Adjusting the focus on the binoculars, I once again pressed the lens to my eyes. The beach was already teeming with swimmers and surfers alike, and I could tell we were in for a busy morning. A few more volunteers had arrived and were already patrolling the stretch of beach between the flags, while Crixus and Spartacus had already taken off on the ATV, heading toward the group of surfies.

I scanned the vast expanse of water, the ATV growing smaller as my colleagues headed south, before focusing on the swimmers, where I watched as one of the new guys, Duro, blew his whistle and waved his arm, directing a couple of strays back between the flags. Satisfied everything was under control, my attention was drawn to the area north of the swimmers where a few paddleboarders were hanging.

When I pointed the binoculars closer to the shore, it was then I saw...him.

Clutching a paddle in one hand and holding the handle of the bright blue board in the other, there he stood, scoping out the sets. Steamer hanging off his torso, his upper back was covered in tatts, and the skin that wasn't inked was a beautiful deep brown. I couldn't stop staring at the way the wind whipped through his long, dark hair, tousling it deliciously.

"Fuck me dead," I whispered, feeling suddenly breathless while my heart pounded in my chest. My mind went into overdrive, imagining what the rest of that fine body would look like, naked and stretched out before me.

"Damn," I chuckled to myself. I must be seriously hard up if I'm imagining getting it on with a man when I've never even seen his face.

The Gods themselves must have seen fit to bless me then because that Adonis of a man chose that moment to turn around and scan the beach. Holy fucking shit, I thought I would faint where I sat. Thick brows framed eyes so dark, I could have sworn they were black. A straight nose led the way down to a full wide mouth that begged to be ravished, preferably by me. The wind sent tendrils of that mesmerizing hair across his face, making him look that much more gorgeous.

Greedily my eyes traveled downward, taking in the slim column of his neck. What I wouldn't do to have my mouth on that, biting and sucking the warm, soft skin, causing the man to make sounds that would embarrass a whore.

Before I had the chance to let my gaze move further downward, he turned back around to survey the water once again. Seemingly satisfied, he set his board and paddle in the sand and finished putting the steamer on, much to my disappointment.

After zipping up, he slipped the leash that was attached to his board around his wrist, picked up his paddle and gripped the handle, dragging the large board over the wet sand. I couldn't take my eyes off him as he waded into deeper water before laying on top of the board and cutting through an approaching wave.

Once he was several metres beyond the break, he sat up and got on his knees, resting his palms on the board while at the same time trying to keep his balance. I licked my lips, entranced by his form, and there was definitely a party going on in my boardies. All I could think of was him on his knees, that wide mouth engulfing my cock as he sucked me dry. It took me a few moments to realise he was about to attempt to stand, and I let out a nervous laugh as his solid, muscular legs began to wobble beneath him.

"Come on, you can do it," I encouraged, willing him to keep his balance. He lurched forward, and I couldn't help but stare at his rubber-clad arse as he tried to right himself.

"That's it," I grinned as he stood upright, legs shoulder width apart, knees flexing as he centred his weight over the board and dug the paddle into the water for the first time. Watching his body move as he skimmed across the gently rolling swell was so mesmerising, I suddenly felt envious of that steamer. What I wouldn't give to be wrapped that tight around each and every inch of him instead.

I was so into watching him, I didn't notice the telltale fin as it emerged, followed by a quick rush of water bursting out of the blowhole of a lone humpback whale.

Oblivious to the whale's proximity, the guy who was my wet dream come to life was headed right for it.

"Oi! Get the hell away from there, you stupid bastard!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, waving my hand in the air like an idiot.

Once it dawned on me he was too far out to hear me, I chucked my binoculars aside, my hat and sunnies hitting the deck at the same time, before grabbing the bullhorn and running out of the clubhouse as fast as my legs would carry me. Pressing the mouthpiece to my lips, I calmly instructed him to move away. Still, he didn't respond, and the distance was closing fast between him and the whale, so I turned up the volume and took a deep breath.

"You there, out on the board - move away from the area! Now!" His head finally whipped around. The second I realised he was staring in my direction, I waved my arm and pointed south, attempting to direct him away from the large mammal. Just as he moved to follow my instructions, one of the whale's large fins lurched out of the water and caught the nose of the board, tipping it and its rider over before slowly moving away. Frantic, I waited a couple of seconds to see if he emerged. I could see the board clear as day, but there was no other sign of life.

"Fuck!" I yelled into the bullhorn before dropping it to the sand and running to the shore, already having attracted the attention of a number of beachgoers. I didn't give a flying fuck about the commotion I was causing; I had to get to this guy before he drowned.

Holding my breath, I sliced through the foaming waves, my arms powering through the water, every muscle working overtime as I swam past the break and made it to the board. The second I saw his lifeless body floating face down in the water, the leash still attached to his wrist, my heart clenched, but I set everything else aside and did what I knew best. Turning him over, I gripped the rail and launched myself up before pulling him in and bringing him aboard. I had him ashore within moments, my knees wobbling as I carried him to the water's edge.

I barely noticed Spartacus as he stood there, yelling at the onlookers to stay back and give us some room. I could only focus on the lifeless body in my arms.

Laying him on his back, I tilted his head and began the motions of CPR. My heart hammered in my chest while the adrenaline pumped through my veins. I was determined this beautiful creature would not die. Not on my watch. Not when I hadn't even gotten to know anything about him.

As the seconds ticked by, Spartacus knelt in the sand beside me and laid a hand on my shoulder.

"Let me have a go," he said quietly.

Shaking my head frantically, I continued on, determined to breathe the very life back into him.

Thankfully, my efforts paid off and the man beneath me began coughing and expelling water. I quickly turned him on his side and sat back on my heels, trying to calm both my heart and breathing. Damn, he had scared the fuck out of me.

Once his lungs were clear, I carefully laid him back in his former position. He blinked up at me, still coughing sporadically. Relief so strong coursed through my body, causing my eyes to prickle with tears. All I could manage in that moment was a ridiculously huge smile.

He responded with a slight smile of his own and in that moment, I was lost.

"Ambo's on it's way," Spartacus announced as he slid the radio into his pocket, the sound of his voice breaking me out of my trance.

"No doc," the man in my arms wheezed, the look on his face a combination of embarrassment and desperation.

"Dude, you almost drowned," my friend implored.

"No doc," he repeated, his chest heaving as he tried to clear his throat.

"We'll just get them to check you over while they're here. Make sure you're okay before we let you go. So what's your name, man?" Spartacus asked calmly, giving our patient a warm, reassuring smile.

"Nasir. My name's Nasir," the man whispered hoarsely in a strong Kiwi accent. Though the rush of words he spoke brought on another bout of coughing, he never took his eyes from mine. Then it hit me. This beautiful man was Maori...a true native of New Zealand.

"Kia ora, Nasir," I said softly, once again bringing a small smile to his lips. "I'm Agron. I promise I won't let them handle you too roughly."

I glanced up at Spartacus who was regarding me like I had lost my mind. I knew what he was thinking - I was getting too personal with the patient. Well as far as I was concerned, Sparty could suck the piss from my cock. I was smitten and I wanted Nasir to know it, even though the way we met was unfortunate.

Approaching sirens rent the air, and Nasir visibly tensed.

"It's alright," I told him. "Just try to relax."

The second I moved to stand and make room for the paramedics, Nasir's fingers were already wrapped around my wrist and tugging me closer, the feel of him taking my breath away. "Please. Don't go."

Turning my hand, I curled my fingers around him until I was gripping his muscular forearm, and bent down so my lips were close to brushing the shell of his ear.

"Wild horses couldn't drag me away," I whispered boldly. I knew it was a risk, letting him know I was more than willing to remain in his company, but I needn't have worried.

A glorious smile that would make the gods turn green with envy slowly crept across his face, showing a row of perfectly straight, white teeth, while the apples of his cheeks turned a deep, delicious shade of red.

Holy shit! The boy is absolutely stunning!

Moments ago, I was telling Nasir to relax, and now all I could think about was stripping him out of his steamer and tracing my lips over every inch of his salty skin. Giving him an assuring smile, I took in a lungful of air and exhaled slowly, trying everything I could to remain focused on the task at hand. If I wasn't careful, everyone would cop an eyeful of my response to Nasir if I didn't calm the fuck down. His hand clutched my arm as if I was his only lifeline, deep brown eyes staring up at me intently.

"Give the guys some room to do their jobs, please!" Spartacus barked, his order snapping me out of my daze. The crowd had thickened and by the time the paramedics made their way to us, half the beach was watching on.

"I won't be far," I whispered. Squeezing Nasir's arm hard before I reluctantly let him go and stood, I hovered as closely as I could without getting in anyone's way, while briefing the paramedics on what had happened as they checked their patient over thoroughly. After they were done, they concluded Nasir had no other injuries except for a the bump on the back of his head, and that he should go to be checked for a possible concussion. Nasir was so insistent he was fine, the paramedics finally agreed to leave him behind as long as someone kept an eye on him for the next 24 hours. Once Nasir explained he was on holiday here by himself and that nobody could keep an eye on him, I decided to offer my help.

"I'll do it!" I said. Spartacus rolled his eyes in response to my unbridled enthusiasm before thanking the officers as they packed away their gear and left.

"You'd do that?" Nasir asked quietly. Grasping Nasir's hand, I grinned at the feel of his fingers curling around mine as I helped him to his feet.

"Are you kidding? In a fuckin' heartbeat! Uh, that is, if you don't mind." Nasir ducked his head, his coy smile and slow shake of his head all the answer I needed.

Spartacus blew his whistle, the noise causing us both to jump apart.

"Okay folks, nothing more to see here. Move along, please." Within moments my friend had managed to get the crowd dispersed, then turned his attention to Nasir. "I'll keep your board here until you're ready to come get it."

"Thanks," Nasir responded with a grateful smile.

"And you," Spartacus poked me in the shoulder. "I'll get Naevia to come in and cover you today and tomorrow, but you need to be back here first thing Monday. You can make up the time next week."

"Thanks, mate! I owe you one," I smirked. Crixus had it bad for Naevia, our newest Senior Lifeguard. It was the first time I'd ever seen him nervous around any chick, so much so that he begged me to roster them on at different times as often as possible. He had managed to avoid her since she'd started here last month, which was a bloody miracle considering how much training we had to do to prepare for the season ahead. It was only a matter of time before they'd end up working together, and it seemed today would be that day.

Spartacus shook his head and picked up Nasir's board and paddle, dragging them behind him before intercepting Crixus as the ATV ground to a halt outside the clubhouse.

I couldn't hear much of their conversation, but when Crixus' eyes widened before a furious scowl spread across his face, I got the feeling he knew what he was in for over the next few days.

"Come on, Nasir. Let's get you home before Crixus convinces Spartacus to change his mind." I was rewarded once again with a brilliant smile. Wrapping my arm around his waist and pulling him into my side for support, I let out a huge, girly sigh. I was like a lovesick idiot, unable to help but think how right this beautiful Maori boy felt in my embrace as we slowly made our way across the hot sand.

A/N: For anyone not familiar with Kiwi or Aussie lingo, here are the translations/interpretations for this chapter. We'll post them as we go.


Singlet - tank top

Sunnies - sunglasses

Macca's - McDonald's

Nor-easterly - breeze coming from the north-east, typically hot in nature

ATV - all-terrain vehicle

Steamer - full wetsuit with long arms and legs

Boardies - slang for boardshorts (swim trunks)

Ambo - ambulance

Maori translations:

"Kia ora" - "Hi."