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Chapter 1: The wolf who cried man

It was dark, it hurt, it burns, it stings, its dark, dark, darkdarkdarkdarkdarkdarkdarkdarkdarkdarkdarkdarkdarkdarkdarkdarkdarkdarkdarkdarkpainsorrowlonelinessmonsterscreamshadowseyesfailurefriendsdeathdeathdeathdeathdeaddeaddeaddeaddeadDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIE-

In a ruined coliseum, two warriors stood. These two were locked in an epic battle of life or death.

The first figure was the one known to the land of Lordran as 'The Chosen Undead', the one who will replace the dying god of sunlight Gwyn and light the kiln of the first flame. He wore an unusual set of armor. A crystalline helmet he salvaged from Seath the scale-less' tower, the armor of thorns he took from the corpse of the knight of thorns known as Kirk, the gauntlets of the dragon smashing Havel the rock and the lower robes of a six-eyed channeler.

In his right hand he held a dark wraith's sword which was wreathed in lightning, courtesy of the miracle Sunlight Blade, and he held Havel's greatshield in his left hand.

Held, by which I mean he lodged in the ground in front of him as he panted for breath. This was the most exhausting fight he has ever faced and he has faced LOTS of battles. He's killed wyverns, a giant white dragon, giants, golems of stone and crystal varieties and a bloody Hydra.

And yet, this one enemy seemed to make those others small in comparison.

A knight stood (or technically hunched) several meters in front of him. The man wielded a greatsword in his right hand, the left arm being completely limp and useless (unless he wishes to toss toxic abyss sludge at you.).

His armor was faded and scratched silver and his helmet was a mixture of a hood and… well, a helmet. The remains of a dark blue scarf was draped around his neck and down his back.

His name was Artorias, one of the four knights of Gwyn, his title being Abysswalker due to the fact that was exactly what he could do. Traverse the abyss, a useful ability he gained from entering a covenant with the father of the abyss, Manus the primeval man.

If you could call a many eyed giant shaman monkey thing a man.

The Chosen Undead huffed as he dropped his greatshield and produced a chaos fireball in his palm. This battle has gone on for too long and he was out of options. If he was going to be killed by one of his idols (the other knights of Gwyn are also on the list of people he idolizes, aside from cinder beard himself.) then he might as well go out with a bang.

He'd just come back and have a rematch anyway. Ah the glories of being undead.

"If I'm going down, I'm draggin you down to Izalith with me!" He roared out his battle cry before charging towards Artorias, his dark sword held behind him.

The corrupted knight howled his own battle cry in response and leaped into the air, his greatsword held above him as he prepared to bisect the undead warrior. The Chosen Undead skidded to a halt and threw the chaos fireball, fast ball special style. The distance between the ball of flame and the abyssal knight became nonexistent as they both collided and became engulfed in a fiery explosion.

"Yes, got hi-what in Izalith!?" The undead soldier exclaimed as he saw the explosion actually get sucked away, like a vacuum was sucking it up. In less than a few seconds, the explosion was gone, Artorias gone with it.

"…Did he…. Die?" The Chosen Undead asked no one in particular. He knew it was impossible. If Artorias died, he should have at least left his soul behind. Yet there was nothing there. It was as if there was never a battle at all, the proof saying otherwise being the scratched and scorched floors.

'Where did he go?' He mentally asks himself as he looks around in case Artorias used some fancy teleportation technique. It was possible that the dark knight used some sort of miracle to escape and contain the explosion.

It would explain the green light he saw appear between the knight and the fireball, mere seconds before they collided.

#summoning grounds, Tristain academy of magic, Halkeginia#

If anybody asked Louise what her least favorite season was be, it would be spring. The reason is obvious.

It was the Springtime Familiar Summoning. This was the special day where the second year students were allowed to summon their own familiar. Familiars usually came in the form of animals, though if you have enough skill you could end up summoning a powerful creature like a dragon or a griffin.

"Alright, has everybody already summoned their familiars?" Professor Colbert, a bald and middle aged teacher, asks to all of the students present in the field.

Suddenly, Louise wished she was smaller than she was (and that is pretty small) so that she could just quietly sneak away without being-

"Sir, Louise still hasn't gone yet!" Kirche, a voluptuous red haired and tanned skinned girl declares loudly as her eyes lock on to the retreating pinkette's form.

'Damn it.' Louise swore in her mind as she turned around rigidly. A number of groans echo throughout the crowd of students.

"Really, the Zero?"

"She'll just make another explosion anyway."

"Maybe she'll summon a bomb."

The indirect insults continue as Colbert smiles at Louise. "Ah yes, miss Valliere, please step forward and begin your summons."

Louise wearily approached the small section where a summoning circle was drawn and sighs. 'Here it goes. My chance to prove them wrong.' She thinks as her resolve is steeled. Her right hand is raised in front of her, a wand being held tightly.

"Hear me, oh powerful familiar…." She starts to chant. Amongst the crowd, the blue haired Tabitha raises her head from her book to look at Louise.

"Different chant." She says in a blank tone to Kirche as they watch to see what happens.

"Oh being of glory and strength…."

"Hmph, her summon is definitely going to fail if she changes the chant." The blonde haired Montmorency huffs out with a scowl. The boy sitting next to her, Guiche, shakes his head as he waves his rose shaped wand in an elegant manner.

"Such a pity, and she seems to be putting so much effort in it."

"I command you to appear before me…." Suddenly Louise's voice seems to develop a small echo as her figure glows slightly and her hair starts to wave around.

"Oi oi, seriously?" Kirche asks in shock as the air turns a bit heavy and wind starts to pick up.

"If you can hear my voice, my plead, my call…."

"Oh Founder, hit the deck!" Kirche shouts as all the students and their familiars try to find cover, just as Louise finishes the spell.

"Then as your new master, I command you, COME TO ME!"

The air was still for a moment until an extremely large explosion erupted from the summoning circle. Dark red flames scorched the ground in front of Louise as she gets flung back a bit by the force of the blast. Even professor Colbert seems to have trouble just staying in place.

Finally, the explosion dies away, leaving a smoking crater. Slowly the students peer at the smoke and then at Louise before bursting in laughter.

"Just like usual, an explosion!"

"Watch it Zero! That could have killed us!"

"Louise the Zero strikes again!"

The students laugh and jeer as Louise just sits there limply on the ground. Her eyes begin to tear up as she clutches her sides. The bald professor gives her a pitying look and moves to place a comforting hand on her shoulder.


Until the crater erupts into a bigger cloud of dust and smoke as something smacks into it. The students watch nervously as something begins to move in the smoke. There was a clanking sound, like metal. Colbert uses a small wind spell to blow away the dust and smoke.

And comes face to face with a knight of death.

This knight was covered in ruined armor, silver in color with a tattered dark blue scarf around the neck. Its helmet was in the shape of a hood with an armored top in the shape that is similar to an eagle's head, a black horsetail coming out from the back of the helm. A huge sword was stabbed into the ground, a black substance covering some parts of the badly damaged blade. The knight's left arm hung limply at his side, the same black substance dripping from the cracks of the armor around it.

Oh, and the knight was tall. Very tall. He would have stood at least 2 to 3 meters in height, if he wasn't hunched over and leaning on his weapon for support.

"O-oi, the Zero summoned a knight?"

"And she practically injured him through summoning him!"

"That armor doesn't look Tristainian…"

"Nice job Zero, you practically killed a knight!"

Louise ignores all the students. Her eyes were locked on to the being in the crater. Something about it stirred a very primal sense of fear in her. Every single part of her mind was shrieking at her to run.

Suddenly the knight begins to stand up straighter and pulls his sword out of the ground. As soon as the tip of the blade has left the dirt, he releases a blood curdling howl, one akin to the sound of a wolf. Colbert reacts quickly as the knight leaps out of the hole and towards him and Louise. The middle aged teacher grabs the pink haired student and quickly jumps to the side as the greatsword smashes into the ground where he once stood. Colbert raises his staff with his right hand and launches a fireball towards the knight, only for it to be battered away by its limp left arm.

"Miss Valliere, please control your familiar!" Colbert shouts to the student he's carrying.

"H-how the hell am I supposed to control THAT!?" Louise shouts in terror. Colbert prepares to release a wave of flames as the students begin to evacuate the field.

"Seal the contract!" He shouts before smacking his staff into the ground, a torrent of inferno erupting from the staff and rushes towards the injured knight.

Response? Another Olympic leap into the air.

"Argh, my name is Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere, pentagon of the five elemental powers, bless this crazy knight and make him my familiar!" Louise shouts as she aims her wand at the mid-air knight.

Suddenly, the armored familiar stops in mid-air abruptly and gets thrown back to where it leaped from. As it crashes down, the black substance seems to turn into a more gaseous form and seeps from his armor, swirling around him. The corruption seems to leak right out of his armor and off his weapon as it swirls in mid-air and starts to enter his limp left hand. Slowly the arm starts to flap about uselessly until slowly the boneless flapping becomes painful jerks, the cracking of bones being audible in the field as the arm regenerates. As the last of the dark substance enters the left hand, bright blue glowing runes are left imprinted on the armor of the gauntlet.

The field is enveloped in silence as Louise gasps for breath and she promptly passes out. Professor Colbert scoops up the unconscious girl in his arms as he approaches the downed knight and turns his gaze upon the knight's left hand.

'Such strange runes…. What a peculiar familiar…'

"Somebody send for water mages, this man needs immediate medical attention!" Colbert shouts at the students that still lingered around. As the students scattered, Colbert looks at the knight again.

"What on earth are you?"


Gone. His new pawn was gone. One moment he was there and then suddenly he was just gone. He wasn't even dead. He just vanished into thin air.

Manus lumbers around the pit that he calls his "Home" and starts to spread out his mind, his consciousness that echoes throughout the abyss.

Suddenly, a part of the abyss was ripped away. Something ripped a part of the raw power of the abyss and made it vanish in the same way Artorias did.

Did this mean something was aloof in his territory?


Maybe some of the foolish Oolacile sorcerors survived and decided to steal a piece of Manus' power.


Manus suddenly jerks its head up as something seems to fall from above.


And he was greeted to the sight of a lightning coated dark sword piercing his shoulder.

Manus howls in anger as he grabs the Chosen Undead with his left arm and throws him as far as possible. The undead soldier rolls across the floor and does an impressive flip and stands up again, albeit a bit wobbly.

"Whew, that was fun. Hi there big guy, we're here to avenge Artorias."

Manus' eyes narrow at the undead. He had the gall of invading the very ruler of the abyss and actually-wait did he say 'we'?

His answer was found in the form of a rather large arrow piercing his backside, where the sun don't shine.

He turns around swiftly and finds another of Gwyn's four knights. Hawkeye Gough.

A sudden intense pain fills his right arm that clutches his large staff, just before he was about to bull charge the large man. He turns his head and sees yet another of the four knights, Lord's Blade Ciaran.

And a series of intensely painful scratches spread on his back as another attacker appears. Swinging his arm around violently, Manus watches the attacker leap of his back and bound away until it was a good distance from the monster.

It was Sif, Artorias' pet wolf.

"You see, I found these three and offered them a proposal. One that involves your imminently painful demise." The Chosen Undead clarifies as he lights a chaos fireball in his left hand.

Manus looks around and realizes that they have surrounded him from all corners. He can't move easily now. Gough would shoot him if he moved, Ciaran can dive in with Sif for rapid hit and runs and the Chosen Undead…. Well, he's the Chosen Undead. What can't he do?

For the first time in a millennia, Manus had a single sentient thought.


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