Chapter 3: Howling

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Chapter 3: The first day


"-torias, don't leave me! Don't go-"


Artorias woke with a jolt. Whatever manner of nightmare he just had was one hell of a wakeup call. His dream was nothing but an empty void, an endless darkness like the abyss but warmer and it surged with great power. He had the same dream when yesterday when he woke up after being summoned and like that one, it ended with an incomprehensible nightmare that left him confused. Somehow, he had the feeling that these nightmares won't leave anytime soon.

He looked over to the bed where his master lay sound asleep. Her face was quite adorable when she was dreaming. Her brow was relaxed and her mouth was slightly parted as her slow breathing went about its course. Artorias stands up and stretches, deciding to take off his armor. He'll get incredibly uncomfortable if he had to wear it constantly.

'Hmmm, I will have to ask master about getting me some new clothes. I can't wear this all the time.' The knight was rather surprised at how easily he accepted Louise as his master. It was strange.

After a long process of taking off his armor, he was left in the rather tight long sleeved black cotton shirt he wore underneath and the long black pants. He was barefoot but that mattered not. He needed to let his toes breath anyway.

He walked over to his Louise's bed and knelt down. He laid a hand upon her shoulder and shook her gently. "Master, it is already dawn. You must wake up."

Louise just rolled over and mumbled incoherently. "M..Mmm…Munya…."

'Munya?' Artorias thinks with a rather quizzical expression before resuming his shaking, only with a tad bit more force. "Master, time to wake up."

"Nn..nno, I'm not hungry….. rhmm…fine, just a bite…."

Artorias had barely registered the last word before she turned her head and bit on his index and middle fingers.

Though being a knight, his fingers have to have a good strength so he can hold his great sword without ever losing his grip. Therefore, his fingers are also tough. A flick from them will certainly hurt a lot, not to mention biting them.

Which Louise discovered as she yelped and held a hand over her mouth. "My teeth! Ouchie, what did I just bite!?"

"My fingers, apparently."

Artorias' voice makes her snap to reality and blush as she realized what she just did. She fumbles around as she tries to cover herself up with the blankets in order to preserve her modesty, as her clothes became rather disheveled in her sleep.

"A-a-are your fingers okay?"

"My fingers? I'm more worried about your teeth!" The knight exclaimed with amusement as he bent and wiggled the bit fingers to show they were fine.

"A-a…hauuu, I am so sorry…" Louise moans as she covers her face with her blanket.

"Tis no problem. Now then, shouldn't you get dressed so you may have breakfast? It is the most important meal of the day." Artorias replied as he stood up. Louise peeked out from under the blanket.

"C-can you wait outside while I get dressed?" She asked timidly. The knight smiled and stood up as he said "Of course." And walked to the door.

As he waited outside the room, a door opposite Louise's room opened up to reveal a voluptuous dark skinned redhead. Kirche.

"Well well well, so this is what the dark knight looks like under the helm? You should wear that armor a lot less when you've got a face like that." Kirche said with a flirty grin as she looked at Artorias as if she was sizing him up.

"Why thank you, I appreciate the comment, miss..?"

"Kirche Von Zerbst." The redhead said with a hint of pride when she said her last name.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Miss Zerbst."

"Oh please, call me Kirche."She said with a wink. Suddenly Artorias had a very bad feeling.

"So, whatcha doing out here? Is little Valliere to afraid to have a handsome man like you in the same room as her?"

As he opened his mouth to answer, the door to Louise's room swung open so suddenly, it smacked into Artorias. Louise apparently didn't notice.

"For your information, I was changing my clothes! Unlike you, I have some modesty in front of men!" The now fully clothed Louise growled irritably at Kirche. To her surprise, Kirche burst out laughing.

"Ohoho, Valliere! Do you have any idea who was behind the door when you opened it like that?"

Louise looked confused for a moment before closing the door behind her and turning her gaze upon the person she just slammed the door into.

"Oh Founder, are you okay!?" Louise shouted in panic as she realized what she just did, making Kirche laugh even louder.

"…..Not even Ciaran managed to surprise attack me like that. I am actually slightly impressed." Artorias said as he rubbed his nose.

"I didn't mean iiit!"

Artorias chuckled slightly until he felt another being enter the hallway. He opened his eyes and they stared at the odd creature that stood on its four legs next to Kirche.

"….What is that?" The knight of Gwyn asked with genuine confusion. It wasn't a dragon but it certainly was no ordinary lizard. Its tail was on fire and it had a few embers sparking from its mouth.

Not to mention it was as big as a tiger.

"Oh, this? This is my familiar, Flame. He's a Salamander!" Kirche declares proudly and puffs out her chest in pride. Louise glares at those particular assets in slight envy.

"A Salamander? I have heard tales of them but to actually see one… quite impressive." Artorias said as he looked at the lizard, which looked at him with a bit of confusion. Was this really the knight that had terrified it so much before?

"Is this the first time you have actually seen one? Can't say I'm surprised, you must have come from quite an odd land, with your height and all."

"Ahaha, not everybody was this tall…" Artorias chuckles. Unlike the dragons in Lordran which were once the ones that made up most of the population, salamanders were more of a cousin to them, like the wyverns. They were much fewer in number due to the fact that they can only survive in biomes of intense heat, such as Lost Izalith. But even there, they require a lot of food, so they have had to adapt over the centuries and changed their diet to survive. What they currently eat though is still unknown.

The salamander suddenly shuffled towards the knight and started to sniff him. Kirche watched this with some interest.

"What is it Flame? Does the good knight smell nice?" She asks with a small laugh as Artorias shifts uncomfortably at how the large lizard was sniffing him.

However, the moment it started sniffing his left arm, it retracted almost immediately and shuffled back to Kirche. The redhead stared at her own familiar with some confusion before shrugging. "Maybe the poor thing is still rather scared after your summoning. Don't worry, it'll get over it."

"Was my summoning really that bad?" Artorias asks with some guilt. Louise develops a frown at the mention of the event. It was technically her fault the salamander was scared. She felt a bit of pride at how Kirche's strong familiar cowered at the presence of her own but she still felt a bit bad.

For the salamander. Not for Kirche. Never for Kirche.

"Well, at least you turned out alright. Now then, I need to go and eat before classes start. Come along Flame. Oh, you too Tabitha!" Kirche says, not before giving a wink to Artorias as she walks down the hallway.

"Tabitha?" The knight asks with a puzzled expression, until somebody walks right past him. His eyes widen in surprise when the blue haired girl with glasses just seemingly popped out of nowhere. It was the same girl that rode the dragon from yesterday.

Tabitha walks past them and then stops to look at Artorias, and then at Louise.

"W-what?" the pinkette asks Tabitha. Her quiet gaze was kind of unnerving.

"….Strong familiar." Tabitha said as she pointed to the door to Louise's room. Louise looks at the door and stifled a tiny gasp as she saw there was a small dent where it collided with Artorias' head. The blue haired girl continues to stare curiously at Louise.

"Strong familiar means strong master."

"S-so what?"

Tabitha tilts her head slightly. "Strange."

Louise's face turns a bit red from anger. "Are you mocking me?"

Tabitha shakes her head before walking away. "Curious."

As the blue haired dragon rider walks away, Louise just stares in confusion and anger. Artorias just watched the exchange with some interest. He was more interested in how Tabitha managed to sneak up on him like that. Only Ciaran could ever do that (when she was actually trying). Which could only mean….

"Is Tabitha just a student like the rest of you?" The knight asks with curiosity and a bit of dread. He hoped he was wrong.

"What? Of course she is! She's just a little odder than most. Why?"

"Because only one person could sneak up on me without me noticing and she was an assassin."

With that final word, Artorias walked down the hallway, a confused Louise walking after him.

The dining room was huge. Artorias expected a large room since this was a school but this was nearly as big as the cathedral in Anor Londo! In the dining room, there were three tables, lined up parallel to each other. Louise walked and sat at the middle table, Artorias standing behind her.

"Umm… normally familiars are not supposed to be allowed in here but since you're a knight, I asked headmaster Osmond if we could bend the rules a little. Since you're a knight, you may sit at the table because you are technically nobility."

"I am honored that you would do that for me, master." Artorias smiles and sits next to her. He looks around and notices that the other students were sitting further away from them. He saw them whisper to each other and point at him and Louise, causing him to sigh. It seems that the students have started some rumors.

"Is something the matter?" Louise asks as she eats her roast chicken after saying her prayer. For a breakfast, the food was certainly lavish.

"Huh? Oh, I was just… looking at those statues." Artorias points at the small statues of little people. "They are incredibly life-like. I thought that they would look rather amusing if they came to life secretly at night."

Louise stares at him and laughs a bit. "Hehehe… well…"

"Wait, they do?" the knight asks in disbelief.

"The statues of the Alviss are enchanted so they come to life at a certain hour." Louise says as she puts her finger up in a lecturing pose.


"At first it was a prank that headmaster Osmond played to scare the first year students whenever they enter this place at night. But that was a long time ago so now the novelty has worn off."

"I see….." Artorias nods and looks around the dining hall. He can see Kirche sitting with a number of boys that stared at her and listened to her every word as she spoke. The knight could tell at how the boys occasionally glanced at her breasts that they held some lust for her. And apparently, that was just what Kirche was aiming for.

He saw Tabitha sitting a little further from Kirche, eating food with her mouth and eating words with her eyes as she read and ate at the same time.

"Aren't you going to eat? I can't have my familiar walk around with an empty stomach you know." Louise asks and begins to eat an apple. The knight looks at the huge banquet in front of him. It was just like the banquets in Anor Londo, only these children had it every single day. He wouldn't be surprise if the dinner was twice as big.

"Well then, I praise Gwyn, lord of sunlight for this feast and pray that it nourishes my body and soul well."

With that prayer, Artorias begins to eat.

The classrooms were large as well, the seats being arrange upward like stairs and a table for the teacher at the lowest level. As Louise and Artorias entered, the students began whispering to one another. Artorias glanced around and saw the various familiars doing their thing. Cats were sleeping near their masters, the bird familiars were either perched upon a student's shoulder or on the table and various other normal animals were lounging around.

It was the more mythical looking creatures that caught Artorias' eye. Kirche's salamander was asleep under her chair, a six legged lizard was hobbling around near a table, and an odd looking creature with several tentacles was in the corner of the room and various other strange creatures. Especially…

"What in Gwyn's beard is that?" Artorias asked as he stared at an odd looking eyeball creature.

"A bugbear. Don't even ask why it's named that, I have no idea." Louise said as she sat down at her desk. She turned her head at Artorias when she noticed that he didn't move to sit down.

"..If it is fine with you master, I wish to explore the school grounds to get a better idea of the layout of this area."

Louise frowned a little but nodded. He was a knight and a knight needed to know where exactly he was before he started living in it.

Artorias walked towards the door and opened it, just as a woman was about to enter. She wore purple robes and had a friendly plump face.

"Oh, pardon me madam." The knight said as he let her enter first before he exited the room. The teacher looked at the door with a confused expression before turning to the students.

"Who was that man, children?"

"That was my familiar." Louise declared with pride in her voice and her chest puffed out, causing Kirche to laugh a bit.

"Familiar? But he was human, albeit a very tall one."

"He wasn't human!" a student shouted from his desk. "That thing tried to attack the Zero the moment it was summoned and tried to attack Professor Colbert! It's a monster!"

"Shut up, Artorias is not a monster! He was just under the influence of a curse!"

"The zero summoned a cursed knight? We're all doomed! Now her explosions will probably curse us too!" a boy shouted, causing a few of the other students to laugh.

Until suddenly their mouths were filled with clay. As the students tried to spit out the clay but found out they couldn't, the teacher looked at them with a stern expression.

"Since you thought it was funny to mock another student's familiar like that, you shall continue to study with that clay in your mouth for the rest of the session. I, Chevreuse shall not tolerate bullying." The teacher gave a kind smile to Louise as she walked down to the teacher's table.

And thus the lesson began.

Artorias paced around the school grounds calmly as he mapped every nook and cranny in his mind. Even if it was a school, there was still a small chance that bandits or maybe the occasional wild animal could attack all of a sudden. And since the dragons are not extinct in this world, one of those may attack for no reason.

'I wonder how much of this world is connected to mine. Everything is so different yet so similar…" The knight of Gwyn thought as he looked at the sun.

'I wonder what the others are doing now. Gough is probably still where he left him, safe in that tower. He may be a great archer but he is still blind. Hopefully, the abyss is gone so that Gough can leave the place safely. Ornstein is probably still in Anor Londo. Sif… he should still be in the abyss, under my shield's protection. And Ciaran…"

Artorias develops a distant look on his face as he remembers his lover. The last memory he had of her was when he was going to face Manus.


"Artorias!" Ciaran shouted as she ran closer to the knight. He was fully armored, his great sword in his right hand and his great shield in his left.

"Artorias, you can't do this! If the monster of the abyss is the cause of what happened to these people then how can you face him and hope to survive!?" The blonde assassin shouted as she gestured to the corpses of the abominations that the people of Oolacile have become.

"I have to. As the Abysswalker, it is my responsibility. No one else can enter the abyss without me entering with them. If we wait for reinforcements, the abyss will have spread even further!"

"Then take me with you! You're taking SIf, so take me as well!"

"I cannot. Just by going in here with SIf, the chance of either of us ever coming out is slim. I cannot put your life at that risk Ciaran."

"I don't care! Don't you dare enter the abyss without me-"Ciaran was cut off when Artorias took off her mask and sealed her lips with his own. The kiss was heated and passionate as she held on to him tightly.

As their lips parted, Artorias smiles at his lover. "I love you Ciaran. I always will. That is why I must fight Manus. So he doesn't take that love away." He says softly as he moves away from her and walks away, SIf walking beside him.

"No, Artorias! Don't leave me!"

Darkness starts to spread under Artorias' feet and he starts to sink as he walks into the abyss with SIf.


#end flashback#

The knight of Gwyn felt tears stream down his face and he reached up to wipe them away.

"Ciaran…. I'm so sorry…"

He stood there in silence.


Until an explosion sounded off from the school building. His eyes widening in surprise, he runs towards where the explosion came from, realizing that it came from the same building Louise was in. In fact, it might have even came from her classroom!

Upon arriving at the classroom, his jaw nearly dropped at the state it was in. The chalkboard and table where the teacher work at was blown to smithereens, several tables were either scorched or knocked over and the students were either cowering under their tables or trying to calm down their panicking familiars.

Louise was leaning against a wall near the teacher's table, her clothes and face black with soot. Her face had a miserable expression on it.

"Master, what happened!?" Artorias shouts as he rushes down the stairs.

"I'll tell you what happened! The Zero failed another simple spell again!" An angry looking student shouted from behind his desk, hugging his dog familiar. A number of shouts of agreement were heard. Miss Chevreuse slowly stood up from her spot on the other side of the table as she kept a hand on her back in pain.

"W-well, it s-seems that you should practice m-more. I g-guess fire magic is more up your alley?"

"Oh Founder, you don't want to know what happens when she tries to use fire magic!" An arrogant student shouts out, causing a number of others to laugh and nod.

"Go home already Louise the Zero!"

"This place is for people who can do magic, not people like you!

A number of other students voiced their opinions.


Until a very irritated knight of Gwyn shut them up.

Artorias glared at the students, his eyes beginning to glow sky blue, unbeknownst to him, causing the students to start shivering in fear.

"The poor girl fails a magic spell, so what? It is no use berating her about it. You are all lucky she is kind otherwise she would have used such explosive magic to punish you for insulting her a long time ago!" Artorias shouts at the students.

Kirche stared at Artorias' glowing blue eyes and suddenly felt herself become drawn into it. They were dazzling.

Tabitha watched Louise with some pity and studied Artorias' eyes. That was not natural, there was some sort of magic behind it.

"….Come now master, let's get you cleaned up." The knight says, the glow in his eyes fading as he helps Louise up and ushers her out of the class.

The class is in silence for a few minutes until Miss Chevreus lets out a small cough.

"Well, we might as well get on with the lesson. Do not forget to take a few notes and keep in mind what Miss Valliere's…. familiar said."

They did.

Artorias was fuming as he and Louise walked to her room.

'How dare they. How dare they! They dare insult master so harshly! She is just a child! (Keep in mind that due to Louise's height, Artorias thinks she is a few years younger than the rest of the students). They have no right to berate her for her failures as if they have never failed before! If I had my great sword, I would-'

Artorias immediately stopped walking with wide eyes as he realized how violent his thoughts were. This was not normal. He has never been angry like that before. Even with Ornstein, he never shouted in rage like that. What changed?

'Oh Lord Gwyn, what has the abyss done to me?' Artorias questions the lord of sunlight mentally as he regrets his outburst.


Upon hearing Louise speak in such a meek tone, the knight blinks and shakes the thoughts out of his head. "Yes master?"

"A-are you alright?"

"Am I alright? You were in direct contact with an explosion!"

"They don't usually hurt me… I really screwed up again…" Louise says dejectedly, her head hung low in shame. Artorias places a hand on her head and ruffles her hair a bit.

"It is alright master. There must be a reason to your mistakes when using magic. But first, you need to take a bath."

Professor Colbert was sitting in the library, rummaging and speed reading through every book about runes and familiars that he could find.

'There must be something, anything to explain his runes!' Colbert shouted mentally. Ever since he looked at the runes on Artorias' left arm, he had an insane curiosity to discover what it was that made it so different. The runes were etched not only into his left hand but they went all the way up his left arm. The runes were even visible on the armor of the knight's left gauntlet.

Strangely enough, once the runes were etched into Artorias' arm, the markings along his arm disappeared, with the exception of the ones on the back of his left hand.

Sighing, Colbert put down another book he had taken from the special section of the library where only the teachers were permitted access. As he opened up another book and began flicking through the pages, his eyes caught sight of some odd runes, not too different to Artorias' runes. He took a look at the cover which read "The familiars of the Founder". He looked at the runes, his eyes widening when he realized that they were identical, with the exception of one small symbol.

When it comes to runes, they come in various symbols that give different effects and bestow different powers. Of course, for the more powerful runes you need to have an outrageous amount of willpower to cast such powerful magic to carve those runes, hence why the Founder Brimir had such powerful familiars when he made the runes.

In the book, there is a symbol that is read out as "Shield" in the very center of the runes that are similar to Artorias'. According to the sketch he made of the knight's runes, that symbol was missing. Instead, it read out as something else. Searching for a list of symbols and their meanings, he found one at the very end of the list, right above the symbol that meant Heart. The symbol on Artorias' left hand.

'It doesn't read out as shield…. It reads out as… Abyss?'

Old Osmond was a really old man. Hence the nickname the students gave him.

He was also a pervert. His excuse for that accusation is "I am old, so I am simply trying to enjoy my life before I die! Is that so much of a crime?"

Of course, this excuse does not work against his secretary, Miss Longueville, who was in the process of kicking the crud out of him for using his mouse familiar to peek up her skirt and tell him the color of her undergarments.

Fortunately, his hide was saved when Colbert burst through the door. "Old Osmond!"

The bearded man looked up from his cowering position and raised an eyebrow. "Yes? Is there a problem Colby?"

"I did some research on Sir Artorias' runes and you will not believe what I have found!"

Suddenly, Osmond's face takes on a serious expression as he stands up and turns his head to Longueville. "Could you please excuse us for a moment?"

She complies and leaves the room, leaving the two teachers in a tense silence.

"What is it that you found?"

"I looked up his runes and found that they are almost identical to one of the familiars of Founder Brimir, the Gandalfr!"

"You do realize that the Founder Brimir was a void mage?"

Colbert nods. Osmond begins to stroke his magnificent beard.

"If, say it were true, that Artorias is the Gandalfr, what does that make Miss Valliere?"

"Well… I believed he was the Gandalfr but as I said, his runes were ALMOST similar, so Miss Valliere might not be a void mage. Might." The bald teacher said and emphasized the almost. Osmond's eyebrows shoot up in surprise.

"Almost? Then what else could they be? Windalfr? Myoznitnirm?"

Colbert shakes his head.

"Don't tell me… the fourth one?"

"If only that were true."

Colbert placed the sketch of Artorias' runes on the table and the book of the Founder's familiars next to it.

"I tried to translate the runes. Every line and symbol has its own meaning. The Gandalfr's runes should have the words "Shield, protect, weapon" in these places. But instead, the runes on Sir Artorias' hand read out as this." Colbert gave the sketch to Old Osmond, who eyed it with a serious gaze until his eyes widened considerably.

"Abyss, destroy, devour?"

It was already lunchtime when Louise had finished cleaning herself up. She and Artorias made their way to the dining hall, Louise silent all the way. The knight gave a worried glance at Louise but said nothing. She needed her space.

The students from Louise's class immediately turned their heads upon noticing Louise and Artorias enter the dining hall. Some began to whisper to each other while others just turned back to eating. Louise made her way to one end of the usual table and began to pray to Brimir before eating, Artorias doing his own prayer. As they began eating, a student sat in front of them, carrying a book and a plate.




Neither students said anything to each other and just continued to stare. After a few minutes, they just shrugged at each other and broke eye contact. Tabitha sat down and doing her eating and reading combination. Louise continued to stare at her food as she ate, as if she was going to eat the food with her eyes too. Artorias suddenly felt very uncomfortable. He was always used to lunch being a rowdy time back in Lordran, to suddenly have a lunch that had a heavy silence over it was uncomfortable.

He noticed though how Tabitha occasionally glanced at Louise and sometimes him. Odd.

"….Why are you sitting here anyway?" Louise broke the silence with a question to the blue haired classmate.

"Pity." Tabitha answered without missing a beat.

Louise's brow furrowed at that. "I don't need your pity."


"Worried? About me?"

The blue haired girl nodded and continued to eat as she kept her eye contact with Louise, putting her book down.

Putting. Her. Book. Down.

When it comes to Tabitha putting a book down, that happens only once in a blue moon.

"…Why?" Louise asked, wondering if this was going to lead to an elaborate prank played by the other students. Maybe even organized by Kirche.


Tabitha paused, leading Artorias to think that she was trying to find a one word answer. Two tops.

"…I'm guessing that you two don't talk much?" Artorias asked to both girls. Louise scoffs and finishes the food on her plate.

"Of course we don't. She hardly talks at all anyway."

"I had assumed you were friends."

"Why would we be? She's a genius student who can use magic very proficiently, I'm the zero who can't do one single spell. Why would she even want to be friends with me?" Louise said, crossing her arms.

"I do."

Louise snaps her head at Tabitha, who had finished the food on her plate as well. The glasses wearing girl's face held no expression as usual, but there was something there.

"Y-you do? Why?"

"You're lonely." Tabitha said flatly as she held her right hand out to the pinkette. "I was too."

Louise stares at the hand as if it was going to suddenly turn into a weapon. "Y-you already have Zerbst as a friend, right? W-why would you want to be friends with me?"

Tabitha's head tilted to the side slightly. "Friends can be more than one."

Louise continued to stare disbelievingly before finally grasping Tabitha's right hand with her left as they shook hands. A smile started to form on the pink haired girl's face.

"I never would have expected the quietest person I know to call me lonely." Louise said with a small giggle. Tabitha's face did not change, other than the small upturn of her lips into a very concealable small and the soft expression in her eyes.

Artorias smiles at the exchange. His master was already making progress in changing. She's got a new friend. Soon she will get another. And then more. What she needs other than an answer to her problems with magic is friends to have her back when something goes wrong. She must have been lonely for a very long time.

"Master, may I be permitted to leave the table? I wish to visit the kitchen staff to see if they require any assistance."

Louise snaps out of her small happy daze and looks at her familiar. "O-of course, go ahead."

The knight smiled and walked to the kitchen.

The kitchen was bustling with chefs and maids as they cooked and cleaned and prepared to serve food. Upon walking in, more than a few heads turned his way. One in particular was a short, raven haired maid that just stared at Artorias' towering figure.

"…Tall…." She muttered half-mindedly.

"Why thank you, I am."

"W-whaaa, I did not mean to stare sir! Please forgive me!" The maid quickly apologizes, causing Artorias to chuckle.

"As expected of a maid, you are incredibly polite. May I have the pleasure of knowing your name?"


"It is a pleasure to meet you Miss Siesta. I am knight Artorias."

Several gasps are sounded out by some maids, Siesta included. A few chefs nearly dropped their pans.

"A-a knight?"

"A knight from the castle?"

"What is a knight doing here?"

The maids were aflutter with excitement. Siesta stared at the tall man with sky blue eyes as she asked "T-then where is your armor?"

Artorias smiled. "Well I can't keep wearing that stuff. How will I wash myself?"

Siesta blushes in embarrassment at the stupidity of her question. "T-then what is it you need, sir knight?

"I was going to ask if any help was required in this kitchen."

An awkward silence ensued.

"What in Brimir's name is going on in this world? A knight wanting to help commoners work in the kitchen? HA!" A well rounded man exclaimed. Artorias turned his head towards the man with a raised eyebrow.

"And you are?"

"Marteau, the head chef and I'll be damned if I ever let a knight handle my kitchen! I'm willing to bet my salary that you have never even cooked once in your life!"

"I have actually tried once but it ended up in a horrible failure resulting in several of the men in my squadron to die of food poisoning."

The chef stared at Artorias incredulously, other members of the staff and Siesta doing the same. "Y-you're serious?"

"No, but they did wind up with a bad stomach ache after that." The knight replied with a small grin. The chef continued to stare until he started to laugh heartily.

"Hahaha, oh I think I like you! If you do wish to help us, perhaps you can help by serving the noble kids out there the dessert? That'll give them a fright, a knight serving dessert. Ha! Just don't add anything in it or I'll be sacked for letting a few bratty kids get poisoned!" The large man laughed as he turned to the raven haired maid. "Siesta, do help the knight serve the desserts will you? There is much work to be done!"

"A-ah, yes!"

The other members of the staff got back to work after hearing Artorias' joke, most of them still chuckling about it. The only knights with a good sense of humor were the bad ones who have not had a real taste of battle, yet they could see from the man's stature and posture that he was anything but that. Siesta and a few other maids led Artorias to the table where they had several plates with various cakes on them. While each of the maids and Siesta picked up one plate, Artorias picked up two with little effort.

"Well then, it is time to serve some cake."

As Kirche went around to search for Tabitha, who had vanished while she was flirting with the boys, she finally found the blue haired girl, unexpectedly sitting with Louise. The two were talking and Louise was smiling.

'Wow, her mood was horrible before. How did she get cheered up so quickly? And where is that delicious specimen of a man…' The busty redhead mentally drooled as she approached the two girls. "Hiya Tabitha, Valliere. Whatcha talking about?"

Louise developed a frown when Kirche suddenly came in but she quickly tried to make her face straight again. "Oh, just talking about some of the subjects that I missed in class after the explosion, Zerb-I mean….. Kirche."

The tanned girl's eyes widened at the use of her first name. "Y-you just said my name! You never say my name! Why did you suddenly just use my first name?" Kirche said with a surprised expression. Louise's cheeks reddened a bit.

"Friends." Tabitha said as she pointed a finger at Louise.

"S-since I'm friends with Tabitha, I-I must tolerate you as well, s-so from now on I will call y-you by your first name."

Kirche stared at the two for a while before squealing in joy and wrapping her her arms around Tabitha's head and pulling her into a tight embrace, the blue haired girl's face lodged between Kriche's breasts.

"Kyaa, I knew you would make another friend! Oh I am so happy to have another friend now! Even if it is you Valli-I mean Louise!"

"Furfurfafing (Suffocating)" Tabitha said, her voice muffled by the tanned cleavage.

"Here, let me hug you as well!" Kirche said as she let go of Tabitha and walked over to the other side to Louise.

"N-no no, don't even thi-"Louise's protest were cut off by the mounds of flesh that were being pressed firmly to her as she was embraced by the redhead.

"Oh we are going to have so much fun! We can do all sorts of things my mother used to do with her friends in Germania!"

"Hrlp mree! (Help me!)"The pinkette's muffled voice cried out to Tabitha, who simply mouthed a silent apology. Though Louise was glaring at Kirche, she couldn't help but smile a bit. 'Zerbst, a friend? What's next, Artorias as a waiter?'

"Excuse me…"

The trio of girls turn their heads to the voice. Louise gaped slightly at the person that was her familiar, who held a tray in his hand with all sorts of yummy looking cakes on it.

"Would any of you ladies care for dessert?" Artorias asked with a charming smile. A metaphorical gunshot was fired through the hearts of several female students that saw him say that. Artorias noticed a few female students at a different table drool slightly with happy expressions. 'They must be hungry for cake. I would have expected them to have better composure though since they are nobles. Ah well, children.'

"A-A-Artorias! Why are you serving cake!?" Louise shouted in shock. Kirche had a conflicted face on as she tried to decide what to stare hungrily at. The cake or the hot stud. Tabitha's face was as usual.

"Hmm? Do you not remember, master? I asked for permission to leave before so I may ask the staff if they require any help. The head chef is incredibly charismatic, I must say. So are the rest of the kitchen staff."

"Ooh, this familiar of yours impresses me more and more Louise! I feel so hungry now!" Kirche said happily as she had an arm around Louise's shoulders, the other patting the pinkette's head.

"You're hungry? Did you not eat any of the food on the table for lunch?" Artorias asks with a confused expression. Kirche's smile turns from happy to sultry as she bends over a bit to give the knight a good look at her cleavage.

"I am rather hungry for food… among other things…" She said with a flirty tone.

"B-BAKA, stop flirting with my familiar! He already has a lover!"

"I am afraid I must agree with my master, please cease your pursuit. I am quite happy with my beloved." Artorias said with an anime sweat drop. Kirche's shoulders slump.

"Aww, why are all the good looking ones taken… and how can a man resist my charms anyway?"

"Love." Tabitha said with a straight face.

"What's not to love about me? I'm gorgeous, funny and all the other boys love me!"

"Not love. Lust."

Kirche and Tabitha continue to discuss her good and bad points while Louise walks to Artorias. "Your lover… she's back in your world."

"I know."

"And you still love her even though she's probably already or will move on?"

A sad smile spreads on Artorias' lips.


It was a good 10 minutes after giving the three girls some cake when Artorias spotted something interesting as he made his rounds around the tables. He was walking along the middle table as he unintentionally overheard a small conversation going on between several male students with this one particular student. He had blonde hair, sat with noble looking posture and held a rose.

"So Guiche, who are you going out with now?"

"Yeah, c'mon, tell us!"

The boy named Guiche simply waved his wand in an elegant fashion. "Ahaha, I hold no such regard with a woman. After all, a rose blooms for the pleasure of many!"

'Rose? Try pansy! Hehehe!' Ornstein's voice suddenly popped into Artorias' head. The knight snickered silently at the thought. It was definitely the kind of thing the dragon slayer would say.

Artorias noticed as he walked past that the boy named Guiche was also the one he saw with Louise as they walked to her room last night. 'Wasn't he trying to woo another girl? Does he not like to be publicly open about his relationships?'

He then saw a small glass bottle or vial of something with purple liquid inside it poking out of Guiche's pocket. It was slowly beginning to fall out.

"Boy, that bottle is going to fall out of your pocket if you don't watch it."

Guiche suddenly looked a bit panicked as he quickly moved his hand down to the bottle to try and push it back in but it was too late. The bottle fell to the floor but surprisingly didn't shatter. Must be thick glass.

"Hey, isn't that Montmorency's perfume? So you're going out with her?"

"Yeah, she's the only one who would have purple perfume like that and it can't be wine since Guiche can't handle alcohol!"

Guiche looked much panicked as he smiled nervously. "W-what are you talking about? This isn't Montmorency's perfume! It's just… uhm…"

"Look, it even has her name on it!"

'DAMMIT!' Guiche shouted in his mind.


The blonde haired boy turned around to face a girl with chestnut colored hair. Artorias realized that she was the one who Guiche was wooing last night. The girl started to cry as Guiche turns pale.

"I knew it… you and Miss Montmorency are…"

"Now wait for a moment Katie, this all a big misunde-"

"Guiche, who is this girl?"

'Oh Brimir, here we go.' Guiche thought in dread as he turns to the source of the voice, a blonde student with a very angry look on her face.

"Montmorency, this is a big misunderstanding! She's just somebody I accompanied to the forest of La Rochelle!"

"So you don't love me after all Guiche-sama?" Katie said with a trembling upper lip. Guiche's mind was racing for excuses to get him out of this mess.

"Come to think of it, were you not wooing her last night in the hallway?" Artorias said without much thought. If this boy was two timing, then as a man in a relationship, he has a duty to make sure the blonde fop gets his 'just-desserts'. Neither of which were on the trays in Artorias' hands.

Montmorency's anger finally exploded as she slapped Guiche angrily. "You two-timing jerk!" She stormed off in rage. Another slap was delivered by Katie as she too stormed off, only more in sadness than rage. Guiche stood there in shock before he started to rub his cheeks and turn a glare at Artorias.

"You! Why did you have to tell them that! This is your fault!"

The knight of Gwyn raised an eyebrow as he passed a cupcake to a student. "My fault? I was simply delivering justice. Two-timing is something someone must never commit in a relationship. They would have found out eventually anyway."

"What part of 'A rose blooms for all' do you not understand!?" The blonde fop yelled. Artorias decided to counter this by taking a page from his friend's book of insults.

"Rose? I believe pansy is the better term to suit you."

Laughter erupted from all the boys near Guiche as the noble fumed angrily.

"You…. You're Valliere's familiar, are you not? How much does she pay a person like you to pretend like that anyway?"

"Pay? I was summoned just like the rest of the familiars. I believe you saw the crater I made when I arrived."

Guiche shook his head with a chuckle. "You expect me to believe that lie? That thing that was summoned was killed by the teachers. Something that dangerous couldn't have been allowed to survive so they took it away and killed it. Valliere must have been desperate if she hired some abnormally tall person to pretend as her familiar."

'Did he not see me in my armor when I and Louise walked past him last night or is he being serious?' Artorias thought. "You are mistaken. I am the knight she summoned."

"Oi, Guiche, didn't his eyes glow or something in class? You sure this isn't him?"

"That was just a trick of the light or an after effect of the Zero's explosion."

Artorias started to get irritated when the blonde boy used his master's insulting title. "If you have nothing better to do other than insult my master then I shall take my leave. You should probably learn from your mistake and apologize to those two girls." The sky blue eyed man said as he walked away, trays in hand.

"Oi! I'm not done talking to you yet! How dare you turn your back when a noble speaks to you!"

"I have served and fought with nobles. You are not one." Artorias said without giving so much as a glance back. Guiche finally had enough and aimed his rose at the knight.

"That's it, I challenge you to a duel!"

'Ooh, accept it, accept it!' Ornstein's voice chanted.

"Denied." Artorias said as he passed another cake to a blushing female student. A lot of students were perplexed that this commoner could stand up to a noble so casually but that is no reason why they can't have cake while watching it.

"What's the matter? Too scared to fight a noble? You coward!" Guiche shouted tauntingly at the knight. Artorias' shoulders slumped a bit before setting the tray on a table and sighing.

"*sigh* Fine, just to teach you a lesson. Where and when?"

"Vestri hall, 15 minutes." With that, Guiche turned away and walked off with an elegant stride. Many students rushed to follow the blonde boy as Artorias sighed and popped his joints and cracked his knuckles.

"Are you mad?"

The knight turned to see Kirche, Tabitha and Louise walk up to him.

"He's a mage! You can't possibly beat him!"

"Believe me, I have seen enough deadly magic in my life. That boy can't possibly even hope to hurt me much, even if I was unarmored."

Tabitha stared at him and pushed up her glasses a bit. "Bluff?"

"Not a bluff. I've killed dragons with my great sword, how can he be more difficult than that?"

The blue haired girl's eyes widen noticeably when he said that. Artorias suddenly had an apologetic frown on his face as he remembered something.

"Oh, your familiar is also a dragon… do not fret, the dragons where I come from were ferocious and aimed at nothing but the eradication of humans. Your dragon looks and acts nothing like them as far as I have seen so do not worry."

"Do you really mean that you've killed dragons?" Kirche asks with an uneasy expression. She doesn't believe him.

"He has." But a certain pinkette does. Louise looks at Artorias with a determined face. "If you are really one of the strongest knights in your kingdom… prove it by defeating Guiche. I believe you. Do not disappoint me."

Artorias looked stunned for a moment before smiling. She won't be disappointed.

"First of all, where was my great sword placed?"

12 minutes later, Artorias walks to one end of the Vestri field, Guiche on the other end. Apparently, Colbert had stashed the great sword in his lab so he could try and study what it was made of. But obviously he could not figure it out.

Titanite is incredibly rare anyway. Especially twinkling titanite.

"Hmph, so you came after all. I was beginning to fear that you had tucked tail and ran." Guiche said arrogantly. Artorias stabbed his great sword in the ground in front of him.

"Of course, a knight never backs down from a challenge, even if it is from a whining child."

The blonde student shot him a glare for that insult and then quickly composed himself. "Just so you know, my runic name is Guiche the bronze. And as such…" The boy waves his rose wand, two petals falling to the ground. Suddenly the petals glowed and changed into a pair of armored golems in the shape of warrior women. One held a large great sword, nearly the same size as Artorias'' and the other had a mace and shield.

"These bronze Valkyries will be your opponents."

Artorias stared at the statues. It was quite impressive, there was plenty of detail on them and they looked tough but….

'They're still shorter than you!" Ornstein's voice howled with laughter.

…Okay, this was getting weird. Was he going crazy or something because hearing Ornstein speak in his head so randomly was very disturbing.

"Impressive. Now then, shall we begin?" Artorias said as he grabbed his great sword. He held it to the side in one hand as he prepared to charge.

"Very well, begin!" Guiche shouted and his Valkyries rushed forward.

'Too slow.' Artorias lunged at them with frightening speed as his blade impales one golem in the chest. Before the other can react, he slams his blade into the golem, its partner still impaled on the sword and the two are sent flying back to Guiche's side. The boy stands there slack jawed (as are most of the other students) before glaring and summoning more golems, though their design was not as well done as the first two. Now 6 in total, they charge Artorias and try to surround him.

The knight swings his great sword in an arc, the blade cutting into two of the golems. He follows up with a stab that impales one of the two and then he slams the impaled body into the other golem. One tries to stab him with a sword from behind but an arm with glowing blue runes grabs its hand. Artorias swings his sword, decapitating another golem before swinging his left hand up and slamming the golem he grabbed into another, the impact crushing both. The 6th one tries to take advantage of him being occupied by hurling a bronze spear at the knight.

Reaction? Artorias' head simply tilts to the right and the spear misses completely as his left hand shoots up and catches it.

'Something strange is going on… I feel…. Faster. Stronger. My instincts have never been so sharp in my life!'

The knight of Gwyn spins around to face the last Valkyrie golem and hurls the spear at it, the weapon running through the golem's head.

"A…awa….awawa….." Guiche was speechless at this sudden display of strength, speed and everything a warrior wishes to be. The knight turns to face him and hefts his great sword onto his shoulder.

"Are we done here?"

"Y-y-y…." Guiche was not the brightest student but he was the son of a war general. He knew when to retreat. He was no idiot.

"Y-ye…. N-not a chance!"

Ah, never mind. He is.

The blonde fop waves his wand once more, a large amount of petals falling to the ground. In the crowd, Montmorency's eyes widen as she recognizes this spell.

"Guiche! You haven't perfected that spell yet! Don't do it!"

Too late.

Instead of becoming separate Valkyries, they all clumped together and became an extremely large golem. It still had a female form but wore more sinister looking armor. Its height was double Artorias' and it held a broadsword in its right hand, a shield in the other.

"S-since when was Guiche able to do that!?" Louise shouted in shock. As far as she was concerned, he wasn't strong enough for that.

Sure enough, Guiche was panting, his willpower nearly depleted. He glared at Artorias before speaking again. "I had hoped I wouldn't need to show you this but it appears you need to be put in your place. It isn't perfect but it is my most powerful spell. Prepare yourself, familiar!"

Artorias stared at the golem. Slowly, his left arm started to shudder, darkness leaking from the glowing runes. 'Is this… fear? No, it is something else…. I feel…. Excited?'


'I need to-'KILL'-control myself. I'm not a battle junkie like Ornstein.'


'Shut up, you're not real. Ornstein is still in Lordran.'


'How would you know? You were crazy for days just because you couldn't beat one monster?'

'He was the father of the abyss, how could I-'

'Excuses, you were weak. You ARE weak. That is why you are hearing my voice, that is why you feel regret, that is why you were summoned by a girl with little to no talent in magic! Because you are weak!'

Artorias' body started to shudder as more darkness streamed off his left arm. Not noticing this, Guiche commanded his giant golem to step forward and kick the knight.

"Guiche, stop!" Louise yelled as she saw what was happening to Artorias.

Too late.

The giant foot collided with Artorias' body, sending him flying into a tower and smashing against the wall, his body leaving an imprint as he was stuck there.

"S-see that! He's not so strong after all!" Guiche shouted. A few students were cheering his name, seeing him summon a large golem like that had made them admire him a bit.

Louise was glaring burning daggers at Guiche before she tried to run to the tower, until a hand stopped her. She snapped her head at Tabitha who just held her back. "What are you doing!? I need to get to him!"

"Look." The kuudere said as she pointed to the tower. The pink haired girl turned around and followed where the finger pointed.

Artorias was no longer stuck on the wall and was slowly climbing up the top of the tower, large amounts of darkness flowing off his left arm. He still held his great sword as he used it like a climbing pickaxe.

Guiche noticed that a few of the students were staring at something and he turned around to get a glimpse himself. The familiar was climbing the tower.

"W-what the!?" Guiche exclaimed. He commanded his golem to raise its shield in preparation for a suicidal plunging attack.

Once he reached the peak, Artorias turned to the crowd below, his now glowing electric blue eyes staring emptily at Guiche's golem. He hunched over a little before letting out a howl, just like when he first arrived.

"H-he IS that monster knight from yesterday!" A student shouted in fear as the others began panicking. Artorias bent his legs and then did his signature OGL (Olympic Greatsword Lunge). The giant golem stabbed it's sword at Artorias, hoping to hit him in midair. Artorias simply twisted his body in a rather unhealthy looking way and his feet found purchase on the flat of the golem's blade. Without delay, he ran down the blade, his greatsword held behind him as he rushed down the golem's arm and towards the head. The giant Valkyrie dropped its shield and tried to slap the knight off, it's effort proving futile as Artorias simply jumps over the hand and lands right on the golem's head. He stabs his greatsword into the giant's head, the blade running through it all the way to the hilt.

"Wh-what is he doing!?" Guiche shouted in dismay and fear. Artorias' left arm's runes were now glowing very brightly under the darkness as the knight pulled his fist back and thrust it into the golem's head. Something seemed to surge through the runes as the golem's head exploded into pieces, globules of darkness corroding the pieces as its dissolving body began to collapse on its knees.

Montmorency tried to get past the crowd as she shouted. "Guiche, look out!"

The blonde was snapped out of his scared and shocked stupor as he looked up to see the knight hurtling down towards him, his greatsword pulled back in preparation to stab. Louise's eyes widened as she realized that her familiar was trying to kill the idiot. "Artorias, stop!"

"G-GYAAAAAAAAAHHH!" Guiche screamed as Artorias fell. A cloud of dust and dirt kicked up and the two were blocked from sight. Louise stood still in fear before running towards the cloud, Tabitha, Kirche and Siesta following behind her.

The blue haired girl used her wind magic to blow away the dust as the fate of Guiche was revealed.

The blonde boy was on his back, his eyes clenched shut in fear. He slowly opened them when he realized he wasn't dead. The knight was looming above him, his greatsword stabbed in the ground, 5 inches away from Guiche's own head. His glowing blue eyes were now a bit dim as the glow from the runes on his left arm began to fade, the darkness disappearing.

"….I am not weak." Artorias said with spite to himself.

"N-n-n-no you a-are not!" Guiche quickly agreed with the knight's statement, though it wasn't directed at him.

Artorias stood up slowly and pulled his blade out of the ground before walking away. Guiche then promptly fainted on the spot.

"Arto-"Louise was cut off when Tabitha put a hand on her shoulder, shaking her head slowly.

"Needs time alone."

"But he…" The pink haired mage trailed off as she realized that her new friend was might be right. She looked at Artorias' figure before walking towards Guiche.

"Oi Louise, what are you doing?" Kirche called out. The pink haired girl only glanced back as she replied.

"My familiar did this. I might as well hold some responsibility and help move the idiot into the infirmary."

Kirche stared at Louise before smiling and following her. Siesta excused herself as she had work to do while Tabitha followed the two rivals to help the blonde fop, who currently was suffering the aftermath of using up an extremely large amount of willpower.

Deep in the forest near the academy, Artorias was blowing off some steam as he rushed through the thick foliage and cut down every random deadly creature that lunged at him. His arm was leaking darkness again but it felt a bit calmer. He didn't hear Ornstein's voice anymore either so that was a good thing.

'I can't believe I lost control so easily….. Am I still under Manus' influence even now?'

The knight leaped up and above the trees before he landed on a thick branch and he began to jump across the forest, branch to branch.

'How could I have let that happen? The boy was not a pleasant person but he did not deserve to die? I nearly killed him! An innocent human! I swore to Gwyn as a knight that I would protect all the humans!'

He cut down a random creature that looked like a large tiger with longer fangs and a lion's mane as he landed on the ground and leaped up in the air again, his left arm beginning to glow again.

"HRAAAAAAH!" He roared in frustration as he held his greatsword with both hands and slammed the blade into the ground, a thick blast of darkness erupting from it and covering the area in a 4 meter radius. Everything caught in the blast was slowly melting, dissolving and even beginning to grow crystalline as the darkness seeped into the round, coloring the grass pitch black.

Artorias panted as the runes died down and the darkness faded away from his arm. 'I…. am weak….'

The wind howled softly as if to try and cheer him up.

#Lordran, Undead Parish, Andrei's room#

The only sound in there was the sound of Andrei's hammer hitting the blade he was forging. Nobody knew how many weapons he had made in his life but it was a lot. Forging weapons was his life.

If you gathered all the weapons he made, you would nearly have enough to make your own Unlimited Blades Works. Getting the giant floating gears though will be tricky.

Ciaran was sitting on a step of the stairs in the room as she fiddled with her golden tracer. Gough and the Chosen Undead were in the Darkroot Garden, doing some hunting. The large knight of Gwyn was using the place to train the young servant of chaos in the way of the greatbow, by making him shoot at Mushroom people. Apparently, despite how nightmarishly powerful the adults were, there was a certain spot in their body that will immediately kill them if you hit it. The problem was, you had to hit it with a stabbing weapon, like a rapier or in this case a bow because the weak point is small and if you don't stab it directly in the middle, the mushroom will explode into spores and begin to spawn more of the fungal buggers.

Only the spores will immediately grow into adults.

Which is why Gough was training the Chosen Undead with a greatbow. If he could kill 10 of those mushroom people using their weak spot by shooting it with a greatbow, he would get a reward. Gwyn knows what it was.

"You know, if you stare at a blade for long enough, you can end up cutting your eyes." Andrei's voice broke the silence and snapped Ciaran out of your stupor. He dunked a fresh blade into water and turned to face her, his arms crossing over. "I'm amazed that a pair of knights of Gwyn even want to train the lad."

"Why? Because he is a servant of chaos? Even if he does serve the spawn of the witch, he still has a good heart, despite his odd behavior…" Ciaran said, remembering how she observed the Chosen Undead through their recent travels. Despite his happy go lucky attitude, he was incredibly precise. He knew when an enemy was going to attack and had memorized nearly all the attack patterns of most of the undead enemies they faced.

At times, he even showed a rather sadistic and insane attitude when he fought against large enemies like the large drake on the bridge to the Undead Parish.

For fucks sake, he jumped on its back and hacked at it while laughing!

And yet, he shows an incredibly gentle nature and was also incredibly easily flustered, especially when he was with Priscilla.

"Aye, and it's that heart that made him join the chaos servants in the first place." Andrei said as he nodded his head, a low chuckle escaping his lips."

Ciaran tilted her head, confused. "What do you mean?"

"Do you know why he joined them? Because of pity. He said that the daughter of the witch of Izalith, Quelaan or something, was dying. He said that her body was horribly sick and she was in near constant agony. Humanity apparently reduces the pain. That's why he joined the chaos servants. Because he pitied her and all her sisters."

Ciaran sat still as she digested this information. Joining the chaos servants out of pity? Was that even possible? "No wonder he is the Chosen Undead. Only the dumbest and most insane of people could be like him."

"Aye, true that. Yet I'm surprised he hasn't even met the Kingseeker."

Now Ciaran snapped her head at him, her eyes wide in surprise. "What? But according to the prophecy, the Chosen Undead must meet Kingseeker Frampt after ringing both the bells!"

"Lass…. He didn't even ring the second bell."

Ciaran was silent in shock. "But… he made it to Anor Londo! And the gate is open over there! It wasn't supposed to open until he rings the second bell!"

Andrei's body begins to shudder with laughter, confusing the assassin. "Do you want to know how he got into Sen's fortress then?"


"He bloody climbed OVER it!" Andrei broke out in laughter as Ciaran slowly processed his words.

"He what?"

"He climbed over it! He climbed up the gate and then up the bloody walls! The gate's open now because he kicked the giant up there to wake it up and the bloody thing pulled up the gate without realizing that the bells weren't even ringing!"

The lord's blade was now getting a migraine. How can one idiot point out the most obvious way to get through the damn gate?

"Then why hasn't he rung the second bell?"

Now Andrei's face took on a grimmer look. "He doesn't trust Frampt."

"How can he not trust him? I mean, I don't trust him but he hasn't even met him! If the second bell wasn't rung, Frampt should still be asleep!"

Andrei just shrugged. "When I asked why he didn't ring the second bell, do you know what his response was? He said "I don't trust serpents. Especially ones with mustaches."

Ciaran felt a small laugh bubble up at the description. Frampt and his brother did have those odd looking mandibles that resembled mustaches.

"But… how could he know that if he's never even met him?"

Andrei shrugged again as he continued to work. "No bloody idea, but you want to know what I think? That he's a good lad with a kind heart, despite the strange insanity he develops when fighting large enemies. He's a chaos servant with the heart of a warrior of sunlight."

The sound of Andrei's hammer started up again as Ciaran stood up and walked over to him to take a look at his work. Amid the sound of the hammer, footsteps were heard as somebody descended from the stairs. A knight with a barrel helm and a hand drawn symbol on his chest.

"Speaking of a warrior of sunlight, here comes one right now." Andrei chuckled as the knight entered the room.

"Good evening Andrei! I see you have a gue-"The knight cut himself off and Ciaran could feel the knight staring at her. Andrei decided to make the introductions for them.

"Ciaran, meet everybody's favorite warrior of sunlight, Solaire of Astora."

Ciaran blinked a few times. 'Solaire? Astora? Why did those names ring a bel-Oh Gwyn's beard, you have to be joking.'

"Ah, look whose back. Boy, Solaire's here." Andrei said as the Chosen Undead and Gough entered the room.

"Yo, Solaire! What up my sunbro?" The oddly armored warrior exclaimed. He tilted his head in confusion when Solaire did not reply.

"Ciaran? Is something the matter?" Gough asked as he noticed that the assassin stood stock still. He jolted in surprise when Ciaran walked right over to Solaire and began to pull off his helmet. In one quick yank, the helmet was off, revealing the handsome face beneath. Solaire had mid length brown hair which was a bit shaggy and his eyes were a rich sapphire.

"Gough! This is Solaire! The one sent to Astora!"

Gough's eyes widened (though nobody saw it). "Solaire? Gwyn's boy? That isn't possible! It must be a coincede-"

"I saw Solaire throw a sunlight spear barehanded when we fought the gaping dragon by the way." The Chosen Undead exclaimed as he raised his hand like a student in the classroom. Solaire's face took on a panicked expression as he looked at the chaos servant.

"That was supposed to be a secret!"

"Solaire? Care to explain what in Izalith is going on here?" Andrei's voice boomed out. Solaire eyes darted between all of the room's occupants before he slumped and sighed out an uncharacteristic word for him to say.


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