DR: Well, I guess it's now time to…*knock knock* who could possibly be? *knock knock* Geez, I'm on my way!

*Opens the door to reveal…Henry and Terriermon*

Terriermon: Hey, dude, don't tell me you were planning to start without us!

DR: *looks away* No…of course not…

Voice from above: Geronimo!!!!!!!!!! *Something crashes through the floor and falls on my bed. That something is…*

BlackTerriermon: Hey, now that's what I call a perfect landing!


BlackTerriermon: Copernic Pro 2002, the best alternative for searching info on the net! *Guy in suit appears from nowhere and gives BlackTerriermon a bag with the dollar sign on it*

DR: *sighs* This is great. I have a cat, a dog, two turtles, and now I have to feed this pair of gluttons!?

Henry: ……I'm hungry.

DR: Waaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *goes psycho* I don't own Digimon……and I'm about to do something very bad to a certain pair of Rookie Digimon…

Terriermon: Hmm…Renamon and Guilmon?


Terriermon/BlackTerriermon: Waaaaaahhhhh!!!!! *Both run away, shouting the same sentence at the same time* I'd rather have to hang around with Rika!!!!!!!!!!


Chapter 1

High School, Junior High School, Middle High School, Who Cares!?

The alarm began to ring. It was 5:00 AM. For a second, the girl sleeping in that room considered the pleasant idea of throwing the annoying artifact away and to keep sleeping. That didn't last long, of course, as she knew she had to get up. After all, it was an important day……yeah, right.

Rika Nonaka got up very slowly. After getting used to sleep until late in the morning during the summer holidays, it was tough having to get up early again. Earlier, in fact, as the schedule of her new school was a little bit different. Yes, I said "new school". The thing is, she had finished Elementary School, or to be more precise, the fifth grade. Her mother and her grandmother had decided to move her to a completely different school for the time being. The average girl would protest. After all, changing school meant leaving her friends to go a completely new experience. But we all know Rika is not the average girl. In fact, she didn't care at all about school. She had never made any friends there, anyway. Who knows, maybe this new school would give her the peaceful existence she so much needed…

After shaking the laziness out of her, Rika began with her morning exercise. Being attacked by a megalomaniac BlackWarGreymon gives you a good idea of how healthy you are. After the experience, Rika had promised herself that the next time she was thrown away by a Mega Digimon, it wouldn't hurt THAT much.

Suddenly, our favorite Renamon (actually, the ONLY Renamon we've ever seen) stepped out of the shadows. "Good morning, Rika."

"Good morning." Rika replied without looking at her partner. It hadn't been long before the Nonaka family got used to Renamon's presence in the house. After all, she's not of the noisy type, doesn't need excessive food and care, and she doesn't leave any "gifts" in the most notorious places.

Since her arrival, Rika hadn't done anything but spending time with Renamon. Of course, the vulpine Digimon didn't complain. However, Renamon realized she had now two problems, both related to a certain Gogglehead. One, she didn't get to keep an eye on him, with Rika around all the time, and that ruined her work as an Agent. Two, Rika spent all her time with her, which meant there was no more time to spend with Takato, and Renamon knew that was bad for both Takato and Rika. To make things worse, there was this thing…

***The day after the end of "Omni-Tamer!"***

Renamon rested in her usual place, on top of the Nonaka's residence. At least, that was her usual place when she lived there. Now that she had retuned, why would she change things from the way they used to be? Besides, she kind of enjoyed the sight. The stars, glowing with their white light, bathing her body with a delicate touch. Renamon knew the air was fresher and cleaner during the night. And it was a show just for her. However, such wasn't the case that night.

"Beautiful night, isn't it?"

Taken by surprise, the vulpine Digimon almost lost her balance, but a swift move of her body helped her regain her posture. Immediately looking for the possible threat, her eyes soon met the eyes of the one who had spoken. Renamon couldn't believe what she saw.

"Mi…milord!" Renamon claimed as she got down on her knees, her way to express her respect for her superiors.

"That's not necessary, Renamon." The being, who we know as Entity No. 2, joined the Data Digimon in her contemplation. "It is indeed a beautiful night. It's hard to believe this…no, all dimensions are in danger."

Renamon was still on her knees, looking down. "Renamon, come here. We need to talk." Renamon instantly obeyed.

"How's everything?"

Renamon was visibly puzzled. "Everything?" Renamon questioned, just to cover her mouth with her paws, noticing her indiscretion. Number 2 continued.

"I'm talking about the Omni-Tamer, of course."

Renamon measured her words. She worked for the Dragon God (or Entity No. 1), so she didn't know if she could just give away information, even if it was to another member of the Triad. "I…can't tell you much. I've had to spend much time with my Tamer." Renamon didn't complain about that, of course. She loved her Tamer, and she was happy when her Tamer was happy. However…Renamon had other obligations.

"I see…it's not a surprise. Your Tamer must be very glad that you're back, and I guess you must thank the Omni-Tamer for that, too." Renamon nodded.

"Indeed. It was quite an experience."

"It's not everyday you transform into a fallen angel of Apocalypse." Number 2 said, followed by a silent chuckle. Renamon knew he/she/it meant Gulfmon. Not knowing what to say, she waited for the other one to continue.

"I'm working on a way for you to watch over the Omni-Tamer more closely. Besides, I need to study the bond between Matsuki and your Tamer."

"Rika?" Renamon asked, visibly worried. Number 2 nodded, a hint of sadness on his/her/its expression. "Yes, Rika. She's part of the prophecy, too. She'll go through a lot of pain, believe me…" Number 2 looked at Renamon, and saw the agony on her face. He couldn't help but feel sorry for the rookie Digimon, just as he felt sorry for Rika Nonaka. However…"…but what she'll go through will be nothing compared to what Takato will have to face. Unimaginable pain, a torture I wouldn't wish, not even for my worst enemy. Sometimes I wonder…if a human can survive what he'll be forced to live."

Renamon looked at the shining stars in the sky, her thoughts focused on the young Gogglehead who slept in a house somewhere in West Shinjuku. She wondered what kind of trials he would have to face for the prophecy to be fulfilled. Number 2 continued.

"That's why I must make sure he becomes as strong as possible before the time comes. It shouldn't be hard, as trouble just seems to follow him. Anyway, I want you to make sure Takato and your Tamer spend more time together. Only by having them interact I'll be able to study their bond…whatever it means."

Number 2 proceeded to leave, but Renamon had one last question. Since the day she had been taught of the prophecy, there was a little something she couldn't keep out of her mind. "Lord…"

Number 2 looked back at the Digimon, who proceeded to ask a simple question. "What about the Savior?"

"What about him?" Number 2 replied.

"Shouldn't I know who he (or she) is, so I can keep an eye on him? Isn't he supposed to be the one who will bring forth light when darkness engulfs the Great Warrior?'"

Number 2 sighed. "Some things are better left unknown, Renamon. The Savior's identity is for me to know and for you to not worry about. Night." And with such words said, he/she/it left, leaving Renamon with more questions than answers.

***Back to the present…***

"So, you're going to a new school. Am I right?" Renamon questioned. "Yeah…" Rika mumbled. Of all things, Rika wondered what reasons her mother had to send her a completely different school. However, Rika preferred not to think about it. After all, nothing was really going to change. She would become the most hated girl, just like in the last school. Not that she really cared about that, though. After half an hour of exercise, Rika made her way to the shower. She knew her family had already noticed her awakening, so she prolonged the shower for as long as humanly possible. She knew what was going to happen next.

Eventually, as she couldn't just stay in the bathroom forever, Rika returned to her bedroom, where Renamon (As caring as always…*sigh*) had already prepared her uniform. Not even changing schools had saved her from such a horrid fate. Resisting the urge to puke, Rika tried the new uniform, which by the way, surprise! It has a skirt. Rika sighed. She could actually hear the words in her mind.

"Rika, you look soooooo cute!"

Rika's eyes widened. It was just too soon. Right behind her, Rika's mother clapped in ecstasy. It's not everyday she saw her daughter wearing a skirt, even if she was forced to. It was just another of the things mother and sister differed about. After all, it had been years since both women had accepted that Rika was a carbon copy of her father, just female. And it had been years since they both had grown used to it.

"You think so?" Rika snorted. Her mother, not noticing the tone of irony in Rika's voice, walked towards her, still in delight.

"Oh yes, yes, yes! You have to accept it: it looks great on you!"


"I have to side with your mother on this one, Rika." Renamon mentioned as she stepped out of the shadows, an obvious tone of mockery in her voice. Oh, great. Rika thought. Now she has a sense of humor. What did you do to her, Gogglehead?

As if on cue, the image of Takato Matsuki appeared in Rika's mind, reminding her of the "friend" she had not seen in weeks. However, the thought disappeared as soon as it had come out. Almost pushing her mother away, Rika walked to the dining room, where breakfast was waiting for her.

"Good Morning, Rika."

"Good morning, grandma."

Not like her daughter, Rika's grandmother had easily understood Rika's behavior. She was intelligent enough to know when her granddaughter didn't want to talk, which was most of the time. Silence filled the dining room while the family ate their breakfast, and soon enough, Rika was ready to leave. Of course, her family wouldn't forget to give one last goodbye.

"Goodbye, Rika."

"See you later, grandma."

"Have fun, Rika."

Rika stumbled for a second. "What!? Mom…" Rika noticed the strange grin on her mother's face, as if she knew something Rika didn't. "Might as well give it a try."

"Whatever…see ya."

Rika left the house, Renamon following her from a close distance, hidden in the shadows and the multitude of a new day in Shinjuku. Now that she was going to a new school, the walk was a little longer, but it wasn't something Rika Nonaka couldn't handle. As usual, she ignored the hustle and bustle of the ever-growing crowd, the looks of people who recognized her, including those "certain" looks from her admirers (well, she's growing up! Besides, it's not everyday you see Rika wearing a skirt…hehehe……*twisted mind starts working*).

Twenty long minutes of walking took her to her new school, where a brand new stage of her life was about to begin. A fresh start, huh? Hope so…

The main building was pretty much the average school you see in an average anime show (Come on, they're all the same!), namely Card Captor Sakura, Ranma ½ and, well…Digimon. Not that it really matters, though. Anyway, as Rika; still avoiding the multiple looks, and making sure Renamon was nearby; made her way to what was supposed to be her classroom (of course, she knew that already…don't ask me how!). Right before the front door, she stopped, as if a force tried to keep her away. That's when her inner voice (one that has become quite common in my series…I'm using too much parentheses today…) made her/its entrance.

"I can't believe it…are you nervous?"

Hell no!

"Then what are you waiting for!? Get in there and show them who's boss!"

Alright…rest of my life, here I go…

Rika opened the door…and her jaw fell to the floor. No way………

****** Jenrya's…I mean Lee's…I mean Henry's! Henry's point of view…damn…******

Gosh, I'm so sleepy…why do classes have to start this early…?

Henry Wong let go a loud yawn, loud enough to be noticed by pretty much everyone else in the classroom, which of course caused him a lot embarrassment.


Everyone forgave him, as his was everyone's situation that day. They were all sleepy. Henry closed his eyes, but just for a second, as a cute giggling from his right got him up again. Jeri Katou was giggling like, well…a little girl.

"Hehe, you're so cute!" Jeri claimed, not without messing Henry's hair.

"Hey!" Henry complained, half angry, half blushing. Jeri soon stopped laughing, and a glare from Henry stopped the two joker maniacs right behind him. Yes, Hirokazu Shiota and Kenta Kitagawa shared the desk behind Henry and Jeri (you know those huge desks for two people? You don't? Too bad). A few seconds later, the classroom had returned to its usual, everyone waiting for the professor's appearance. However, giggling could still be heard…from Henry's schoolbag. Having a pretty good idea of what to expect, Henry didn't open the bag……he punched it.

"Ouch! Momentai, dammit!" Terriermon complained as Henry pulled him out.

"Terriermon, I clearly told not to follow me here! And I think we had a talk about cursing in front of the ladies!" Henry said, pointing at Jeri.

"Which ladies…don't tell me you mean Rika!" Terriermon replied as he pointed towards the entrance.

"Rika? Rika's not…" Henry was forced to interrupt the sentence when a visibly surprised Rika showed up in the classroom. Al of the students immediately recognized her, and being intelligent enough, stayed as far away from her as possible (if we know of Rika's attitude, they sure had to know, too!), which resulted in Rika having a desk just for herself, right in front of Henry. Calmly enough, Rika organized her stuff, and suddenly turned back to face the other four Tamers.

"Okay, now, what are YOU doing here!?"

"That's what we should ask you!" Kenta retorted. "Being the daughter of a famous model, anyone would expect you to go to a very expensive school, not…well, here!"

Rika didn't want to admit it, but Kenta was right. She was the odd one out. Unless…

"She had already planned it!!!!" Rika exclaimed, slamming her right fist with the desk, which caused everyone in the classroom to move even farther from her than before. "But, why…?" she meditated, placing her head on her hands. While Henry and Jeri dealt with hiding Terriermon, as pretty much everyone knew already that he wasn't a stuffed doll, Kazu's watch began to beep like crazy. Of course, Rika was the first to complain.

"Shut that frickin' thing off, visor boy, I'm trying to think!" However, Kazu's response (or the lack of it) caught her attention.

"One minute to MH, friends…"

"WHAT!?" Both Jeri and Kenta exclaimed, soon followed by a complete chaos. Jeri, Kazu and Kenta tried to put everything they had in their bags as soon as possible. Those students who had been their classmates in the previous years did the same, too.

"Jeri, what's going on!?" Henry asked in concern.

"No time…must…hurry!" Jeri exclaimed as she proceeded to do the same with Henry's bag. Kenta and Kazu were about to take Rika's when the Queen stopped them. "Now what do you think you're doing?"

"Quickly…must…save as much as possible!" Kazu cried as he used a rope (yes, a rope!) to tie his bag to the desk.

"Twenty seconds!" Kenta exclaimed, which caused Jeri to let go an "Eek!" in response.

"Jeri, tell me what's going on!" Rika ordered. Jeri tried to calm down for a second, but she was almost hyperventilating.

"It…happens…every first day…since I remember…it's…"

"10…9…8…7…" Kazy had begun the countdown, followed by Kenta.

"What is it!?" Henry and a excited Terriermon asked.

"It's…it's…" Jeri forced the words out of her.


"…THE MATSUKI HURICANE!" Jeri shouted, at the same moment Kazu's clock marked zero. Silence filled the classroom for an instant, soon followed by a rumble coming from afar.

"It's coming! Everyone, get a hold of anything you can!" Kazu shouted as he stuck himself to the desk. Jeri grabbed Henry's arm while Rika looked at the door, searching for the source of the rumble. It was a boy's voice.

"I'm late, I'm late, I'm late, I'M LATE, I'M LATE, I'M LATE, I'M LATE, I'M LATE!!!!!!!!!"

Whoosh! A strong gale crossed the classroom, lifting notebooks, schoolbags, papers and skirts up in the air, as Takato Matsuki dashed inside. Jeri tried to calm down the source of the storm as she lowered her skirt so that no one would see the unseen.

"You're not late, Takato!"

Suddenly, everything stopped and the things thrown away returned to their respective owners. Takato, who looked like Taz the Tasmanian devil in a sugar rush, looked around the place to greet his friends.

"Oh, hello, Jeri! Kazu, Kenta, Henry, Rika……RIKA!?"

Jumping back a few feet in surprise, Takato looked at the love of his life, who looked back with the kind of sadistic grin you'd prefer not to face.

"Oh, well, hello, Gogglehead….oh!" Rika exclaimed sarcastically. "Could you believe it? There's only one seat left!"

Takato looked around and gulped when he realized Rika was right. The only seat left was right next to Rika.

"I guess we'll be partners for the rest of the year, Goggles. We're going to have a blast!" Rika finished with an evil glow in her eyes. Takato gulped again. I don't know if I should laugh or cry…

Takato slowly took his seat next to Rika, unable to avoid her gaze during the process. She had already placed one of her invisible barriers, and Takato wouldn't be able to get any closer to her. Rika seemed to be mad about something, a something he completely ignored. However, as he looked back at her, he noticed something very peculiar…Is she……?

"Good morning, class."

As Takato looked up front to see the teacher, his jaw fell down to the floor. This can't be happening to me…

Yes, it was indeed Ms. Asagi the one who had just entered the classroom. Takato took a second to look right behind him, where Kazu and Kenta had the exact same dumb look he had made an instant before, while Jeri looked visibly excited. It was just too much of a coincidence. Ms. Asagi began her class immediately. She introduced herself, talked about the new year, blah, blah, blah, you know the drill. What really interested Takato was how come she had ended up in the same class as him?

"I've been teaching in an elementary school for the last years, but I decided I'd give a try teaching to a…more mature group of students…" Suddenly, her eyes met Takato's. She had found him. "…too bad they gave me Takato Matsuki."

The class burst into laughter. Even Rika seemed to be enjoying the moment. This is a conspiracy against me. Definitely. Takato thought as his head slammed the desk, much to Rika's amusement. Beautiful, just beautiful. Rika thought.

What's the problem, Gogglehead? Got up on the wrong foot?

"Oh, shut up, Ruki!" Takato shouted right before noticing he had said it out loud. Avoiding everyone's (and Rika's) weird looks, Takato apologized.

"Heh…sorry…hehehe…" Looking to his right, he warned Rika. "I wasn't talking to you!" Rika just ignored him, hiding the suspicion deep inside.



******Lunch time!******

I can't believe this is happening……

For the first time EVER, Rika Nonaka was actually having lunch with someone! The rather numerous group of Digimon Tamers were all having lunch together under the shade of a huge tree, avoiding the constant looks from other students. As usual, Rika's grandmother had prepared a lunch bag that would have easily fed a battalion. Next to her, Takato slowly unwrapped his lunch, and next to him, Jeri looked at Takato's lunch rather curious.

"What do you have for lunch today, Takato?"

"Uh, well, what do you think?"

"Don't tell me you're going to eat bread for lunch, Gogglehead." Rika commented, quite surprised.

"Well, not just bread……ta-da! Riceballs!" Takato showed everyone his lunch. Indeed, it consisted in Guilmon bread and riceballs. Rika couldn't help but comment on how poor Takato's lunch was. Too bad she did it the wrong way. "How pathetic…"

"Well, I'm sorry I can't enjoy the delicacies a famous model's daughter can taste!" Takato replied, somewhat annoyed. Rika knew she had really messed up, and for the rest of the lunch break she remained silent, ignoring the conversation going on between Henry, Kazu and Kenta. Next to her, Jeri futilely tried to cheer Takato up.

I guess it was too…weird to be true. Me hanging out in a group…yeah, right.

******Rest of the day…******

What can I say? The afternoon was the total opposite of the morning. Takato's attempts to have an in-class conversation with Rika had ended, and now he seemed to be lost in his thoughts. Meanwhile. Rika found Takato's situation more important than the class. She couldn't stop looking at him, even if Takato ignored her. I guess…I really screwed up.

Forcing herself to keep an eye on the class, Rika saw how Takato decided to spend his time in his favorite leisure activity: drawing. Hoping that the teacher wouldn't notice, Rika watched Takato's pencil move on the paper, guided by Takato's skilled hand, slowly but surely creating art. And so, the minutes went by, and before Rika could notice, her first day was over. It is strange how time sometimes passes so quickly, isn't it? Anyway, the students took their bags and left the classroom. The Tamers said their goodbyes, noticing Takato's sudden change. His silence was a cause of preoccupation, especially to Jeri and Henry. However, there was nothing they could do, so they left hoping that the net day would be better. On the other hand, Rika…

"Gogglehead, wait!"

Mostly by instinct than by desire, Takato looked back to meet face to face with Rika Nonaka. His silence was almost annoying.

"Goggles…I'm sorry. I'll have lunch by myself tomorrow, so don't worry."

More surprising than the fact of Rika apologizing was Takato's reaction. He simply smiled.

"No, tomorrow you'll have lunch with me."


"Rika, there's no need to be sorry. We're friends, remember. Arguing over something so futile would be childish, you know?" Besides, there's no way I could possibly get mad at you, Rika……


"See you tomorrow, Rika."


Takato left a confused Rika behind, his heart singing with joy. Ruki would probably mock him for the rest of the day, but that didn't matter. Rika, meanwhile, slowly made her way back to her house, not believing Takato's attitude. A part of her didn't understand him, but another part (the deepest part) admired him, and that part was glad of the outcome of that day. Why? Why did he forgive me so easily? I mean, I would be mad if I were him……

"Had a nice day, Rika?"

Not expecting to find her mother at home, Rika swallowed her doubts about Takato and focused on her mother. "You…!!!!!"

Rika's mother simply smiled. "What?"

"You planned it all!!! You put me in the same school Goggle………they all go!!!!!"

"So what? Didn't you enjoy it?"

"OF COURSE NOT!!!" Rika said, hurriedly making her way to her bedroom, where Renamon was already waiting. Rika sighed in relief. She hadn't seen Renamon since the morning, and she was exhausted.

"I don't know why you lie to herself, and why you lie to your mother, Rika."

"What do you mean?" Rika retorted, a little too angry to discuss such matter at the moment.

"I had never seen you smile at school until today."

"Smile!? I never smiled today! I don't smile!"

"Yes, you did smile, Rika. Once."

"And when did the oh-so-observant Renamon see me smile?"

Renamon looked at her partner with her sharp vulpine orbs, ignoring Rika's sarcasm. The Digimon understood Rika was tired and in a bad mood, so she simply answered, not before making sure she was out of Rika's reach.

"You smiled the moment Takato Matsuki sat down next to you."

******Somewhere else……******

It was partially dark. But not because the night had arrived. No, not yet. The neon light released a faint dim, which would barely allow an observant to recognize the supercomputers and all the technologic paraphernalia. However, the people in there seemed to be able to make their way through the semi-dark room quite easily. What am I describing? The inside of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (did I get the name right? No? Then it's just freaky Hypnos building from now on), where a secret project named Hypnos was taking place. Well, it was not really THAT secret. The existence of Hypnos had been revealed during the D-Reaper crisis, where pretty much everything had been destroyed. Records, hardware, resources, data, everything was destroyed by the chaotic action of the terrible computer algorithm and its agents (ADRs…God, I loved those guys!). What the public ignored was that Hypnos was coming back to life. This time, on the right side of things, thanks to the intervention of a certain man.

Mitsuo Yamaki was now interviewing the possible new recruits for the Hypnos group. Not without obsessively flicking his lighter, Yamaki examined the person in front of him. A rather young man, 18 or 19 years old, looked back with the same sharp expression. The young man had very short, black hair which matched his black eyes, dark as the darkest night, even if they were covered by glasses. His expression was deep and challenging, as his eyes not only examined his interviewer, but the office around him. A rather simple office, not really what he expected for the one behind such a complex and expensive operation. The man was wearing a comnpletely black outfit: shirt, pants, socks and shoes. Yamaki was sure even his underwear was black. However, the outfit wasn't really important. The important thing is that the boy/man was good. Very good.

"Impressive curriculum, mister…Randt. Very impressive. Complete lack of working experience, thought."

"I'll never get any experience if I don't get any opportunities, sir."

Good answer. Yamaki thought. Reminds me of myself in my young ages… "So…what makes you think you are Hypnos material?"

The young man named Randt simply chuckled. "Well, my ability with computers and electronics should make it. As you may have seen in C.V., I have more than complete studies in both areas. And if that's not convincing enough, I have this."

The man showed Yamaki a huge pile of papers, which the blonde man examined without much attention. He was used to dealing with over-confident brats who thought they were the best because they had graduated from the best Universities. However, a further examining of the papers revealed a shocking truth.

"This…this is…!!!" Yamaki exclaimed.

"Yes, those are the data codes of at least 1000 different Digimon. You could say……it's a little hobby of mine."

"How……how did you get these!? Our scientists have been working for ages, yet they have been unable to decipher a single one!"

Mr. Randt chuckled again. "Then your scientists must be very stupid. However, I can't reveal my secrets to just anyone, you know? It would be my ruin."

Yamaki made a last effort to calm down. That…boy was getting too annoying to his liking. However……

"Why? Why do you want join us You could do great things by yourself."

The "boy" nodded in agreement. "Maybe, but I have my reasons. It's mainly to know more about Digimon. I'm very curious, you know? Before you start wondering, I have no evil intentions, I just want…to satisfy my curiosity. And the other reason…"

"Yes?" Yamaki insisted, partially annoyed, partially interested.

"I think that if I join Hypnos I'd get the chance to meet Takato Matsuki."

That definitely got Yamaki by surprise. "Matsuki? What……what do you want with Matsuki?"

"That's for me to know."

Yamaki sighed. That kid would be annoying, yes. This Randt guy will probably argue every decision I make, and he'll probably do some "experiments" of his own while he's here, but… He just couldn't throw away this opportunity.

"Welcome to Hypnos, Mr. Randt. I'm sure you'll be a fine addition to out team." Yamaki said as he offered his hand to the new member of Hypnos.

"Thank you very much, mister. I'm not going to disappoint you, that's a promise. And by the way…"


"Please call me Daneel."



End of chapter 1……

Henry: Self-insertion? That's just so……lame.

DR: It's not self-insertion! Daneel Randt is an original character! He only has my name, which is not really my name, because Daneel Rush is just an…artistic pseudonym.  So we have nothing in common!

Terriermon: Yeah, only the appearance, the age, the excessive over-confidence, the preference for electronics and computers, and the fact that you both know lots of things about Digimon…maybe too much things…

DR: Oh, you shut up! Besides, my Digimon knowledge come mostly from Megchan's Digimon Encyclopedia (I finally have the full version! Yahoo! I can't stop adding new stuff to it!) and my card scans!

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Next Chapter: Takato's second day of school gets interrupted when wild Digimon attack him on the way there! With Rika, Henry and the others unable to leave the school, will Takato be able to repel the attack of two Ultimates AND a Mega? How will Yamaki and the Hypnos gang react to the unexpected appearance of wild Digimon in the real world? Uh-oh, it looks like Takato has a lot of explaining to do! But that's not all, because an invisible enemy is just about to enter the scene! Things will be getting pretty messy from here, so get ready for the second chapter of "Forget the Y2K, this is madness!!!": The Prize of Freedom, Part I.