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He was enjoying it. Or, at least, he thought he did. He heard the screams of his counterpart, his arch-nemesis. So how come he was feeling uneasy?

Suddenly, it was silent. He could hear nothing. Then, he could hear himself talking. Or was he talking? He couldn't feel his mouth move, but he could unmistakably hear his own voice, talking to him.

"Don't lose your purpose. . . you wouldn't be here without her. You know that."

Brick shook his head. Oh, come on! he told himself as he flew alongside his brothers. That's was only a dream! Not like you've gotta worry about it, right?

A loud roar interrupted his thoughts. The Rowdyruff Boys skidded to a halt and just floated there listening. Pretty soon, a scream followed.

"Cool!" Butch cried out. "Something's destroying Townsville again!" He turned to Boomer. "Wanna go take a look?"

"Yeah!" Boomer replied. "Let's take a look!"

"Hehehe! This is gonna be fun!" Butch said, already hyped up as he and his brother darted in the direction of the scream.

Brick flew after them a second later. But he wasn't smiling. Why did the scream sound so familiar?

They kept flying onward until. . .

"Stop!" Butch shouted, stopping himself from flying further. "Here we are!" Boomer immediately lied on his back and rested himself on a nearby cloud.

Brick flew forward a bit further than them and squinted for a better look. He could see the monster crashing buildings, that was plain to see. But he also noticed that the monster was constantly flinging something away from itself. The thing was continuously trailing pink light streaks behind. And it was trying to attack the monster, but to no avail; it just kept on getting tossed around and crashed to the ground.

Brick squinted harder, but he still couldn't see much else. He was just going to give up on it when he saw something that caught his eye. A ridiculously large red bow on the head of the thing. Such an accessory could belong to only one person in all of Townsville.

In a flash, a wicked grin spread across his face. Blossom. Of course. Only she and her sisters would try to fight and stop this monster. Then he noticed something else, and his grin was replaced with a puzzled frown. Where were her sisters, anyway? Why was she fighting the monster all alone?

The monster, again, knocked her to the ground. And the next time she flew up, she wasn't flying so quickly anymore. She just looked like a pink dot from the distance now. Only then did Brick get a clear view of her. . . and his eyes widened with shock. Half of Blossom was drenched with blood. Her cheeks were marked with crimson blotchy bruises. There were a few lacerations over one of her eyes, forcing it shut. Her arms were covered not just with bruises, but with bleeding wounds as well. Her stockings were torn and decorated with feathered scars, and her dress was covered with scratches and blood as well. Brick also managed to see blood trickling out of the corners of her mouth. Her ribbon had torn edges and was speckled with black dust from all the gravel she had been collapsing upon. Her shoes were missing.

Then he could see her lips move, probably saying something to the monster. But Blossom barely had time to finish her words; Brick could see her lurch forward and hack up blood, so much blood that it created a tiny swimming pool of red right on the road below.

Brick was taken aback. Now he was feeling sick. He hadn't seen this much blood his entire life. He didn't think bleeding someone to death would be this serious. He and his brothers had always left the Powerpuff Girls with bruises and dirt, but they had never bled them; Blossom's current state was completely new to Brick, in a terrible way.

He saw Blossom shudder in the distance and look up with effort. But she didn't have time to strike again. By the time she had stopped coughing, the monster had already been bringing its forepaw down on her.

The sickening thud could be heard even from where the Rowdyruffs were standing. Brick gasped, startled. He glanced to his right, just in time to see Boomer jolt awake from the sound. The blue had dozed off on the makeshift cloud bed. Brick glanced to his left; Butch was also shocked. The boy's mouth was open, gaping, with his tongue lolling out.

Brick looked forward again. Blossom was falling.

Something echoed at the back of his mind. Don't lose your purpose. . . you wouldn't be here without her. You know that.

Brick gazed at Blossom, falling, then at the monster, roaring in triumph.

"Um. . . let's leave," Boomer said. He'd seen enough shenanigans for one day.

"Yeah, let's go," Butch replied. He'd seen enough havoc as well for the time being. "C'mon, Brick!" he cried as he and Boomer dashed back in the direction they had come. They heard their brother taking off in flight. But why did the sound seem to get further away from them?

The two stopped and turned around. To find Brick flying towards Blossom and the monster.

"Brick!" Brick could hear his brothers cry out his name, telling him to come back. He just didn't know what to do, but something in him told him it had to be done, a certain action. Deftly, he dove under Blossom and caught her, then soared up. After a few seconds, he stopped and hovered to take a good look at her. She looked much worse close up now. Her closed eyelids twitched as if they were trying to open, but they were sewn together. Her painful moans sounded like meaningless whispers that a deaf child would mumble. He could feel her blood soaking into his shirt.

"Brick!" Brick turned in time to see Boomer stop beside him. "What're you doing? We're not going back?"

Aw, great, you've gone and done it, Brick thought to himself. He looked at Blossom, then at Boomer, then back at Blossom. Think, think. . . think! He had to come up with an excuse. He had to tell Boomer something to get away with this! Or should he?

Somewhere in his head, he was telling himself, Drop her. She's not your business. Saving a Powerpuff Girl, seriously?

Just then, his dream repeated itself in his head. He heard the screaming, Blossom's screaming, which he had heard only minutes ago. No wonder it had been so familiar.

"Don't lose your purpose. . . you wouldn't be here without her. You know that."

Don't lose your purpose. . . of course! He turned to Boomer. "We're going back, but we're taking her back, too."

"Huh? Why?"


"Hey, look out!"

Brick whirled to his behind just in time to see a paw hurtling towards him, claws stretched out. Brick kicked it away from him with vexation. There was no way he was going to be able to handle this thing by himself, let alone with him holding Blossom.

"Hey, Butch!" he yelled into the distance. His brother flashed up next to him.


"Take care of that thing! Boomer and I'll go home first."

Butch looked down at Blossom. Why in the world-? But he stopped himself from asking that. He wasn't going to question Brick. He wasn't going to risk a stupid smack in the face. So he just soared up to deal with whatever Brick told him to deal with.

Meanwhile, Brick and Boomer were dashing off. After a few moments, Boomer turned to Brick.


Brick turned to Boomer. "So. . . what?"

"You was saying?"


"Why ya taking her back?"

Brick looked back down at Blossom. What was his excuse again? Oh. . . yeah.

"Because no one should hurt her but me."


"If anyone's gonna kill her, it should be me."

"How come?"


"Whad'ya all talking about?" Butch interrupted, suddenly appearing at Brick's other side.

"Whoa, wha-" Brick stammered. "You're already done with it?"


"Huh. . . that was fast."



"Whad'ya talking about?"

"That if anyone's gonna kill Blossom, I should do it, and no one else."


Brick looked down at Blossom and stared at her for a few moments before answering. "I'm her counterpart, and I'm here because she already existed. I was made to kill her, just the way you guys were made to kill the others. If anyone's going hurt her this much, I should be responsible for it, and I should take care of it. No one else should be allowed to hurt her.

"No one but me."

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