This is my first attempt at a fic. The story is set after the Mallorean.

The world was finally feeling right. I hadn't had to dash all over the place looking after things for the better part of a decade. Garion and Ce'Nedra were doing well over on Riva. Ce'Nedra was pregnant again, and Garion was spending a lot of time looking after Geran and Beldarran, studying and ruling the kingdom in what little time he had left. Velvet's pregnancy had gone well, and I think her son was already in training to be a spy - whenever I go to visit Silk and Velvet he always seems to be watching me. I might just be being paranoid, but with those two for parents it can't hurt to be overly careful. The young child was also seeing far too much of Yarblek, so he will be corrupted sooner or later (although as Pol will no doubt say when she reads this, I'm a fine one to talk about corruption).

Our other friends were also doing well. Sadi had seamlessly resumed his role in Salmissra's court. Zakath and Cyradis were very happy together governing Mallorea (I suspect that it's only a matter of time until there's an heir to the Mallorean Empire). Urgit was busy trying to reform the Murgos (a task with which everyone except possibly Hettar wished him well with), and thanks to Zakath and Eriond he was having a fair degree of success. Hettar actually calmed down and no longer chased after every Murgo, only the ones who have actually done something. I think this probably had more than a little to do with Adara's influence and Cho Hag's decision to get Hettar fully ready to become Chief of the Clan Chiefs of the Algars. In fact, everyone had settled down to a greater or lesser degree. Even Mandorallen and Lelldorin weren't permanently looking for a fight. This might have had a little to do with the fact that Arendia was finally almost peaceful. After Korodullin and Mayaserena persuaded Mandorallen and Lelldorin to deal with the last real trouble makers, there was only minor discontent. In the Vale, things seemed at least as good as everywhere. The twins were of course the same as always (I doubt they'll ever change). Pol and Durnik had their twins to occupy them. The twins were growing well and, of course, I loved them already. Pol occasionally complained that she saw far too much of me, and that I should wash more frequently or I would corrupt those two as well. After a few years of trying, I'd finally managed to convince Durnik that he needed a tower, and he was spending most of his free time building it not far from the wreckage of Belsambar's tower (without cheating, naturally. He refuses to let me help him, knowing that I would cheat and create stone or something if I got half a chance, and nobody will cover for me. Sometimes I despair of my family). As for myself I was as happy as I can ever remember being. Poledra was back in my life, and everything was perfect.

I should have known that it was too good to last.