AY. IT'S ME HERE WITH NEW STORY- I know I should be working on the other stories right now but thishasbeenbuggingmesomuchthatifididntwriteitiwouldslowlybutsurelygoinsane.

This is an Amnesia/Time Travel story. Yeah, you 'gotta love the confusing mix of the two. This is also a Luffy central story (unlike my other two which are Ace central) and more to do with the Strawhats than the others.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this story, so here is the first chapter!

Chapter 1

The last day he remembered everything seemed so normal - so right.

There was no indication that anything untoward would happen, in fact it was the opposite. The Straw-hat crew were finally in the New World after spending two long-awaiting years away from each other.

Even with the anticipation of the adventures that were headed their way, everybody felt at ease; their lives finally falling back into place on the Thousand Sunny. Everyone was happy, which for a long time, felt like a distant dream.

Nobody noticed anything wrong at first.

Luffy had spent the day fishing alongside Brook and Chopper, having been assigned the job by the furious Sanji who'd woken up to find half of his ingredients in the fridge 'missing'.

Instead of fishing, the trio messed mainly messed around, listening to the various fishing songs from Brook and sharing stories of what happened to them in the time they'd spent away from each other.

With the sun beginning to set, Luffy headed back towards the deck, his feet stumbling slightly despite the water's being still.

That's when it happened.

Time seemed to slow down for everyone on board, as they watched their beloved captain kneel to the ground as he screamed a petrifying scream, one that should never pass their captains lips. He clung hard onto the tips of his hat, toppling it over the side of the ship despite the shouts from either side of him to stop.

He couldn't though.

It was easily visible on his face that he couldn't control himself, he couldn't see, he couldn't hear; he couldn't stop this noise which pierced his ears and made him act this way. He tried to scream for help, but all that passed his lips were the same chilling screams which he had begun with.

His mind started to clear, the ringing noise vibrating its way through his mind until nothing was present. The air seemed to get thinner, the smells of sea-water getting stronger and the presence of his crew calling to him growing silent.

Memories started to flash by his eyes, ones from when he lived back in Goa Kingdom all the way to his battle with Hody as his breathing got quicker. His body began to shut down, tiredness kicking in from his fear as his mind struggled to stay awake.

But then he saw it.

He saw how easily Akainu tore through Ace's chest, bringing his brother's life to a standstill.

He saw the memory of Kuma whisking away his crew; his dear Nakama.

And finally, he saw his mind shatter into pieces, the fresh air clasping around him as the white smothered him.

Silence filled the air, their captain's body falling to the floor. Adrenaline peeked in every crew members, as they all at once, rushed over to where their captain collapsed.

Chopper quickly filled in the silence, ordering for Zoro to bring their captain into the patient's room. The swordsman quickly acknowledged the order as he carefully picked the straw-hatted boy up, laying him down on the bedside as Chopper hushed everyone out of the room.

After what seemed like hours for the crew, Chopper creaked the door open to face everyone, a line drawn across his face as he looked at the worried stares they were penetrating at him.

Usopp was the first to speak up, his voice trembling at the sight of the shattered doctor. "O-Oi, Chopper. What hell was that? Is Luffy okay?"

The reindeer quickly spoke up, sighing as he placed his head on his hoofs gently. "He's stable. As far as I can tell, he's in perfect health. I have no diagnosis for the symptoms he was earlier showing." Chopper calmly said, the tiredness showing clearly under his eyes.

Nami knelled down in front of Chopper, resting her arms on his shoulders. "I'm sure you did the best you could. After all," She paused in her sentence, sending him a tired smile. "-you're the best doctor around."

Chopper slowly nodded, sniffling tears which were appearing on his eyes as he glanced around at the other crew-members, who were all agreeing with Nami.

Coughing, Chopper stepped back, allowing for Nami to step back and re-acquire the ship's attention. "He is asleep right now, so it's safe for you to go in."

Gently pushing the patient room's door open, Nami was nearly blown back by the silence which echoed the room which was in her captain's presence. Asleep or awake, Luffy was always making some kind of noise; making some kind of trouble. But there he was, sound asleep. Peacefully unaware of the outside world as she watched him take breaths ever so lightly.

She would be lying if she said she didn't find it frightening.

She was so stunned by her captain's appearance, she didn't even notice the others swarming into the cramped room, all portraying the same look on their faces as hers; shock.

"He looks so, calm." Nami whispered, though it was easily loud enough for everyone in the room to hear.

Franky, (who had his head peeking through the door) nodded in agreement, speaking loud enough for his voice to echo. "What do you think is wrong with Luffy-bro?"

Robin placed her hand on her chin. "We're in the middle of nowhere and we've searched everywhere on this ship. It's unlikely some enemy did this to him." Shaking her head, she pondered. "No, that's wrong. We can't rule that out yet."

"An enemy might have done that to him?" Usopp mumbled, his tone full of disbelief. "What kind of power would cause someone to break down like that?!"

Glancing towards Usopp, Robin frowned. "I can't say, I've never heard of such power."

"We have just entered the New World." Sanji noted, his eyes falling on the silent captain. "We have no idea what to expect here, this might be what we're up against."

"How are we meant to do that?! Luffy's down!" Usopp exclaimed, his voice failing him.

Coming in between the sniper and chef, Robin shook her head. "Let's not jump to that just yet. For now, we'll just have to wait until he wakes up."

The clanks of swords hit the room as Zoro walked over to the door, stepping out of the room with a distressed look on his face.

"Oi, Zoro! Where are you going?" Nami shouted towards the deck, fist raising up to her chest.

"It's no good just standing around staring at him. No matter how hard you try, it won't wake him up."

The patient's room door swung, silence peering the room again. "I don't normally agree with that green-haired bastard." Sanji declared, walking out of the room as well as he lit a cigarette. "But I think it would be better if we kept ourselves busy, take our minds off it."

Each Strawhat member didn't say a word, but it was obvious that they all silently agreed. One by one, each crewmember left the room, leaving only Nami and Chopper left standing over Luffy's bed, both looking saddened.

"You look tired Chopper, go rest for a bit. I don't mind looking over him."

The doctor looked up towards the navigator, slowly giving her a nod as he headed towards the door.

Settling beside on the chair next to the bed, she sighed. She was betting the entire crew were tired, she was for sure.

Hours passed, her eyes locked onto Luffy as she searched for any sign on him waking up. Feeling herself become drowsy, she looked over him one more time; before falling into a thin, fragile sleep.

It had only seemed like minutes had passed by, before a hand poking her woke her up.

"Luffy?" She mumbled, still half asleep as her hand reached out to the said teen.


With the memories of the last few hours rushing back to her, Nami gasped. "You idiot! You had us all worried sick! Do you know how long you've been asleep?! We all thought something terrible had happened to you!"


Sighing, she let out all of the breaths she had been holding for the last day and a half, looking back to her captain who was still staring at her with wide eyes. "Are you even listening to me?"

Slowly nodding, Luffy looked down on his bed sheet, wide eyes will perpetrating to every object in the room, causing Nami to raise an eyebrow.

Luffy never looked like that. Something was off.

Something was wrong.

"H-hey, Luffy. Are you feeling alright?" Grabbing a hold of her captain's hand to get his attention, she leaned closer, her face giving a questioning and worried look.

Luffy quickly reacted, thrashing his arm away from hers and clasping the bed sheets tighter. "Luffy? I don't..." His words mumbled off, his eyes glazing over.

"Huh?" Nami mumbled, trying to work out why her captain was acting in such a bizarre way. "Don't what? I didn't mean to get mad at you, it's just," She sighed. "You really scared us back there Luffy."

Her captain continued to look down, his face still. Before Nami had a chance to question his silence, he looked up to her. "...I don't know a Luffy."

Nami felt her heart freeze.

"W-what?" Shaking, she drew her arm in, now mirroring her captain's wide eyes as her mind tumbled over what he had just realising the words were spilling out of her mouth, she started to shake. "What do you mean you don't 'know a 'Luffy'?"

Seeing no recognition spark off in her captain's eyes, she gulped, slowly pointing a finger to herself, scared to ask the following words. "Come on, this isn't funny. You're Luffy. Surely you know who I am, right?"

She could easily see Luffy be taken back by the question, as he looked down back at the bed sheets, his hands releasing the covers and form a fist. As he looked back up at the girl, guilt and sadness covered his eyes, as he lightly shook his head, whispering the next words. "I don't think so." Narrowing his eyes, he quickly realised the shock in the other girl's face as he choked out his next words.

"Who are you?"