Just a one shot, my view on what could have happened after the kiss

As usual I own nothing (unfortunately)

"Oh what's next, I know lets try kissing" said Sheldon angrily

Amy didn't have a chance to say anything before Sheldon leaned forward and placed his lips on hers

Sheldon started the kiss in frustration but then he found himself liking it, he felt Amy respond slightly and he moved his body into Amy's and placing his hand on her waist for support as the train moved along, he continued the kiss before reluctantly breaking away

They stood staring at each other for a few moments

"That was nice" was the only thing Amy could get out at that moment, her head was exploding with joy, confusion and lust

"Good" replied Sheldon nodding at her and swallowing before more eye coitus

"Um, I've been invited by the conductor to the engine room to see how the train goes through a crossing" said Sheldon shakily

"Ok have fun" replied Amy as they gazed at each other

"Do you wanna come with me?

"Really? I do"

Sheldon took the lead towards the engine room but once he was there, he found he was unable to take in anything conductor was saying, instead he kept his eyes on Amy, fascinated by her lips and remembering the kiss

When they walked back to their carriage, Amy took the initiative, she sensed that Sheldon was unsettled

"Sheldon when we get to the B&B we can talk, on the train is not a good place to do that"

"Very well" replied Sheldon as they reached their table

"You can sit with Erik and talk about trains if you like, I got Bernie and Howard to talk to" suggested Amy

"Thank you"

Once they reached their destination, they checked into the B&B and Amy invited Sheldon into her room to talk, The only place in the room to sit down and talk was the bed, Amy sat down anyway and started to talk

"I want you to know that I really wasn't trying to trick you, I thought this would be a good trip for the both of us but then you found somebody with much more interest in trains than me and I felt a bit neglected, I am sorry for snapping"

"Apology accepted, Amy I will admit to you that when I kissed you, it was partly in sarcastic anger but then as you saw for yourself, I actually liked it" replied Sheldon as he sat down next to Amy

"You did?

"Yes, I do think we need more data" Sheldon as he turned to look at her properly

"You need more data? Are you saying you want to kiss me again? Asked Amy in surprise

"Yes, that kiss was fascinating" replied Sheldon

"I don't want to put pressure on you, I know that you are not ready for anything just yet"

"On the contrary I am more than ready" replied Sheldon as he felt a tightening in his pants at the memory of the kiss, he stood up and paced the room trying to think of something that would take the tightness away

"Sheldon are you ok? Amy

"No I want to kiss you again" replied Sheldon stopping in front of her

"I would like that very much" replied Amy shyly

"Good" Sheldon leant down and kissed Amy, she responded and moved closer to him, Sheldon again put his hands on her waist and pulled her in to him, he continued the kiss, both of them sucking on each others lips, Amy was the first to pull away, she gazed into Sheldon's eyes and noticed he was dilated and it didn't go unnoticed by her that he was aroused

"You ok? Asked Sheldon

"Yes, that was very intense" replied Amy slightly out of breath

"Sit down with me" said Sheldon, they sat down on the bed again

"I want to do it again but again I don't want you to feel like I am pushing you"

"You are not pushing me Amy, this is just as much a surprise to me as it is to you, now may I make a suggestion?

"Of course" replied Amy wondering what was coming next, she fiddled with a lose thread on her dress and finally looked at Sheldon who was gazing at her

"We kiss again, then I will go to my room, we can talk in the morning about how to proceed and we do not tell Bernadette and Howard, I need to keep this to myself for now"

"Ok that works for me" replied Amy smiling at him

As they were sitting down, Sheldon moved closer to her then supporting her back with one hand he pulled her close and kissed her again, Sheldon was learning quickly and found himself locked in a passionate embrace with his girlfriend, Amy put both hands round his neck and kissed Sheldon harder, they continued kissing until they were interrupted sometime later by a door slamming nearby

"How was that? Asked Amy breathlessly

"Fascinating" replied Sheldon, whilst they had stopped kissing, he found himself still cuddling Amy and there faces were inches apart

"Um, can I get you a drink? I have water in my bag? Asked Amy breaking the moment

"No it's ok, I will see you in the morning Dr Fowler" replied Sheldon standing up and straightening his suit and trying to hide the evidence of his arousal

"Thank you for a pleasant evening" said Amy as she walked him to the door

"Oh Amy it was more than pleasant" Sheldon leaned down and planted a soft kiss on Amy's lips before leaving the room

After a sleepless night where all Amy could think about was the kiss, she met with Sheldon again, he had brought his laptop with him and suggested some amendments to the relationship agreement

"Amy I want to kiss you again but we need to have some boundaries, I cant be like everybody else who is controlled by their baser urges, so I suggest kissing sessions only when we are alone"

"We are not alone very often though Sheldon" replied Amy, immediately she regretted her words for fear of making Sheldon feel pressure

"I know but we will find the time, so do you agree?

"Yes I agree, as long as you have thought about it"

"Amy last night I did nothing but think about it and I am guessing you did the same?


"You know that I have a thing about people touching me, hugging me or anything else physical but I can make exceptions for you Amy, I know that I have not made things easy for you over the past three years and I am very aware of the comments that have been made about our relationship but last night showed you how far I have come" said Sheldon

"Oh I know, I will let you take control of the physical side of things in the future" replied Amy

"Please don't be scared to initiate, just make sure we are alone" Sheldon leant over to give her a brief kiss before typing something into his laptop

"Sheldon are you embarrassed by me? Asked Amy suddenly

"No of course not, you could never embarrass me, why on earth would you think that?

"Well I might be an excellent scientist but im not exactly model quality" replied Amy looking anywhere but him

"Amy you are beautiful and don't ever forget that"

"You-you think im beautiful? Replied Amy in shock

"Yes, you have a quality about you that appeals to me" replied Sheldon before he decided that he needed to test his kissing theory again, he kissed Amy again and took control of the kiss, Amy however managed to part his lips with her tongue, Sheldon froze for a moment before continuing for several minutes

"Thank you Sheldon, nobody has ever said that to me before

"Well then it looks like we have another first this weekend" replied Sheldon smiling at her

"Are we going to find somewhere for breakfast now? Asked Amy

"Yes, Howard sent me a text saying they are going to a nearby café for breakfast, shall we join them?

"Yes that's fine" replied Amy picking up her jacket and room key

"Wait a moment" said Sheldon stopping her in her tracks

"Yes? Asked Amy

"I have the urge to kiss you again but I must be in control of myself" replied Sheldon leaning down to kiss Amy very briefly and then to Amy's surprise he took her hand as they left the room