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6 weeks later Valentines Day 2017

Amy after feeling movement in the bed, woke up and turned over to find Jamie laying down between her and Sheldon and Sheldon had Rosa on his chest, it was also their first wedding anniversary and Jamie's 2nd birthday

"Good morning Amy" smiled Sheldon taking Amy's hand and kissing it

"Good morning to you, I didn't hear Rosa wake up?

"No I know I could hear Jamie talking and went to see him and noticed Rosa stirring so brought her in here to avoid waking everybody else up" replied Sheldon

"Oh yes, that was a lovely idea to get your family over here to celebrate with us" replied Amy shifting herself to a sitting position

"Well" started Sheldon before the door flew open and Billy Junior appeared with Missy calling him

"Its ok Missy if he wants to join us" said Amy patting the bed

"Only if you are sure? Freya is awake and needing a bottle so I will sort that out while Billy is quiet"

"Totally" replied Amy smiling at her as Rosa gurgled in her sleep

Amy watched as Missy helped Billy on to the bed and Missy went off to collect Freya and went downstairs

"So today is going to be busy and I will take control of all the food and you can take control of the drinks" suggested Sheldon

"Works with me" replied Amy smiling at him as they continued to hold hands

"Mommy I have breakfast? Piped up Jamie

"Yes in a minute, I need to feed Rosa first"

"Why? Asked Jamie looking at his sleeping sister

"Because she's only a baby and babies need feeding regularly"

"I go with Auntie Missy? Asked Jamie again as Billy junior decided he had enough of the bedroom and jumped off the bed

"Go on then, be careful going down the stairs though" replied Amy

"Maybe you should walk them down, the gates are up remember" said Sheldon

"Oh yes" replied Amy disappearing and returning just as quickly

"My mother, Meemaw and your mother will be here shortly for breakfast and probably to take over the arrangements for today" said Sheldon

"That's ok, if people want to pitch in then I'm all for it, especially with a nearly four month old baby" replied Amy

"Also Raj and Pasha went for their 20 week scan yesterday but said they would tell us all what the sex is today" added Sheldon

"That will be exciting" said Amy clapping her hands and making Rosa jump in the process

"She's obviously not ready to wake up yet, let me put her in the cot and we can have some time to ourselves" suggested Sheldon

"I do like that idea" replied Amy giving him a kiss just as Rosa started fidgeting and then woke up properly

"Maybe not" said Sheldon

"Here pass her over and I can give her a quick feed" replied Amy

Much much later all of their friends had arrived for the afternoon BBQ that Sheldon and Amy had arranged, to accommodate the children they had also hired a bouncy castle for them and Amy had installed a set of swings and slide, their garden was big enough to accommodate it and had also told everybody to bring swimming outfits to make use of the pool. they had also invited Jenny and her husband David, Jamie and Finlay loved Jenny and followed her around everywhere, Amy had also started Jamie at nursery for three mornings a week and was going to increase that when she went back to work, once all the food was ready and everybody had a drink, they sat down to eat and Raj and Pasha told their news

"So you are probably all wondering about what we found out yesterday" said Pasha patting her bump

"Of course" replied Amy smiling at her

"Well we are having a girl and have decided on the name Sarita" said Raj

"Congratulations, Eve and Rosa will have a female playmate" said Amy beaming happily at them

"Maybe Penny and Leonard will have a girl as well then" commented Bernadette looking at Penny with her smaller bump

"It would be nice of course but whatever we have, we will be happy with" replied Penny

"Are you still working Penny? Asked Mary

"Oh yes, I am taking shifts at the Cheesecake Factory and doing short stage plays but only until I get to 8 months" replied Penny

"Make sure Leonard looks after you" said Mary

"Oh he does, he would like me to stop working now but I would go crazy at home doing nothing" replied Penny

"So changing the subject, what did you and Sheldon get each other for your anniversary? Asked Bernadette

"Well we haven't exchanged gifts yet but I know Sheldon will like his" replied Amy not saying anything else

"Do you want to tell me what it is? Asked Sheldon

"Maybe we can exchange them together" replied Amy

Amy put her plate down and went back inside and returned with an envelope which Sheldon opened and then beamed at Amy excitedly when he saw what it was

"A weekend train trip around the rocky mountains, Amy that is brilliant, are you coming with me?

"Of course, mom has agreed to have the children with help from Jenny if needed" replied Amy

Sheldon looked at her for a moment and then joined her on her chair and gave her the sort of kiss that left everybody looking embarrassed

"Sheldon stop that now please" commanded Mary

"Sorry mother, just expressing my happiness at Amy's gift" replied Sheldon giving Amy another kiss and whispering something in her ear which made Amy blush

"And what have you got for Amy? Asked Penny

"Well it seems that we both had the same idea about trips, we are going to New York at the end of August for a long weekend" replied Sheldon

"With the children? Asked Amy

"If you like but I am sure there will be willing babysitters around if not"

"Well August is when this one is due" said Penny quickly as Finlay crashed into her chair after running around the garden with Jamie, Eve and Billy junior

"Well you could drop them with us and fly on to New York" suggested Mary

"That might work, thank you mother"

"Where are we staying in New York? Asked Amy

"Um, Beverley has offered us her apartment as she will be away that weekend, I hope that's ok? Asked Sheldon slightly nervously

"Yes its fine, it will be fun to explore the city" replied Amy giving him another kiss

"So Amy when are you returning to work? Asked Missy

"Once Rosa hits 6 months at the end of April, I will start off part time for a few months and then build up my hours, am looking forward to going back" replied Amy gazing at the sleeping Rosa in the baby seat beside her

"At least you two will never forget Valentines day in the future" commented Howard

"I know, it's imprinted on our minds now, especially with our beloved first born" replied Amy watching the children play together

"Are you not going to have any alone time on your anniversary? Asked Jenny

"Not really, this is how we wanted it but we are going out for lunch tomorrow" replied Amy

"Mammy want swim" demanded Jamie coming up to her

"I will take him" said George

"Ok, Uncle George is going to take you" replied Amy

Amy gave her son a kiss and watching him take Georges hand, this however led to the other children wanting to use the pool so the adults moved to the swimming pool area to watch over the children and join them in the pool, Amy went back inside to get more drinks and was followed by Sheldon who cuddled her from behind and nibbled her neck

"That's nice" said Amy relaxing into Sheldon's chest

"It should be, I've wanted to do that all day and I cant with watching eyes" replied Sheldon as Amy turned around to face him

"Maybe tonight when we are in bed we can have our own celebration" suggested Amy

"You little lady are in for a treat" replied Sheldon as they sank into a long and deep kiss that only ended when their names were called asking where the drinks were

"After that kiss, this evening should be very exciting" commented Amy as they worked together to make more drinks

"It always is Amy" replied Sheldon stroking her face and kissing her again leaving Amy breathless

"You never said where we are going for lunch tomorrow? Asked Amy

"Oh yes, we are going to the café where we met, I know you don't want to leave Rosa for too long just yet"

"That's lovely" replied Amy smiling at him as they took the drinks outside and back to their friends and family

"You two took your time" commented Mary

"Yes, we had something very important to discuss" replied Sheldon trying not to laugh especially as Amy was beaming happily at him

"I bet" replied Mary though secretly she was happy at her son's happiness

"We have champagne to help celebrate our first anniversary" said Amy passing around glasses to everybody but Penny and Pasha

"We can have a tiny sip just to toast you both, but no more" said Penny quickly

"Ok" Amy poured the tiny sips out and then they all toasted the happy couple

Later on in the afternoon, Amy brought out the birthday cake for Jamie, it was shaped like a train which he loved and he blew out the candles with help from Amy and Sheldon, the party went on late into the night and the children had crashed out asleep on the sofas in the lounge while the adults chatted in the garden and eventually everybody went home and to bed leaving Amy and Sheldon alone in the lounge

"So" said Amy taking a sip of champagne and clinking glasses with Sheldon

"Happy anniversary" added Sheldon smiling at her

"Same to you" replied Amy

"Thank you for agreeing to marry me and for the children" said Sheldon kissing her

"I should say the same for you and I love you so much" replied Amy beaming at her husband

"Same here" replied Sheldon holding Amy in his arms

"Lets dance hubby" said Amy

Amy put the glasses down and moved to the stereo put on some romantic music and making sure the volume was low, she and Sheldon swayed along to the music, kissing and enjoying their alone time before they went to bed and made the most of the remainder of the evening

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