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"My Queen"

Prologue: Discovery

The rainbow bridge glistened under the bright sunlight—which was at its highest point in Asgard's sky. It was midday and Heimdall lifted his face up to the warm rays, inhaling the air deeply.

"Enjoying this warm weather, are we Heimdall?" a deep voice called out to him. Heimdall opened his eyes and looked down and out across the bridge to the small group walking his way. He knew that they would be arriving at this exact time. He always knew.

Odin Borson, king and just ruler of Asgard, approached with Frigga and their two sons. Thor Odinson and Loki Odinson were but mere children; tiny and bright-eyed.

"Heimdall! Heimdall!" they called out to him, breaking free of their mother's grasp and running forth. Heimdall chuckled as the two youngsters ran circles around him, remaining still at his post.

Always vigilant.

Always watching.

Odin and his queen finally caught up to the three at the gateway of the Bifrost. Frigga sighed and ran her fingers through her children's hair as they returned to her and hugged her skirts. "Hello, Heimdall," she spoke. Her voice was kind and she radiated an aura of peace and love. She glowed just as her golden hair did at that moment in the sunlight.

Heimdall nodded her way and then turned his attention to King Odin. The king smiled and said, "I believe you know why we are here." Heimdall became rather serious and nodded once more.

"You wish to see what future your sons will have," he replied as the sun reflected off of his golden helmet. "But you have previously forbidden me from looking at your sons' futures since Loki's birth. What has changed your mind, my Lord?"

The king was silent. Queen Frigga spoke up, "I wish to know whom my sons will marry. I want to know of their hearts. Their happiness is my desire—Asgard's safety comes second only to that."

So it was the queen that changed Odin's mind. She wished to know about her sons and persuaded her husband otherwise. The guardian of the Bifrost looked down at the two children before him. "Would you like to know who you're going to marry, young princes?"

"Ew!" Thor exclaimed. Loki nodded, agreeing with his brother. "I'll never marry a girl!"

The three adults chuckled softly and then the seriousness of the situation returned. Odin cleared his throat and spoke to his sons. "You two were born to be kings—to rule. A king cannot rule without a queen by his side. A king must be strong, cunning, powerful, and his authority is truth…but without a queen, he loses his throne to greed and hatred. His queen keeps him in check. She provides wisdom and control," he looked to Frigga with love and adoration and she smiled in return. "Without a queen, a king will be his own demise. He will destroy himself and all of his people."

The children looked down at their boots, blushing softly at the words of their father. Humbled.

"Now," Odin spoke softly, "who shall go first?"

Thor and Loki looked back up to the elder Asgardians with eager smiled. "Me first! Me! Me!" Thor cheered. Loki interjected, "No! I want to know. Who shall be my queen?"

"Thor will go first, since he is the oldest," Frigga requested. Loki pouted and crossed his arms over his chest while his brother smiled triumphantly.

"Very well, then. How much would you like to know?" Heimdall inquired.

King Odin spoke, "Do not reveal the girls' identities. Just tell us as much as you can without giving it all away. We would like to be pleasantly surprised when the time comes."

The all-seeing guard nodded and turned his attention to the blond child at his feet. Thor was bright and filled with the same aura of the sun that encompassed his mother. He had her golden hair and skin along with her blue eyes. Yet, he also held the strength and power of his father deep down. Heimdall's gaze left the present moment as it searched the realms into the future. Colors and light exploded across his vision as it landed on the form of a young man with hair like the sun and a red cape that flowed in the wind. The crests of the nine realms were marked upon his armor and he wielded the great hammer, Mjolnir.

This power would often grow to battle his kind heart. Pride would overgrow love. He would be unbalanced until he learned otherwise.

"Thor Odinson," Heimdall started, "you will grow into a strong and powerful man. You will know great victory in war and you will yield a power that you are not yet ready for." At this, the child looked confused and a frown grew on his features. Heimdall pressed onwards. "You will be prideful and young of mind, but you will come to know great love and loyalty through the friendships and bonds you have built. Your pridefulness will take you to Midgard, where you will come to love a mortal."

Loki burst into laughter and Frigga shushed him with a stern look. The youngest son quieted but held an amused look upon his face while Heimdall went on. "She will hold kindness in her eyes and determination in spirit. She will teach you humility…but the love of a close friend will bring your mind and spirit rest. Ultimately, you will marry a warrior of Asgardian blood."

Thor smiled and looked to his parents for approval of this unknown queen. Odin nodded, satisfied with this information, while Frigga beamed happily. Heimdall held in his own grin, having seen that his very flesh and blood would be this queen. His youngest sister Sif, just a small babe born four nights ago, would grow into strong maiden, warrior, and queen.

"Now," the tall guard clad in gold and bronze continued. "Young Loki Odinson."

Heimdall's gaze searched and swept through the realms. The mysteriously dark-haired child held no trace from either of his parents. Most Asgardians features were warm and of light coloring. Slightly sun-tanned skin and hair ranging in hues of bronze, copper, and gold. Eyes the color of the ocean and clouds on a stormy day. Young Loki Odinson's skin was as white as snow, his hair blacker than a starless night, and his eyes were green. He looked like neither Odin or Frigga. Still, Heimdall pressed onward.

Loki would find out the identity of his queen sooner than Thor would discover his affections for Sif. However, Loki would not come to actually love until after Thor. Heimdall's vision crept past Thor's journey to Midgard and his first love—Jane Foster. Yet, Loki would not be alone. Sigyn would be ever present on Asgard until Loki finds his queen.

"Loki Odinson will grow into an bright young man, being skilled in magic and the art of many languages. While his brother hungers for war, Loki's mind will thirst after knowledge. His mischief and cleverness will be fed by this intelligence and he will often find himself to be lonely. Yet, Loki will not be alone. He will have himself an admirer—a close friend of Asgardian bloodline. She will come to love him, but he will not return the favor, for his heart searches for another from a distant realm. She will bring him compassion and ease of mind. Acceptance and understanding. Loki may have an extensive knowledge base, but she will teach him things that a book cannot. Their union will unify three realms."

His parents looked curious, but not fearful. They both knew of Loki's lineage and his marriage to someone from another realm would unify not only Asgard and that world, but Loki's planet of origin as well. But nobody else knew of Loki's line.

Not even Heimdall.

Loki tilted his head to the side. The youngest prince appeared worried. "But from what realm? Wh—where is my queen?" He bit his lip and furrowed his tiny, dark brows.

"Midgard," Heimdall finished.

"HA!" Thor cheered in triumph. "Midgard? The world of mortals?"

Frigga breathed a sigh of relief, having feared the worst. "Heimdall, you almost had my curiosity changing to worry." Loki turned to her, angry. "Mother! This cannot be true!"

The queen scolded him. "Loki Odinson! Calm yourself. I'm sure that she'll be a lovely girl. Your queen sounds wonderful and I cannot wait to meet her and Thor's. Come along now. We have work to do at home. Thank you, Heimdall"

The guard of the rainbow bridge bowed in return and Frigga took the two young boys, turning away to begin the long walk to the kingdom.

The lord Odin nodded his thanks and was about to turn back towards his queen and young princes when Heimdall stood to catch his arm, grabbing his attention.

"My lord, wait," Heimdall started.

Odin looked hastily from the hand on his forearm, to his queen (who was beginning to gain distance away from the two men as she kept walking with her sons), and then back to the tallest protector in all of Asgard.

"What is it?" he urged.

Heimdall was silent for a lengthy time and then spoke. "I think you know. And I know now why you ordered me to keep your sons' futures from my sight until Frigga begged you to reconsider."

"I know naught what it is that you speak."

"Loki," Heimdall spoke lowly. "He is a Jotun—of frost giant lineage."

The king of the realm fell silent, looking downwards solemnly. The only sound audible was the gentle hum of the rainbow bridge to the Bifrost. "I saved him from certain death on Jotunheim. Do not tell anyone of this discovery. Some may not be as forgiving of the Jotuns since the war. I'd dread the day Loki begins to feel like an outcast on this world—the very world he has been thought to call 'home'." And with those parting words, the king left and strode after his family.

"But he already has," Heimdall whispered into the wind to nobody at all.

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