A/N: I'm sure most of you have seen the SxZ Marriage picture floating around tumblr. Yeah, so this is based off of it. I loved it and then this popped into my head. So, enjoy :)

Marriage of the Swordsman and the Cook

"Did ya hear?" The man in the blue coat asked, leaning across to his brunette date.

"Hear what darling?" She asked, playing with her wine glass.

"Apparently the first thing Strawhat did as pirate king was marry the swordsman and the cook, I dunno which the cook is though" the man shrugged, then jumped as a platter full of dishes tumbled to the ground.

The couple stated at the large criminal looking waiter, who was staring right back at them in shock.

"Sir?" The woman asked tentatively, "Are you all right?"

"Cook? The cook?" The waiter asked, staring at the man. The man nodded, "you know which one she is?"

"Is this the Strawhat marriage thing?" Another guy from across the restaurant yelled, "Is it the hot redhead or the gorgeous brunette?"

The waiter shook his head, shaking with silent laughter, "beautiful blonde." He choked out before racing to the kitchen, leaving the plates and food on the ground.

"The only blonde one is blackleg Sanji, but rumour is they hate each other." A man called. The whole restaurant was silent, strains of laughter coming from the kitchen as they stared at the wanted posters that hung on the wall of the Baratie.

"Maybe a new addition to the crew?" A women from a table in the middle of the room asked. Murmurs started up, but ceased when a loud crash sounded from outside.

"FOOODDD!" The loud cry came seconds before a thin man burst into the room, straw hat flying behind him. The room sat in shocked silence as the pirate king stood in the middle of the Baratie, arms raised in the air. The kitchen door opened as chefs and waiters peered out at the noisy man.

"Luffy!" Cat thief Nami yelled as she stalked into the room, followed closely followed by the green haired Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro. The eyes of the guests of the Baratie followed him.

"Hey, Pirate Hunter! Congrats!" The man's single eye flicked to where a bearded waiter was pouring wine for a couple, his voice sounded almost teasing.

"Who's the lucky lady?" The woman at his table questioned and he lost his composure on the last word, giggling. The chefs erupted in laughter, and the green haired man smirked. The dark haired "Demon Child" Nico Robin giggled as she passed him, Cyborg Franky clapped him on the shoulder.

"Yeah, shouldn't you be carrying your bride over the threshold?" One of the chefs called, sniggering. The guests stared between the staff and the crew of the pirate king. They treated them like they weren't the most wanted criminals in all the oceans, but old friends.

"Yosh! Do it Zoro! Captains orders!" Luffy shouted. Zoro chuckled and turned to head out the doors, stopping to let Humming Brook, Sogeking and Chopper, the pet, pass him.

"The whole crew is here." A women whispered, slowly shifting away from the pirates. A ripple of fear travelled through the guests as they took in the pirates. The lowest bounty in their crew was 200,000,000. Their reputation was feared and respected throughout the seas. The pirate king, the greatest swordsman in the world, the woman who mapped the entire world, a brave warrior of the sea, the man who found the legendary all blue, the best doctor ever seen, the woman who knew the worlds whole history, even the forgotten years, the greatest shipwrights ever known and the most talented musician in the world. And of course, this bride they had yet to see. A shiver ran down the spines of a few, based on the rest of the crew, this woman must be incredibly strong, especially to be married to Pirate Hunter Zoro!

"Owner Zeff!" One of the chefs gasped as the peg legged man pushed him aside swaggered out of the kitchen. He crossed his arms and stared at the hat wearing pirate.

"Shishishi, feed us!" Luffy grinned broadly. Zeff glowered, then looked past him, "where's the-?"

"What the fuck are you doing you shitty bastard?!" The screech startled everyone in the room, and the chefs burst into laughter.

The doors swung open, and there was the greatest swordsman cradling the man who found the all blue, Blackleg Sanji, bridal style.

"You shitty Marimo, put me down or I'll filet your ass." The blonde growled as he struggled. The chefs whooped and cheered as Zoro carried Sanji closer, then dropped him to his feet.

"There's the lucky lady." The waiter from before that had dropped the dishes called, screeching with laughter. Sanji turned to him with a murderous glare, "what was that Carne?"

"The shitty customers were talking about how the swordsman and cook were married" the bearded waiter cackled, "We should have known it was coming with all your girly spinning and dancing."

The blonde blushed, his fists clenched in anger, "Fuck off Patty."

"You idiotic brats deserve each other." Zeff nodded, and Zoro grinned, closest thing to approval he would probably get from his... Father-in-law?

"Shitty old man" Sanji snarled, dodging the peg leg and kicking back at the older blonde. The head chef turned away from the attack and motioned for the crew to follow him. Sanji sighed as he lit a cigarette, following his crew up the stairs to a room they could eat undisturbed in. The guests and chefs watched as the swordsman and the cooks hands intertwined as they walked up the steps, leaning closer together.

"So the Pirate King actually married the swordsman and the cook." The man in the blue coat said in surprise to his brunette date, who only giggled and shook her head as conversation sparked about the couple around the room.