Future Delights: Collars, Chains and Obedience

Summary: Edward and Bella embark on their new life, not only as husband and wife, but as Dominant and submissive. When an old enemy returns, will their happiness be short lived? Or will the source be from somewhere unexpected...their own family.

Chapter one: prologue

Beta'd by Emily Babcock

It had been a few months and things in our relationship had been going well. We had started training with Jasper and Alice; I had to admit, it was weird to see my sister doing certain things with Jasper, but it also helped with Bella's and my relationship.

After my sister and Jasper got back from their honeymoon, we went to their home and saw their playroom. I already knew what most of the things were, as I had done quite a bit of research myself. It was mainly Isabella who needed to see it all.

It was a big adjustment for us, I think more for her than for me. Jasper told me that I already had good Dom instincts, I just didn't know how to use them. When I was single, I'd slept with lots of women. I loved to dominate- to take control of a woman's pleasure. I had found my niche in life and it felt good.

Isabella was done with her school for now; she had taken her finals and summer was upon us. We had decided to go with Jasper and Alice to a retreat, to learn more from other Doms and subs. It was definitely worth the time we spent there; I came back feeling more confident that Bella and I were on the right track. It really felt like we were on the same page.

We also went house hunting and bought our first home. Since we were getting married on Thanksgiving, we needed to find our own place. As if we didn't have enough going on, Emmett and I were up for partner in Jasper's firm. So, things were going really well, until we heard that Aro came out of his coma, that is. He apparently paid off a judge, so he only got probation and six months of community service, that rat bastard. So now I have to keep my eyes and ears open to make sure Isabella stays safe.

A/N: Im sorry it took so long with getting this one posted. I won't guarantee an update daily, this story may take a little while for me to update as I do have other plots bunnies going as well. I hope you enjoyed the first the ride with Edward and Bella as they embark on this new adventure. More to cum!!