Authors Note: Please Read, I have a few things to say

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who read my previous and first story "Darkest before Dawn". You guys have been great! You have all given me the motivation to push through with this story. I thank all profusely. Anyone who hasn't read it, please do, it will explain a few things, but it is not vital.

Second of all, this is my own story with my own personal head-cannon from before I encountered fan fiction, but reading some of the stories on here has given me inspiration and Ideas. I believe in Credit Where Credit's Due, so I would like to Credit these authors for the stories this is based on:

The Sneaky Fox



If the ideas of my personal head-cannon are the "meat and flesh" of this story, then their stories are the "Skeleton" of this. Thank you, helped give form to my dreams, and for that, you have my eternal gratitude

Thirdly, I plan on making multiple stories in this head-cannon, with other authors giving me ideas from their stories, not to the same extent as the four above, but very helpful nonetheless:




Machinist's Guardian Angel

Wizard Sheep

My thanks, for each of you contributed to realizing this piece, be it a small or bigger contribution. If any author feels I have used their ideas without crediting them, please tell me and I will.

Finally, a plot note, My Shepard: He is based off my in-game one. All decisions were basically full paragon decisions.

Background: Spacer, War Hero

Description: Short black hair, Green Eyes

Class: Soldier

Additional Notes: Cerberus upgrades allow for minor use of biotics. Anyone who played the game and given a soldier a biotic bonus power (i.e. Slam) knows what I mean.

Anyway, enough rambling, MOAR STORY.

As always, I bid you Good Day *doffs non-existent hat*

-The Gentlemen