Patrick Star walks to the Chum Bucket. Patrick sees a help wanted sign. Patrick walks to the door. "Wow, look at all of these customers." Said Patrick. Patrick walks to the laboratory.

"Hey boss man, may I please apply for a job as a fry cook?" Asked Patrick. "Sure my good friend." Replied Plankton. "Please fill in these applications." Plankton hands these applications to Patrick Star. Patrick had to write the application. Patrick completed the application and handed over to Plankton. "You're hired Patrick, congratulations." Said Plankton. "You get to cook the Patties like Spongebob did & you can also cook Chum via the Krabby Patty meat." "You got it boss." Said Patrick. Patrick walks to the kitchen. "Wait Patrick, you forgot your bucket hat (bucket hat from Welcome to the Chum Bucket) for employees only like you Patrick." Said Plankton.

Meanwhile in the register in the Chum Bucket, Nat Peterson walks to the register. "One Krabby Patty please?" Said Nat. "Sure, that will be five dollars please." Said Plankton. Nat hands five dollars to Plankton. Plankton deposits five dollars in the cash register. "Patrick, one Krabby Patty for the customer." "You got it boss." Replied Patrick. Patrick begins to place a frozen patty on the grill and sets the grill in 298 degrees Fahrenheit. One minute later the patty is cooked on the other side and Patrick flips the patty and slightly presses the patty. Patrick sniffs the patty. "Mmm, smells so yummy." Said Patrick. The Krabby Patty is finished. "Order up!" Said Patrick. Patrick gives a Krabby Patty on a plate to Plankton. "Here is your Krabby Patty, enjoy." Said Plankton. "Thanks." Replied Nat Peterson. Nat walks to the table with his patty and eats the patty.

A few hours later, closing time at the Chum Bucket. "Here is your check Patrick, keep up a good work." Said Plankton. "Good night boss." Replied Patrick. Patrick walks out of the Chum Bucket. Spongebob sees Patrick walk out of the Chum Bucket. "Wow Patrick, you worked at the Chum Bucket?" Asked Spongebob. "Sure I did, there are 50% customers of the Chum Bucket, 50% customers of the Krusty Krab." Answered Patrick. "I've got a check from Plankton." Spongebob smiles for glee. "Want to go jellyfishing Patrick?" Asked Spongebob. "Sounds good to me." Replied Patrick. Spongebob & Patrick yodels while raising their nets in the air. They all ran to jellyfish fields afternoon.