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Chapter 1

Pitch walked through the forest, those stupid guardians, how dare they replace his fear with his wonder and light! Ugh how annoying, he looked up at the full moon. How he wished he could just corrupt the moon and make it strike fear into peoples hearts. Suddenly Pitch heard a girl crying, he looked through the branches of the trees, there was a small brunette girl sobbing near a big hole in the ice, she cried for a few minutes before a woman came out, she had puffy eyes, a red nose and was walking a little slumped over, "come on Emma" she said. The small girl seemed reluctant but then nodded, stood up and walked away with her mother. Pitch was curious and went over to the hole in the ice, since he could see through darkness he was able to see a tall lanky pale body, it had brown hair and was wearing a cream shirt with a brown cloak and skinny brown trousers that reached to just above his ankles, his eyes were closed and he looked peaceful. The boy was obviously dead. Pitch snorted, why should he care about some boy who he didnt even know? He turned to walk away, but then stopped, he let out a sigh of annoyance. When did he become so mushy?Pitch conjured up some nightmare sand and made it into a lasso, he then lowered it into the icey cold water, but before he could do anything, something else happened.

The moon shone brighter, through the water Pitch saw the boys hair turn white, and his eyes open to reveal beautiful surprised ice blue ones. He was slowly lifted out of the water, Pitch retreated to the darkness of the trees but still watched, this better not be ANOTHER guardian he though, the kid was then lowered gently onto the ground where he proceeded to look at his hands and then the full moon, Pitch glared at the moon, and retreated into the shadows. He watched interested as the boy picked up the staff and ice shot out of it,

'what curious powers', he thought, as he watched the boy get more and more excited about his new powers, the poor delusional kid lamented Pitch. The kid didn't know he was a spirit so no one would be able to see him. The boy then flew into the air yelling with delight, it was short lived though because he fell through the air and then into a tree. Pitch snickered, the kid then started unsteadily flying to a small town. Pitch for some reason that continued to evade him, followed.

He watched as the kid landed and tried to talk with the locals, however he was repeatedly walked through by them. For no reason that Pitch knew, he still felt sorry for him. As Pitch walked out of the shadows, he noticed the kid was walking towards him with his head down, as if expecting to go right through him. Willing to disappoint, Pitch went

"Watch where you're walking child".

The boys reaction was immediate, his head snapped up and he stared at Pitch wide eyed,

"You can see me?" he asked.

Pitch nodded, for a fleeting moment Pitch had a crazy thought, and spoke it out loud

"Come with me" the boy looked at him surprised but Pitch didn't give him a chance to ask anything and continued

"Whats your name?"

"I'm Jack Frost" said the boy, the King of Nightmares nodded,

"Call me Pitch" he said, he then beckoned to Jack and began walking away, Jack looked at Pitch's retreating back and then stared at the village, he shook his head and then chased after Pitch, and they walked into the shadows together. Pitch knew this wouldn't be easy, but he had to do it, besides this Jack may one day make a good side kick. Or son, Pitch mentally reeled back, where did that come from? He shook it off and led Jack towards his new life.

So there we are, Chapter 1 finished! Oh its worth mentioning that the plot line will be SIMILAR to Rise of the guardians but not completely the same, wait for chapter 2 to find out what Pitch does with Jack... AND REMEMBER TO REVEIW! you get cookie :)

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