Okay, so I got a review from a Guest (very very annoying, this would have been so much easier if I could have just sent a PM) saying that they liked my story (thank you) but my OC ruined it for them.

I assume you actually got up to the OC bit and left, because if you hadn't, you would know that Artemis is not an OC at all. I do not like OC fics very much, I will admit that now, sometimes I wish they had their own separate tag or whatever so that we didn't have to sift through them in order to find ones without them in. IF I had put an OC into the fanfic then 'OC' would have been in the 'characters' list below the summary. Artemis is an actual character both shown and voice-acted in the movie, yes I twisted them and played with their ideas and their looks, but it was the same character nonetheless.

I am glad you enjoyed my story, but please read to the end or at least review with an account so that I don't have to write these out in future. Thanks.


Okay you made it! Hi! I have some news.

Yes I am re-writing this, I know I started doing that aaaages ago but GCSE's and stuff happened and then I had to get into sixth form and go on NCS and go on the Residential and blah blah blah busy busy busy. The point is I didn't have much time to write, and still don't to be honest, but I am trying. I currently have over 35 works in progress and am updating 2 other stories that are more popular than this one (well... one of them anyway) so time is strained.

Yes I know the ending is complete and utter sh*t, I know that, it sucks ass. But I had just turned 14 for god's sake! Not only that, but it is the first and only fanfiction ever that I have been able to finish, because I am just not good at endings... at all. I haven't gotten much better either.

I'm unwilling to mess with the story too much, like I have said, it was my first ever fanfiction and marked the beginning of a hobby I would come to absolutely love, but I will admit that while the idea was good, the execution could be a lot better. I have grown up, I've matured, my vocabulary and writing have both significantly improved, and because of that, I find JFITBD a bit cringey, but at the same time I still love it, because it was mine, and it was fun, and because it made all of you guys happy (well... except the ending that is ^^')

So long story short, it is still rewriting. I am still doing it, it's just taking a while to find time between stuff. I will be changing the ending and explaining a few things, as well as doing a Q&A after the fanfic has ended so you can ask stuff about the fanfic or about me, I don't care which. I promised a sequel, and while that could be good, it is very unlikely to happen, so for that I am sorry. But I will make the ending a closed one so that a sequel is not needed... hopefully... I still absolutely suck at endings. And while I do have FrostedSkies, she is not knows for being able to write fanfictions consistently, in other words, she has writer's block as large as Canada, and as permanent as it as well.

So, I don't know what to do. The fanfic is getting a rewrite so the ending will be different, the other chapters will be improving slightly, and there is a Q&A after it's all over.

Okay, I think thats all I have to say, so till next time readers...

Stay awesome.