A/N: None did this in this fandom yet and it seemed like a good idea a few hours ago! Now I'm not so sure. So I'm pretty sure most of you know that drabbles are small stories, the general idea is to make a series of fluffy, humorous or angsty drabbles based on prompts (which I wouldn't mind a few by the way!). They won't be in chronological order or tied to each other or focused on only one character/ship. I own nothing and this is unedited so I apologise for any mistakes.

Prompt: Snow White

There were moments that he couldn't take his eyes off of her, so full of of life. He could sit and watch her for hours bubbling about celebrity gossip to Simmons or Doctor Who theories to Fitz. But right now?

Right now he can't bring himself to even take a small look. Not because he doesn't want to but because she doesn't look anything like herself. So pale and weak and almost dead and it hurst more than it should! Because he didn't plan on falling for her, he didn't plan on falling for anyone period. But she melt the ice around his heart so fast he couldn't stop it. His eyes finally set on that chamber thing Simmons has put her in and he can't help but notice how much it represents a coffin. His heart clinches on the idea of losing her.

The whole scene looks so familiar and he can't help but compare her to Snow White. Waiting for Prince Charming to wake her with a kiss. And if he really believed in fairytales he would have tried it. But he doesn't so he sits by her letting Simmons do her work.

A/N: Bad wasn't it? But come on! I wasn't the only one that saw that Snow White reference!