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( The Tenth of Rain's Hand 4E 185 : Falkreath, Jarl's Longhouse 2:22 PM )

Cinder's mind was off track from the bandit that he had to fight, but he was ready to fight nonetheless. He was remembering how he had fought for the lives of Amber and his once beloved Ember. The memories that he had were terrible; he remembered almost dying by the hands of an Archer. But, now was not the time to be remembering these things; it was time to finish off a bandit group threatening Falkreath.

He was crouched on the roof of the Jarl's Longhouse; ready to pounce on the target that Jakus had given him. His axe in one hand, and sword in the other; he jumped down to the bandit. The bandit was smart enough to know he was being attacked, so he moved enough out of the way from Cinder's attack to be safe. Cinder fell to the ground; slamming his axe in the ground.

Standing beside Cinder, the bandit spoke, "Foolish Nord, I knew you were going to jump." He then drew his own axe. "Now's my turn!" he yelled; swinging his axe at Cinder. Cinder then jumped back from the danger; throwing his axe as he landed. The axe missed the bandit and slammed into a tree nearby; exploding it into splinters and ash.

Cinder stood before the bandit; sword ready to strike. "This blade will strike true, just as it did many years ago!" he yelled, running to the bandit. His attacks were fast, but not fast enough to hit the bandit. He hacked at the bandit, but never hit him. The bandit was eventually backed into a corner of the Jarl's Longhouse; but that wouldn't stop him from dodging as he jumped to the roof.

Cinder looked at the bandit from below with a look of anger. "Surely that isn't all you have?" mocked the bandit from the roof. Suddenly, Cinder was right in front of him on the roof. "Eh?" questioned the bandit as Cinder cut his arm off. The bandit then began jumping in agony at his lost limb. "MOTHER FUCKER!" he yelled as Cinder kicked him back to the other side of the longhouse. The bandit fell from the roof and hit the ground below; causing dust to cloud around him. He rolled on the ground in pain, then stood up; axe in hand and anger upon his face.

Cinder jumped from the roof to the bandit, this time plunging his sword into the bandit's stomach. He then pulled the blood covered blade from the bandit; cutting the bandit many times on the chest. Then, with the motion of an executioner, he cut the bandit's head off. Cinder stepped back and let the body fall to its knees. 'WHOOSH' screamed an arrow past Cinder's head. The arrow hit the ground nearby, exploding the ground to dust. Cinder knew who shot the arrow and yelled, "Jatele!"

( The Twelfth of Frostfall 4E 179 : Hjaalmarch Hold on the bank of River Hjaal 11:45 PM )

After Cinder had defeated four of the bandits, one took him down. The man was a Wood Elf Archer; he had shot Cinder in the thigh, immobilizing him. The Elf had moved off from Cinder and towards Ember and Amber's far off location. There sat Cinder upon the bank of River Hjaal; crying that he could not do more for his family. He kept trying to pull the arrow from his leg, but it wouldn't budge. "What am I going to do?" Cinder asked himself. "I have to do something or else…" he paused, and then shook his head. "No, that won't happen." Cinder then, with the strength of a giant, pulled the arrow from his thigh. He stood up, and looked south to where Ember ran. He grabbed his blade from the ground and held it to his heart; he then spoke, "My love is stronger than his arrow, and so I shall show him that strength.

He then ran south; stopping for nothing on his way to his love. But, as he arrived near Orotheim, he saw it; the blood drenched body of Ember; she had been shot many times by arrows, and showed no sign of being alive. Cinder knew who did this, but did not care; he wanted to know where his child was. He walked to Ember, tears rolling from his eyes like twin waterfalls. He stood at her side, and wept for his love.

"I swear that I will avenge you Ember, or my name is not…" he began, but he was soon interrupted by the cries of Amber. He looked towards the cries to see the Elf, holding Amber in his arms. His face then flushed, and he soon feared what was surely to come. "Give me back my daughter!" he yelled as he ran to the man. He soon stopped, for the man pulled a blade to the babe's neck.

"Jatele is my name, and I do not negotiate with weaker men." He said, grinning like a mad man. "If you want her back, you'll have to pay for her!"

"Pay?" questioned Cinder, "I'll pay whatever it takes, just give me my daughter!" he said, laying down his sword. "I don't have a lot… But, I'll give you all I have!" he said as he reached into his sack. He then pulled a coin purse from the sack, holding it out for the Elf. "There's twenty-five hundred septims in all, please take it."

( The Tenth of Rain's Hand 4E 185 : Falkreath, Jarl's Longhouse 2:28 PM )

Cinder had just defeated his assigned bandit, but was now facing another. He was now facing the bandit that had killed the love of his life, Ember. His blade was dripping blood from its tip, and soon it would have more blood upon it. Cinder was angry, his face red as a tomato; he didn't think he would have to see Jatele again, but he knew he would have to kill him. "What do you want?" Cinder asked Jatele; his blade was drawn and ready to fight.

With his bow drawn, Jatele spoke, "The chief told me to make sure nobody stopped our plans." He then fired an arrow at Cinder, but Cinder moved out of the way and let the arrow strike the ground.

Cinder then started to sprint to Jatele; blade in front for striking him down. As Cinder started to get closer, Jatele began firing his arrows. Cinder dodged each arrow from the flurry that Jatele fired. Once Cinder got close, he jumped straight into the air. Midair, Cinder tightened his grip on the hilt, and then plunged his blade into the ground. The ground then exploded creating a crater where Jatele once stood.

Arrows then started flying at Cinder from the East. Jatele had dodged Cinder, and now was far enough away for his bow to be useful. The arrows were still ineffective because Cinder was dodging them with the swiftness of a slaughterfish. Cinder watched Jatele fire each arrow; he also watched as Jakus began sneaking toward Jatele. 'Kid knows when to strike…' he thought to himself, 'we might just beat him.'